20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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Missouri has a history of being a quarterback + receiver U. driven machine. In 2021 they will have their deepest quarterback room ever, time will tell if the talent can add up to be better than Terry McMillan, Phil Bradley, James Franklin, just to throw out some random names. It's always a trick to get deep at receiver when your quarterback develops his talent. Maybe this is a year for Missouri to approach some of those old well known passing attacks.
well there's that little insight that comes from having him coach at Missouri. quickly however, I don't think Heupel is a bad coach, and he is young enough to grow into a P5 head coaching job.
When will the people who gave him a car to drive go on trial. Arn't they the people who should know if he's dangerous behind the wheel or not?
@waeg, ?are you making fun of Pinkel retiring because he had cancer? or Barry Odom's respectable Pinkel takeover with zero head coaching experience, or Drinkwitz putting up the 2nd best score against Alabama last year and beating the defending NCAA Champs? Missouri and Auburn put on the best SEC championship game in the history of the SEC, scoring a record 101 points, with the ratio of victory being 5.9 to 4.2 (that's the same margin of victory as having one team get one touchdown and miss their extra point while the other team forces two safeties. You are an idiot, but you think you are smarter than Notre Dame who hired Dan Divine after Missouri made him famous. Don Faurot is not a name at Missouri for winning, he is the coach that brought Missouri from a campus club to varsity product. Expose us to your nonsense again please, you're famous for having ideas that are opposite of history.
and at the end of Malzahn's first year, how many Power 5 wins will he have...? ans. a lot less than he had a Auburn.
You're reporting that if a football player reports he is transferring May 1st of 2021 the college program has a fair amount of time to plan their 2022 roster of 11 offense 11 defense, 4 kick teams, and 2 kick receive receive teams. Sorry no, this is ridiculous. Yes a college student/athlete should be able to transfer and be eligible and he absolutely should be able to tell his team he is transferring immediately after the last game of the season. One more thing, the league winner each has to go play in a 5 team Champion's league, round robin, home and home. If they win that they have to stay there another year.
So....? athletes should not participate in events when they have a pneumonia bug, but it's ok to participate when there is a financial incentive being offered for them to win, or lose, and/or by a pre-determined number of points. Not only is it disrespectful to athletes and coaches but it clearly provides a financial incentive for game officials to make judgement calls that favor any gambler who would offer financial incentive to alter the score of the game, and worse the outcome of the game. Maybe they should go on strike right now. Make the United States Congress act now. Why the NFL players association hasn't acted on this a long time ago is highly suspicious to say the very least. As fans why would we want to pay money for tickets when gamblers clearly have a financial stake in altering the outcome of games where we are paying money to see a fair contest with no possible financial incentives being offered by gamblers. And the same thing is true with providing financial incentives beyond the rules of limited free educations. Once we know this is happening, why would we be interested in attending or tuning in a game where an alum is trying to fix the outcome? Get a life, make College football give us uninfluenced outcomes where real college students decide the results. Make the NFL deal with all the sleezey carnival gamblers and shoe salesmen. Every Saturday afternoon we can be out playing golf, climbing a mountain peak, or paddling across a lake for a personal best time. We don't need stinking gamblers to give us a fake life.
define simulation: a word invented by morons that is only convincing to other morons. 8 months ago, a real game, (not a moron invention) Missouri 45 over LSU 41 Who posted the second best score against Alabama last year?, Missouri 19 vs. Alabama 38 How different is this "simulation" from having all 130 division I programs play each other in a non-stop, round-robin, lasting two years and seven months? It's very different. One is reality one is completely make-believe. Bowl records by conference 10 years from 2008 to 2018 SEC 63 wins.....35 losses Big-12 40 w....34 losses Pac-12 39 w... 37 losses ACC 40 w... 51 losses Big-10 37 w... 48 losses that's reality, having the Big 12 with 3 of the top ten is a simulation ACC with two of the top 10 is a simulation the 2nd and the 4th place bowl finishers with 5 of the top ten simulations. Any more questions about what a simulation is?
This is the best offensive line high school video I've ever seen. The reason is power, mobility, brains, 2nd effort, and attacking punishing mentality. Wow. If this young man wants to keep developing I don't see any limits.
interesting but it means nothing until Cuonzo replaces him with someone better... and coaches the replacement better. Why is a Missouri recruit not going to another Power Five or equally competitive program?, answer, he received too little coaching up to this point.
Thanks for your great contribution to Mizzou. Good luck with your new team. Great Blessings on the career you choose. MIZ
A lot of close orbit to reality here. Bazelak was an option quarterback in high school and even if he wasn't a lot of talented position players don't get developed in high school. Drinkwitz is a smart young coach with experience, this is not the same as being a smart old coach with more experience, and it's not even the same as being a long established quarterback specialist at the #1 top coaching spot in the college game. Drinkwitz will rise to the top fast however and this year he and his quarterback room will dazzle. Missouri had to try to win last year with good receivers. Imagine what they will do with more experienced, or very good, or great receivers. Drink has to improve at least some. A lot of Missouri's success last year came from mistakes they didn't make. That's not a backhanded compliment. In fact it is the foundation that makes it possible to succeed with excellent execution. Missouri is "All In" with the roster to use every inch of the field to get points this year, and the risk in this is covered to a significant extent by having a very good kicker. Florida and Georgia will still have good lines, but not unbeatable ones. Drinkwitz needs to look carefully at the weekly reports from the strength coach, power measurements, 60 minutes of cardio and muscle groups, (most important) the line coach's attention to technical perfection, and finally how his playbook sets his lines up for success.
can't agree that Lock was the most accurate ever. But not arguing that the long ball was one of Lock's more successful playbook selections.
Muschamp was a smart coach, if Beamer improves the program he will have to do what he does better than Muschamp AND at least match Muschamp in his strengths. It's going to be an interesting change of 'direction' in offense at least. Maybe some people in the media think Muschamp is automatically replaced by anybody and improvement will be obvious, but i'm one who's taking a missouri-show-me mindset on this. This South Carolina new leadership should be particularly interesting to Mizzou fans because Odom was a defense assistant promoted to head coach (similar to Muschamp promotion). Personally I think Muschamp was miles ahead of Odom in strategy on both sides of the ball. But Odom was strong both strategically and psychologically in the defensive center of the field..... but not so much in other areas. I'd be interested to hear South Carolina fans ideas on comparing the change based on practice news so far.
Football has potentially 11 starting on offense, 11 on defense, 11 on punt team, 11 on punt receive team, 11 on kick-off, 11 on kick-off return. Basketball has 5 starters. No wonder the rest want to be in the portal.
What do Louisville and Rutgers have in common as a recruiting incentive? That's right.
1. It college, it's for an education, only 5% will be playing basketball anywhere but the playground after the age 23. When seeking an education one is best advised to research the institution ahead of time and stay there. At the same time, one should be able to change their minds where to study at any time in life. Basketball doesn't even enter into it. Play where you want, IF YOU CAN. 2. There is no #2
Last 50 years Arizona has better post-season record than Arkansas mid-west comparison to southwest: Arizona was 587 wins and 190 losses under Lute Olson Iowa was 165 wins and 93 losses under Lute Olson same coach different program and different region of recruiting *but Olson was a more experienced coach for during his Arizona years Arkansas about 700 wins under Sutton, Richardson, Heath same years in that sample of years Arkansas either had an easier schedule or better coaching or both than Arizona under Olson's 587 wins sample looking at wins alone Arkansas 112 wins in the last five years Arizona 124 wins in the last five years not a big difference in regular season and over-all record Examining the post season pathway to success would be a good thing to look at. Not to mention the actual post-season record
Overpaid people, omg, that list will take more than one lifetime to read, and it's not just a college coaching practice. Has anybody noticed how over-priced college educations have become and how over-paid faculty are a class of citizens. There's nothing more hilarious than attending a faculty meeting and listening to how underpaid faculty think they are.
Congratulations on a noteworthy college and pro career. I hope to see you at Missouri games again. You were a big part of a special era of Missouri Football. Welcome to the x-athlete and x-coach club. A lot of stories and fun are waiting for your personal re-telling. Last time i saw you, you were just inside the gates on the east side, I think it was the year after you graduated, Maybe you were getting ready to offer to sign some autographs. Nice of you to do that.
College Stadium adornments went out of control and beyond likability years ago. It's an imaginary mascot. There are no herds of wild elephants in Alabama. I'd love it if there were. When you get tired of cleaning it and sell it for scrap metal please come and get the bronze Tiger off the sidewalk on the southeast side of Memorial Stadium in Columbia and we just have to hope it doesn't crash the scrap metal market.
Let's take a poll around the Kansas City region of the nation and ask the question, "how do you feel about having Bill Self and KU basketball as neighbors?". Because at least for a 100 mile radius around Manhattan, Kansas even people from Kansas are going to spit on you. 75% of the Kansas City Metropolitan area are going to first think about the FBI listening to KU telephone calls! People in Wichita and Fort Hays are going to say "Lawrence where?" "? of Arabia?". My personal vote is not to play anymore football or basketball or anything else with KU. Even if they were nice people, there just wouldn't be any entertainment value in atmosphere. Norm Stewart's idea of never spending a penny in Kansas wasn't fair to all the great people on the Kansas side of the border, but not spending money around Lawrence is pretty close to the bullseye of good living. In pure financial terms, nobody can buy KU for what they think it's worth, then sell it for what it's really worth, and stay out of bankruptcy.
don't worry if Heupel smokes out some rats. worry if you don't don't smoke out any rats. especially if you inherit a rathole.
To be fair, Odom found Bazelak and although he needed coaching, he is still "potentially" one of the top 5 quarterbacks in college today.
and if you had Lock, you should have been able to get super receivers
exactly, Odom as a wide receiver recruiter was very average.
1. lesson one don't speed. 2. lesson two don't trust lawyer you don't know personally or who don't have excellent references 3. lesson 3 report lawyer misconduct to the judge and the Missouri Bar 4. lesson 4 substantiate to the judge, your lawyer's promise to handle the ticket and ask to have your record cleaned up.