I've been a Bama fan for all 6 of the Bear's titles, Stallings title and Saban's 5 titles. I feel sorry for anyone who is a fan of any other team.

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Everyone's program defining moment is always "That year when we beat Alabama".
I refuse to engage in any these who beat who agruments at this point. Bama could have handled their business on the field Saturday and we didn't. Now we have to wait and see how it all shakes out. Maybe we get in and maybe we don't but either way I don't think anyone has a gripe. For Bama to get in there has to be at least 2 conference champs with a loss. If there are 4 undefeated conference champs then Bama is out... period. With no complaint. If we do get in it'll be because the committee believes we were the best 1 loss team which means we will be compared to a bunch of other teams that didn't take care of business on the field. If your play puts it in the hands of the committee then just accept whatever happens.
I have no doubt that LSU can score 30 on Bama this year. But if Tua is even close to healthy then 30 won't be nearly enough.
Remember when people used to say that Alabama players never panned out in the NFL?
There's 7 shoe ins. (I'm counting Kentucky as a shoe in). I don't have much faith that Mississippi State can get it done. Tennessee vs Kentucky should be a good game and fun to watch.
Hey! I used to live in Roanoke (just up the road from Blackburg) and that's a perfectly fine area to visit. Mountains, rivers, great food and a bunch of really good (and cheap) golf courses. The Texas Tavern in Roanoke is a cultural institution.
I don't know... According to my math (obviously not learned at LSU) 2022 is way less than 15 years from now.
USC next year and then Miiami in 2021. Then starts home and home series with Texas, Wisconsin, WVU, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. In 26 we play both WVU and FSU. That'll be 10 power 5 opponents. Saban is making good on his stated preference to play a tougher schedule.
I was at the game Saturday night. It was way more impactful at the game than it was when I watched it later on TV. It cranked the whole game atmosphere up quite a bit.
I love how the UT fans complain about the refs but never mention the multiple PI's on completely uncatchable balls that extended UT drives.
Gimmie a break. It was a tongue in cheek hyperbole type head line. If you took it seriously then that's on you.
Mac is fine. Not beating LSU fine but he's a starting QB for a lot of teams. You can't judge his performance coming in cold in relief to what it will be with him getting all the reps this week in practice and having a game plan fitted to his skill set.
My sons went to HS with Kenyan. One played football with him. Always wish the best for him and getting out of that dumpster fire in Miami would be really good.
Plus he gets ti light up the big victory cigar every TSIO.
Maybe next year. The year after Tua and the best WR's in the country all move on to the NFL. All the freshmen on defense will be a year older but who knows what the offense will look like. If you want a W against the Tide then next year might be your best shot.
The Georgia and Mizzou games will be interesting for Florida.
13 is bogus... There are no bandwagon Alabama fans because Bama is never bad long enough to lose the fanbase. Even during the dreadful DuBose to Shula years we won an SEC title and a couple of bowl games.
Here's another stat. Alabama has been ranked #1 at some point in the season every year since 2008. No team can win it every year but Saban keeps Bama in the hunt every year.
The problem is (and it's the same problem Alabama had all last year) if you have to blitz to generate pass rush that is ultimately a losing proposition. It can work in spurts but it won't win a championship.
I loved watching that kid play this week. What a great story.
I don't know. SC just held Georgia to 17 in Athens. TAM held Clemson to 23 without the help of any offense at all. Florida had a good game against Auburn but I'm not sure how good their offense is yet. I think the story on Florida's defense still needs to be written.
Splitting hairs. 1 and 1A really. Can't wait for the game on 11/9. The winner has the inside track to both the Heisman and the CFP.
I was going to say this almost word for word. My Georgia fan friends hate it when I compare Fromm to McCarron but it is a apt comparrison. And one that at the college level I think AJ has the better of so far. But in fairness to Fromm no Alabama fan ever hoped to get into a situation where AJ had to through the ball 50 times. I got a shiver just typing that.
You miss the point. When going undefeated IS the expectation then it's by definition impossible to exceed the expectations.
Mediocre defense? LSU is giving up 34 points per game against power 5 competition (including Vandy who just got shut down by a 1-5 group of 5 team). Bama is giving up 21 a game to power 5 teams. I agree that is definitely medocre but LSU's defense is just straight up bad.
Dismissing Texas A&M based on losing to 3 top 10 teams seems short sighted. Everyone knew they were going to be the best 7-5 team in the country this year. Also beat SC. Just ask UGA about them. But this whole debate is pointless. Everyone in the west will play each other and this will get sorted out on the field.
Hmmm... I think LSU should be ranked number 1 right now based on what they have done SO FAR this year. But anyone who would rank coach O ahead of Saban in any coaching ranking needs to submit themselves for a drug screen. The greatest college football coach of all time is by default the best one this year.
Tua probably isn't going to have many designed runs because we need to keep him healthy. But he is a great scrambler. Just go back and watch the 2017 National Title game. I too have been watching Alabama football for over 50 years and in that time we have never had anyone like Tua. Namath and Stabler were great but Tua is generational.