I've been a Bama fan for all 6 of the Bear's titles, Stallings title and Saban's 5 titles. I feel sorry for anyone who is a fan of any other team.

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Give me a break... Georgia did not invent the home and home with a power 5 team. Ohio State had a home and home with Oklahoma before UGA's with ND. But lots of teams have been doing this for years. And Richt probably gets credit for the ND home and home. Bama was a little late coming to this party but they are coming to it huge. I would stack Bama's out of conference schedule over the next decade+ up against anyones.
This is exactly the right tone to take on all of this. You never know whether or not something is an overreaction until after the fact and by then we should just be happy it's over.
The toilet paper thing boggles the mind. I read a story where a reporter interviewed a bunch of people coming out of COSTCO with loads of TP and asked them why? Every single one of them said some version of "Because everyone else is doing it".
The fact came from the CDC and I never said we should dismiss anything. I believe mmy exact words (and you can scroll up to confirm) were, "You should take it seriously..." and, "This is a serious health concern..." I also recommended that you get your "facts" from the CDC and the WHO. I heard someone on the radio last night say there were already 2,000 deaths in the USA. There aren't. Just be careful where you get your info and behave accordingly. That was all I was saying.
Thanks for a sports article about the tourney. Refreshing amid all the COVID-19 stuff
There seems to be 2 groups of people on this and they are both equally wrong. Group one thinks this is no big deal and we are all just overreacting. The other group are the extremist who are afraid to even go out to eat. My advice to all of you is to stop getting your information from the news media and just read the releases from the WHO and the CDC. They will both tell you that while this isn't the most deadly virus (and is actually a lot less lethal than some previous strains of the flu) it is HIGHLY contagious and is spreading fast. You should take it seriously but you should not hide in your home. You should do some common sense things like maybe calling grandma for the next few weeks instead of going to see her. The FACT is that 80% of the people who get this virus will experience symptoms so mild they may not even know they have it. This is a serious health concern but it isn't the plague.
"1) Beat UGA. 2) Beat LSU. 3) Beat Auburn. 4) Win the SECCG. 5) Win the Natty." Those are the correct 5 items but the order should be reversed. The only reason UGA would be a lower priority is that Auburn and LSU are both SEC West games. Beating Georgia is important but losing that game doesn't prevent any of the other 4.
I'm not sure that the main concern with Tua is the hip injury. I think what's causing the concern is that he has a history of injuries.
I can but that probably isn't fair since I'm a Bama fan and last year's winner was Tua.
When an in-state kids commits this early it's probably because he's a lifelong fan. These players usually stick to their committment.
Beasley is a bust in the NFL but in college he was very good. It's why the Falcons drafted him at number 8.
"I don’t think beating Bama (in regular season) is nearly as important as beating Florida." I was trying to explain this to someone yesterday and they looked at me like I have 2 heads. As important as this game is it isn't a division game. Either team can lose this game and still win their division and the conference and go to the playoff.
The worst part of last year was that we had a really good secondary. If we could have slowed the run down a little this could have been a very good defense.
He could do a Kiffin and go down to a group of 5 school and have some success. If he did that someone would give him a shot again. Charlie Strong went down to the group of 5 and face planted but he'll still get another shot.
Chase Young is probably the surest bet among the top players. QB's always seem to be a 50/50 proposition at best. For every Peyton Manning there's a Ryan Leaf. But if you win that bet your team is set for the next decade.
Cowherd is what he is. He prefers the hot take over insightful comentary. He gets everyone riled up and I guess that feeds ratings. I listened to him for years while I had an outside sales job and would spend long stretches in the car and I have to dispute the comment Tiger made that he is usually "insightful and factual". He isn't trying to be. He's trying to stir stuff up. Eventually I got tired of him and went back to classic vinyl on sirius XM.
I don't see any 1st round RB's this year. Agree Swift is the best. Would have maybe argued for Taylor but he has way to much trouble holding on to the ball.
Correction: Auburn has Iron Bowl Voodoo whenever the game is at Auburn. You have to go back to 2010 to find an Auburn win at Alabama.
You do realize that the ULM loss was something like 14 years ago don't you? If you have to go back 14 years (to Saban's first year) to find an embarrassing loss you are really arguing against your point.
Im curious. Did anyone read all of King Negan's post? I made it to the beginning of the 3rd paragraph. Oh, and Bama still has Waddle.
So.... UGA is using Alabama results (National Championships, draft picks) in their hype video??? Scott Cochran was the best S&C coach in the country and that isn't really up for debate, but I'm not sure what the accomplishments Alabama had while he was there have to do with his new and completely different job at UGA.
The comparison to Brees is way off. A better comparison would be Chad Pennington. Had a decent NFL career but was probably better suited to be a backup.
Jake Fromm is about to lock down the greatest job in the world. Backup QB in the NFL. He'll make really good money and he should be able to stay in the league a long long time. To me Fromm is the perfect NFL backup QB. He's smart, can read defenses and won't kill you while he's filling in for the starter. He probably doesn't have a NFL starters arm but in the right situation he could do ok. The Brees comparison is absurd though. Think...Chad Pennington.
Whenever I see the name "Paul Finebaum" in the title of a story I know right away that I am going to be annoyed by whatever is in it. Same for Colin Cowherd. They both just spout off to create buzz. I guess they have made a lot of money doing it but it seems like a crappy way to make a living.
Scott Cochran was a great S&C coach and was a very important part of Alabama's success. Wish him nothing but success. That said, the goal of anyone who has to replace someone on a staff (whether it be a coaching staff or a sales staff or whatever) should be to move forward and improve the overall quality of the staff. I think Saban has done that here. I am excited about the new direction.
Enos got what he deserved. He bacically just snuck out of the building without telling anyone when he got the Miami job. Kind of gutless.
Even Saban talks about the stat of none of his ex assistants beating him is a bogus stat. He points out that most are going to programs that need to be rebuilt while he has already built his program. If Kirby stays at UGA long enough he'll eventually be the one to beat Saban. Either him or Jimbo.
I am in favor of this because it's the right thing to do. But this will be a huge win for the elite schools. Losing a disgruntled player who can't crack the starting lineup is nothing compared to picking up elite talent from the smaller schools. The group of 5 schools stand to lose their best young players. Once they have had a chance to prove themselves in college then all of the top programs will be interested in them. The same schools that will the recruiting war every year will also win these transfer wars.
As long as we're talking about offseason transfers than I don't have a problem with it. I also will go ahead and warn everyone that the schools that will benefit most from this are Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU and Oklahoma. And the schools that will be hurt are the group of five schools. 3 star player goes to Western Kentucky and becomes a stud in his freshman year. Then decides to upgrade by going to LSU for his sophmore year. To me this is the bigger issue than the disgruntled player who can't crack the starting lineup at a power 5 school.