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I have. It's something they call "faith." Basically, a belief that lacks evidence. Hard pass here.
Gus called an 8-4 season "solid." Darn tootin' this is an upgrade.
Yeah, Bama and Texas have a home and home scheduled for '22 and '23.
Don't let the trolls get to you. Most of them are projecting.
Coming from a corn dog gives this statement lots of credence. Louisiana has the best food in the world. Worked there for three years and the food is the only thing I miss.
I think just being in the SEC is going to help them in recruiting. They're still a Blue Blood program, even given their struggles this past decade. Just one more option for high school kids to play in the best conference in college football.
These Texas legislators are probably the same people that say professional athletes should keep their noses out of politics.
Think more in the long term; that's $70 million more every decade.
Yeah, he was named HC in December of 2017. Yet he still claimed UCF won the natty that year.
LMAO! Pretending to be a player while interviewing assistants.
I was listening to a local radio show (Jacksonville) interviewing him at Media Days today. He is still claiming a NC because they beat Auburn in a bowl game. Hell, everyone beat Auburn in bowl games when Gus was there. I'm guessing he fails spectacularly at Tennessee. Win/win.
I'd argue that an 8-4 team doesn't deserve a spot in the top 25, but then I'm reminded of how many times Auburn has pulled it off.
Nothing "dangerous" about Miami. Not to Bama, anyway.
Or enter the transfer portal. Hard to say now that Gus isn't around.
Remember when Bama had a crappy season in year one of the Saban dynasty? Fans of other schools had a good old time. Remember how so many people kept saying Saban was going to leave Bama for another school? How many years did that go on? Five? Six? Good times.
I wouldn't call it. It looks like it might be a good game.
When the Lane Train came to the SEC I always figured he's be the first former assistant to finally beat the G.O.A.T.
I'm sure all teams not named Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Oklahoma are in favor of playoff expansion.
When I still lived in Foley I would run over to Mobile and do some off-track betting on the ponies, so there was never a total ban on gambling in Alabama in my lifetime.
I was thinking Surtain and Pitts when I read the headline. Happy to see a writer agree with me.
Moses doesn't surprise me. About the only time we heard his name mentioned last season was when a runner or receiver got passed him. When he declared for the draft the first thing I though was if anyone on this team could benefit from another year in college football it would be Dylan Moses.
Auburn with 0 picks after two rounds. A sad way to close the door on the Gus era.