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Agree....there were some questionable calls and it was a crazy enough game, that yes, Tennessee could have very well threw an upset
Don't worry about Bama fan. Any other SEC team with a decent quarter back and offense would have handed y'all's rear end a loss last Saturday night. That was the kind of win you need to worry about because without Tua at full strength, y'all are beatable. Better pray Tua is ready to go when LSU rolls into Denny Stadium. You could be looking at a loss.
He is a horrible quarter back. Don't know how he even made the team. Not a big Pruitt fan either. He's pretty classless to do what he did on national television grabbing his quarter backs facemask and make an ass out of himself. Tennessee football is in shambles. Pruitt isn't head coaching matieral.He has go to go. Time for a new head coach.
Roll Tide the reason you want Dabbo and his Tigers out because you're not ready to face yet another bliss to Clemson.....making Clemson the most dominat team under the current playoff system?
If Ohio State fails at getting into the national title game, then I want to see Oklahoma and Alabama. Would love to Jalen Hurts get his moment in national title history against his former teammates, Saban and the Bama nation. If he does get there and faces his former team, he has a very good shot at winning it all.
The current playoff system is way more efficient than what we had with the old BCS. However, I do believe it's time to go to a six team playoff system.
Haha....Haters ALWAYS gonna hate on Ohio State. Now that Urban is gone, guess everyone is now hating on Buckeyes head coach,Ryan Day??? Sad.
Instead of worrying about Clemson and South Carolina, looking ahead and consider the problems Ohio State is going to present in the final four. Justin Field's can and does create havoc with both his passing game and ability bro breakdown defenses with his ability bro run the football. He is two dimensional and the Ohio State offense is we'll balanced with Dobbins in the backfield. Defensively, very solid and they make plays and create turnovers. This is a very explosive and dangerous football team. More talented than the 2014 Buckeyes team that beat Bama and destroyed Oregon for the national title.
Clemson is losing ground in the strength of their overall performances lately. Yet after thrashing Bama in the Natty last year, you would think they would be on a different level this season.
About to piss off everyone in here with the fact Ohio State is not only the most dangerous team but collectively the one team that is so we'll balanced and can beat you in so many different ways. Both Penn State and Wisconsin are good, but Buckeyes are better at skilled positions.