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IKR? I don't count them until NSD. Not even an Auburn tat makes a recruit a sure thing.
"No love lost?" I guess he doesn't understand what that sentiment means. I get what he meant, but the word choice...
Great idea for an Auburn article. "Auburn: Come Up With Something New."
LSU better bring their own officiating crew with them. Just sayin'...
As much as Alabama is gonna miss Waddle the Tide is still gonna Roll. Bolden doesn't have Waddle's speed but he has Devonta's amazing catch abilities. That kid can twist and contort his body with the best of them and still come down with the ball. Ruggs was singing his praises last year. Bama will be just fine.
My perpetually clinched anus appreciates the job Will has been doing in the kicking game. It needed a break this season.
Now if you can just find around 7 more offensive players to help him out with that.
Thank you both for your subjective opinions. There's a world if difference between an 8 point lead and a 1 point lead with 5 minutes on the clock. It changes the entire dynamics of the game. Y'all act like spoiled children who believe they deserve the gifts they are given. Enjoy yet another trash win. War Asterisk!
The Gators are diseased and idle for two weeks. They have no business being on this list.
I'd put Auburn with their officiating crew at #1.
Although I agree that Auburn isn't responsible for the bad calls that keep gifting y'all wins, Auburn fans are responsible for their "But... but... whatabout..." response to these trash wins the refs keep giving you. Holding calls aren't reviewable. And they showed on replay from a bad angle on that holding call that brought the TD back. We never got to see what the ref on the field saw. Fumbles are reviewable. And the way your player got after the ball after it went flying by him should have been the officiating crew's first clue that he touch it. Face it, y'all are a 1-3 team right now, no matter what your official record states.
Holding calls aren't reviewable. And there was only one replay of it from a bad angle. Fumbles are reviewable. Enjoy another trash win gifted to one of the least talented team in the SECW.
They showed that holding call replay one time from one angle. We didn't get a chance to see what the ref saw. Not enough evidence to call it a bad call.
I've never seen a team be on the positive side of a bad call as much as Auburn. That's two of their three wins gifted to them by bad officiating.
More like an angry poetry reading than a rap. You know why Alabama doesn't slide off into the Gulf of Mexico? Because Tennessee sucks.
Welcome to Tennessee Hate Week. This game is too important (despite the Vols well deserved struggles this past decade) for Saban to go easy on them. Bama by 30+.
Auburn needs to give Tank around 25-30 touches, which will take a lot of pressure off of pressure induced mistake Nix. Maybe Nix can figure out a few things. If not then it's time for Auburn to bench him. Oh yeah, Hotty Toddy!
Except I was calculating differential percentages, not winning percentages. I thought that would be obvious to a couple of mathematicians like you two.
Malzahn is 63-33 since arriving at Auburn (51%), 35-25 in the SEC (71%), and 2-5 in bowl games (40%). You telling me this is the best Auburn can get?
Auburn could use a player of that caliber to shore up their porous offensive line. Fun Gus needs to get him down to Auburn for a visit during Tiger Week.