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Eventually one of these teams will beat Alabama. It's only a matter of time. That said, maybe teams should consider hiring assistants from outside the SEC rather than poaching Alabama's coaches.
After studying at the Nick Saban school for misfit coaches, Butch Jones has the skills and knowledge to turn any program around. Colorado State would be lucky to have Butch's unique skills. In addition to his coaching skill set, he can also do a proper coffee service and act as a footrest.
I disagree completely. High buyouts are needed to prevent pig headed boosters and fans from demanding the coach be fired every time the team loses. For example, Gus Malzahn's huge buyout has prevented the Auburn fans from demanding his head every time they lose a game. Unless you fire the coach, you never have to pay the buyout. Hunter Yurachek is delusional if he thinks anyone is going to make a quick turnaround. Looking at next year's schedule, I'm curious where the 6 wins would come. There's no easy wins on the schedule. It will take many years to rebuild. High buyouts counteract impatient pig headed fans and boosters. The players also deserve stability. If the athletic director hires a good candidate, there's no good reason to fire the coach in less than 4-5 years. Wins and losses aren't the best way to judge a coach unless the fans have low self esteem.
Unless Arkansas offers a boatload of money with an airtight long term contract, Kiffen would be stupid to go there. You'll be stained permanently as a failure. When you fire the previous coach in less than 2 years, it shows how petulant and impatient the fans are. The fickle fans expectations are crazy too. If you go to Arkansas you'll need a psychiatrist to treat the players that emotionally distraught from the constant turnover. The Bielema and Morris recruits may not even play for you, so you'll have to wait 4 years to have players loyal to you, but you'll only have 2 years to be successful. Arkansas has also reneged on paying Brent Bielema his severance. If you have to go to the SEC, Missouri is a much better job. Better yet just stay in Boca Raton and take care of your current players and enjoy a big raise.
Leach would have to be nuts to go to Arkansas. Why would anyone good go to a school that fired the previous coach in less than 2 years? they've also reneged on paying Bielema and forced him to fight for his money in crooked Arkansas courts. Missouri would be a much better choice. Leach is likely using these interviews to negotiate a big raise back at Washington State. If you're good and are considering Arkansas at least hit them up for at least 10 million a year with a guaranteed 10 year contract. Even if you're good, the players may not choose to play for you. You'll need 4 years to get your own players in.