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Time to pack it in with your "Locks"... "Dobbe’s Locks of the Week season record: 3-9" OUCH!
Those probabilities (as listed above) project a 5 win (actually, 5.4) season, not 4; this based on the probability concept of "expected value". Don't think so? Ask you friendly Probability and Stats Professor and he will confirm.
Ha ha ha . . . "bighogbill" = "littlehogknowledge" The only way Towns will be starting a game this fall is if the 3 QB's ahead of him all get injured and can't play.
I'd replace the 2011 team with the 1968 squad that went 10-1. That team's only loss was a respectable 10 point set-back in Austin to nemesis Texas, who was breaking in a new offense that no one knew how to defend . . . the Wishbone. Otherwise, the young Porkers ran the table with first-year (freshmen were not eligible to play "varsity' then) sophomores Bill Montgomery, Bill Burnett and Chuck Dicus tearing up the SWC. They finished with a solid 16-2 domination of SEC Champion Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. So, I'd rank them above the 2011 team that finished that season by getting drilled by LSU and then beating a good - but not great - Kansas State team in the Cotton Bowl. That 2011 team also lost to Alabama along the way.
Careful . . . if you look at the results of games played in "Death Valley" since 2000, Arkansas has played LSU very, VERY closely there in all but 2 games - even when the Hogs didn't have one of their stronger teams. Arkansas has only won one of those games, but four of LSU's wins came by 4 points or less. For some odd reason, the Hogs seem to play very well in Baton Rouge. This year's game ought to be another good one.
You forgot this one . . . Tyler Wilson leading Arkansas back over the Aggies in 2011
Sorry, but I'm not buying this. Why? Because of the carries recorded by these Hall of Famers during their college years: T. Dorsett 25.27 carries per game over a 4 year career (45 games) 27.09 as a freshman Archie Griffin 21.00 carries per game over a 4 year career (44 games) Herschel 30.73 carries per game over a 3 year career (33 games) 24.91 as a freshman Emmitt S. 22.58 carries per game over a 3 year career (31 games) 20.82 as a freshman O.J. 30.64 carries per game over a 2 year career (22 games) Keep in mind that not all of these guys started from Game #1, which means they really ramped it up to even higher carries per game once they did (to pull the averages up to where they finished).