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You have a Notre Dame section of Saturday Down South. Rather oxymoronic if you ask me.
I hear it at least once a week from my brokers because by law they have to say it. Past performance does not indicate future results.
He's is a competitor. Obviously the money helps but it also says that LSU has the deep pockets and facilities to compete. And he ain't scared. Unlike some future SEC teams coach that loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.
Bama alum. Been there done that. But I honestly think "we need more cowbell."
This is the same Klatt that said Bama's dynasty was over in 2013.
Seriously, this man is a clown. He dresses in a weird way to get our attention. Then he says or does something to get us to laugh at him.
The only question right now is would Bama beat Michigan State and Oregon. Then they are the 2nd best team. That being said, Kirk is correct. Bama has to run the table. No room for error. If Georgia go into the game knowing it means nothing, Bama will have the advantage.
We'll see the CFP tonight. I watched the Cincy/Tulane game. Come on guys!
Sounds a lot like something Nick Saban said in Miami a few years ago.
I think Bama wins because an 11-2 Bama does NOT get into the playoff. And a 12-1 Georgia does. So Bama has to win. But in my experience if 2 teams play twice in the same year, the team that won the first game, lost the second one.
ESPN's new TV contract with the SEC will pay each team $20 million a year. That's on top of the $25 million that the SEC network pay each team. Whoopty "f"ing doo.
Last time A&M beat Bama, Bama won the Natty. Since 2008, 14 years now, A&M has beaten Bama twice. During the same period Georgia is ZERO-6 against Bama. And Bama is 12-0 in the state of Georgia. An 11-2 Bama doesn't get in the playoff. But a 12-1 Georgia does. See you December 12th.
I'm sorry. Is this Saturday Down South or TMZ Sports. Who gives a rats ass?
I would say Auburn did beat Penn State but for the officials. Especially the replay official. But the officials were equally bad against Penn State. And they were SEC officials. Hell they couldn't even count to four.
Who gives a flying flip? It will decided on the field. And not just on December 4th. That game will be just for seeding purposes. The real game will be on January 10th.
Well duh? One is beatable on December 4th. And again on January 10th.
I hadn't watched Ole Miss or Arkansas until this week. Anybody with an IQ of over 3 or any talking head would know that the 3-3-5 or 3-2-6 defense these teams were running were going to get embarrassed against a team with a decent O-line and a running game. And so now Chris is embarrassed.
Just worry about Oct. 16th. You win that one, then you get your wish.
They hated Verne. Now they hate Brad. And they'll hate the next guy. Haters going to hate. Then on Monday they go back stocking the shelves, having never setting foot on any campus.
Danny should spend more time watching film and less time reading GQ magazine.
I ONLY watch ESPN during games on Saturday. The rest of the channel are a bunch of clowns who have never done anything in their lives but complain about someone else.
Guys! It's simple. Follow the Benjamin's. The Georgia/Arkansas is on ESP right after Game Day. And Bama/Ole Miss on CBS.
Reminds me of Kevin Bacon in Animal House. "Thank you sir, may I have another." Bama's won the last 7. And its been 13 years.
He's been wrong more times than Alex Jones and Rachel Maddow combined. He he just stuck with Bama he would go from 10% to 50% over the last 14 years.
He took a Michigan State team with a losing record and on probation to a 10-2 record beating Michigan and Ohio State. Then he took LSU to its first Natty in 60 years. When he came to Bama we sucked and were on probation. This isn't about recruiting because Saban recruits nationally. It may be about money. SEC has it. That builds facilities. It also brings recruits and good coaches. As soon as Kansas or Illinois win a Natty, that head coach is headed to the SEC. So there's that.
He was great and rest in peace. But Bama already had two black players signed or on the team at the time of the game.