20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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I read some of the recruiting violations complaints. Not that bad and easy to fix. Did I miss some? I think they looked at Pruitt's management of the roster and season progress and said our roster was better than that and we should have won more.... but the fact is some rosters are not versatile, so once your video gets looked at few times everyone knows how to beat you and there's nothing Dan Divine or Bear Bryant can do to re-invent the limitations. In other words, instead of waiting a year for depth and versatility they threw the baby out with the bath-water. Babies and bathwater are hard to find in this leagues level of competition. They could do worse and they might well.
No Tyler Badie is not a running back. Sorry Steve you're just a little behind the experience curve here. He's not strong, heavy, durable, or powerful enough. He has a place in the attack and you saw it last year. His place is surprise and be slippery. Good news on that however, so is Cooper. If you have them both in opposite flanks the defense has to be wide and shallow. And you can option a little with them if you don't over do it. Bazelak needs a quarterback coach and we can't get on one on staff. Hire Chase Daniels or James Franklin. Bazelak will be good, but he won't be versatile, so sometimes you are going to see Tyler Macon for part of the play-book who won't reach his potential till about the middle of his second year or 2022. It's popular to go all Kuligowski and let the defensive line run a complete circle around the quarterback but the fact is every time you do that you give the opponent's offense more space and sometimes more time, and always a better look, to exploit in the scoring direction. Auburn 59, Missouri 42 You can only work on turnovers when the risk of advancing the ball is controlled. Recruiting is going in the right direction as fast as it can with a 5-5 record (faster actually We don't have a real offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator yet. Drinkwitz will get there in a couple more years. But it should not be that hard to hire a slam the door DC. Why the feet dragging here, we need that way more than a second indoor football field. 6 things: A fullback, even if you have to give a lineman the ball sometimes A playbook where the quarterbacks fakes throw the ball and then goes ground game or other way passing An option game that doesn't say option before the ball is snapped A defense that can go man to man when it has to A receiver coach who can teach at least a dozen ways to get open quick A tackling coach
Also Tiger fans, just in case there is anybody left sleeping.... The Missouri Tiger Wrestling team is not just beating top 20 and top 10 programs, they are winning by big scores. I've seen them come out of the chute hot the last 5 years but this year is the news story you don't want to miss in the making. Their Olympic Gold Medal was awesome but this year we have a roster where multiple stars could mature into world beaters. I personally can't remember any Missouri athletic team this well coached or this packed with stars. They just beat #10 in the nation Iowa State at Iowa State 31-7, and that was the same day they beat #20 Northern Iowa 34-6. #11 Arizona State I'd call lucky to have an excuse to not show up in Ames, IA, and I'm not kidding.
Ha Ha, Tennessee was Nauga-hyde nebraska (for a day) way back when records were kept on stone tablets. Florida has to play at Missouri next year and the SEC hasn't seen a Missouri crowd like Florida is going to have to play in front of next year. Missouri is one solid hire away from breaking into the top 10 or higher next year.
The recent stink only measures the bad characters.... everyone already knew were at the foundation of the problem. Pruitt was the opposite of them. Pruitt is the kind of coach that needs time to get established but once he gets established he will win in moderate to good fashion most years. This is going to be expensive for U. of T..
If he has only played three years... and one last year was a free year... then he has two years to play not one. If he makes that many tackles he right up there with Brothers, Garrett, and Bolton.
Geez, what a tough diagnosis to mix with football, at least in some cases. Prayers.
Scherer's name certainly should be left out of the mix. The job is like juggling too many cats. Just when you think you have all the moving parts spinning right..... a staff member, a student/athlete, a faculty member, an alum, the A.D., a recruit, a parent, a girl-friend/wife/both, a journalist, starts squeaking or meltdown. But oh those years where you get it done anyway there are few other feelings in life that can touch it.
I don't think it's a bad idea to have the quarterback call some plays, but few programs do it. An NCAA D 1 program can afford to hire a brain with experience to run the offense. Throwing the ball is the whole reason Quarterbacks are #1-single reason for the success or failure of a football program.
I'm not hearing that but Dooley is a work in progress and not the fastest progress I've ever seen. Still he might have some good work to give. He should get paid, at least move toward paying the bill.
thanks for chiming in, sincerely, and it's not Barry Odom's fault he was promoted before he was ready and to a program that Pinkel was letting slide do to some serious personal health issues and also because that new conference-pull out all the stops attitude wasn't at work like it was to build the 2013 and 2014 results
sincere prayers for success, it's my understanding that program is making progress and I hope you can help them continue that
I've coached and participated dozens of athletic activities for over 60 years, with men and women from all over the world. Football is a man's game. This doesn't make men better or worse than women. I want to see and hear a man, an intelligent man, a man with a good sense of humor, and best if he's man who has played a lot of football talking about the game. Everything else is just distracting and quality blind. TV and radio personalities work very hard at presenting their voice professionally and there is no room in the profession for those who can't achieve that quality. This does not mean everyone has to sound alike. It just means that english words have an accepted sound that make them recognizable. Just so you are sure what I'm writing here; I listened to the spanish media call the Super Bowl on television last year from my lodge in Ecuador. They sounded spanish but their presentation was 1st class and probably one of the best Super Bowl presentations I've heard.
Well he writes in his own words that Missouri is high on his list of 31, so unless you are Kevin writing under a pen-name your idea has zero credence. It seems like everyone just read that but you.
Where's that quarterback going? As for Coleman, looks like he has good hands, gets into the air well. Not sure about the physical abilities of his opponents in that league?
who are the programs in the SEC that wish they would have had Muschamp instead of who they had the last 5 years? 1.Tennessee 2. Arkansas 3. Vanderbilt ...Missouri during the Odom years.... Florida during McElwain.... aTm during Sumlin.... Kentucky about half of Stoop's years... and this is the best conference in the country. Missouri's recent linebacker fortune... Brothers, Garrett, Bolton. My personal opinion is that the defense has been promoting the 'position' for years. So maybe they need to make some tactical adjustments. I like your attitude about having the head coach busy with the other half of the game day execution. If I'm in that position I want in writing.... half the grants in aid for the D.
If you were Muschamp would you hold out for another power-five HC job or would you consider shoring up your resume by looking at Walter's numbers and saying, "Hey even if I don't recruit any better than Walters I can compile stats 30% better across the board? On the other hand Gibbs would be a longer term hire if he has the longer term statistical improvement curve and recruiting savy. I agree that having the same last name as someone else is zero to minus zero in positive results
It's good if he really needs to study somewhere else but I hope this isn't the future of NCAA football ?
It looks like he played in every game.... so he isn't flunking out of football class. On the other hand, it looks like he thinks he can get as much playing time as he wants at aTm, Oklahoma, and Southern California. And we really don't know how much playing time he wants? Could be zero? Could be 60 minutes per game? Tennessee averaged around 20 points per game this year. Maybe some Vol watcher can tell us how often they tried to run thru his hole or the hole he 'pulled' to get to? Having USC on the list is odd, that could mean a lot of none football things. Huge city, warmer weather, a lot of distractions, PAC 12 is most likely to be the first conference to cancel football altogether in 2021, they only played 6 games this year. What's his major study transcript in? Does anybody trust Oklahoma not to pay players? Fisher at aTm, they used to be a SWC member, rolling the eyes? At USC, will boosters want a signed photo of him in their store window and how much would that pay him. Does anybody else see how the California legislature tried it's best to kill amateur football and make colleges become NFL minor league teams. I'm sure not watching that product. And what happened to that NCAA rule idea where the whole association was talking about following Californi?, I hope not.
Being a head coach at a Power 5 member is not an easy juggling act to maintain. But it gets harder when you have decision makers breathing down your neck for results right now. Tennessee has been all over the chart in terms of talent and coaching skill since they been a division opponent of Missouri. Missouri finished 3rd in the SEC East this year but remember the solid game Tennessee beat Missouri with early on. Demanding fast success can work sometimes but it can also backfire and push any chance of success further out into the future. I'm ok with anybody winning the East next year except Florida or Georgia. And if every opponent in the East stepped onto the field with that attitude next year neither of them would win it.
Why doesn't the entire football world figure out how unapologetically corrupt the the lowborns are and have been for a long time. There are hundreds of good reasons why the SWC stood for Sure We're Cheatin. Oh yeah Oklahoma, Kansas, and a lot of other programs would have cheated even without the influence of the lowborns but there is such a thing as cheating sooner, worse, and uglier. The whole idea of having your conference television network be owned by one of the programs in the league is so ridiculous it makes me laugh out loud. Not playing the lowborns doesn't mean you won't play any corrupt opponents this year or next year.... it just means you'll play one less and you won't play one that comes from a history of mega-cheaters like the SWC was. Hell no, aTm shouldn't play them and aTm with Jimbo Fisher has enough of a challenge to keep clean and community minded as it is. Just stay focused on aTm winning and the right way and don't go down any dark alley just to see if there's something pretty back there.
Smart is a win the games he should win coach but not a win the games where the favorite is up for grabs. That could change. Mullen is a win games he might not be favored in coach but also a loose games he might be favored in. Drinkwitz is a get more out of his players than most other coaches could. Stoops is a keep the score low and upset higher ranked teams coach. Pruitt is a I'm not sure yet coach. Mason was a play way over his team's head and sometime way under coach. Muschamp was a win more games than he should every year coach. and that the SEC East that was up till 2020. Tune in this year for more coaching generalizations.
Kelly has been around some good programs, what has he done for them? How did he change those programs?
And considering how well TN played against Missouri early in the season. One has to wonder about injury resistant training.
Is recruiting a must improve factor compared to ?staff ?training? Etc. etc. I’m curious what Vol fans think.
It’s nuts to keep someone on scholarship that is asking for new offers. Just the opposite the program should replace him while candidates at available. He can always stay at Tennessee and pay for his own classes apartment and grocery store bill
On the orher hand Stoops has almost a decade as a power five head coach and would know Texas recruiting as thoroughly as anyone. Maybe California where a lot of recruits have to wary of the pac 10 right now
On the orher hand Stoops has almost a decade as a power five head coach and would know Texas recruiting as thoroughly as anyone. Maybe California where a lot of recruits have to wary of the pac 10 right now