20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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That's the perfect response, when judged by someone who either a) thinks cheating really makes you a chimp or b) knows the program didn't cheat and likes the ring better than the banner.To me the important thing in this story is the NCAA example of making an on the court champ take down a real NCAA banner. Note the difference between real basketball champs and committees who think they can name real football play-offs participants instead of taking all the conference champs, for example.
I watched a lot of athletes go thru knee injury, many thru recovery, few every played as well after. I know 1st hand knee injuries. Henry Josey had one of the most gruesome knee injuries I've read about. Both He and his surgeons deserve to be considered as program achievement "bests". Keep in mind that Josey was sharing carries with Kendal Lawrence, Marcus Murphy, Russell Hansborough, among others. Still Missouri has such a long history of running back stars and the game has changed so much. I just wouldn't know how to pick one from so many thrilling athletes. Thanks for making us think about it anyway. The Sikeston Train, James Wilder Sr., . Joe Moore, Tony Temple (watch the oottonbowl v arkansas video on u-tube, list goes on and on.
college is the last shot for football participation for 99% of athletes. I wouldn't stay on a roster i can't play for either. More athletes should get their degree where they can play. Lot's of colleges need players, quite a few have scholarship money.
That's fine, it will just add to the upsets in the Madness Fest
H u g g y, how did Texas get the votes they needed to control the TV money for the Big 12 ?, and why did 4 institutions bolt, including 3 founding members ? Are you figuring this out now ?
TV and motion pictures industry promotes killing 24-7-365. Combine that with soft and soft single parenting and you get 18 school shootings in 2018. Pain can be kept on the reality side of the brain forever if dad is allowed to apply a well deserved and reasonably lovingly applied spanking a couple of times in a kids life. There can't possibly be 18 shooter who are so nutty they are incapable of being taught how much pain murder causes in a lifetime. If there are we better develop a chemical test for it, cause that is one robot-cold-machine brain.
Our neighbors are K-State and Wichita State, and every other institution in Kansas
I think it's easier to be a contender in basketball by an immense margin. Always has been. Even more now with the 3 point arc.
As this table shows, Missouri liked contending for the Big 12 basketball conference championship and expect to contend for the SEC conference championship. H a i t h then A n d e r s o n didn't last long. The current state of affairs in the SEC has changed. Football coaches may have even more pressure on them if the East and the West have more than one contender every year. Last year at the time nobody knew how much progress Georgia was going to make. Or it could take pressure off, It has to be obvious that a lot of SEC football jobs were hard to fill this year. Fans greatly over-estimate what they can expect for a couple million more bucks a year. (no joke intended)
So I guess there are 28 college programs that could tie for 6th in the SEC. No.
There's more to this. This injury is not common (negative). But Porter has been playing with it (positive). NBA contracts are all going to have injury language in them. (positive) But Porter's injury is pre-existing, so different clause for him (negative). Porter has played in all star games (positive). But Porter has not played agains 23 year old college seniors (negative). Porter is clearly healing up (positive). But Porter could re-injure or get a new injury (negative). Porter is holding guaranteed money now (positive). But Porter's contract offers could go up across the league if he plays agains 23 year old college players. (positive) Under no circumstances will Porter's money slip if he plays and stays healthy.(neutral) Because he is mostly a known quantity. (positive) If Missouri goes to the elite eight or better Porter fever could grip the NBA (positive).
Thanks for your good reply here, once again, I like Mississippi State coaching and roster. I think they will pull together and make the tourney and make the SEC proud. A lot of basketball program in the SEC and across the nation would like to be in Mississippi State's controlling own destiny position right now.
yup, as I said in an earlier story, he is going to have to prove he deserves to start fast. If he is suspect and his dad uses him a lot. The team attitude is not going to be pretty.
Missouri fans are used to being in the conference championship hunt. The Haith and Anderson years were not going to last long. The question is, will Missouri become dominate in SEC basketball they way is was with Norm Stewart in a lot of years.. Also, will Missouri have longer March Madness runs with Martin. If yes Martin is going to have to shore up some basic technical training and learn to teach making space for a teammate vs. making space for yourself.
payola, and a promise by the big 12 to get their vote on the Lowborn network
Missouri has improved quite a bit in the last 3 weeks. How do Mississippi State fans think about their improvement curve ? The score of the game reflected the coaching and execution till late. At that time the refs didn't know whether to call the fouls and reward the offenders with game stoppage or let the fouls go and reward the offended with time taken off. Perfect illustration of why refs should be clock-blind. The elbow was a foul, the charge was a foul. Selling the foul does not cancel out the foul. The big story here is not the officiating. The big story was that two tournament worthy teams met in a rematch where one has improved more. Mississippi State can still put on a late improvement surge and go deep into the NCAA tourney. Tremendous athletes. Fairly good coaching. Good luck Bulldogs. Oh yeah, great sell out crowd also. Missouri is going to have sell-out crowds now for at least 4 more years. A 17 year old is one of the leaders today.
Children and adults are dying every day because the insurance companies can't pay for the million dollar treatment programs to save them. Some of their cancer seems to be linked to the pesticides and herbicides used near their farm houses
The biggest story in college basketball is the improvement of the SEC and the national recognition.
And the Tennessee fans buy the fake news every year. It's just a matter of time before the Head Coach will ge the blame for tabloid journalism
Chris, did you even watch 5 seconds of Missouri's first three back up's video. Lock, without his statistics, would have a real contest on his hands for the job.
You guys either didn't read or forgot what happened immediately after the Pinkel family strike. 1. Pinkel was fired. 2. Faculty and Administrators who were enablers had the money for their salaries written out of the budget by the State Legislature. The BYU game happened and everyone behaved. Numerous players were demoted by younger players. Even the Wall Street Journal acknowledges that the event was a hoax ! Missouri's classes are exactly like a knowledgeable football fan would expect after Pinkel was "retired" and Odom was hired with zero HC experience. If anything, the post hunger-strike Missouri world is way better than anyone could have imagined. Not just football, but the whole athletic program is more highly rated than it has ever been. The basketball program is better today than ever since Norm Stewart, possible exception the class Haith inherited. Wresting in the hunt again for a National Championship. Women's programs are looking better to recruits nation wide every year. Nationally recognized sports writers are saying Missouri national brand is stronger than it ever has been and climbing. Just because a hater wants something to be true, doesn't cancel out a Missouri River flood of facts.
You should be proud, Muschanp is doing well and South Carolina's program could go from division contender to SEC champ in less than two years.
There is no 3 Star athlete, except in fairly tale land. There is a very small group, less than a half dozen, athletes per position, so talented that nobody needs a recruiting service to Star rate them..... after that there is a huge pool of talent where the college the coaches who will be teaching them have to decide if they have a physical and mental set that works. So while your idea would make sense for less than a half dozen extremely successful programs in some years, it doesn't hold true for the over-whelming picture of college football. It certainly doesn't hold true for the ridiculous one-word descriptions used in this story.
one more thing, Dooley might have had something to do with Tennessee's competent offense during the time the Tennessee fans were hating him (the same way they hate all their coaches). A football fan can't remove the fact that Tennessee fans are convinced by the media there that there recruiting classes are way more talented than they actually are. So after getting these recruits starry-eyed reports, who else is there to hate but the HC.
Good question. My opinion is they can't get open short because they are not big and physical enough. When you think about it, bigger players rule in limited space, faster players rule in long space, and quicker players rule in medium space. I'm not saying that contact always decides whether the short is open or not. I'm saying given Missouri's physical profile of receivers, Hill and now Offidile have no choice but to use each receiver where his gifts give him the best chance. Lock has to throw balls to the right space with the right. pace. On rushing, Ford gets credit for using the straight ahead tactic to it's best result, but not even Georgia was able to use that tactic in every game and certainly didn't try to. I guess the O-line will tell Odom, Ford, and Dooley how creative they can get, but I sure hope it's an improvement over Witter straight ahead and then Rountree straight ahead, keeping in mind we might not have a happy feet back like SC in 18. What happened to #12 in the nation Ofidile at Oregon? I hope he's worth more than receiving action at Missouri than Oregon, but it's not a good combo to have a record like that and have your dad coaching the receivers. Ofidile better show up in super shape with a super attitude and leave no doubt about his roster rank
I know there are writers who have no idea how much better the SEC is than the Big 10, Big 12, and PAC. These writers think that when you finish tied for sixth in this league you can still be made of "mundane" classes. Keep trying writers, maybe some day you will have a mind of your own, capable of adult logic. Missouri's classes rated about the same when they beat Oklahoma State in the Cottonbowl, and Minnesota in the Citrus Bowl. Just in case you want to dismiss this argument a Missouri thing.. South Carolina is another program that makes this one-brain cell story obvious. And Kentucky's classes have had more than courage ever since Stoops arrived. Finally the question about Florida's class gets no answer from the word "fun". Florida will do well but most fans want to know if they "clean" now.