I've been a Bama fan for all 6 of the Bear's titles, Stallings title and Saban's 5 titles. I feel sorry for anyone who is a fan of any other team.

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Starting with the 22 season, Bama has home and home series scheduled with Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, West Virginia and Wisconsin. In 2020 they have USC in a nuetral site game and in 21 it's Miami. Who exactly are you suggesting we play?
Tennessee's problem is that they really believe they are an elite football program. They are, in fact, a middle of the SEC program that has jumped up every few years to have a great season. At least that's who they were. Now they are a lower tier program with fading memories of better times. Pruitt will get them back to respectibility if they give him time. Fulmer would just start the death spiral all over again.
Alabama developed Hurts into the player he is today. I believe Saban is sencere when he says he's happy for Hurts. And speaking for Alabama fans evrywhere, we are thrilled to have Tua as our QB. No regrets.
The 2 worst talking heads in sports are Paul Finebaum and Skip Bayless. It's like they go out of their way to say stupid stuff just to get a rise out of everyone. The next time either of them have a valid opinion it will be the first.
Have you noticed that Butch looks a lot smarter wearing crimson?
Spanos was NOT and assistant coach. He was an an analyst. Those guys come and go like crazy. This isn't the same as the assistants who have left.
Gattis is a good coach and recruiter but he was never in consideration to be the OC at Alabama this year. If he had hung around and continued to do good work then eventually he would have gotten his shot. Like Tosh. He should do fine in the B1G because other than OSU (and mayne PSU) the entire conference is offensivily challenged.
I will be a huge Hurts fan next year. As long as he doesn't to to the Auburn or Tennessee. Anywhere else is fine with me.
The offense looked fine between the 20's the entire game. I do think we should have given Hurts a shot in the redzone. Couldn't have gone any worse.