20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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of course after they get open they have to catch balls, get yards after catching, not fumble games away like Georgia, block effectively when they are not the target, etc., lots of room for this corp. to 'break out', including Moore
clarify, Andy Hill took back Pat Washington's coaching job, while PW moved on.
ball and tony, The question is ?what is a receiver and what is their potential? Most people agree that breakout receivers can GET OPEN in a predictable enough pathway that the quarterback can find them on time but the defense can not. Pat Washington and Andy Hill are not getting these receivers open. Who is at fault? I don't know. So a break out season would certainly be one where Moore and company get open, Tiger qbs throw appropriate speed balls accurately. Receivers catch nearly all of these well thrown speed balls. Instead of Moore ie. having to pick up all his yards after catching, In these ways all of Missouri's receivers can still have a break-out year. Not so fast however, because Heupel might be thinking this is a running year at Missouri
Missouri's goal should be to keep Crockett healthy. And that should be possible with Strong, Witter, Downing, Miller, and Roundtree. 5 of those six are sure to be ready to tote the rock at the SEC level.Lock, Lowry, and the dual threat Micah Wilson might all have a role because Lowry is a better pure pocket passer and Wilson has potential to make defenses stop 3-4 running options
Did you read my post about Missouri having 6 backs next year where I named Miller and Roundtree? A lot of people said Crockett couldn't fight his way into a starting position so quickly. Lots of people said Tyler Hunt would never earn the chance to carry the rock. Almost everybody said Henry Josey would not over-take Kendall Lawrence and the rest of the Missouri back field as a young player. Missouri created a scholarship for Dawson Downing, and he is going to put up some stats. This will start in short yardage and goal-line tactics, then expand. His team-mates are calling him a big problem for Missouri opponents THIS year. If you look at Russell Handsborough and Ish Witter and numerous other running backs Missouri has recruited over the past decade it sure looks like too much hit and miss. Granted that Josey, Lawrence, and Murphy were on the big hit side of the ledger
@lsumc, I didn't watch every one of LSU's games and you clearly didn't watch more than a couple of Missouri games. Heupel did not snap at the same pace every game or every series. His strategy was highly effective in stopping defensive pass rushes from reading a play-book set and attacking it. His pace strategy was highly effective in giving young inexperienced O-linemen the chance to learn and mature. Nobody is arguing that Missouri scored enough points in the SEC last year but you are not considering all the problems Heupel needed to solve for 2016 and for this coming season. What Heupel does this year will tell us about his long term scheme. Sorry defenses and offenses have exactly the same energy expenditures. Training for every kind of movement pattern and pace is what determines which side will get tired first. Football, even at the D-I level, is far from well coached in training the hearts and lungs. A program could easily specialize in this and over a few years win a national championship with by out training everyone who doesn't want to train for and against this. That is just one nature of the game among many more of the games' natures'
Missouri will score on Auburn like they did in 2013 but will eat up more clock doing it. McFlorida will be a contender this year but if they beat Missouri they will have to score a lot of points.
Jones could assemble another decent offense and defense in 2017. I've liked Tennessee's offense under jones and Dooley but it hasn't been better than Missouri w Franklin, Georgia w Murray, Vandy w the air-Jordan connection, or Florida w PED's.
SEC football fans not living in SC, should appreciate your summary, thanks. Clearly Dowdle and everyone who blocked for him were important contest factors in SC v MO 2016. Footballers just have to wait and see whether offense, defense, or balance will win any given contest, non-conf., SEC, or post season. No wonder we love football. On Heupel, there are many important reasons to snap quickly. There are very few reasons to snap slowly. What appears to be part of not winning games is not always so. When a defense is on the field a long time, so is the other teams offense. The question is "which team has the better training to take it for 60 minutes". Slow play does not always conserve energy or reduce every fitness requirement. Slow and fast play are different problems for different individuals fitness profiles, different position groups, and different scheme assignments. Depth means one thing if it's used over the course of a season, it means another thing if used in the same four down play-book. Defensive coordinators in the SEC are not saying "I sure hope Heupel goes fast again", because they know that programs that go fast get better at it every year and stopping it gets harder every year. Fast is also the killer of big. This is why Saban and Bielema politic for slow. South Carolina will be in the hunt for the Division title this year.
Good comments from almost everybody. Here are some factors that haven't been mentioned. Georgia's top scorer rushing and receiving I.M. was promoted. South Carolina top two backs were only able to muster 1261 yards combined last year. Of the three O-coordinators who is most likely to have a bigger year if all other factors were the same?, Josh Heupel. And what did the writer leave out ? 1. Dawson Downing 240 lb running back roster addition at Missouri. 2. Missouri returns two big talented tight ends not just one. 3. Missouri's kicking game will be the most improved in the SEC in 2017. It is the media that thinks Missouri's offensive improvement is a Lock on Lock. In reality Lock only has to improve a little bit ( fewer interceptions) and (appropriate speed of delivery when interceptions are not the risk). Finally Missouri hired Odom really late and Odom hired some coaches that held back Missouri's defense. It looks like this got fixed late in the season. So who will have the top attack, it still could be Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, or Florida but case for Missouri is even stronger than the story makes.
Classic story to illustrate that the value of a college player only determined in high school if they are trained to do the job they will do in college. Coach Steckel and Kuligowski trained pass rushers and turnover makers. Therefore their high school star rating meant nothing.
Ignoring the fact that the SEC East is really the SEC North-east, because by-law no form of the word north cannot be used in any official conference literature. The West is really the SEC South-west, but that word can never be used again in NCAA football after the Texas Low-borns turned it into the sickest name or any conference or part of a conference. Once we understand how airplanes fly in a straight line from north-west to south-east and how the other set of airplanes fly in a reasonable circle around the south-west part of this conference geography everything is rosy in geography class. Now if the SEC west has to take the best refugees Kansas State and Oklahoma State, then maybe we have enough teams to have a more west west. And therefore a more east east.
Missouri has a punter who should have been a 5 star, and they now have a true sophomore running back that should have been a 5 star. Hell, Marcell Frazier should have been a 5 star. Also a safety that can play receiver who should have been a high 4 star.
impressive defensive stat, thanks for reminding us of that.
Anyone can win the SEC East in 2017. Why would SC win it ?, yes their quarterback does some things well. but no way can he, or anyone else be pronounced the best QB in the East yet. It just depends on what the play-book asked them to do in 2017. Is someone saying that Muschamp has more talent, or a better coaching staff, or that the SEC East is weaker in 2017 than it was when he was a Florida? South Carolina looked like they played well against Missouri last year but so did West Virginia, Western Kentucky, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and LSU. So the margin against Missouri doesn't say' next division champion' to me. I do think SC will be in the hunt for the division title 2017. And I do think Muschamp is still improving as a head coach, but clearly after Florida, he needed a lot of improvement, and Odom needs to grow even faster. If Odom can put together a top defense this year, he is on his way to the top ranks of SEC coaches. And Muschamp has every right to claim he is moving up after 2016.
Jimmy, get your head out of your place the sun never shines. Arkansas was never in the Big 12. Auburn won zero games in the SEC in 2012 so where should they go ? Missouri's 5 division championships this decade and recent Citrus/MN and Cottonbowl/OK-St. victories is 'winning something' more than your mental capacity can retain. Make sure you come up to Missouri this September. We don't want you to miss a real SEC football game.
West Virginia would be ok as a 4th addition, but 14 members, together with rivalry scheduling already blocks appropriate inter-divisional play. Rival scheduling would have to become a non-conference standing game. In that case we could easily add one member to each division.
Who is the University of Texas ? They are an organization that will a) buy votes of other conference members b) makes deals to get designated teams in the CCG and Bowls and CFP c) Have their AD and coach openly bad-mouth their counter-parts at other institutions d) force financial deals on other members as unfair as a 70:9 revenue split. e) suggest to other conference members that every member should have their own television network, instead of a conference network. f) Ignore the demands of half of the founding members of a conference until these institutions resign membership h) Ruin two big conferences in a row i) try to stack the voting membership of a conference by have 4 members from one stateThere is not enough money in all of college football to make University of Texas an honest conference member of any other conference. Oklahoma has the same philosophy as Texas, they just cheat more. Kansas can't join the SEC because it would be last place in every sport except basketball and within 5 years Kansas would be an average SEC basketball team.If the SEC want's anyone from the Big 12, first get Kansas State because they are a class act. If you have to take two get Oklahoma State. If you have to take three next get Iowa State. That is it, you don't want anybody else. Baylor, Texas Tech., TCU, Kansas, and Oklahoma deserve to be stuck with U of Texas forever. I don't hate you John Crist but you are under the influence of media hynotic groupie-ism. Ha ha, like Texas would play nicely with the SEC ! nuts
The basketball Anderson thing was ridiculous. He was never going to be the next Norm and even Norm had problems winning big games. It was way past time to replace Norm and Anderson had reached his peak already. It will be interesting to see if Martin improves or if he has already peaked as a coach.You said it exactly right about Witter and his speed limitations. Oddly Witter is still improving in more subtle ways however. You also have Strong pegged I suspect, but when you look at Strong's history you see a slow but sure learning curve and he always seems catch up and do something noteworthy. This year however, it's crowded in the running back spotlight. Dawson Downing is not going to be denied. Crockett knows he can put the team on his back. Does Elarbee have the horses and the playbook he needs? And is Cornell Ford finally coaching something he can be good at?
Very sorry that Williams got injured and prayers that this injury won't cause him pain after football.Didn't Bielema recruit Montee' Ball out of Missouri to Wisconsin. If so Bielema is saying he has a recruit that is as good as Montee' Ball.I agree that both teams could have a good running game. Really it's a contest to see who will have the better offensive line? Odom picked up where Pinkel left off in finding some trainable bigs. Bielema has recruited some in the past also. Both teams have quarterbacks that can take the second line of defense away from the line.Every Saturday is a rivalry in the SEC. Missouri fans don't want another sick humored contest to ruin the other 7 great rivalries. If such a pathetic atmosphere is media hyped onto the game, fans are just going to ignore it. Arkansas fans who drive up to Columbia (about 5 hours) have been very well mannered and enthusiastic. Missouri fans are almost too nice. Last year's game could not have been better. Arkansas scored before I could even find my seat, and totally dominated the first half.
Good story on a smart coach. Gabbert has the physical talent and mental determination. This might be first job where he gets line and receiver support for the playbook plan. Oddly, Chase Daniel who preceded Gabbert from Missouri to the NFL was even more accurate than Gabbert and has never had a chance to start. Not surprisingly Daniels commands a huge paycheck as a #2. How about a report on Franklin ?, is he still playing in the CFL ? Mauk has a chance, long shot, to make this 5 quarterbacks to pro football in a row for Missouri. Lock is more likely to be the 5th in this string.
Here's what ADs and boards can't understand. Coaches want to stay coaches. Coaches don't want to take dead end jobs. SEC programs are dead end jobs because they don't last long and it's impossible to get good media reviews as a coach in the SEC. Don't believe me ?, ask Les Miles-LSU, Chez.-Auburn, Pinkel-Missouri, Georgia's recent x-coach, Spurrier, etc., etc., etc.. A fair number of coaches are going to hide from signing SEC contracts because they simply want to stay in coaching for another 5,10,15, 20, 30 years. That doesn't make them automatically better, it just makes them smart about long term income.
exactly right. Bielema has a formula, but it is overshadowed by the same formula in better established rivals. To BB's defense, he has shown imagination of late, and that means a lot. His political abilities are not to be under-valued and these are essential for a Head coach in the SEC.
aaahhh, he did that with Chizik's recruits, then what did his recruits do ?
You are exactly right ! Any panel that calls moron Harbaugh the 5th best coach in the NCAA sure doesn't earn any credibility in publishing a story that totally depends on credibility. I talked to Dennis Dodds (CBS), about Odom's performance 2016. He couldn't have been more negative. Clearly Odom was not ready to hit the ground running toward an SEC conference championship, but he beat a very successful Big 10 coach in Bielema and he beat a coach that's doing fairly well at Vanderbilt. He also did pretty well against Dana Holgerson's long established West Virginia program. Even more important, he hired at least moderately well at OC, and corrected his poor hires. So why is CBS so down on the SEC ? It could be that a few coaches in other conferences can look a lot more polished because they have so many walk overs to train against. Can you imagine the points against Kansas, Oregon State, or Indiana, would pile up every week in the SEC ?
say the fan of the team who, even Nick Saban, called out for firing their accomplished coach in mid-season. if any SEC program should get ex-communicated, LSU has just provided the lowest class reason.
Oklahoma's voting was the number one reason Nebraska, Colorado, aTm, and finally Missouri dumped them in the Big 12 minus 4 plus 2. No way do they get out of jail free to f-up another conference. Sit in the corner with Texas for freaking ever. If Oklahoma State wants to come over that should be given fair consideration, same for Iowa State, Kansas State, and West Virginia. Let the worst cheaters on the football planet play together in football hell for eternity.
@tony, thanks for all your good comments. I'm glad you mentioned that turn-over margin should be important for every program. Remember that under Steckel and Kuligowski turn over margin was a high priority. Under Odom, turn-over margin isn't getting from the coaches to the players to Saturday. It's just not happening. Maybe this year Odom has time to fix this? This cost Missouri at least two games in 2016. I think you dislike J'Mon Moore because he has always acted like he thought he was a lot better than he actually is. Who can blame you for feeling this way? But this year, his ability may actually catch up with his opinion of himself.
Do I remember this right, because if I do there is never a reason to sleep on this possibility, after the 'air-jordan' twins, Jordan Rodgers to Jordan Mathews. I need a Vanderbilt fan to tell me how Rodgers found his way to Junior College then turned in a remarkable academic (and athletic) performance at Vandy ??? what's wrong with this picture ???