20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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four and one-half months of fair psychological management of a group of very physically talented college basketball players. BUT, horrid technical coaching, terrible tactical plans, and no focus whatsoever on a physical foundation for using the roster he had to it's most efficient outcome. Add to that some of the worst injury prevention and management and you have Cuonzo Martin's coaching. I don't see it getting better until he hires some really good help.
I attended every home game again this year. The attendance was consistently reported to be about 15% higher than it was. Not a big deal. Home games were as much fun as ever going all the way back to the last decade in the Big 12 and the first 3 years in the SEC. On one hand fans should have sold out the stadium after the 2013 and 2014 division championships. On the other hand, when Pinkel and his staff failed to dismiss the boycott children from the team, Mizzou was lucky they sold a single ticket till all those boys were gone. The sum total of this is that fans were more loyal than they should have been, and the University responded to the bad decisions by hiring a great AD and a good young coach. They also responded by building a great new south stadium addition. Although the view south was actually better than the addition.
It seems more like the program needed time to get past the extreme defense roster reputation. LSU and the SEC West were slightly over-rated all of 2018, It was smart to give them highly over-rated UCF in the bowl.
"Just in case" he averages losing 3.5 games again in 2019. Les Miles went around a decade and averaged losing 3 games per season. Is this the year the athletic office produces the improvement O was supposed to be over Miles or will it be 'another' rebuilding year.
He probably still calls the Newspapers in Texas and tortures them with stuff he knows he can make come true.
An mind-boggling few college players get to play football after college. The AAF will make it possible for a few more to develop into the games top players. Remember that the AFL was once considered to be in a different class than the NFL. Washington had James Franklin throwing to him in college, but did he have the best coaching? I'm not going to be surprised to see players like Washington become top names in pro football.
Kansas is the program with the most bad-at-cheating incidents in history. Then toward the end of the Big 12 Conference, they became just plain bad at everything except Basketball. And they made it look like they planned to be bad at everything except basketball. Now they are showing that the bad at cheating history they have never really went away.
Interesting that Dooley was a pro receivers coach but still needed to hire a receiver's coach. Not surprising but still interesting. Question now is, did his experience coaching receivers let him hire an a+ position coach like this. Long overdue in a program that so often leans on it's passing game.
While Ms-State gets one qb into the pros over two decades, Missouri gets all there quarterbacks into the pro leagues, except one. See the difference there? Dak Prescott is a top performer. He got a lot of praise from Missouri fans. Why?, because we know and appreciate quarterbacks better most programs. Let's talk about your egg bowl State Championship. Only fans with small geographic minds think winning the game agains the neighbors is something special.
Ok, I'll bite. You just can't imagine how messed up u of texas is ? And you just can't begin to imagine how messed up they have made the big 12. You're right about Missouri fans not giving a hoot about Kansas. It seems KU seeks out parasitic relationships. My guess here is KU basketball has it's root problems in conference voting promises made to u. of texas and vice versa. They needed Missouri football and basketball, not the other way around. Simply not associating with them is a huge financial implosion for them. Imagine the Kansas City money they can no longer touch.
Chris, Colorado HAD to leave the little 12-4+2. Texas was taking 700-million dollars and giving each other member of the big twelve 11-million. Colorado did not get invited to the Big 10, where else were they going to go and I think it was a great fit. Here is what you could have said about Syracuse: If everyone in New York gets a free college education then every college in New York is living outside the NCAA rules. None of them are eligible to keep a single victory they get on the field, every win is a forfeit. If you think Nebraska won't rebound and contend for a division champ in football you're not very aware of the fundamental fooball will-power in the State of Nebraska. Pelini dug the hole Nebraska is in, 9 wins and 90% of the recruiting turf dis-enchanted. Did you graduate from UCF, does anyone really get a degree at UCF ? Did LSU spank UCF ?, did Florida beat LSU ? Yes, Missouri did beat Florida again this year and the SEC East smashed the SEC West. So your next article will be what ?, the SEC West was a mistake to admit and keep in the SEC ?, that's how "out on the fringe" this story reads.
Only a sexist hoping to promote women to jobs they haven't earned would disagree with what i wrote, Aunt Rob. A woman can plan her family in such a way that it doesn't interfere with her career goals. Another woman can take her job, do a poor job of it, with a lot of politically correct excuses leaving the employer in a dimished position, and looking for every possible way to not have anybody miss anymore work. Where does that leave men and women that need a day off every now and then.
It's great to have a Fatony but in a State of 6 mil., with no other D-1 nationally ranked / TV covered programs, A punter ought to show up on the in-state tuition break alone, a $9,000. advantage. Having said that, do we have to over-pay 90% of our greedy-rarely-unique-or-gifted Univ. employees so extremely that this generation of students can't afford to put themselves through college. That's a crime college classroom teaching staff thugs. Get right with your Maker. You are now cheating a 3rd generation of Americans out of higher learning and our nation is going to pay for it in an even more costly way.
And this personality will bring Fox...? what weird demographic of college football fans ?
Missouri's last decade of Quarterbacks: Chase Daniel has made 38.4 million in the NFL. Blaine Gabbert about 19 million. James Franklin 2 million in 4 years in the CFL, Brad Smith's NFL earnings, 2.3 million also in only 2 years (and he switched positions). Drew Lock will smash Chase Daniels earnings in only his first few years in the NFL. Why did Kelly Bryant go to Missouri ? Where else was he going to go after being deprogrammed from College Football Media ignorance. Taylor Powell didn't come along as fast as he might have, leaving the gap open for Bryant. And I wouldn't be ruling out a position battle evolving as the season goes along. injuries happen, That's how Mauk got a chance and how Lock got that all-important early jumpstart he needed.
Could you teach me that trick of admitting I was wrong sooner and more often, grin? Yes I always look forward to the South Carolina game, and I think Muschamp, like Odom, will continue to become a better coach every year.
Why are people having such a hard time with accepting that college sports should stay amateur and pro sports are by nature the opposite. We don't need sneaky little ways to make college players non-amateurs,.. but we could just let anybody go pro immediately from high school, or just let them pass a GED test and straight to the pro leagues from junior high if they can.
If there was ever a job that would drive a person to drink, and not want to show up..... It would be at the University of Texas.
Who said political connections can't include loyality, legacy, and honor. Another good point you make is how Lock makes recruits that leave Missouri look foolish. Those recruits that get into a close fight for a position with a home-state signee somewhere else will probably lose a football career over their disloyality to Missouri.
Not only a middle finger but a black-eye. Remember the poll voters are not bound to observe the NCAA's unjust penalties. The higher they continue to rise in the polls (look at the first poll already), the more people are going to ask "Why was Missouri punished for a tutor the NCAA themselves affirmed acted outside the influence of the University, while Dabo Sweeney himself opened the possibility that his staff had given his team PEDs.. The 2018 so called "national championship" is not decided yet in the court of football fan public informed scrutiny.
Oklahoma doesn't need to change their playbook much for Hurts. Missouri had to protect Lock. It's not that Lock wasn't durable, it's just that he had the political connections to get through college ball and into the pros relatively untouched. But Oklahoma could get beat next year by Texas, Oklahoma State, and maybe West Virginia, not to mention TCU or Baylor. Who is going to get blamed for that? Missouri is actually lucky they have a new proto-type. All new work for the opponents DC's to figure-out. While Missouri and Dooley have months and months to shake up. Not to mention that Missouri still has the long-ball threat in Powell who can throw the ball out of the stadium and into the Vet's hospital. (not always into the same room yet, however)
Georgia, had a very good team last year, the SEC CG proves that. However the contrived "National" championship game truly shows that neither Alabama nor Georgia were state of the art. And I say this fully aware that Clemson did what they did with tons of PED. Something I suspected Florida State did to Auburn in 2013 also. (where's the NCAA action on that, by the way). Now having given credit to Georgia, take your hedge limb scratched glasses off for a minute. In the 2018 Georgia at Missouri game: 1) a good field goal was taken away from Missouri. 2) a touchdown was given to Georgia where the player fumble the ball out of bounds before he crossed the goal line 3) a forced fumble was awarded to Georgia well after forward progress had been stopped and then the ref blocked Drew Lock from making a tackle on the fumble-6. There are other questionable calls in the game, (I was there sitting next to head shaking Georgia fans), but those calls alone account for the Missouri having more points when time ran out than Georgia. My point is Georgia is no Lock to win the East next year, and Missouri certainly proved that they can let Vandy, Kentucky, and water-polo-South Carolina stay in the game. Not to mention Georgia's defense looking far better than Missouri in the common opponent Alabama-game. Literally anybody could win the SEC East next year. Don't be shocked to see LSU slip further down river in 2019 after being over-rated the entire 2018 year. This would make the SEC West another one-horse race, AND here is one thing you can count on, the SEC East will once again dominate the SEC West (something few in the media could make themselves talk about)
great idea that the senior would protest the NCAA's unjust action. I mean genius idea. My theory about Odom not appointing a strong DC to the job sooner is that he knew he needed a lot of offense scholarships to make the Lock system work. No outside DC would risk their reputation by coming to Mizzou and getting less than their share of the scholarships. I guess we could test that theory by adding up the non-walk-on scholarships and comparing O to D. If the awards were unbalanced, will Odom now make sure Walter's gets his share. Remember the whole league has followed Missouri and aTm into exciting attacking football, and not a year too soon based on attendance trends.
It's good and it's not good at the same time. Here's why. In the same way an offense must be balanced to spread a defense out, so must a defense have balance to stop the opponent from having a successful attack at every square yard of space between the line of scrimmage and the back of the end zone. Remember Kentrell Brothers? When he graduated Barry Odom discovered the rest of the defense was soft. That could happen because Brother's did too much that the rest of the defense should have been assigned to execute. But it's also bad in the same year Brothers and Garrett are still playing college ball because if a team has a blocker that can just slow Garrett down a little then it exposes his over-assigned responsibilities where other defenders are not making tackles they should make before Garrett moves to their point of attack. It can be bad in another way. Once the opponent looks at film they can see all the unbalanced space commitments Garrett makes and show the attack he likes to over-commit, then send the ball where he came from.