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LEts just go for it on fourth every tim even on 4th and 99yards 2feet and 11 31/32 inches to go
Shea patterson and not much else not much els what about aj brown/dk metcalf/ van jefferson/tre nixon/markell pack just to name a few if his wr weapons im 15 and i even know that the percentage should be his chances for 4k not 3k
Actually freeze has a .609 record at ole muss im no mathematician but im pretty sure its a winning record
Chad definitely deserves it better than hurts or anybody as QB in that list
Why dont you mention the bad call were judd scored but they wouldn't give him or the fact we have 5 players out for the season all of which would have made a huge difference
Olemiss shouldnt be ranked we gave the game to bama and fsu in the 234 quarters
Did u even warch the game
Really shea patterson the no1 qb out of highschool this past season isnt a qb intresing.... intresting indeed
Really a 4 year search with there biggest lead are hacked text messages yep sounds like cheats to me