20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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With a second year HC/OC Missouri should have the best offense in the SEC East. We just don't know if Missouri's DC is NFL super or not, but we know that Walter's needed to go back to school to get an advanced coaching shot in the head Their kicking game will be among the best in the NCAA.
from Websters Dictionary Road Game: a sporting challenge where a team travels to the opponents home field. a traveling team playing a game in front of the opponents crowd near their home state, city, or campus. example: Florida Gators at Missouri Tiger Memorial Stadium on Faurot Field winter 2021 where the athletes and crowd seemed to have a vocal disapproving memory of Missouri at Florida the year previous.
yeah the Univ. of Central Missouri Mules and the Northwest Missouri State Bearcats are big Division II icons, I've seen them play several times this past half decade. And Sporting KC Soccer Park has often hosted the NCAA Division II Football Championship.
if you're in Olathe near K-10, yeah you can shoot out the back door and go in the back door in 25 minutes. But if you're in Liberty, you'd be lucky to make it in an hour
the following Missouri communities in the KC metroplex are north of Lawrence: Parkville, Liberty, North Kansas City, Claycomo, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Kearney, Platte City, and Plattsburg East of Lawrence are the KC metroplex communities of Lee's Summit, and Blue Springs..... nice try though
It does look like my keyboard revolted a little there. My apologies to the confused. Here is the kinder and more simple version, even cavemen can be comfortable with: SEC schedule goooooood "rankings" baaaaaaaad
no they should have let the entire conference do the same shopping they did for their replacements, and for themselves
Missouri has an all time winning record against LSU, Northwestern, Memphis, West Virginia, Iowa State (64-31), Oklahoma State, Minnesota, UCF, Arizona State, and numerous others ranked above them on this list, do sports writers do any homework at all?
the person who did these rankings is a dumb ass, Missouri is in the SEC, So it Kentucky, So is Vanderbilt. So no SEC program has a schedule it average in the NCAA DI like this story wants to sell.
My guess Missouri will score about 34 on Georgia and Georgia will score between 24 and 40. I don't like to pick winner but i don't mind speculating about how each offense and defense will do. I think this year Tiger v Bulldog game will start with a big viewership and as the game goes along make more folks around the SEC change channels.
That was an epic series at the end of a football game. I know it didn't turn out the way LSU fans would have liked but if you can just think about the suspense of it and not think about who won and who lost, it was one of the most suspenseful of all time.
Living rooms and bars TV sets haven't permanently been programed for anything. People in Omaha, Denver, Kansas City, Des Moine, St. Louis, and lots of other places can tune into a lot of products and attend a lot of events. Commissioners will aways be chasing public opinions and those opinions will change like the weather. I personally like the Big 12 a lot more without Oklahoma and Texas and hope Iowa State doesn't sell out, Kansas State doesn't sell out. And my % of Saturdays at Division II football games is going up this year. Mules and Bearcats, put another hot dog on for me.
The story of NIL will be so stupid, we will be only be lucky if it 1) never comes up again in 2021..... and 2) doesn't completely ruin college football within 2 years. Under it's present unsupreme courtation it is a disaster of distraction and unteamwork. It will take decades to bring this undefined judgement into a social norm, and I don't see how the game can avoid suffering and ugliness all the way through this. How do we know the NCAA and the NFSHSAA can ever satisfy the court, the legislature, and whoever happens to be in the Oval Office this election. And the timing is so bad on top of public health concerns in stadium which looks to improve but is only one mutation away for cancellation of all team spectator sports. I hope we all get vaccinations right away, and i hope a vaccination is invented that will make people understand that a college education is for college students only and everyone else should have always been going straight to the NFL minor league, WHERE THEY WOULD GET CASH instead of a more valuable college degree. The problem is not legitimate amateur leagues, the problem is NFL monopoly that kills other venues for athletes to entertain fans. Now where's the nearest NCAA Division III ticket booth. Can people watching the supreme court proceedings ask for their money back?
Well their MS rivals just throw the ball up deep for grabs on 4th down and sometimes that works out ok for them. Let's not limit ourselves on what kind of playbook we really have to have from the opponents.
The O line didn't look bad either. And just on that snapshot, it was a stock raising moment for defensive backs.
Everybody's going to like something different, but if I was a High School senior again, in a neutral state, and i got that cool video offer from Missouri, then I got that Florida card with a 12 month calendar on the back? I'd probably give the calendar to paper recycling within the hour... and buy a plane ticket to Missouri in 5 minutes
The interview where he talks about Oklahoma buying a mobile home for the mother of a recruit is my all time favorite
I like Arkansas and especially with Pittman. Good luck to our Ozarkian brothers. I hate the FPI, it's not nearly as good as typing with big fat crayons on wet toilet paper and reading the results it in the mirror. I think Drinkwitz will take a big step forward with Missouri this year. Remember that Drink didn't get to Missouri till 10 months before the 2020 season started. Missouri's 19 point loss to Alabama last season, was not good enough, but it's close enough for me to believe they will win the same match up this year.
90-17 and the team with 90 wants to keep playing it. What does that say about the team with 90 wins? Cowards that won't go looking for a fair fight. Oklahoma State could be commended for offering to keep playing it, but there is a better way to rise up and take the state title back. That way is to take a break away from your rivals regularly and redefine yourself as something besides the 2nd best program in Oklahoma. Getting Oklahoma out of your conference is a great opportunity to over-take them, but do it smartly. Dump the sooners
Once you look at the Airport map it makes perfect sense but the three circles are just not something a person expects to walking around.
Any poker hand.. by any SEC program has to have some cards in it. What cards do Texas have?, they have a network. The SEC has to make Texas obey the same disadvantages of letting the SEC network own their conference games that all the other league members obey. It the league does hold strictly to this then Texas will not be a member they will be a co-manager of the SEC. Even if they restrict the Longhorn Network to profiting from their non-league games, this still does not keep Texas on equal footing with the rest of the SEC. Profit is only one of the advantages owning a network gives a football program. Mass media $, power, message speed, name recognition, spin, indoctrination, and many other valuable commodities. If the Longhorns don't disband their sports network, the only way they will be equal members of the SEC will be if every other member spends a ship-load of money and owns their own sports network. The ridiculous patronage of the Longhorn Network by the Big 12 conference members choked the Big 12 and it will begin reducing the image and effectiveness of the SEC Network immediately. Why is that something 14 college presidents voted for with announcing ahead of time that the Longhorn network was banned from all SEC activities. (a burden to enforce at best). All the empty tough talk by bloggers here is embarrassing. Real tough policies have to made and enforced. Greg Sankey, so far you've been good at keeping secrets, well the time for explaining your plan to get the SEC back on track for 16 team fair play is at hand, and we haven't heard a peep out of you yet. Even if you are an Alabama fan, you need to wake up to reality here. Why do you think the Lowborn Network is your only enemy in this new power-play, it may only be the most obvious.
Tremendous athlete and competitor, really enjoyed seeing the Missouri Tigers play against his Commodores. Hope he continues to play as long as he can. Vanderbilt should be proud of turning out a star this bright.
Congratulations on a long and successful athletic record of participation and success. Hopefully your injuries don't limit your participation in life after college competition. Prayers for a good career where human physical performance for people who use their bodies to accomplish goals of a school / company are promoted by your thoughtful educated work.
Start with awareness of all the traditional and new management skills needed in this position. The real question is why would any "Athletic Director" want to accept Supreme Court's idea that they can instantly turn student cross country shoes, and tennis dresses into viable income vehicles for former slaves, i mean oppressed students. It is no longer good enough for an Athletic Director to coordinate sports participation with getting college degrees into the hands of many hundreds of student athletes every year. The NCAA and the National Federation of High School Activities Association are going to do ?WHAT? to change their bylaws into being the employers of student athletes? Impossible. And since student athletes are now employees then I guess the school can require them to mow the grass, clean the stadium toilets, and sell the tickets, and advertisements? Because in a lot of small businesses, division of labor requirements have never existed. So did the Supreme Court just eliminate small high school and college athletic events?
Just the 2020 Big 12 NET PROFIT from television revenues, after all the expenses of getting the camera on the field, and from the field to fans homes, restaurants, and bars, all the University media participants paychecks, all the accommodations for electronics, vehicles, personnel, after all the tax deductibles, was $253 million. THIS doesn't include Big 12 parking, tickets, concessions, donations from merchants off campus, radio broadcasts, advertisement at the stadium, or along the routes to the stadium, Bowl game payouts, payments by home to visitor, etc., etc., etc. Sorry but there is room for a conference to hedge it's bet here and dance with the one that brung ya. This change could very well turn out to be something that costs everybody in the SEC and everybody in the Big 12 A LOT OF MONEY. And that can't be undone ever. The whole look of this smacks of something not completely thought thru..... In times where the game of college football is not at it's traditional numbers best. Due to a well known 50 years cycle of communicable disease. The attitude "this is an automatic long bomb touchdown" is so poorly supported at this time, it's laughable. And to get it, immense proven profitable associations are being brushed aside. I'm laughing at how risky and ignorant this move really is. The first time a team not named Texas/Oklahoma wins the Big 12 there is going to be a cash windfall for them. The first time Texas or Oklahoma don't win the Big 12 or SEC there's going to be a big hole in their old revenue pattern and this could get worse every year.
I think 9 team divisions are coming in the SEC. 8 game round robin in the Division and 1 permanent cross-over. and 1 or 2 rotating cross-overs. No cup cake week because every cupcake weeks cost a couple hundred million bucks. But I think we would have a better league we the stuck to 8 team divisions, (7 team round-robins) and played one permanent cross-over. And two rotating cross division game so every 4 year recruit would see every league opponents at least once in their college opponents. and it would be even better if the played 7 division games and 1 cross-rival and 3 for an 11 game cash flood every week. A 12th game could easily be allowed with a rival from outside the conference during the regular season and the play-off games would allow at least a 13th and 14th game for some, then the bowl games would allow a lot of programs to get a 13th game.