20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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Paul, here's a hot tip, it's the same in every conference that fails to maintain a competitive balance. Remember Woody Hayes. Was it an accident that Joe Paterno didn't have time to care about who Sandusky was ? No sense of humor in Nebraska for 70 years and will they ruin this new hopeful.... Meanwhile Barry Switzer laughs on ESPN specials about how they blatantly cheated and the NCAA turned heads. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, let's tell the NCAA to scrutinize how all winners win and promote fair pathways for new winners. That's a model we want all through society.
"The mother of Richarson's four children". Was that by artificial insemination ? Did she have the kid's seat-belted during the demo.derby ? and who were they (and should we) be rooting for ? Yike, just yikes ? Your reproductive rights stop where your inability to be a great parent starts.
Right now Lucky Ned Pepper can cruise past your bar.b.q, post game, traffic-escape, cock.tail hour (sorry game cock fans) with 200 of his "beat the hell out of you" friends. They can burn all the trucks in your section of the parking lot. During this pillage the private security company hired to secure the parking lot is limited to asking you to provide the charcoal lighter to help the chanting thugs enjoy themselves. Of course later Rooster Cogburn, the local judge's handpicked US Marshall will go find the choir boys as they make their way home through the Winding Stair Mountains, and the repentant will buy you a new truck, while their mobile dentist RV does some DNA swabs on your daughter. My point is, of course, when you, your private security man, or anyone else limit methods available to provide peace and security, that's when the drunks and criminals have you. If we were already safe, you wouldn't be embarrassed, by the ignorant wearing your own colors, insulting the guests you enjoyed having sit next to you the whole game, and we wouldn't be seeing video of fights breaking out right here on this site, nor would drunks be driving the wrong way on your favorite footpath to the stadium. Of course I'm concerned about thugs having weapons but I'm way more concerned about the innocent not being able to protect their well planned peace and property when they leave their homes. Also University officials need to be forced to clean up their fan-gang instigators, con-artists, and vandals. Want guns to stay home?, create a security zone around your stadium where people know they will never be needed, otherwise what the legislature wants doesn't mean a hill of beans anyway.
Kentucky has the most favorable South Carolina next most....but it still 8 games in the SEC conference.
It will be interesting to see the Auburn offense compared to Missouri. Last time they met over 100 points were scored and the lead changed hands 5 times at least.
I expect him to be at football pracice every day. He has one of the all time great psychological mind sets in collegiate athletics. At least his public statements are convincing. Therefore even if he never plays a snap, it's hard to imagine him not helping the program. They need to make him a player coach and assign him to tackling and personal psychological maintainance and off he field behavior. Vinci Lombardi couldn't walk into program and have a more powerful license to recruit dedication and hard work. He upstages everyone who has not been a three-time NCAA Champ and Bronze medal winner. Coach Smith might be the only other human Columbia, MO anywhere close. Thanks for your awareness of Cox's intentions and keeping us on the watch.
Time also passes more slowly for child-like minds
Good Luck Maty Mauk. You had to endure the Henson, Washington, and out of position Hill coaching staff. Worst of all, however you had your own mind and lack of leadership blocking for you. Life is not a steady curve to success for most of us. Your determination to succeed can still have value to all your old Tiger friends, and mostly yourself. Blessings in God ear.
Lock entered the program during the worst coached offense in Missouri history. He nor his receivers nor linemen learned 10% of what they should have learned in 2015. He was a freshman on the learning curve in 2016. It remains to be seen if Andy Hill will come down off his recruiter mountain long enough to train receivers in 2017. Lock threw bullets to stop int.s and because his receivers are only barely beginning to get open. It's probable that Locks stats get 35% better in 2017. At the same time the running game will improve at an even faster rate. I'm noting that on this list, the top two yardage men were far better% and I'm just guessing that if you watch the film you will see receivers more like Missouri had it's first 3 years in the SEC.
Only two people on this list have Star power, Saban over.all. and Caliperi for recruiting only. The late TN women's basketball coach is another. Butch Jones is not even close but one could imagine him getting there someday. Surely the Florida Swiming coaches can't be far from having a little star power. The Missouri wrestling coach Smith just voted National Coach of the Year for finishing 5th in the nation, that's star power.
Only two people on this list have Star power, Saban over.all. and Caliperi for recruiting only. The late TN women's basketball coach is another. Butch Jones is not even close but one could imagine him getting there someday. Surely the Florida Swiming coaches can't be far from havin ps a little star power. The Missouri wrestling coach Smith just voted National coach of the Year
When you play in the top conference in the nation, everyone is going to shut everyone else out and score 60 every Saturday. I just wanted to illustrate how stupid it is to think this way. It makes more sense to wonder how much difference will there will be between the top offense and 14th offense, or between the top defense and 14th defense but that still not as good as wondering how many bowl games the SEC will get invited to and WIN. Last years .500 bowl record by both the East and West is positive because so many got invited but even considering that we would like to see it improve and include a National Championship. As for Missouri, Odom will put a defense on the field that works great in most games. He has some new faces but they are somewhat experience faces and they will be effective. It remains to be seen if Cross can and what Cross can contribute, but welcome to the real world of hiring assistant coaches and figuring out where their strengths are. There are a lot of job descriptions in NCAA football defenses.
First and foremost it was a failure and loss for every state that a war broke out for any reason or set of reasons. Is was a horrible loss of life, standards of life, health, wealth, and property, saying the least. Even those who begged to remain neutral were robbed and sometimes of every thing they had, including their lives. Some of the positions each side had were indefensible. Fast forward 150 years. Today all states have some practices we could easily go to war over again ie. abortion, capital punishment, tax laws, harboring illegal aliens, irreversible pollution, run-a-way population, health care. No matter how bad any one of these political positions might be it doesn't may war the solution, nor does the position or war erase symbols that stood for all the best and worst positions a society or region supported yesterday or today. The flag might be flown by an individual or by a State. Just let it fly. Inquire about it if you wish. Debate the politics, if any, peacefully and respectfully. Celebrate diversity whenever we can. Including our diverse history. Right now we have a Native American Nation telling us not to take their property or to pollute a river important to our whole Nation. The Federal government is declaring war again and shooting off arms of sovern people, what have we learned? We learn, once again, to use deadly force, against a sovern state, nation, and individual whose voice we promised to listen to in 1776.
Also Coach Smith was just named 2017 National Coach of the Year. And Missouri is already assured of finishing very high in the tournament having 5 make the Quarter-finals and 3 in the Finals.
Good story subject, thanks. Missouri Wrestling competes in the Mid America Conference, since withdrawing all sports from the big 12-4+2. Unexpected consequences, the wrestling program was on the rise in the big 12, and the move to the MAC didn't slow that momentum down in any way. Missouri won the National Duals in 2016. Ben Askeren might have one of the all-time most Pins records. And J.Den Cox has three national titles and an Olympic Bronze Medal. It looks like Missouri will stay near the top of the rankings for a long time. Better than all that, a Mizzou wrestling match at the Hearnes Center or Jessie Hall is just pure fight excitement. It Ok if the SEC doesn't wrestle because the Missouri schedule is really geared to get the team ready for the National Tournament anyway and that has been held in St. Louis, Missouri for a while now.
Omg, Notre Dame is the most demotion delayed program in the history of sports. They haven't had a decent coach in almost half a century. No we are not more interested in this game than any average non.con. contest and that ain't sayin much. Is the writer aware that the Texas Lowborns are suffering under the reign of the worst AD and Head coach combo in the history of the program. The Dodds.dunderhead have your TV channel bribe conference votes manure has yet to reach it's stink peak.... Seriously we are just one pissed of Kansas State, or T. Boone Pickens away from that league reforming without Texas in it. UCLA ? Oregon ? Have you looked at these schedules, records in the last half decade ? Some, not all ... Of the other games could possibly yield an interesting contest.
Ok it's St.Patrick's Day ?
Don't change your handle, if I'm wrong I'll be happy to blog back and admit it.
I was hoping Kim Anderson would come up on this blog. He did not do a great job of anything but he wasn't the person who hired Frank Haith the no institutional control king. He should get 5 years just for following Haith.
I was hoping Kim Anderson would come up on this blog. He did not do a great job of anything but he wasn't the person who hired Frank Haith the no institutional control king. He had his recruiting and post season play crippled for 2 years by SELF IMPOSSED penalties. Then they fire him in the one year he should have and did make progress. Low class, and low rent, and intelligence. Clean house on the board that is making these choices. Odom needs show what he is made this year because this board failed to get proven head coaches that Texas and Iowa State got, just two examples.