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Sports Illustrated had two great articles. One about how it all went down and who was involved. The other was who would have gotten in in the past 7 years of CFP. In 2014 3 SEC teams would have gone (Bama, Ole Miss, & Miss St.) 3 SEC teams would have made it most years. With 4 making it last year. So it will be good for the SEC.
Bama alum living in Nebraska. Google it. There are 40 great brew pubs in Omaha. 20 downtown. No way there is a shortage. That's like saying we're out of beef. Come take in a game. Get a tomahawk steak. Take the bone home to your dog.
Don't think we need to troll Tom Brady. In his last college game he beat Bama.
Kind of weird that your thumbnail was a picture of the old Georgia Dome's display of all the helmets every High School team in the state.
As most of you give Vandy a hard time, I was wondering if the SEC has a bank account with $322 MILLION in it. If not, which bank gave them the loan? Colonial Bank would be my first guess. And isn't this just like our federal gov't borrowing from the future to make our present better?
Don't why he's exerting all that energy. Its his stiff arm that knocks players on their butts.
As I go through your scenario, Bama's loss to Florida won't matter in the SEC West. And as history has shown us time after time, the Dawg fans will be at their peak level of cocky for the SEC Championship. I almost feel sorry for them. What is it they say about the definition of insanity?
"First you get money, then you get the power, then you get the women." -Tony Montana
Class act. Will Smith's doppelganger. And #1 reason to never listen to anything LeBron has to say.
As I do the math, with 7-8 picks every year, there is about a 1 in 3 chance that if you come to Bama you will be a millionaire in 4 years.
Correct me if I'm wrong. Trevor Lawrence and Clemson are NOT in the SEC?
I don't watch any regular season NFL, NBA, MLB, or college basketball. It doesn't mean anything. To be honest I don't watch any playoff NFL, MLB, or NBA either.
It's a some frat house. My guess the ping pongs have it.
I get the "All aboard the Lane Train". But what the hell is "LFG"? Lane for Governor?
Terrell Owen, Prime Time, and Warren Sapp. They'll be on probation by next year.
As a Bama alum, Georgia can wear black jersey's anytime they want. Our returned to dominance started with that look. Thanks.
I knew this was coming. You totally missed all the priorities that Bama has. Only one QB has 2 Natty's and was a field goal fluke play from having a third.
I wouldn't draft his lazy ass. He's not that good. The only way he moves up is if he plays. Don't know who is advising him but he's an idiot.
Asymptomatic positive cases have not been shown to be contagious. So stop with the "contact tracing" quarantines.
C'mon Adam, do your "F"ing job. If this is true it would be the first person under the age of 25 to die of Covid in Pennsylvannia.
For the second time in a week let me finish Keith's job for him. OU preformed 424 test between Aug. 17th and 20th between athletes and staff. 6 football players, 5 other athletes and one staff have positive tests. That's 97.5% are clear. And the kicker. Zero are symptomatic. We don't know how many might be false positives and no antibody test are being done.
According to the numbers from DCH, in the last week there has been a 20% drop in hospitalizations. And 90% of the cases are in long term care facilities. So I have to ask.... WTF?
Suddenly 29%. Sounds to me like you got a bunch of false positives. What is the process after a positive test? Do they get tested again? How many times do they have to test negative before they get Unquarentined? Are any of the people symptomatic? If so how many? How many are hospitalized with severe symptoms? Jesus Christ somebody do their job and ask these questions.
Government doesn't want the public to know the results of antibody test. In the Mumbai slums 57% had the antibodies. If that were to be true for the rest of the 1.5 Billion people and 50,000 deaths. Well, I'll let you do the math.
Every game except the Tennessee game is west of the Chattahoochee.
Exactly how do you transfer from a military academy?
T-Town, good luck going in front of judge. Next time just put a big "A" on my jacket for adultery. Oh wait. I already have one.
I am more of the Andy Dufresne type. "Either get busy living, or get busy dying."