20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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If you beat them with your recruits... why would you want their recruits ? Dumb and classless at the same time.
It's about having bad seniors, bad juniors, bad sophomores, and freshmen who didn't have offers at better schools for good reasons.
Much respect for the Arkansas athletic tradition but, no, not even Hog-Heaven will get Campbell to leave Iowa State, or Rhule to leave Baylor, I doubt that Leach would consider Ark. an opportunity right now either. It's not that money quit talking, it's the way they hire from the hip and fire with even less class. Step back and look at this, Bret. B. gets fired on the field after the game.... and as bad as Morris's results were, they hired him, so unless he commits a crime two years is even a questionable tenure. You might think about taking some scholarhips away and see how that works?
It's news worthy that a head football coach uses that language in a locker room..... but it's not positive news. ?Want some choices?, undefeated Northwest Missouri State versus undefeated U. of Central Missouri next weekend in Maryville, about the same skills, probably not crowning a D-2 national champion that tests positive for Ostarine, the stadium is full, the tickets are about $10 bucks, and the parking lot is a three minute walk from the gate. Before Odom, Dooley, and Walters will win the SEC next year (or if ever), i'm way more concerned that they obey the spirit of the rules, learn to prevent injuries, and perfect the concept of being positive leaders to young men. I know some fans hoped we would get southern manners and ethics vs. manipulated TV money for a couple of institutions when we punted the Big 12. Do your job SEC and officials on campus, clean that behavior up. Embarrassing for football fans In Louisiana (or Missouri), and everywhere leaders do that, pass out banned drugs, (have race-exploiters invade campus). Clean up the great game of football and the great tradition of higher education. Let people who like that behavior gamble on fixed fake fights, or fight each other in the alley behind their favorite dirty bar-room. Orgeron ? Fiery no that's not what defines fire or passion. Foul and low class ? yes. Georgia is making an attempt to show some leadership on this. Alabama under Saban certainly didn't get a F on this. But if Missouri should get post-season ban, 5% reduced scholarships, and 3 year probation for catching not catching a cheater before she cheated, that would be almost impossible . What should LSU get for having a head coach embarrass all of college football with that language? And Clemson, nothing, rewarded with the biggest trophy ? are you kidding me ?
1. Georgia's defense was good tonight but don't think that Dooley and Odom and Powell presented anything special compared to Missouri's inept performance against Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Actually considering those, Georgia should spank themselves for allowing as many yards as the did against Missouri. n o t k i d d i n g h e r e. 2. Write this down, we just saw Missouri's starting quarterback for 2020 and maybe for the rest of this year. Bazelak showed quickness, touch, cool-headedness, accuracy, toughness, and that he is better than Bryant and Powell already.
jumpin tiger front paws..... did we just see a freshman quarterback with zero experience out-play Kelly Bryant and junior Taylor Powell !!!!!!!!!!! yes we did.
We will know in a few hours if Missouri is healthy again.
Among the many things that Missouri has been inconsistent with, yes run defense, But I think Odom with make Georgia look for yards in the air. And I think Georgia will get yards in the air. Odom's linebacker roles are out-dated. Now what happens if Fromm makes some mistakes, or Missouri gets some historically strong pressure? (they been watching the 13 and 14 Tiger films for 6 and 5 years now. It could go south for Georgia. I mean Georgia could be south of Missouri when the last second ticks off. That was the decider in the first Odom v Smart face off.
I think Missouri has to hold Georgia to 21 and Missouri could have scored 42 their first month of the season, would have scored 10 their second month of the season, what the heck month is this going to be? In order for Missouri to win they need all but about two of their starters to play at least B+ games, and Cale Garrett is not going to do, that but the other 22 could step up and play B+ to A+. Georgia is over-rated. Missouri is inconsistent and their coaching staff has trouble having a solid 3 month plan. Who wins? I think it's a squeaker tomorrow night.
Chase Daniel has been worth every pile of cash ever laid at his feet. Nobody has made him work it off yet. And oh man is he capable of working it off. This is an accuracy thing. He's got it. Give him a playbook where his receivers can get a half step in any direction and Daniels wins the game. Same with Lock. Franklin wasn't quite as dependent on accuracy but he had his share of it. Smith was so athletic, who cared about his healthy share of completions. Gabbert is like the guy who could impersonate all the great Tiger quarterbacks believably. Bryant just needs the right play-book and play caller. Dooley has been inconsistent, at best, with Bryant's and supporting assignments. Waste of tremendous talent. Hate to say it but Dooley has to go back to school somewhere. Before another Tiger season comes around. Odom is c l u e l e s s about the attack he needs to use. I mean out to lunch.
Georgia isn't nearly as unbeatable as the media wants you to think. Neither is loose-e-anna. Alabama is a stumble from grace walking. Who wants to have fun? That's what it comes down to. First team that wants to stand on the medal stand gets the spotlight. To me, it looks like the Tigers are already legends in their own dorms, question is, can they shift back into football-men mode. I blame this squarely on Odom. The softness just drowns out his capabilities every year at one time or another. This is Pinkel time however, and even Pinkel was semi tough in November.
i don't think individual Tiger players will stand out against anyone. Garrett was becoming that key when he got hurt but this is just not that kind of team. For every player you can circle in the program there are one or two others that just don't get the media attention. They don't notice they're even in the game,... well until a Downing does what he did against Mississippi. Maybe Georgia will have an individual take over this game. Last year's Georgia at Missouri and 2016 was closer than the media wants to remember. This game is just another who shows up ready to play the hardest/fastest/longest. Nothing new between Missouri and Georgia in 2019. Who ever wins it needs to get themselves ready to show the west lovin media how sick we are of hearing about Alabama, LSU, and Auburn, aTm, and Miss State until a couple of them made it impossible to inflate their fortunes. Go SEC East, go Missouri, and if Georgia wins, fine I can root for the Dawgs, but let's get some unbiased officiating in this game for heaven's, that stink job last year was embarrassing for the League.
Get your entire depth chart trained. Examine your position coaching staff and set goals. Never promise anyone playing time. When you have a game like Wyoming or Mississippi, don't assume you have everything fixed because you win the next that game or the next game. If you are an inexperienced head coach, like Odom, have your game prep. plan reviewed by experienced coaches by noon on Sunday. Then meet with your position coaches before 3pm. Review their practice plans by 6pm and make changes. Nobody goes to bed Sunday night without knowing what Monday, Tues., Wed. are going to look like. Thurs and Fri. fix things that didn't take, M,T,W. There is a leadership and immaturity issue going on here. Mature players and experienced coaches don't get extremely outplayed when they have a chance to have the season of a lifetime. It's likely that the big men on campus are engaging in some big self-destructive celebrations of themselves. Call in the leaders for each position group and find out who is staying up late, in places they should be, doing things they shouldn't be doing.
You can see the problems. McCann rushes the holder. And the holder isn't getting his hands off the ball. Look at the line. Make sure the snapper is 'predictable' and accurate. Then get McCann's timing slowed down, if still needed. Examine what the holder is doing without the kicker following thru. ( if the snapper can't put the ball in about half of a bushel basket, nobody is going get the ball thru the uprights.) This from a retired kicker and kicking coach. The holder has to want that job and be vocal.
Missouri has a two game better record than South Carolina, (oh and they beat South Carolina). Lol, (oops can't use that because d.a. uses it). But I can say, ha, ha, Missouri's pitcher is a world champ, and that's as perfect as baseball gets.
There are no coaches that need to be replaced in the SEC. That may be boring but it's just the way it is. Sit on your pitch fork for a few years.
Mississippi not over-rated, Auburn way over-rated all year long.
If we knew the reason for Missouri's recent half defense and 10% of it attack we might already know the outcome. But since we don't really know, the Missouri/Florida game has to remain another unknown result. It sure would be worse for the gators if they were the ones having the recent mystery results. I don't want to take any credit away from Vandy and Kentucky however. They played and were coached well. Here's one thing we do know, most of the Missouri roster is still healthy physically so both Dooley and Walters might get rolling again.
Did you hear that sound ?, that was the sound of people not buying tickets to watch SEC football, Missouri Tiger Football, and NCAA bowl games. Oh well, wrestling is the next tough man up. I won't even notice ncaa D-1 football is gone, and if i ever need a reminder there is D-2 Northwest Missouri, Truman State, and U of Central Missouri. Enjoy the long dark night of empty 90 million dollar stadium suites and your kitty cat dressing rooms, there won't be any need for you to come out of. What's the next sound ? Laughter at 18 year old boys asking for autographs.
Is this going to be the Kansas Missouri rivalry after the J-Chickens get permanently banned from conference championships and post-season play. Why would anybody buy a ticket to see coaches who can't coach or unapologetic cheaters. Your not getting a nickel from my pocket or a minute of my time. Okay bring I'm ready for the Top 5 ranked NCAA wrestling now, the rest of you just go away and shut up.
There were a hundred ways to exploit the Vandy pass defense, and a hundred ways to run the ball. But you can't use a playbook everybody has studied for more than half the season. Clearly Ryan Walters is a better defensive coordinator when he is not trying to make camera appearances on the sidelines doing hand dances. Get back upstairs where you can see and do your jobs.
Two things, Vanderbilt has had some good coaches on it's staff and currently has a good staff. When a coaching staff has it's back against the wall and the roster rallies to come to their defense, it's a bad week to have to play that team.... unless your team really has winning the league in it's heart.
Why doesn't the media and the league office know this, you've told them every day since 2011. It's tough to feel more insignificant every day for 8 years ( but imagine what it's like to only have bt 's tiny pen cil ).
I want to see the holder put the ball down and get the hands off it and the line hold so that Missouri can hit every 1 point attempt. I want to see a Walter's shut-out I want to see an injury free game I want to see both team's challenge each other enough to improve I want to see everything that the Mason staff brings because they really challenged Missouri last year. I want to see the press not go over-board on Mason's 2019 Vanderbilt because he has turned out some excellent teams and has earned better treatment from the immature and senile media. I want to see receivers get open and Bryant continue to go thru the progression and make the best decisions. His ability to do this is growing and is under-appreciated, as is his ability to bust out of pass mode and just run. I want even better secondary technique by Missouri.
It's just careless, dumb, and dismissive to look at South Carolina's scores and think they can't win any more SEC games, that's what happened to SEC fans and Georgia-heads last weekend. Yes I know Georgia was intercepted 3 times, guess what, South Carolina earned those turnovers. Are some fumbles and interceptions gifts, yeah, but that still means the gift givers are not as win worthy as fans think.
We can make a case that he is the best quarterback in the SEC because he has a balance of tactical abilities. That might be harder on a defense that being the best passer or the best running quarterback either one. In fact I'm sure it is if the coaching staff is smart enough to play-book it. Next I want to see him receive a pass and run, then next receive a pass and pass. Remember the double pass that sealed Georgia fate against Missouri.
no, i just haven't watched him enough to guess where he should be in any list. Notice I didn't assign a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to those names. I'm just comparing them to each other. Laughing at myself here, for once I wasn't wordy enough. Thanks for helping clear that up.
Good story Connor. Tom Herman is a true reflection of the Lowborn head-case desperately seeking anything. What a den of skunks (sorry skunks i know you didn't deserve that). Oh but I have to put an asterisk on that 14 point margin at Missouri last year. Since the official that called that good field goal bad was____well watch it again and fill in the blank and a Georgia player threw the football out of bounds before he crossed the actual 6 point line and if that's not enough Albert O's forward progress was clearly over making the fumble six actually a hold-up... do refs appear to purposely run in front of tacklers in other games? You can't make this stuff up, rewatch the game. Now I don't expect officials to be perfect, heck i was one for 30 years, and made my share of could-go-either-way and wrong under a microscope calls. But when all this happens in one game it stinks. The final straw was not that Odom's challenge to the last Missouri possession spot was unfavorable, it was the attitude of the ref over the loudspeaker system, like Missouri should be punished for thinking they could ask for it? what.t.h.i.u.w.that and lol
It's just another test by Troy to find secret weapons toward big-time football success. This one is called "Ball-istic missile tests that will stick in football officials heads"
"Final Exams" at the University of Missouri are December 9-13. The last regular season game for Missouri is November 29. "Doing your homework" to know what YOU're talking about, get and keep a good job, protect your investments of time and money, are not just a catchy phrase. Among the many things prevented are opinions that shoot out of dark and objectionable anatomical locations. It also helps if you have and can remember what it's like to take a final exam. It's not just about getting a job, Every year about 1,100 college students commit suicide and these peak as exam scores are being posted. The last football game result we should ever complain about is a bowl game, and really, myself included, we ought to guard our attitudes about all the quality of work that 17 thru 23 year old kids turn out on a football field. Because in real life, even academic life, 50% of kids are not destined to be losers, but in football they are.