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Keep in mind, Vols fans, the great Bo Jackson help pick Gus Malzahn for Gene Chizik's replacement.
I know a lot of people who thought this was a bad move for Pruitt. I disagreed. I was wrong.
I was gonna buy the hat, but they were asking $35 dollars and the gold lettering on white was ugly AF.
Wasn't UF able to negotiate his buyout down because of the "death threats?"
I think Moses coulda benefited from another season at Bama. Didn't hear his name called out that much that didn't involve a penalty this season.
Glad to see Mac Jones entering. His stock is high and it keeps Bryce Young in the fold.
The fact that so many fans thinks he's biased against their team tends to make me think he's about as unbiased as you can get. I still hate listening to him, though.
He has deserved this award many times since he's been at Bama. He should be a shoe in for the Paul "Bear" Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award. May as well give him that one right away.
First time at Bama. He won it at LSU once.
The Onion gave the exact same Top 25 list.
From here on out that shouldn't even be phrased as a question. It's a Law of Physics now.
Najee ain't lying. They couldn't stop him entirely but I haven't seen another team this season keep him contained as well as OSU.
Life is too short for stupid articles like this one. Only the author is wondering 'what if?"
Nick Saban is not the "2nd best coach in Alabama history." He's simply the best, and I was alive and watching during the Bryant era.
Ohio State getting a lot of rat poison served to them.
Why not post his return stats? Every bit as impressive as his receiving stats.
I hate the opt-outs, too. Bowl season has always been a great finish to the regular season. The matchup between conferences gives us games we'd rarely see otherwise. All the opt-outs renders these games as meaningless as some already thought they were. I'm not going to think poorly about the players that go that route, though. The risk isn't worth the reward if you've already secured a high draft spot and a lucrative payday.
That's gotta be one of the dumbest comments I've seen on SDS. Especially considering what Najee did to your littke lizards.