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Whatever you're smoking, you need to lay off.
They must think we're going to lose to Ole Miss, Georgia, and Alabama. What a joke.
It wasn't targeting because Saban has the refs in his back pocket.
Not sure why Arkansas is either. They lost and are 0-2 in the conference.
#3 is wrong. Unless Auburn has a lot of turnovers, they should beat Miss St easily.
Gators offered to play Nov 19 and LSU refused. Sounds like somebody is too scared to play in Florida.
That's the reason they gave the press. LSU doesn't want to play in Florida because they know they'll get beat. They only want to play in Baton Rouge so they might have a chance. Bunch of cowards.
This is actually a good move for Florida. By canceling the game, they now have an easier road to Atlanta than Tennessee does. If they can win out and the Vols lose to Texas A&M and Alabama (they probably will), Florida wins the East.
How is Georgia still ranked? They should have fallen out completely.
Worst program in the sec? Either you're a newcomer to sec football or you need to put the crack pipe down. Georgia hasn't been relevant in the sec in 10 years and 35 years on the national level. I'll enjoy watching Auburn beat Georgia this year and Georgia being irrelevant for many, many years to come.
Georgia's had its share of thugs too. Pot and kettle, just saying.
This was probably written by the English Dept. at Memphis. He just copied it from them and signed his name to it. I don't believe for a second he actually wrote this.
The call was correct. All of the players have to be inside of the outside hash mark at the bottom of the screen. Closest player from the bottom isn't inside the hash mark.
The call was correct. All of the players have to be inside of the outside hash mark at the bottom of the screen. Closest player from the bottom isn't inside the hash mark.
Even if Alabama or Clemson loses, there's no way Ohio State should be in the playoffs. They not only won't win their conference, they didn't even win their division and only finished 3rd best. What does winning the title last year have to do with this year? Ohio State is 10-0 against unranked teams, but so is Houston and they were never ranked higher than 13th in any poll. smh
Auburn played much better than I thought they would and kept it close for 3 1/2 quarters, but Alabama was the better team. You can't score 1 touchdown and a couple of field goals and expect to beat a good team. We'll get them next year. Congratulations to Alabama and good luck in the playoffs.
They have a better chance than Auburn does.
Why are they still predicting Auburn to go to a bowl? Idaho is the only team left they could beat and even that's not guaranteed. Morons.
They could put Auburn's defense on that milk carton as well.
Why are they still picking Auburn to go to a bowl? They probably won't win but one more game.
They make the 2012 team look good. Didn't think that was possible.
Ole Miss CLAIMS 3 national titles, but none of them were from the AP or UPI/Coaches poll. They couldn't get the real polls to rank them #1, so they had to look at other publications. Kind of reminds me of another team that claims some titles they didn't actually win.
It's a safer bet than Georgia being in the playoffs. Georgia will flame out like they do every year.
Who thinks LSU is going to be that good? Most predictions I've seen have them finishing 4th, 5th, or 6th in the West. They do have a lot of good players, but they got waxed by an 8-5 Auburn team last year. This year should be a lot closer since it's in Baton Rouge, still, Auburn by 10-14 points.
Miss. State will be lucky to finish better than 4th. They'll be a bottom dweller again before you know it.
You're using a lifeless Florida team who had lost their 5th straight game going into the Georgia Southern game (finished 4-7) as your example? Give me an example of Muschamp allowing that with a good team, not a bottom dweller.