Arkansas born, Razoback Alumi, Florida Resident growing tired of defending my Hogs, but as any dedicated fan I won't yield.

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I must admit, I was skeptical of Bielema from the get go. As soon as he leaves Wisconsin, its like their program kept trucking on like he was never there. Which led me to believe it was more Wisconsin’s AD former head coach that was his mentor and returned to coaching the Badgers upon his departure. Tough to be too sour about Petrino. He’s quick to get some flashy offense going but proven plenty of occasions that he is an unpredictable sketchy character. Bilema quickly hit the twitter and did a lot of talking almost always ending with his foot in his mouth. I don’t like guys that talk. At least win a good amount of games beforehand! He was successful at recruiting Arkansas’s largest Offensive Lineman ever, but had a tough time getting them to do their jobs. Personally, Arkansas could have hired a host of others before Bilema. He lost games that truly brought the program to an all time low. At least in the Petrino days, there were some solid years. Bielema never. And hey, what do I know? He gets hired as consultant to head coach Bill B of the Patriots just a year after? He must know something but head coach in Sec is not in his capabilities. Glad to see UK on the up & up! Lots to look forward to!
The record is impressive. However, given UCF has given up a fair amount of points & a ton of yards to really weak teams this season. Have UCF play Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Clemson. Alabama & there’s not a chance they are able stop any of these teams from acoring 50+. It’s far fetched. UCF has pur up a ton of points this season, but not against a really great team. Again, the undefeated season is impressive but controversy will continue until strength of schedule improves!
That’s what I am afraid of! Arkansas seems laser focused on Gus. And when he says “No,” they havent given other coaches equal attention & that may turn them away. I want the best for the Hogs, but damn this seems like a real crap shoot & it really doesnt have to be this way at all
Grew up in Arkansas, went to UofA, played college golf all 4yrs. Graduated w/ a masters from Walton College of business. Arkansas has Jerry Jones & some heavy hitters. However, I think you are misinformed on the Walton family being involved. Norwest Arkansas definitely has some mega wealth, but if you think Malzhan’s decision will have anything to do with money you are wrong. I assure you, whatever Arkansas is prepared to offer the guy Auburn will match. I wish the Walton family, Stephens, Jon Tyson, etc would throw some mega money out there to get us a big name coach. WIth all this coaching musical chairs, I’m not sure who that is & for most big name coaches...They’ve made millions & will continue. Arkansas has incredible facilities but produces very few in state recruits & will always be a tougher place to win than some of its Sec rivals
Gus is 52 & I’m guessing he’s got plenty more gas in the tank! This won’t be his last offer from Arkansas if he’s not ready to leave Auburn. Which, why he would leave Auburn is a mystery to me
I agree. The Arkansas job isn’t going anywhere. All this focus on Gus really makes Arkansas look very careless to other coaches. It just doesnt make much sense for Gus to leave. Look what he’s got at Auburn! His salary will greatly increase & who knows he may go to the National chalpionship. This is a program he built! Why walk away when its thriving only to start over from scratch at Arkansas. I hope Arkansas throws some real cash at a big name coach! If Gus is #1, Memphis coach #2 I really think Arkansas is in bad shape. Sure, I’d enjoy Gus but just seems far fetched!
Lets talk business here...At what point does Bilema & Hogs losing bring $$$ value of the team down & revenue overall that it becomes worth it to pay the buyout? Anyone?
Hmmm.....Petrino wasn't slow to make it happen. He just made poor personal choices. Bilema is yet to prove much, cashed some large checks, done some serious talking proceeded by little action & broken Razorback records of losing like a champ. I hate to bring up the past but that 37yrds rushing total from Hogs & 600+ yrds total offense that Auburn put on Arkansas was horrendous. It seems Wisconsin became better instantly without the guy & unless he has 2 losses or less during upcoming season, It's really tough for me to see how Arkansas has gotten much from the millions Bilema is collecting. Am I nuts or does anyone believe he's accomplished much in his tenure? Or that a better hire wasn't out there for price of Bilema? Sure he's had a few big wins but the major losses have been unforgettable. And his inability to make adjustments at halftime has gotten beyond excuseable. It's just the opposite of most coaches. Hard to have confidence in a potential W, while watching a confrence game if Hogs don't have a 45pt cushion at halftime. I can only pray Jeff Long doesnt add this to hires he regrets after this next season!
Coach B should be at top of the list! Maybe, maybe not if it was based on winning first halves vs games. This guy drives me bonkers & has from day 1. Guy has run his mouth & lost more than I have patience. Proven to recruit large linemen that can eat but can't block. Fails to ponder the words half time adjustments & talks more crap having to eat crow than any coach in NCAA. Wisconsin has only improved since day one of his departure & has he ever sufferred some hideous lossses! AUBURN TIGERS LOSS! I think Arkansas had a total of 32 rushing yrds & AUBURN school record of 600yrds! Insane A#% Pounding! I truly believe I could have coached the HOGs that game and had an equal or better outcome! Straight from Arkansas Alumni-Bilema better win 8games+ or done! Miserable guy!
Musberger is the WORST! If you have watched any game he's been on in past 5yrs, he manages to talk about anything and everything minus pertinent information. Forget about the specifics of the game, play or any useful insight about what you are watching. He's KING of incessantly speaking about random useless topics, which makes him not just useless but intolerable.
LSU fires Les Miles and wins ball games. Thats impressive. We hire a man that sucked at Wisconsin and has sucked serious wind at Arkansas for too long. Sorry we didnt score 40 the first half because under Bilema, razorbacks don't play the second half! People thought I was being a real pessimist when my post on FB before half stated, "Only 24 up, really would like to see another TD to feel good about this game." I was being a realist based on extreme repeat poor performances from Coach B in 2nd half. The only coach I've seen fail to make adjustments during half-time such that his team plays better. He serves up ribs and does anything possible to be certain the team will play far worse than the the initial 1st half. Encourage others amongst the sec that this dude needs to leave asap!!!
"BB: As long as I've coached, you run the ball into the end zone, you don't reach" This is flat unacceptable. Throwing a player under the bus and the game didnt hinge on this play. Bilema is bottom of the barrell. Never was a fan and he continually provides a plethora of reasons why I can't be a Coach B fan.
NO MORE "HYPE VIDEOS," UNTIL ARKANSAS WINs 5 games straight!!!! Please.....
Offer Mr Strong $$ whatever it takes and bring the Hogs some solid D!!! Pleeeeeeeeeezz!!!!
I certainly feel your pain. The Hogs obviously have multiple personalities. After scoring 3pts and giving up 600+yrds to Auburn I was shocked to see Florida favored by only 3.5. Thanks for finally giving us one W after 9 consecutive losses!
Easy killer! Nothing I can say to that my friend. That burns, stings, all of the above
Realistically, I see Hogs 7-5. On the road Florida and LSU are unlikely w's. Mississippi State and Missouri at home w's. 8-4 or 9-3 would be fabulous but tough to imagine!
Where do we go from here hog fans? I'm yet to truly believe in Bilema. Games like that are totally unacceptable. Alabama #1 team in country didn't make us look that miserable.
I'm confused about Bilema... I thought offensive line was a specialty of his. Arkansas once had the largest o-line in football, yet this year they have failed miserably. What's going on here?
Urban Meyer has one major problem in my opinion. He hasn't been able to control his players off the field and to me that shows a real lack of character. Nick Sabin is just a far classier guy and doesn't allow his players to run wild off the field. Look at his graduation rate!
Without any doubt Bobby Petrino is a remedy to colossal results and in mach speed. If he's learned his lesson from the past, wins and excitement galore. I'm game for a Miles Bilema trade!!!
I didn't know much about Bilema other than Wisconsin. I am all for his coaching but for the love of God shut your mouth B! The guy just talks a ton of ship thats unnecessary. Whether it's an old assistant coach via Texas Tech...He's got a lot of beef with people in coaching profession & it just makes him appear classless. Guy seems to insert foot into mouth often. Maybe I could appreciate it if it wasn't always bitting him or Hogs in arse
The in-state kids in a small rural hog wild state like Arkansas should be the easier ones to sign. And how much talent could possibly be in Arkansas? Gotta get what's there and a lot more. Good luck B!
Any of you Tigers think that Jimbo is better than Les? Jimbo may be a quarterback guru, but if I am not mistaken Les has had some of the best d-backs and all around athletes. Les Miles numbers tell a damn good story line as an amazing coach. Is this just "hype" or do the majority of the Tiger fans want to send Miles packing? Hard for me to understand unless there's someone out there with capabilities far exceeding Les. That's not Jimbo and if that person is out there I don't know who it is....
Agreed. While it's easy to blame one guy and one play.....Arkansas minus a few games has really given up a ton of points. They never would've been in two OT situations or this heartbreaker if we had solid defense.
That's one thing I have always been mystified and impressed with about Les Miles. Athletic but sketchy QB's over the years but it works! Typically compensated by ridiculously good defenses. National Championship Good.
I'm impressed. That article about firing Les made it seem like 15-17mil payout wouldn't be an issue at all. Tigers eating Benjamin's for dinner these days?
Man I'm with you. Media is treating LSU like the season is over with serious analysis paralysis! Fournette is certainly not a joke by any means. Hopefully this Razorback team is far better than I thought. The Aubrn game was not exactly impressive and just like the Ole Miss game and majority of the year Hogs haven't been so strong on defense. I was very surprised I didn't see Fournette breaking tackles, arms and legs while scoring TD's. Alabama is the one team that was surprisingly good stopping LSU's run but it came from Sabin and Bama. LSU has been strong year after year and money not being an issue, sending Les on his I think would be a mistake.
LSU fans please chime in on this one. Les Miles is definitely on my elite list. I understand the frustration with some downward trend but am I missing something here? Put the money aside...That's obviously not an issue. You really want to say goodbye to Les?