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20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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Paul, you really fear that OMiss will just be extremely challenged to recover from this...... but what you should really fear is that any institution can do this and not get extreme punishment. The nature of college football depends on vigilance. Every time the NCAA has gotten lazy the following of college football has suffered. The human spirit is one of fairness and equality. The stink of Barry Switzer, SMU, University of Texas, the SEC not vacating wins Florida got with PEDs, Missouri's recent player got help taking tests, down to even lesser bologna, get it out of college football the sooner the better. It is fine if college football does not look like the NFL, ... no it's better if college football doesn't look like the NFL
There are so many false concepts in this story, and in the SEC, and in NCAA football media right now, i don't know where to start. It will be February of 2018 before the public even suspects how much fiction is being spread around.Let's start with Auburn. Auburn had a slim win over Mercer last week. Does that make Mercer an SEC and NCAA top contender ? Or is the media full of manure. Sorry liars, but right now none of Auburns three results make them #15 and only the Clemson game (not against last year's Clemson by the way) says they should be in the top half of the rankings, with week one being a game that any power five program should have won by that score or more.Quickly lets go to Missouri. Two weeks ago against South Carolina the adults, not the students, left the game early. I personally think this is the mark of low class people by the way, but it wasn't the students or just the students that chickened out agains the Gamecocks or the Boilermakers. Let's be truthful. Also these low class people leaving the Missouri game are a trend away from loyal loud and faithful fans Missouri has had in the past. Now to be fair to the chicken-hearted flakes they are not just leaving because of the score, they are leaving because of horrible coaching on offense and defense OR a roster that is so mentally challenged that they have no business being enrolled in college and mean this very seriouslyl.South Carolina got beat last week after losing Deebo Samuel's healthy play. This result can not be compared to any result with Deebo Samuel. No one is ever going to know what Missouri's or NCState's game against South Carolina means because losing Samuel TOTALLY changes the quality of that team.I'll finish with the football media. There can be no Nationwide affection for college football without a media that knows how to say "Ever year is a new year for each team and each conference", or "We just don't know what team's or conferences will move the top each year". Right now Missouri could be 1-2 with there losses against top contenders or top pretendes, we just don't know yet. This does not change the facts, however, that Missouri 2017 week 4: has yet to show-me that: they can get receivers open, not throw the ball to the wrong team, block for a whole game (fitness), defend 1v1 pass coverage, adjust to changing offensive sets, return punts or kick-offs, cover punts or kick-offs, ok you get the idea. Mr. Sterk, it's not one game. Fans you are low class. Coaches you are under-achieving. Roster you are dumb spoiled little boys. Media you are what partisan cheerleaders aspire to be.
How does beating Georgia Southern make Auburn the toughest opponent. how does beating Mercer by 14 points make Auburn the toughest. And this is not last year's Clemson either. One could say Missouri looks like an offense that won't score much. Cheerleading again. Don't be shocked if Missouri looks better on both sides of the ball against Auburn.
Let's see how he feels after the basketball game this year
This match-up is a perfect psychological season history for a nail-biter of a game. If Odom doesn't take a two score lead into the 4th quarter, Malzahn has a chance to out experience him. Missouri has now played three opponents that really played with energy and purpose. If Auburn doesn't bring that to Columbia, Missouri this could be opportunity knocking for both Missouri's offense and defense. The Mercer score is an omen. Oh yes I know Missouri has to play a lot better for four quarters and that be to much to gather up in a week.... but there are some signs of improvement. We will see right away if the Missouri players were having a real revelation or if it was just for show. Josh Heupel has the biggest coming-out party to create. Drew Lock has he second biggest. Missouri's pass defense has the third. Only beating Mercer 20 somethin to 10 however, that doesn't point to an automatic day for Auburn.
1. He's 21 playing like he 16. 2. He's not accurate a high % of the time. 3. He panics and puts too much pace on the ball 4. He won't take a hit if he has too. 5. He doesn't want to run with the ball...ever. Why can't Andy Hill get receivers open for him if he is so good? Why can't Heupel call pass plays for him if he is so good. At 21 he shouldn't be throwing so many sure interceptions. Talent yes, development no, maturity no,no,no.
I am so sorry and saddened to read this, prayers.
Ok, let's see if that makes sense. Worst problem with Missouri defense is wide open receivers therefore the opposing defense can get a first down on every snap. Could that be complicated defenses? Ans. yes Next worst problem tackling? Ans. no Next pursuit? Ans. no Next protecting the reverse and mis-direction? Ans. reverse no, mis-direction yes Next covering every rushing lane? Ans. no Next. Pressuring the quarterback? Ans. yes Next marking receivers appropriately? Ans. no Next creating fumbles? Ans. no Next intercepting passes Ans. yes. Knowing where the rushing play is going? No Ok, we have a sample picture here Barry. If the problem was complication you would have solved it last year. Let's face it this is just political way to blame the players.I'm always amazed at how many coaches believe that zone defenses stop opponents. A zone defense is a man-to- man defense where you give your players a starting place other than in the face of the marked player. Every inch and millisecond you give away after that is an advantage to the offense. And the Missouri defense right now gives away space to the offense through-out the play from snap to touchdown. It's so laughable that Purdue knew they were going to carve it up on the very first snap. And the most football non-genius in the Missouri bleachers knows It's ridiculous. This dumb stuff is happening at practice every day and it's not getting fixed. Don't tell us it's raining on our legs just on Saturdays
This is a good comment but Auburn won't ride Malzahn long after a mediocre year either. The answer to your question on who will these programs hire is nobody. That's why Missouri has Odom now. They hired a search agency. Such an agency can ask every college and high school coach in america if they are interested in the Missouri job and how interested. Odom would not be coach today if a better candidate had stepped forward, this is why Missouri hired so late and one of the reasons Odom had a bad recruiting year his first year.
Senior leadership or upperclassman leadership is essential on every high school and college team. The differences between teams that have it and teams that don't have it is dramatic. Players only meetings can be great and in some rare situations they can make a team go in the wrong direction. Here's what they should have said to each other in the players only meeting:1. we the players are ultimately responsible for execution. 2. if we have a problem with execution we can't solve, we are responsible for seeking help from the coaching staff 3. if we are blaming each other at any time, this has to stop now 4. if we are doing anything beside football and school work during football season we have to admit we can't get away with this and it has to stop now 5. if we are having strength or skill or fitness or attitude problems as individuals we can't wait another week for the coaching staff to single us out and get us back on track, we have to start fixing ourselves by spending a little extra time every day now. 6.we are responsible for positive communication on an off the field. 7. if we have been reading too much media bs about our limits or our lack of limits, we are responsible for not reading, listening to it for another day. 8. we have one head coach and one coaching staff and we are going to ride this staff for everything it is worth and let next years cards fall where they may. 9. If our coaching staff is trying to make us as good as we can possibly be this year, then we have to respond by trying to make every one of them as good as they can possibly be this year. 10.Once again, we are the students, if we are not learning fast enough we are responsible for telling the teacher what we don't understand and why it's not working for us.and a few more things, but you get the idea. Once again having the meeting only gives these things a chance to be said, it doesn't mean they will be said or said with conviction.
well let's examine that theory: Muschamp was considered to be a horrible coach at Florida now he looks like a good coach at South Carolina. McE was consider to be a great coach at Colorado State, a Great Coach at Florida, and this year 10 of his players are totally out-to-lunch and that could be anything from bad recruiting to him just not watching them 24-7-365. Stoops? bad coach at Kentucky, better coach last year, good coach this year, Mason better than average coach every year, Bielema great coach at Wisconsin, then bad coach at Wisconsin, almost upset the best team in the SEC at Arkansas and today opinions are all over the board on him, Tennessee has a great coach in Jones. Georgia's coach was good enough to work in one of the best NCAA programs for quite a while, MissState has a great coach, Alabama has a great coach, LSU it's too early to tell, aTm at least has a better than most programs coach (look at the history of aTm going back 20-30 years) Sumlin is holding his own, OMiss way too early to tell, Auburn's Malzahn was considered a great coach in Ark and has been to college football's top bowl game, Missouri's Odom is not doing a good job yet but he holds the unique credential of never having been a head coach anywhere before and by the end of this year he could be considered very differently. So Finebaum and Cowerd are both full of hot air. If anybody thinks Purdue has a good coach instead of a great coach, they are just ignorant. To that point the SEC could have 14 great coaches and some other conferences might still hire a few great ones as well. The whole idea that all good players will migrate to the south-east on high school graduation is ridiculous.
of course I meant, everyone knows, the ref crew screwed up by not signaling touchdown when he broke the plane in possession.
Don't sell South Carolina or Purdue short. They are both very far along. Both playing like week 8 and it's only week 4. Those are the worst programs an Odom can face early because his teams are playing like it's their second scrimmage in Week 3. It wasn't an accident that Missouri played well against Arkansas last year. It was slow but sure to teach something Odom and staff.
I can tell you the kind of roster that has inconsistency as a trait. It is an immature personality profile. All it takes is a few players who can't stay focused and this is what you get. Heupel could help however by not running the same back three times in a row. He went 10 quarters before he ran an option play. Even journalists are asking why can't the receivers just stop in the zone gaps. They haven't run a double pass yet. They ran one quarter-back run play and it worked well.. didn't repeat it even with the dual threat freshman in. The secondary and the alot of the offense has been allowed to continue to think young and soft. Some of that is coaching and some of that is not asking their references about their maturity before you offer them a scholarship
I don't know what everybody is talking about. Heupel is in a way hotter seat than Odom. Count the points he has scored against the power five. On the other hand, some how, Odom has managed to keep his power five opponents in the 30's. If Heupel had scored 3 touchdown per game, we would be writing that Odom wasn't showing enough defense improvement instead of hot seat
Not a touchdown and anybody with sense (except this ref crew) know's it. If the receiver catches the ball first and crosses the goal line in possession. It's a touchdown. The play is over. The play should be whistled over. If this were not true the following would also not be touchdowns: Goal line dive, the running back sticks the ball over the line securely in his hands. Touchdown. It's doesn't matter if somebody else grabs the ball after it crosses, it doesn't matter if he fumbles after it crosses. No where else in NCAA football do you see defensive backs trying to take the ball out of receivers hands after they cross the goal line in possession, why, because it's already a touchdown. Same true for running backs once they break the plane. This was not even a catch at the same time. So any exception for that wouldn't even apply
Here are just a few of Saturday's opponents that were worse than Pudue: Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana Tech., Samford, Cal, K-State, South Carolina, Colorado State, and Mercer. Odom gets the F, but so do several other SEC coaches/ and all or parts of their rosters. If you think there was a big difference your just a nutcase.
Heupel is bad too. And staff member could be called best. Let's be fair though, the roster is executing about every third play, fumbling, dropping, jumping off, backing into each other. A lot of weak mind mixed in with the ones that want to pull this together.
This is a mentally weak team. Starting with a mentally weak starting quarterback. Not a mentally weak D-line however, nor inside line backers. Witter and Crockett and Rountree are tough guys. Is this all Heupel can teach after all those years of experience?... oh my gosh. To be fair the whole program is hearing footsteps because of Odom inexperience. Everyone is just waiting for the axe to fall. Some of that is on Jim Sterk for saying in public, no bowl game is unacceptable this year (even if it's true you don't say that in public ever) Andy Hill has television hosts telling him how to defeat zone pass defense and he still can a receiver openOn the good side, Lock did take off and run for a first down today. The pass rush was better and the D-line showed some toughness. The middle line-backers are truly tough guys. Not all of the tackling is still bad. Sometimes it was dang good, and we could never say that before today. Purdue is on the good side. They presented real football problems to solve. (Which could have been solved by any good head coach with experience)One note to the officials, when you catch a ball and break the plane of the end-zone, it's a touchdown. Only if two players catch the ball at the same time can the defender take the ball away and claim it was an interception not a touchdown. If the rule were not intended to be applied that way, there would and should be a fight for the ball in the end zone every time a touchdown pass is caught and all of them could wrested away within a second or two and claimed. Hell they could even be touchbacks in a pile on the ground.
Does Nike require the institution to behave like they are holding a ladies fashion show every week ? If so dump them, Missouri can afford to buy 300 of their own uniforms.
If people could see where they were going by looking at where they used to be I guess we would be seeing folks walking around backwards all day long. Sure I like to look at old film of Missouri's Divine, Faurot, Pinkel and other championship history. But none of it means anything because today's high school players are going to go where they can win now and have a great job in 4 years. Coaches are going to take jobs where these players are going to go right now, it's hard enough to hang on while your new recruits mature.The FACTS are that South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Tennessee have zero losses in conference. They are in control of their own destiny. There is still time for the coaching staff and the roster to do something decisive before kick-off tomorrow. While Missouri now needs all of them to get a loss. That is reality. Stop walking around backwards looking like a brainwashed zombie and face reality.One more thing not a single program with a good history is winning today if they are not doing all the things they need to do to win now, that's exactly the same requirement for the program with the worst history.
I was fed up with these videos, it seems like years ago. The faithful fans want to see receivers get open and catch the ball. They want to see a quarterback with a cool head who can deliver accurate catchable balls to his own team-mates. They want to see a defense where nobody shows up up too late and takes a dive and everybody tackles like a tough guy. They want to see every special team play like they are special. They want to see forced fumbles and interceptions go our way. Now go out there and earn your SEC scholarship like your team-mates did in 2013 and 2014.
Lock has to grow up and quit acting like he's made of candy. Maybe seeing more pressure will calm him down. Heupel and Hill need to get receivers open or have exit door opened for them.
Good list, well thought out. It would have been easy to think of Purdue before their last couple years improvements
How many programs do you think already have a team orientation segment already dedicated to this? I imagine almost all do. Thanks for bringing that into the conversation.
The Miles story is a good comparison. L.F. (for example) was a college player at the time, dealing with classes, an injury, and the coaching controversy. If he supported Miles, it put him at odds with the next coach, if he didn't support Miles it put made put his draft stock at risk because he looked like a team attitude problem. Good thinking on bringing up Miles BT but were not thinking the same way on this.
It's not appropriate because they are student athletes and their time is taxed heavily already. It's not appropriate because the nature of the question has no answer that can sound positive so it's the classic, have you stopped beating your wife? direction. It's not appropriate because Cross is fired, he's not coming back, it spits on his missouri coaching grave. It's not appropriate because Sadaam Hussein and Osama Bin Laaden did not actually have a monkey baby together. Yes, it's bad enough to ask NFL rookies just out of college to critic the colleges they come out of. We can have sport's journalism that is excellent and we should insist on it. Thanks for asking the question anyway Nobleman, i read quite a few of your comments and appreciate that you contribute to the conversation.