20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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My point is the same. Anyone who thinks the West has some advantage this year, at this point, is living in some alternate reality.
Nobody with a brain thought he was going to play, after noting the rule specifically addresses the trick his parents were trying to pull.
You just can't stand around watching your offense team-mates turn a 5 yard gain into a 2 yard gain, then into a 2 yard loss, and then into a 10 yard loss. You'd be better off running a quarterback sneak followed by a jet sweep, followed by any other quick hitter, followed by a tackle eligible, followed by a jump ball to your tallest receiver. If the blockers and receivers are not making/exploiting holes in the defense it time to get someone on the field who is at least 'quick' enough to do so. It will never happen watching Robinson be the second coming of Bryant. Remember that I keep saying this Bazelak knows where his open receivers are going to be before the snap happens. Huge difference in passing success will result.
one more thing, your ratings were mixed between kinda right and dead wrong.
Adam, this is a good summary, maybe one of your best so far. Please let me spoil this praise a little however, by emphasizing that Tennessee will be difficult for Missouri to put away for many of the same reason's Alabama was difficult. No not the ones the media will bring up. At least one is so simple the media won't be able to see it or say it. Here's a hint, it has little to do with skill, or tactics, or psychological preparedness.
Why is he starting with correcting mistakes?, because there is nowhere else to start. You can't name any positive result that doesn't happen due to eliminating the negative and then building the positive. Don't assume that negative behaviors will stay level if you leave them alone, either. I saw plays where one-third of the team was lined up a foot to a yard too far from the line of scrimmage. Nuts. Drinkwitz has some staff improvements to make. He still has way to many staff that are either not working hard enough or don't know how to teach yet. This was the Dooley offense problem in 2019, no teachers, and slow teachers. And this was the Walter's problem in 2019, (and don't try to tell me Walters is some kind of over-achiever, because he is far from it. Drink is right-on. Start replacing average staff now and stop playing slow learners now
So in one week Missouri went from the bottom of the SEC to having the same point spread against Alabama as highly ranked aTm. Take off. Auburn was better than Georgia in game 1 Vanderbilt might beat LSU Missouri v Tennessee is a closer game
Didn't like Walter's or Drinkwitz's product yet, even adjusted for the Alabama comparison. I think they both have a fair chance to improve and the Tennessee game upcoming will be a good look at such an improvement attempt. It should be clear to everyone that the SEC is going to be a free for all and maybe even Alabama won't come through it cleanly.
and regarding quarter-backs, average, for the point i'm trying to make here, means roughly 50% of a team's weekly play's run can rely on the execution of the somebody other than the quarterback to provide the skill that makes the play gain the yardage that takes them to .500 in the league. So while not an easy summary to prove, Your own examples show, the concept is fairly within reach. Again, good question.
Average means I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to sum Barry Odom's work. Good question. I leave it to you form your own opinion.
Important to note in the first week of SEC v SEC play. The East and West are tied in wins but the East has about a 17 point score advantage in their wins. So not a big difference one way or the other. Unless a fan is still clinging to the long dispelled idea that the West has some kind of clout.
Missouri has a linebacker not plural. Yes the edge is an always an issue but you need a complete sentence in every comment. Busts up front? meaning the O-line failed or the D-line failed, get us in the ball-park? I think you watched too many games yesterday. Missouri's receivers didn't break smart. The quarterback missed targets. The receivers didn't catch easy ball or hard balls. In some ways I'm surprised that Missouri got as ready as they did but in other ways I'm scratching my head over how many bullets they shot in their own feet. The University needs to get out of Drinkwitz's way and let him coach and all the distractions have to go away. How hard can it be to accept a scholarship and then follow up by staying out of close contact with the non-football infected public, this is softness, it reeks of Pinkel and Odom... who are gone... I thought. This scholarship is a 6 figure value even if you never get a job. Who is going to change the way we train police? Elected officials. Save your energy for the day you vote and don't waste valuable practice time and day marching around. The Missouri rosted did not get ready because of their attitudes and all the soft coaches Drinkwitz left on the staff. We see through this manure.
Exactly, and all the moaning by the team that lost is just wasted energy. Muschamp put his confidence in his defense, and gave them a tough assignment.
Tony, you fade in and out of consciousness. Get a prescription.
You sound like your wishing that,.... because you're the kind of low-life who wishes that.
Perfect record of conference championships and finishing in the top 20 nationally every year slipped past your intellect. Shocking.
So when you slobber, now we're supposed to think you punched something. Ok, wink.
@TSchlarp and comments, Coaching has to start somewhere, inheriting a program and system at Appalachian State is a challenge to keep on track and evolve.... But moving to the SEC and inheriting an average recruiting roster from Odom is a more complete assignment. Imagine how Drink, and Kiffin, and Leach, and Pittman had to do this under the restrictions imposed by C-19 protocol. Who looked the best? Leach did. And that's exactly what we should have expected based on Leach having much deeper experience as a head coach. To some comments here as shade from simple-minded toothlessness (bacon, jones, and 342), you are what you are and a public comment venue only makes your small mind show up better. @ Missouri fans, Drink has a pure thrower and a mobile athlete at QB, both are better than average in the SEC so neither should stop Missouri from finishing high in the league standings. On the other hand Drink inherited two lines in need of development. I hoped they would have come along more since Drink was hired but it's an odd year for development. More on comments: Any line coach COULD learn and develop effective techniques and tactics? Robinson is not fast enough to use his running as a major weapon (ie. Plumlee). The way to make Robinson effective is not to make him or let him try to play too much of the game for the rest of the team. Penalties are not the only way new coaching staffs come up short on make-able putts against decent staff like AL. Yes on Rakestraw.
and I'd like to know why that comment needs SDS moderation?
You are at least partly right here. Kiffin's attitude 'sometimes' seems to be moving in the right direction. But I don't think his work at FAU outweighs the rest of his career. I'm holding back judgement but my expectations are that he will have an average career learning curve, where that takes him depends on the expectations of those who hire and fire. I disagree that he has "arrived" and I don't expect a lot of programs to be hunting for him, at this point in his career anyway.
Orgeron has been around, that can be good for knowing what happened. Maybe if we compare that to a coach who knows what he wants to happen knows he can get it out of this years roster, then we know how to think about these comments. We'll see if coach O gets a do-able plan together next week.
What the Drinkwitz coaching staff needs to get ready is a passing game where Bazelak already knows where his receivers are going to be open before the snap. This is possible with the head, vision, and receiving talent on this roster. Robinson is sturdy, that's worth something, but up to now it's not worth getting as many snaps as he got last night. A team doesn't have to have the same quarterback in the game all the time any more than they need to have the same linemen or backs. If a coaching staff wants a Robinson in the game reading something then they better have an attacking roster that can shake the defense up and write the story he's supposed to be reading, and that's not happening yet and hasn't gotten any closer to happening for way too long. It didn't happen anywhere close to enough with Kelly Bryant and his storybook writing and reading offense last year either.
Was Herbie trying to say that anybody was trying to sell South Carolina as a big clear favorite, cause I never heard it?
I don't know much about their staffs but I like Pruitt and Muschamp both. I'm not saying they have the ceiling that either fan base wants, just saying they do some good things with the talent they have now. We'll see how far they can bring their programs in this better competition 2020 season.
There is can only one explanation for the media's kissing up to Fisher, because nobody can even find that one. aTm has a respectable program over a lot of their history. While there has been some history, for example the Mike Sherman days, where aTm was under-rated, most times it the opposite because the media seems to want to promote them before they prove anything. They just had a close game with Vandy because Vandy is better than the media wants to examine and figure, combined with false promotion of the Fischer aTm again this year.
I'm waiting for logic here. You're saying Stoops had Pinkel's talent at some point and did more,... when was that Einstein?
Right now, the voting news media says, any and all of those four teams would need to come closer than 19 points to Alabama to have a better relative chance of beating the top "ranked" team in an imagined SEC Championship game. It's Show-me season. So all these relative scores count now.