20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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let me help you, IF Clemson showed up this year with a clean program, and that is a big "If" after the got away with no punishment last year, then one team gets an unfair black eye by association with this in-our-face assault on football for college men. 99% of these players in 5 divisions, will make an honest ethical living doing something other than playing football after they graduate. Those men deserve better than to be represented by this manure.
enjoy your last birthday before you have to start attending kindergarten
It's a pretty good example, among so many, of why LSU and it's culture can't represent the SEC conference. If Greg Sankey doesn't have steam shooting out of both ears about this, If the NCAA isn't already planning their next sting. Then we should all be giving up on amateur college football and just skipping it to watch NFL on Sundays. By the way the NFL loved this Beckham incident because for them it certifies, that all college football can be summed up in the phrase "pro football wanna-bes". What a sad statement because college football is so much more than the NFL could EVER hope to be IF WE HANG ON TO AMATEURISM AND GUARD IT WITH EVERY GAME WE CHOOSE TO ATTEND. Clean it up, get the bad boys out of spotlight before they can permanently stink up the neighborhood. Always has been the fight for college fans, probably always will be. And by the way, as much as i hated the sabotage job by the tutor at Missouri, that is what will keep me buying tickets, because i continue to know, they are willing to sacrifice a lot to protect their culture, institution, conference, and "amateur college game". Heaven save us from the stink-hole found all over the world in screwed-up sports where they just can't keep the dividing line of amateur competition clean and the lazy idea that somebody else will do it if we don't, is the excuse for being low class.
Can't punish Missouri for firing the tutor and kicking every cheater out of school, while letting this bull-hockey happen on TV.
If he handed out cash to players, LSU is ineligible for post-season competition in 2020/21. They should lose a significant number or scholarships, and lose visits .... just like Missouri who was also attacked by a person, not on the staff and not on the team. Needless to say any player that keeps the cash has to move to California and give away all their photos, shoes, and t-shirts.
No, and he didn't beat LSU, and he didn't even do better than half the SEC members, or even better than 4/10ths of the Big 12.
How he got these jobs?, with his experience...... Some of us have been close enough to this kind of story to have intuition about it. He never has any trouble with the people like me notion, I'll say that. Just my opinion, I would say it even more realistically, "I had two good years and one not so good year in my last job". "Now I want to prove I can have three good years, and build on that". One example among many different ones, nobody liked their new head coach more than people liked Barry Odom, but that didn't make him a sponge of great coaching practices in his previous jobs.
Burrow knows his receivers, that's why he appeared to improve so much. LSU's receivers are highly under-credited. I'm not sure Burrow's talent translates to the NFL, but smart and accurate work wonders in a lot of situations. We will see soon I think, because he probably will get drafted by somebody who has the line ready for a young starter.
LSU safety got away with a late hit, but earlier a Clemson player got away with a blatant hold on a big gain. I'd have to watch the whole game. I went home at half time, I could see LSU was going to prevail, mostly on the brains of the OC and the DC. I'm not sure what Orgeron does besides sound a little bayou. If i'm a ref and I know Clemson has a trophy-on-PEDs, they're not getting any breaks, ever, and i don't know how they would get out of league play. (oh yeah, ACC, bring your a-game. Question is, how soft did Alabama play them last year?, because, if you compare LSU's scores from regular season, It looks like more than half the SEC would have beaten Clemson, and four teams in the Big 12. Bottom line, LSU got the job done and with a margin, credit due and given.
Look at LSU SEC opponent scores, Clemson wouldn't be an average team in the SEC
Ahhh...42 to 25, where's that crushing score you are writing about. Here's what we can say about it, THIS SEASON......... Vanderbilt scored 38 against LSU Arkansas scored 20 against LSU Alabama scored 41 against LSU Mississippi scored 37 against LSU Auburn score 20 against LSU Florida scored 28 against LSU and the points they allowed LSU to score were not all that different either. Clemson probably wouldn't be an average team in the SEC. Now I don't want to hear anymore Dabo Clemson worship out of the media, it's bs
Or a college could just write this policy: We test everyone before they step on the practice field for the first time. (see how that creates a safeguard to the University, the Coaches, and the roster? If you fail the very first drug test you are history. You are dismissed from the University for attempting to corrupt a program of healthy student athletes. After that you test everyone who breaks a curfew, that gets all student athletes home studying or in bed by 10pm every night. Fail the test, you are history. You're participating in a college athletic season. You don't have time to do anything besides study, play football, and sleep. Except on Sunday when you can have a date during the day after church. The team also has random drug tests where the players themselves pick names out hopper they themselves put their names into. If you fail the drug test at any time during the season, you are history. Your scholarship goes to a walk-on and you are dismissed from the University for breaking your promise to fully participate in the football program. Any thing short of this is unfair to the players who sacrificed to participate fully. Now stop making us read stories about the University of Miami, it's like fingernails on the chalkboard.
and LSU might as well be playing in the PED pharmacy, clear the air and give your last box of medals back like a man with character would after those drug tests. What kind of NCAA turns their head lets this go. As far as I'm concerned the game should be played in a neutral place and Clemson sure as heck shouldn't be eligible to play in it.
one of the truly most meaningless statistics ever invented = record against top 25 programs. Leach is 139-90 as an NCAA division 1 fbs coach. He coached in the Pac 12 and the Big 12. No comparison to coaching 1 year in the NFL ( getting your head handed to you), or coaching 1 .500 year at TN, then 3 years in the CUSA. Leach is not a super-man among his peers, but Kiffin hasn't done much coaching yet,... unless i'm wrong about the talent he had access in Owl-land. His most recent move is not a sign of newly discovered maturity and wisdom.
Weird hire by a head coach who isn't exactly well established in great management decisions.
The quarterbacks in the SEC have improved quite a bit since Richt coached here. Oklahoma struggled some with Hurts. Did Missouri's receivers get a little worse when Bryant showed up?, no. Pass defenses get better when they practice every year against well coached passing attacks. Evolution happens. Don't expect the Wake Forest quarterback to shock anyone in this league next September. One thing for sure, it's going to be better than a 9-6 game. And Fromm was good enough. Even Mississippi's two quarterback system embarrassed good defenses at times.
I predict the game will actually never happen because that's what bowl season has become and because it's so much better to read about sportswriters wearing those eastern religion cloud shaped hats moaning and chanting imaginary scores. And just think of the fun we could have if it never got played and Vegas would have to give all that money back. That would worth never playing the game and then some.
Kiffin is still a work in progress, Leach is a work in unprogress. Both are a piece of work. Both are like-able. Both have some coaching ability. The SEC is a coach eating machine. Eat or be eaten, you get paid were either way.
I'm just going to ask readers to think of a number. How many NCAA Div. 1 FBS programs will get at least one 4 star running back in their 2019 class? Of that number how many will have a history of using and promoting that running back in their playbook? I'm a Missouri fan so when i ask this question, the players I think of are Rountree, Badie, Josey, Murphy, etc. So what are your fan-program running back cradle ideas?.... relative to a prospect like this?
What's interesting about this requires reading between the lines some. One can argue that Sam Pittman is a little under-experienced, while his hire Barry Odom is not quite as under-experienced. Let's leave that pregnant paragraph and consider Arkansas's interest in Missouri's 2020 recruiting class. Is it desperate to lasso those less than 5 star players?, or is it just hope that some future of Arkansas will be players trained in Missouri high schools? If i'm bailing out of a chance to play for an SEC division winner, for a chance to play at a bigger challenge in the SEC, what's my motivation? Here's the best place to remember that a lot of people, Coach Drink included, don't think, Missouri is a rebuild. Does beating South Carolina, West Virginia, Mississippi, and maybe even Arkansas themselves support that idea any? Drink might be looking at the video of Missouri 2019 season, 2nd half, and seeing less mystery than the fans. How does this play-in, Barry Odom's almost eastern religion-like laser focus on personal relationships with players, something he justifies based on Larry Smith's coaching tree. Larry Smith's coaching record is mixed. Smith made progress in two programs, Tulane and Arizona..... but slid backwards at USC and Missouri. I'm leaving Pittman un-patronized here so we should note that he has experience at a program that has rejuvenated itself in college football's best, but not only good league. How important is his experience as an OL coach? No, I didn't write Offensive Coordinator!, get my point? Are both Missouri and Arkansas getting the moving parts they need to have a machine that can function in the SEC? We just have to wait. I think the hires Drink made are workable so we will see if he is a personnel manager. Maybe with Pittman we will see if Smart is a better model than Smith? If Pittman uses anything out of the Smart plan at all.
Welcome to the Zou. Missouri should always have some very good OL recruits. With your successful record, most recruits should be interested in hearing how you are going to make them successful at Missouri.
Do stories get any weirder than this. Inquiring minds want to know who put his finger in the chair? and who did the folding of the chair? Did the University of Georgia design the chair? Somewhere in here is a person who used a chair dangerously or directed someone to use a chair dangerously. Next we might see a story where someone in Atlanta is suing Coca Cola because the logo was painted on a lightweight plastic chair that collapsed with a 300 pound football dad had his wife sit on his lap during a tail-gate party.
Football needs colorful coaches. If they can coach it's even better.
Once a program achieves that 80% win rate for more than a half decade it's time for them to move to a better league. Ohio State, Alabama, and Oklahoma should have formed a league of their own a long time ago. Games that are out of reach in the 1st and 2nd quarter are boring and bad for college football as a spectator sport and it's just a matter of time before somebody at the bank figures that out. If the Pac hadn't changed a couple decades back, those grandstands would be ghost towns and it still may take that league another couple decades of real contests to get back to their real potential.
Cuonzo, omg, please, become a figure-head and just hire a coach for offense, a coach for defense, A SHOOTING COACH, and a dead ball play coach, AND FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE A TRAINER WHO CAN TELL YOU WHAT DIET TO HAVE THE MEN ON AND HOW MUCH WORK THEY CAN DO ON THE HARDWOOD. This happens to players who try to play too much of the game for their team-mates, and bone building molecules are leaving their bones faster than the get laid back down. If you keep him on the court the condition can become a kind of broken leg that not easy to heal. NBA chance killer.
Come on guys, Kuligowski was good ONLY at teaching the TECHNIQUE of pressuring a quarterback (this means, what do your feet, legs, hips, torso, and arms do from snap to whistle? Steckel wasn't good at anything. Here is the scheme they used to cover each other's (i'll be kind) not so great results: Steckel did everything possible to keep the ball in front of his non-pass-rushing players. There is a lot more to good defense than keeping the ball in front of your players and it's my opinion he wasn't very good at any of it. but how skillful was he at the former?, ans. not very. A fair amount of the time he let the opponents march up and down the field. Your graduate assisstants can go this. Steckel's default system = When in doubt that your safeties will get out-numbered sacrifice corners and linebackers. When in doubt that your corners will get out-numbered sacrifice linebackers, and when in doubt your line backers will get out numbered you have no option because Kuligowski was seldom willing to let a pass rusher hang back. And Steckel was almost always in doubt about all these possibilities. So why did Steckel fail in a lesser coaching genius required program. It wouldn't shock me if he couldn't even recruit 75% of his roster in defenders and still fail to put a decent defense on the field. The game we saw them play at Missouri a few years ago showed he was doing ok early on with the OC he had. Honestly I didn't keep track of how his offense did as the seasons went by. Let's check Wikipedia on this. This is why Missouri was not the 2013 NCAA National Champion.
Looking at Oklahoma's season scores, one has to wonder how many ref flags it took to get them thru the season on top. Can I get a witness from somebody in the at Baylor, TCU, Texas, or Oklahoma State.
Not so fast, story inventer, nobody working for the Univ. of Missouri, said "bowl games are ok" to replace Pinkel's 5 division championships in less than a decade. You can argue the Athletic Director, or board did that by default when they hired the all-talk, zero-experience head coach in Odom? Several million Missourians holding positions due to their own experience as successful managers were slapping their knees that day.