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Bigsby didn't run out of bounds, he was dragged out of bounds by an Alabama defender.
LOL. No, Spurrier wasn't/isn't the better coach.
Yeah, dumb writing like that is why I rarely ever come to this site anymore. Too many idiot writers.
I don't know, man. Getting paid $18 mil after one mediocre season sounds like a pretty sweet gig.
SEC coaches, not NFL scouts. Read the article.
I'm not saying this is the last time UGA has to get past the Bama curse, but it certainly their best chance. They're gonna lose a lot of talent after this season. Bama makes it look easy just to reload, but as other teams have proved, it's not easy.
Not sure why anyone thinks his next outing against Bama is going to be any different than the last two.
Yeah, gutsy team, but still didn't belong. But neither did any other P5 team, so whatever.
Bama fatigue is real, even in the SEC. Back when Bama wasn't all that good I still pulled for SEC teams in the bowl season. I guess Bama has killed SEC pride for all the other fans.
@JTF: I hate that, too. Bowl season used to be special. Match ups that you would never see in the regular season. Gonna miss those games.
@BamaFan86: You sound like an extremist. Been to the Capital lately?
Admittedly, Bama's defenses haven't been as good as past defenses, but much of that is because of how the game has evolved. Nobody's defenses are as good as they used to be. That being said, Bama's defenses are still pretty good comparatively. Bama has only lost one game since he's been the DC.
I remember Auburn had a "Beat Bama" sign in one of their team meeting rooms not too long ago. Hilarious.
I guess Conner is unaware of Malzahn's bowl record as well.
You are coming off as angry, USMC. You're the only one slinging insults around here.
@USMC: Of course, you're right. My apologies. I know better.
Never expect an LSU fan to understand or appreciate tradition.
The troll might actually be right about this one. Lincoln Riley has quite the reputation with developing QBs. Doesn't matter, though. He's rolling with the Tide and playing for a NC in his first year as a starter. The Heisman was just icing on the cake.
I'm saying anyone who uses political buzz words on a sports article is probably a political extremist.
Fire TV. Tried suggesting this earlier, but for some reason it's "awaiting moderation." Get a fire stick from amazon.
You sound like an extremist. Been to the Capital lately?
He's just a good old boy, never meaning no harm.
His portal profile is tagged "do not contact," so he has probably already committed to some school. The only reason I can think of for him not revealing which school is because they're still recruiting a QB.
Unfortunately, that's not true. I live in Jax and all the locals and hometown sports journalists were crowing about what a great hire this was. It wasn't until very recently that they started realizing how bad of a hire this really was.