20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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Odom was hired late and Pinkel wasn't bringing in super recruit classes anyway. Odom is still dealing with 4 years of attitude dinosaurs. Credit is due, but there is a reason he fit into that job description. Look at the team. 2016 was not a steady movement toward excellence. 2017 was like being a first year college head coach twice. There is a ceiling in Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory. The way to bull-doze it and replace it with a man's locker room is not with kissy talk. There has to be a year round program. You can't snap the ball in Sept. 2018 running your up tempo offense with boys that have the fitness prep of... well boys. Or a play-book that reads like a coloring book. Yes Odom made the team improve, and his final performance was just a hair better than Arkansas. Is Arkansas 2017 a lot stronger than how Missouri compared to Kentucky, and South Carolina 2017, NO, NA, NO, NO, NO. He is still Barry Odom and his team is still Barry Odom like. Yes, he can make it, but a real serious cute-ness elimination process has to happen, and it has to be replaced with more than an Elvis photo op.
What? For years he recruited and collected cheaters. NOBODY, including you, have any idea what Freeze would have looked like as the coach of a real college team. Let's keep a finger tip touching reality here. Furthermore, every football observer with common sense knew there was something wrong at Mississippi for YEARS. You're scarin me.... your childlike mind thinks that Freeze could have coached an offense recruited with the same incentives as everyone else?
1 This is college football. 2 If you are a fan or a media face and you try to worship behavior that doesn't look good around campus, then your days are numbered. 3 If you are the Downtown Athletic Club you are a walking dead zombie because of all the bad characters you have associated yourself with for decades, only tv formula block-heads haven't figured this out yet. 4 football is a team game, the whole idea of waiting all season long for individual awards is always going to smell ugly and selfish. Even coaches get sucked into this All-Conference team manure. I'm just waiting for one real man to drop a bomb on the TV boys by thanking everyone but turning it down in spotlight. What will all the cheer-leader skirts do that night?
notice how there is no inbetween on this. You either have to promote yourself as Les Miles or Josh Heupel. But then at some point in the season you are going to have to win on just scoring 25 points or on holding the opponent to 13 points. Les Miles is just out of style for a year or two.
Lock is a year of good coaching away from starting in the NFL. If I were coaching him I would concentrate on his feet. Also the receiver coaching around him is critical, and Hill made great progress with his receivers last year but like the rest of the staff, it was slow-and-sure. It just can't be so head scratching for him to know which 2-3 deliveries he will most likely have to make per play. Sure there is a tactical advantage to surprises but there has to be something standard in the NFL as well. Remember Manziel, where surprise was everything, and pretty was nothing.
and Auburn will mop up with UCF
Kentucky will win a close game. Mississippi State will kill Louisville. Missouri over Texas by several scores. aTm will kill Wake Forest. South Carolina close win over Michigan. Notre Dame will beat LSU in a close one. Georgia will pull away from Oklahoma in the second half and win by 4 scores. Clemson will beat Alabama in a close one. Georgia will soundly defeat Clemson
Georgia State High School Activities Association needs to count the score and put these two teams back on the field to finish the game from that point on.
Chase Daniel won't be surpassed for accuracy, and brains. Missouri has had dual threat's that were better and at least two long bombers that were better, but Chase Daniel was and and still is the pin-point delivery man
There has been some speculation that Missouri will go after Sterlin Gilbert or Kendal Briles, or one of several other very prolific scoring OC's. And I would say that Missouri can land a lot of these coaches with the way they have scored points in the SEC, 2013, 2014, and 2017. It's possible that Heupel could end up looking fairly average compared to the Oline, quarterbacking, receiving, and especially the running backs Missouri will have next year.
This is Odom's immature problem, not Heupel or Elarbee's. If Odom can't take his winning streak and go out to get a better OC and OL coach, he's not head coach material himself. This is a situation where Odom should be bragging to everybody in NCAA football that his staff is one of the most wanted. He has a ton of practice time to get ready for this game. Don't screw it up with a pout session.
Much ado about nothing. It's football people paying Missouri a lot of respect. Accept the praise and hire somebody better. Let people take promotions with acting butt-hurt.
Kelly, I think you really got to the bottom of this with that last factor3x
Never fear, this game is the doers against the talkers. This game is the conference that wins a lot of bowl games every year against the conference that wants to talk about the Rose Bowl for a 100 more years. As much as I love "The Proper State of Mind" (listen to that coaching icon again), there is a modern world of NCAA football and Muschamp has him team in a better state of mind, and body. Go Gamecocks
Ok, let's see Jimbo Fisher had to use criminals to succeed at Florida State, but he will do better aTm ?? no.Mullen, good coach, moves into a more crowed recruiting territory ?? noChad Morris has not won 3 Big Ten Championships ?? noAll the others even less likely,..... is it possible that all these hires will do worse than who they are following, in the NCAA's toughest conference? Yes, it's possible
Dumb enough to make me wonder how he can be a head coach. Every freaken second counts.
Home grown speed and hands, super-athlete
Terry Beckner was a stud this year, if you missed the last half of his junior year, you missed showtime. Like who you want, Missouri has him, and he's coming back for a senior year.
The ESPN 300 has enough players on it for 12 college recruiting classes but there are 130 bbs d1 programs. Most of those other 118 programs are doing fine without the stars.Why are the top college programs spending a million dollars a year on an assistant coach to train 5 star players if they are already so vastly superior to the non-5-star playersName one test that is applied to every high school football player scientifically to show who get how many stars? And there would need to be an extensive bank of verifiable testsMissouri just lead the SEC All-Conference Freshman team with one of the lowest star-rated classes. Give it up media and star raters. You have zero science behind you. Colleges are TRAINING far, far, far more than your starry eyed raters can dream up. This is simple-minded journalism for writers who can't recognize great teaching.
Star Sandbagging, works every time.
Another thing fans need to know. The Big 12 has suffered immensely from Texas financial exploitation and that will show up in every bowl game, every play. No doubt they have a better coach now than the previous coach. Where will the refs come from on this game, this is essential ? Texas should be expected to try to influence the ref choice and the NCAA needs to watch this like a hawk. Another question is about Crockett being back for this game or not? There are two weapons Missouri has grossly under used, double and triple tight end sized receivers and I'm not telling you what the other one is.
It all comes down to how many NFL quarterbacks are healthy and trade-able. Also how many CFL, quarterbacks are making progress. How many NFL quarterbacks just decide to retire. If you look at how Missouri quarterbacks are doing, Daniel is a come out, Gabbert is a come out, Franklin is a stay in, Smith is a neutral. QBU J.c.
His dad is a successful businessman, so the Locks can exercise some of their own judgement on which draft needs quarterbacks the most. Can we stall that crab boat tour of duty till about July.
no, both the offense and the defense improved at about the same rate from mid-season on.
"Just because a coach can do some things well doesn't make him the total package"Are you saying that UCF and their league is equal to the SEC.Are you saying UCF recruited Heupel to be an offense coordinatorHeupel has a lot more coaching experience than a big part of the SEC. Does this make him more likely to grow into a head coaching job ? Yes!