20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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You just can keep worshiping those star rating boys can you td. Go sit and watch a high school football program practice for a complete season. Let me know when you see a star rater show up and so much as apply a standardized 40M dash test to check reported results. It doesn't happen and in order for this one test to be valid, it would have to happen every where, exactly the same way. Then you would have to be dumb enough to believe that coaches can't change speed from age 17 to age 23.
At all in your house, but all, if you're a sport's writer selling college football stories in the northeast or west coast. Because already those sports writers are printing that the SEC is no longer the top college football conference. The defenses that can't be overcome are landing more programs in bowls and winning at least half of those bowl games. Two years ago we won a lot more than half and last year we had more teams in bowl and won exactly half.
Gary Pinkel was only 64 wins and 57 losses at Missouri. He is not the coach at Missouri since Nov. 2015. The story says that an individual(s) at Auburn wants to run and hide from their in-state rivals. We knew this already, as per several old college football stories. Here are the northern most programs in the SEC: South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Missouri, ....notice how they are already in the same division, Florida is the only program significantly south of this rough line from Columbia SC to Columbia MO..the East Divison is really the north division but you can say the word north in the same story as South Eastern Conference. Now everybody just stop babbling about this. What?, we are going to realign the conference every time somebody thinks they want to give up on winning the division they are in now?
Joe, I appreciate your comment, thanks, you were at the game, you are adding something to the conversation a lot of Georgia and Missouri fans didn't see. I'm not convinced that Missouri played any more outside the rules than Georgia did, and I feel Georgia has played outside the rules in previous meetings under Richt. Thanks for commenting on Missouri's SDS page.
It's important to the program that they make even a 6-6 bowl game. It's important to the conference that the win a bowl game against a program that is 8-4, 7-5, or even a power five 6-6. Remember this because of the 4 non-conference games, such a conference could wind up with numerous non-qualifying members. Recruiting could take a hit for the institution AND the conference. The coaching staff and the roster need the practices and the game.
ignorance is an easy condition to cure, you won't need any drugs. 130 division one programs need a minimum of 25 recruits every year. that comes to very roughly 3,500 student-athletes. i guess the ESPN 300 is really helpful (in your mind). If just the power five conferences had 3 contenders they would need ESPN to get the order right for 450 athletes.Meanwhile back in reality, coaches at the high school level and college level have near-zero professional exams they have to pass to show they know how to teach anything football-like. You and Tiger TD just contributed zero to the topic. Know something before you start parroting what (as a general class) journalism majors who never played football themselves so easily convince you.
You are drinking star-rating kool aid. These players don't even compete against each other from state to state, much less regionally or nationally. These people that try to convince you they know the pecking order of every position in the nation can only do this because people like you buy it, and you buy it only because no journalist every wants to make a case against it, 4-5 years later when these star-babies are out of eligibility. Then it gets even more ridiculous when they tell you they can rank the players without regard to position, and you buy that crock of horse dung too don't you.The facts are that great coaches make great players consistently and any program that hires great coaches has a contender every year. Here is the difficult part, it takes a good teacher to recognize good teaching, and efficient teaching in all four phases of coaching (fitness, technical, tactical, and the foundation of all the preceding psychological). Very few 18 year old boys are even 10% ready to play college football. While a very high percentage of 23 year old men could have the body and mind to compete.Missouri is not having a bad year 3rd year in a row because the program only won 5 division titles in the last decade, they are having a bad 3rd year in a row because of the bad-teachers they hire, refuse to fire, and oh yes, here you get a little credit,... their inability to accurately measure recruits potential independent of the star boys.
Dear Coach Odom, Since joining the SEC in 2012, Missouri has won the SEC East twice and finished the coaches poll ranked #5 and #14.Florida has won the SEC East twice and finished ranked #14 and #23Georgia has won the SEC East only once.Please explain why you want Missouri to get worse and be like Georgia. I'm tired of the way the team has played in 2015, 2016, and the first half of 2017..... but I'm way more tired of ignorant media, fans with inferiority complexes, and coaches who don't know the recent history, much less the Divine and Faurot history, of this program. How on earth can you make your team play well when you don't even know what program you are coaching????????????????????
I can see a couple of examples of why you think that way.,, i.e.. the targeting play was just as you accuse. Don't forget however that it was Georgia that put James Franklin out for most of the 2013 season, after he passed the ball, two Georgia players had multiple steps, but still gang tackled him. In the 2017 meeting Georgia had a lot of holding uncalled. This is always going to lead to retaliation. Over-all I think that both team's played an C- on sportsmanship. They can do better, but it wasn't real bad either. Odom's boys have been too nice this year, if anything. Smart is a huge step up from Richt who was clearly an anything I can get away with coach. But Smart clearly likes to hold and hide it. He will get caught in the big games.
Conferences that have favorite programs, favorites of the media, favorites of the recruit ratings, favorites of the officials, favorites of the conference revenue bank accounts, favorites of the TV revenue bank accounts, are mathematically predetermined to have a lot of programs who have to lose to support those winning records. When all these people get honest, there will be a lot fewer coaches and programs that get in basement and stay there.
It's so easy for coaches to get lazy at programs where they have a lot of talent. Was that the problem at LSU because Miles really never made a convincing effort to build an attack? At the same time Miles formula there of great defense certainly worked well. I think we can throw out most of what we know from his Oklahoma State days because that was so long ago, except those upset against Oklahoma are significant. The other significant thing about Miles history is roster supervision. One gets the impression that Miles turned his head on everything but the worst discipline issues normally applied to college football rosters. Not every University is going to cover a coach on those facets. It may be a long time before a conference and a program embraces boring defense only football. But does that mean it won't work at the right program in any single conference? Will a decent O-coordinator go to work for Miles and trust that he will get half the scholarships? Interesting career question here.
Any program that can win 5 power-five division titles in less than a decade.... then fail to cash that in on great recruiting.... needs a lot better recruiting system. It remains to be seen if Missouri has that new man or not (Ofadile?)Pinkel's tolerance of Steckel was a problem. Kuligowski was not a team coach, he was a pass rushing coach. Pinkel's decision to drop so many Texas connections so fast was beyond ignorant. Pinkel's failure to develop an excellent Missouri University high school coaches training school in Missouri was beyond ignorant.College coaching has always been a little bit of a popularity contest with the team and recruits but Pinkel relied on this way too much and Odom tried to take it to a new level. Too bad it's such an unpopular end result to fail to be a great teacher and trainer. Students that fail to recognize great teaching are not the students you want to recruit in the first place. College is hard, college football is harder, but life after college success is a lot more rewarding than life otherwise. That should be what a college coach is, instead of some other kind of popularity.Georgia doesn't have as good a blue-print for this as Missouri had for the past decade. Odom's comments are out of line. Congratulations to Georgia for what Richt did and what Smart is doing all the same. Missouri's fans are not bringing the best atmosphere because of the over-all decisions made by the University, the Ath. Dept., and the Football coaching. Yes Missouri has some lazy spoiled fans too. Just hire great coaches for every position (they have the money), and the fans will straighten up)Maybe Odom can figure this out fast, or maybe he will be like most college coaches and have a learning curve that will keep Missouri in the basement for a while longer. It's a bad sign that the quality of play dropped from 16 to 17, then only picked back up after the first half of the season 17 was shot. and really, because of fitness, it hasn't picked back up yet
blocking. just say that 10 times. Go Dawgs, win the SECCG for the East this year. and I did enjoy the first half of the game last night.
Lock's lack of development in high school is the head scratching part. He is still learning about appropriate throwing pace. He is still inconsistent with accuracy. He is just figuring out when it is safe to "take off" himself for a gain. He make horrible decisions about throwing into crowds or throwing high balls when defenders have the depth covered.The Georgia game is an example of how Odom's fitness program is not NCAA Div. 1 caliber. Even before the second half started Georgia was able to move and block at the 6 hole and wider, while Missouri wide defense was allowing big gains they covered easily in the first 20 minutes of the game. Even the ESPN TV crew were aware of how effective Missouri was agains the run before they got tired.What is the problem with Heupel needing to use the same running back 2 or 3 consecutive plays? I thought Missouri had big tight ends and fast receivers on wide plays as well as deep attacks. This is how players get hurt.... as well as not having a cardiovascular fitness program in the first place. Not even high school coaches are this simple minded.On the positive side, Heupel how has the offensive play book where it should have been in the 2nd week of the season instead of the first scrimmage. and Odom how has the defense where it should have been in the 2nd scrimmage of the season. and I 'm not exaggerating here, too little too late but it is coming along.For those of you were interested in the wrong targeting call against Kentucky, the Georgia call was correct. Here the Missouri player lowered his head to get to the Georgia player's head, rather to avoid it. Another thing about targeting that the last 20 years of new football fans don't remember. Targeting was called spearing 50 years ago, and it was always a roughness penalty, like unsportsmanlike conduct. It's beyond me why officials ever quit calling the spearing penalty.Anyone who doesn't think the refs, particularly this ref crew and head ref, isn't biased against Missouri, just go back to the start of the game where the ref can't call enough o-line movement against Missouri (very first play). Then later in game he doesn't want to call motion against Georgia.......... but has to after he figures it's on national tv and the Missouri defender is pointing it out for the TV color men. Embarrassing for the league.
At Tennessee, the whining fans, and whining media, are always going to whine. It's not a bad day when you have a close game with South Carolina 2017 version. Even without Debo Samuel it's still a decent Saturday. Give it a rest. The Volunteers had a decent game. And it could have been worse, that was clearly a shirt hold and pass interference early in the game, so that ball would not have been uncatchable deep in Vol. territory.
If you think of college football match-ups as an accounting of net worth: Missouri had more credits than debits in week one. Week two, the debits grew faster but the credits were still growing, week three and four the debits grew faster and the credits shrank. Week five the credits grew but they didn't count the cash. Week six the Credits grew a lot faster than the debits. Every week but week one the refs stole cash out of the kitty. In Week seven they face a Georgia program that came into the year with a big positive bottom line and no week have they shown the debit sheet to be losing much ground. Kentucky had many things in common with Georgia last week before the Missouri game. This week expect Missouri's offense, special teams, and defense to show all credits are growing fast again, and expect no part of their debit sheet to be losing ground. It's two balance sheets that promise a good game.
several things, yes Kirby has too much talent to be called the best in the nation yet. yes Kirby is doing a great job. yes, BT's only and full time job is to minimize everything in college football except the football team he believes he has some spiritual connection to, and finally if this is true, all Odom has to do is keep the game close this tomorrow and that will make him the best coach in NCAA football 2017 (at least for a week, because he sure has been one of the worst up till last weeks Kentucky game). 3-2-1-_______
I can see why you are so optimistic, but it's so easy for people to look at the scores and not understand how the pathetic coaching job and immature roster has created the mess that Missouri is in. Credit is due to Odom's staff and the roster however. They are improving faster than everyone thinks (they were just so unready in Sept.)
Thanks for this thoughtful comment UGAfisherman,
Georgia is looking ok across the board, no argument. But not great across the board. Missouri is looking bad across the board (if you look at the whole season. But last week they showed a lot of improvement. And this time of year most programs are still making dramatic improvements. I also think that Missouri's roster is finally getting the fire inside, more maturity, they failed to bring to the first 4 games.
I don't know if Georgia can survive any opponent that takes their running game away? That 5 players out of a roster of 11 where all the opponent has to do is create a stalemate. Can Missouri do this ? Well last week they made Kentucky look like a different team. It's another wait and see for me, but Georgia's running backs are not going to do this by themselves. it was 2014 at Missouri where Georgia won 34-0 but clearly Missouri's run defense looked better than expected but the Tiger offense just kept putting Georgia back out on the field (Maty-extra-curricular-activities-Mauk)
ok, you decide to change your mascot, you can change to anything you want, land shark is the best you can come up with?
Derek Mason is doing a good job, as did James Franklin.
amen to plummeting standards in sports journalism. How long can you be part of the Junior High newspaper staff before you're ready to be promoted. Creativity by itself is not enough.If any coach understands the AL offense philosophy it's BB. Also, don't think that Alabama's performance last week was unbeatable, and aTm is no more than an average year for them. Arkansas might have a big saturday.
So much applause for you Josh Smith. Forget the fans, play hard and may all your goals be reached
Pinkel left the cupboards bare. Even in his last year the team looked weak. Odom was hired late and had a very small recruiting class, if any potential starters. The same is true for finding asst. coaches late. This year was Odom's first class and we just don't know what they are going to pan out to be like. It seems like Odoms second year of staff hiring has a mixed result, some good some not so good but his brother is at least doing better than safeties and linebackers. I'm really shaking my head at Drew Lock's lack of development this year. He's still making progress however.I'm not really hearing Odom say he has no responsibility, but he does mention the roster at least as much as he does the coaching staff. I don't see that as negative, i see it as accurate.Georgia looks like they have the best team since Missouri joined the league and Missouri has the worst start since joining the league. Even at that, I don't see the game being 56-0, one should not underestimate the power of a team feeling some momentum. Missouri will go to Georgia ready to play and Missouri is not bad at stopping the run, they have just had trouble knowing the run was coming. At Georgia the run will be more predictable at least. Also Heupel and Hill finally have receivers open, though still inconsistent. Look for Missouri to move the ball and use some clock and Georgia to do the same. Both teams are going to score.
That targeting yourself trick is a unique talent. Reading skills are a long-term goal for you, you might never be able to work your way up to tackling safety. Keep writing though, everyone in Missouri (except your fellow Fenton-ites) are enjoying watching for your first sign of forward progress.
what'd you miss the fact that Missouri has won the SEC East twice since joining while UGA only did it once? lol louder
The best team is decided by the score at the end of the game. If the white line becomes in-bounds. If the forward progress means a receiver can move backwards under his own power, if fake injuries become extra time-outs, if targeting can be drawn by purposely putting your head where no part of your body is going to be, then we actually know for sure that Missouri was the better team last saturday, and at some point crying fans have to give credit to Odom, staff, and roster. They probably beat a very good Kentucky team last week.