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Screw the 2004 Championship. Let's talk about how Auburn should be given the 2005 Championship. They were the only undefeated team.
Joe's a great QB. Good luck in the NFL. But we lost by 5. We took 7 off our score with an unforced fumble on the 3. Nadjee had 146 yards in rushing. Tua 416 yards passing. We out scored LSU in the 2nd half 28 to 13. If that's "domination", I worry about your lack of education.
It's the seventh year anniversary. AJ now makes $3 Million a year. Who wouldn't be happy?
He obviously knows Najee is coming back and that Trey Sanders is healthy.
Georgia wins SEC, LSU and Georgia are in. Bama is out. LSU wins the SEC, Georgia is out and an 11-1 Bama will get in also. Pretty simple. The National Championship game this year is in the Super Dome. The last time LSU played in the National Championship was in the Super Dome. And that year LSU beat Bama in Tuscaloosa. I just can't recall who won the Championship that year.
Is everybody as glad as I am this idiot wasn't elected as President. It's not about getting poor people some money. It's not about how much the schools are making. It's not about paying the athlete. It's about freedom of the individual.The NCAA is restricting that freedom of the athlete to even have a YouTube or Instagram account with their free speech and expression. They can't have a summer job. Just because you are on scholarship doesn't mean you have to give up your God given rights.
Verne is a legend. A class act. And not just in football. If you rank the 5 best calls in golf, Verne has 3 of them.
Why can't CBS air more than one SEC night game PER SEASON?
I just wish Trevor's two brothers would take him back out on tour.
Why in the world would anyone want to go to Mecca?
I thought they were cardinal and gold. But that is purple.
Let the games begin. Does he wear crimson or orange and blue? If we knew their address Tripp would never need to buy anything.
Wonder if all the Georgia fans are thinking the same thing I am? How do you fire one of the top ten coaches of all time? Oh well. Roll Tide.
Yo Nick. Don't know if you control the picture at the top of the article, but are you stupid or just trying to piss us off?
For Bama in the last 5 years we've won one Womens golf NC. Back to back men's golf(would have three-peated if not for Jordan Speith). One women's softball. And SIX gymnastics in the last 20 years. But LSU and South Carolina is baseball. For Georgia its gymnastics with I think 5 NC's IN A ROW? For Florida it could be all the above including basketball.
Wow! What 2000 words and not one mention of "due process". The ONLY concept mentioned twice in the Constitution. Also no concept of logic. If there is an allegation of sexual assault it needs to be handled by the police and DA. Not the school. Duh? Jameis Winston is a perfect example. A man leaves a private bar with a woman(who he's had sex before) and they go to his private apartment(off campus) and have consensual sex(again). When he tells the woman that this will be the last time, she tells the police that she was raped by some guy that she doesn't know his name and then wants the lawyers to sue the school under Title IX. The real problem is too many lawyers. And people who can't write an article.
I was hoping Mr. Moore would use the picture from the pilon camera. But what do I know. He's only been doing this since I was a freshman in 1979. I'll defer to the master.
Yo SDS, there are two cornerbacks on each defense. Just like there are two safteys. Need a new editor.
First Bama game was fall of 1977 against Ole Miss at Legion Field. MDB plays. Can't here them because they're playing to the alumni. Ole Miss band does the same. Then they turn to come off...... Dixie! Everyone stood up. Except for 3 of my dorm mates from Cincinnati. Still remember that look on their face. I miss those days.
Not to get technical, but "bullish" is a good thing. "Bearish" is used to describe your dislike for an asset or market. Bama class of '81 Finance degree. Sorry!
Anybody with an IQ over 3 knows that you can't use the cowbells once the team comes to the line of scrimmage. Yea, its kinda cute and all, but totally useless. And then 62K in a stadium like Starkville isn't that loud. I've been to the shoe, the big house, Kyle, and both death vallies. As a Bama grad the loudest I've been in was Happy Valley. If they could sell out Neyland it would be scary again.
Sorry, just checked the rule. Its legal on a simulated scrimmage kick. Weird!
So, did anyone notice that the holder's knee was on the ground when he caught the ball?
Dude, are you really that stupid. Bama plays at LSU(#16) saturday and then 2 of the top 4 teams in the next 3 weeks. If they win those three, who do you think is going to be the #1 team?
Sorry Roland. He launched. He did hit helmet to helmet and with the crown. He was a defenseless player. Identical play in the Oklahoma/Kansas State game and the OU player was ejected.
Yo Chris, Bama and Auburn have played in the last 5 National Championships and won 4 of those 5. Way to go barners for screwing it up.
I don't understand the last one about "adjusting the clock at the end of each quarter".
Maybe its that I'm 53 and a Bama fan. But I don't have a problem with any of these play. My observation is this country and you folks are a bunch of F@%^ing pussies.