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I think there's a distinct possibility that Mizzou can reach six wins. But for this exercise, and based on last season, there just weren't enough head-to-head SEC matchups that favored the Tigers. Every year there are surprises, though, and it wouldn't shock me to see Missouri rebound.
That was a hard one to pick. Pretty difficult to figure out who is going to be in that slot at this point in the season. Southern Cal could very easily fall short of expectations this year, but they have as good a shot as any other possible contenders. Regardless, this is all sure to be wrong haha.
Haven't forgotten about him haha. Julio probably does deserve an honorable mention, but to be honest, there are a lot of first-round picks that do, but injuries have kept him off the field a little bit. This list isn't meant to take away anything from any player, and it is subjective, so these are good arguments to have.
I was actually referring to the play above that sentence, the one against North Carolina. Georgia ran a play-action pass with a post route and a smash route. On the play against Ole Miss, Chubb is definitely open for a first down.
That's as far back as the current 64-seed format. Georgia's run was certainly a great one, but we tried to focus on the latest era of the tournament.
This list was based entirely on passing yard totals in each player's sophomore season. Had that not been the criteria, it would look very different, and Nick Fitzgerald would probably have a spot.
I'd concede that he's not a "first-time" coach in the SEC, but he is in his first year with South Carolina, hence his inclusion on this list.
Thank you very much. I appreciate the compliment, it means a lot!
That's a good point, and something definitely worth mentioning. Eason certainly was not afraid to go deep and seemed to look downfield on every play. But, his willingness to do so, like you mentioned, helped open up the offense, which had bogged down at that point. Nobody is saying he doesn't have learning to do, but a quarterback willing to take some risk/reward shots is something UGA has sorely missed.
He did look like something special. Imagine if Alabama gains a QB as dangerous as their running backs have been...