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@BamaTime: Peak Saban has the same right as Will Anderson to speak his opinion. Why are you so offended by Peak's unbelief?
Just last week it was "Georgia's year." Might just be another "Alabama's year."
LOL. You're the one giving the 11th ranked QB in the SEC a B+. 2 of the 3 QBs that rank below Nix both play for Vanderbilt. Maybe you're too woke.
Bama is 8th in total defense, 12th against the pass. That's pretty good. You suck at assessing teams.
Look at you, praising Auburn while criticizing Alabama. You must be one of those new Alabama fans.
Don't let me get in the way of you giving Auburn a reach-around.
Yes, and like science, you change your outlook as evidence presents itself. If you're holding on to all of your original beliefs/opinions then you have a problem.
I'm calling bs on that. Coulda been worse. You don't know which Nix would show up. Bama coulda got Southern Georgia Nix.
Fortunately for UF, UCF has a coach who has a horrendous bowl record.
Bama fatigue. Completely understandable.
I think he'll look weaker if he puts JT in at this juncture.
Demonstrably false. Penn State beat Ohio State in the B1G conference championship, yet Ohio State went to the playoffs and not Penn State. An 8 team playoff (or more) would fix that. All conference champions get in, then 3 or more at large.
Cincy is lucky to be in it at all. I guess since Notre Dame's one loss was to Cincy the selection committee couldn't sneak them in this year. Just ask yourself what Cincy's record would be if they played in a P5 conference.
Seriously, though, everyone was sick of UGA fans claiming the NC all year. Let them have their schadenfreude moment.
Yep. It was the only half I watched. Went to bed feeling pretty confident.
Unlike you, he actually has a Heisman vote.
Alabama keeps this up against Zaga and this is gonna be a great day.
Kelly will have access to a better tier of players. Should be a difference maker for him. He'll get LSU there.