I've been a Bama fan for all 6 of the Bear's titles, Stallings title and Saban's 5 titles. I feel sorry for anyone who is a fan of any other team.

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I am in favor of this because it's the right thing to do. But this will be a huge win for the elite schools. Losing a disgruntled player who can't crack the starting lineup is nothing compared to picking up elite talent from the smaller schools. The group of 5 schools stand to lose their best young players. Once they have had a chance to prove themselves in college then all of the top programs will be interested in them. The same schools that will the recruiting war every year will also win these transfer wars.
As long as we're talking about offseason transfers than I don't have a problem with it. I also will go ahead and warn everyone that the schools that will benefit most from this are Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU and Oklahoma. And the schools that will be hurt are the group of five schools. 3 star player goes to Western Kentucky and becomes a stud in his freshman year. Then decides to upgrade by going to LSU for his sophmore year. To me this is the bigger issue than the disgruntled player who can't crack the starting lineup at a power 5 school.
The only knock you can make on Tua is the injury history. Any attampt to knock his play is just an uninformed/biased opinion.
Everyone is giving Mel a lot of grief over the way he left but in his shoes I think most of us would do the same thing. I love where I work and the people I work with and I've said a million times that I want to retire from here. But if someone shows up tomorrow and offers me double what I'm making now I would be gone. Doesn't mean I was lying all the times I said I would retire from here. It just means the situation changed.
Both should be successful in the NFL. I think Tua has a higher ceiling but also has the injury concerns. Teams will have to weigh those two things and decide. Either way I think the teams that draft these two guys will end up being happy with their choice.
I found some of this hard to believe. A team that has had as much elite talent at both QB and at WR has only had 1 guy get 1000 yards receiving? I know UGA has traditionally leaned on the run game but Murray and Green were at UGA at the same time!
I think LSU is here to stay. They have always had the elite talent but were held back by an outdated offensive system that made it difficult to recruit high level QB's. They may take a little step back this year but now that they have a modern offense I don't think they will stray very far from the playoff conversation.
Ruggs is comically fast. Like someone is speeding up the tape when you watch him run. In the Tennessee game this year on an interception in the red zone Ruggs ran down the DB in about 50 yards even though the DB had a 20 yard head start. Whether he sets the combine record or not Ruggs has the fastest game speed I have ever seen.
I think Tua wins on all of the intangibles but Borrow is the safer bet right now because of Tua's injury history. I'd be will to bet that in the long run Tua has a better pro career.
I hope he figures it out because being able to beat a left tackle and sack the QB isn't a skill that has much use out in the real world. Maybe this was his wake up call. I hope so.
I'm happy McMillon is coming back but it's a stretch to put him on this list. No one is more important than Moses. Surtain is going to be huge this year as well.
Cockyfan97 says " Alabama should consider cutting all ties with Saban". Might be the single dumbest sentence ever written.
No ill will toward the kid. But Alabama handled this exactly like you would want them too. They saw in the fall that they wouldn't have room in this class and they toild the kid exactly where he stood. Giving him time to open his recruitment back up and find a better option. Lots of schools don't do it that way. They wait until it's too late for the kids to find anything else and then they force a blue ot greyshirt on him. This worked out for everyone. Bama filled needs elsewhere and the kid found a home with another high level power 5 program.
This was a poorly researched post. Bama has not actively recruited Jayson Jones for more than a year. In fact the offer he had from Alabama was to Blueshirt which means that Bama couldn't actively recruit him. Litterally everyone who follows Alabama recruiting knew months ago that Jones would not be part of this class.
Mack wasn't a 5 start so he can't be on this list. Plus he hasn't really done anything yet.
I like the attention that was paid to the front 7 in this class. The rotation up front could be a strength of this team again once these guys grow up a little.
That's a tough one. All these guys were great but if had to pick one I guess it would be Cam Robinson. For a while he went though a period where he was a false start machine.
Najee is back so RB depth is not an issue.
Returning starters only matters in they are any good. Guess we'll see. Love Pruitt and I hope he does well at Tennessee...all except the 3rd Saturday in October.
Newman is a talent but he isn't a "carry a team" talent. Georgia will have competent QB play next year. Nothing wrong with that when you consider all the quality on that roster. Alabama has won National Championships with competent QB play.
Well 2 things... Moses isn't part of any position battle. He's the starter and the others will rotate. Harris probably has the most talent. Secondly, It isn't really a battle at the DL position. Both will play a ton in the rotation and who is out there will depend a lot on game situation. I'm just happy that well have a deeper rotation this year at DT and DE.
Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, LSU and now maybe Florida are the elite programs in college football right now. Both LSU and Clemson need to give the "We're just a little 'ol school from (SC or LA)" a rest. No one is buying it anymore. There are just as many 4 and 5 star players on both teams as there are on Alabama and there have been for quite some time. LSU just finally found a QB and joined the championship party.
It also feels like Slade Bolden will work himself into the rotation as a slot receiver.
A local reporter, Chris Breese is reporting that Najee Harris is coming back next year. That'll shuffle the depth chart a little.
I know what the writer was getting at when he asked about the 2 best QB's being on the same team. Mac Jones will be the best and there's a good chance that Bryce Young will be the 2nd best.
Mac will be the starter next season. He was the 3rd best QB in the SEC this year after Tua and Burrow. Bama has a loaded QB room and it's likley that someone leaves.
Once every few years... And yes, it is definitely a head scratcher.
He's not high on many people's draft boards but whoever takes him will get a well trained fundementally sound DB.
I don't think there is any doubt that Mac will be the starter next season. Right now for the 2019 season he's the 3rd best QB in the SEC after Tua and Burrow. He'll play great and never give Saban a reason to change. I am very confident in what Mac can do. Especially with a pair of WR like Smith and Waddle coming back.
I love Tua but I think David Wasson has a unhealthy affection for him. I thought this article was going to be about the QB competition but it was really just another glowing recap of Tua's great career. There is better analysis of the QB competition in the comments section.