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An interesting tidbit on Arkansas' first opponent: Alabama is 0-3 against Rice.
Everyone going on about Mississippi State being ranked so high, but I think the real travesty is Oklahoma coming in at #2. Every year they manage to lose a game or two to unranked teams. I'm also surprised that Notre Dame didn't make the Top 10. Not that they deserve it, but like Oklahoma they always seem to be over-ranked at the beginning of the season.
Marketing is not the same as playing the games. That said, Gus should do well now that he's out of the Power 5.
Telling lies and then talking about Christ just makes him a True Scotsman.
Too much superstitious poppycock in your comment.
Dude blocks with ill intent. I'm sure he'll have no problem adding QBs to his diet. That size and speed makes him a tailored fit for putting pressure on the offense.
Wash your mouth out. Trump couldn't carry the Bear's jock.
Coach O didn't deny talking to the accuser. He said he didn't recall talking to her, which is a wishy-washy way of admitting guilt.
It's only 5 bucks and necessary to control crowd size and placement. Small price to pay considering we're still in the midst of a pandemic. And the money gets poured back into the program, “to help cover the costs associated with scholarship benefits, academic support, leadership development, nutrition and dining, sports medicine and strength and conditioning." It's a win-win. For 5 bucks you can watch the spring game and support the Crimson Tide program. Just curious, did the 5 bucks keep you from planning to attend?
Let natural selection have a say. I admire your dedication to evolution.
"... among the best in the SEC if not the country." If you're among the best in the SEC you're already among the best in the country.
". . . has yet to play a down in college football." Hasn't progressed, either. Except for college practices he's still a high school level player. Some day he'll look back and think of what coulda been.
LSU can probably afford a couple of 4 stars, still.
Legacy players are great, but they still have to earn their position. You can't just plug them in. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this might of hurt Bo Nix more than anything. He was thrust into a position he wasn't ready for and Auburn never pulled him, no matter how bad he was playing. Daddy (or great granddaddy) can't help you when you have 1500 lbs of defensive linemen trying their best to put you on your back.
It could happen only if they expand the playoffs to eight. Not a chance in hell with only four teams.
That a&m/Vols Tweet is just plain embarrassing. I don't see it getting any worse for Tennessee.
Good. They acted foolishly, but not criminally. Pretty much what you'd expect from a group of college kids.
Reagan is my earliest recollection of this tactic, though I'm sure he didn't pioneer it.
Any time someone claims they don't remember something scandalous it usually means they're guilty but don't want to tell a lie about it.
"This includes wearing Auburn University Bass Fishing Club uniforms or representing the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club on any social media programs, including but not limited to YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram." That's harsh.