20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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Every violation looks like an exponentially bigger target. Missouri, nor their fans did this, It part of the landscape now. Why didn't the NCAA attack the faculty who is responsible for valid test results, sites, and transcripts at every university in America? We sure can make football coaching staffs go to every classroom and do this for the faculty. Because the union of faculty won't let any of their members get any heat for academic sloppiness no matter how great or small. And that's true at Georgia and everywhere else as well. Possible exception some private institutions.
Sad that any person, of any race, originating on any continent, would believe or claim to believe, for leverage against other races, that someone poking fun about marital bliss and the occasional lack thereof, could be fairly attacked for having even the slightest lack of consciousness about historical crimes that have zero connection to his comic relief offered obviously in the best spirit of relief of our anxiety over this worldwide pandemic. I'm sitting at the breakfast table just 5 miles from the historical bed of the transcontinental railroad. Another subject of historical injustice where irish laborers were so badly treated that their wives and children literally starved to death. The accounts of which are recorded in a book I can see on a book shelf as I write this. Imagine all the railroad references I could use on a daily basis to make claims of entitlement because of my Irish heritage. But what a dis-service I would be doing to all my Irish kin folk by casting such a insincere and manipulative light on all of them. Shame on A.D. Cohen when he could have said "please don't try to create racial ill will in Starkville. "Now if someone has a real experience of concern bring it to me with all expedience".
Fire Cohen, and promote Leach to University A.D., President, and Head football coach. Nobody that apologizes for doing something wrong they didn't do wrong is worth having on campus. And a football player that says he believes this comment is about race or injustice is not just a liar, they are an ignorant transparent liar.
Also note that Mississippi and Tennessee contacted him (officially) immediately, maybe he will wind up a linebacker on their roster, at 6'4" 260 lbs. And maybe he won't have to keep up with the DC off season strength training program or cardiovascular maintenance/improvements? Just some mental exercises to make sure we are all considering all the real possibilities.
Mississippi State faced an average of around 68 plays per game in 2019-20. The ball would have be run to his side an average of very roughly 16 plays per game.... times 12 games equals 172 running plays to his side for the season. How impressive are those 19 tackles? He wasn't, nor do we expect a DT to be in the top three tacklers for Mississippi State 2020 but clearly he isn't shedding a lot of blockers and getting to the point of attack either. At this point, Leach's DC has had time to look at MSU film and talk to each player on the roster about training goals. At 6'4" 260lbs. he should be a very mobile player, he is just a little bigger than a linebacker. I noticed that Mississippi and Tennessee contacted him immediately.....and this assumes that this was the first time he was contacted by these teams. It would have been pretty easy for Mississippi to have been fishing for another DT a even before Lovett graduated from high school, much less before Leach cracked a joke about married people getting on each other's nerves. I seriously doubt that Abdual Lovett really believes Leach's comment had any reference whatsoever to anything but blissful marriage. No wonder so many college football coaches sound like dumbed down robots when they talk.
your point is a good one: "one safe experience doesn't make all that appear the same to the public "ok". At the same time I know you personally are engaging in risky activities like going out in your yard, opening your mail, maybe going into grocery stores. There is a question for science to answer every time a new public health threat breaks out. That question is ?"What's safe" and ?What's not safe", How safe is it"?, ?"How to make it safer". If we don't move forward on public safety science, the threat's to it will over-take us and reduce our quality of living. Some other examples "How unsafe is fracking", "How unsafe is each kind radioactive waste product", "How can we keep our "right to bear arms" while keeping guns out of the hands of nut-cases". So it's not irresponsible to travel, it irresponsible for the media not to describe in detail how MANY people are continuing to travel but using the state of the art skillls, techniques, and chemicals to be safe. It is also the job of the media to find those who are doing unsafe traveling, but the ethics of journalism require that they back up their aquisations and that is NOT happening here. Why was his trip unsafe?
I think you better read what Drinkwitz said about SEC recruiting, instead of "read into what he said your own speculative ideas" Recruiting technique does not just break down into NCAA permitted, or not permitted. It's also somewhere on the ethics scale. It's also somewhere on the best interest of the athlete scale, and it has other dimensions that the public could judge as more positive or more negative. It's fine if Drinkwitz wants to point out that some college programs are a little loose with recruiting technique. Let them shoot some details back and forth about their quality control, it could be some of the best reading we've had on here for a while
Appearing on anything with Herbstreit is like fingernails on a chalkboard. So why is college gameday something to be protected.
so any time a reference to hanging is made.... we are told it is about abusing student athletes, lynching, historical lynching. It cant be about executing criminals, or historical execution of criminals? We can no longer talk about the tragic suicide by hanging because that has to be a someone also a statement about injustice. Sorry, NO THIS IS A JOKE ABOUT HOW COUPLES GETTING FRUSTRATED WHEN THEY SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER THAN USUAL. ITS FUNNY TO A LOT OF COUPLES. I'M NOT LETTING AN UNREASONABLE PERSON STEAL MY SENSE OF HUMOR. Go jump in a lake. (only 4 inches deep however) ( not harm intended)
First take their fake NC away for using PEDs. After that, I can't agree with the objections about travel. It's not if you go somewhere, it's how safely you go there, and once you get there, are you isolated? If someone can sanitize the plane. If the pilot can be isolated in the cockpit. If the airport personnel can be safe distanced, if the rented car can be sanitized? All these safe transactions need to keep going on to keep some cash flow happening in our economic system. In fact, what we should be doing is perfecting a lot of new procedures for safe commerce. And encouraging safe transactions. If doctors and nurses can go to work in hospitals full of COVID 19 then carefully designed business transactions should also be set up and monitored so that our economic system can recover once the virus. If grocery stores are staying open and safe to have everyone going in and out of then, the same procedures need to be applied to some other commerce activities...CERTAINLY NOT ALL COMMERCE CAN BE CONDUCTED AT A SAFE DISTANCE, but where it can be, it absolutely should go on. This may not be the worst virus outbreak of the decade, or century, and we need to learn from it, not hide from it.
and we need to know this why?
Is the way this low-life talks the way we want college men being educated? We just don't need basketball THIS bad
It seems like the NCAA is in on it. Otherwise why would it have ever gotten this bad. Why would these guys still be coaching? Why would the players still be playing? I don't care if people get paid for playing basketball, just don't lie and call it amateur sports. I don't want to watch pro sports. I don't want to pay for professional sports. Don't lie to me. This is why I quit watching college basketball and this is why I quit watching college football programs that I strongly suspect are paying players. I rather go for a walk myself, do some sit-ups, take the canoe out, head for the lap-pool, than watch people get paid to play a game. That just my preference, don't lie to me about it.
You are dead right. China knew their 'wet-markets' were dangerous breeding grounds for virus mutation and species jumping. They passed a law against them after the SARS outbreak. Then a few years later out of their public's eye and out of the world public eyes, they repealed the law. We know for sure that COVID 19 came from a wet market, just like SARS Corona. There does need to be world legal action against China and if international agreements don't provide for such action the world needs to boycott Chinese products AND ESPECIALLY CHNESE BUYING OF FOOD CHAIN INDUSTRIES ALL AROUND THE WORLD, LIKE SMITHFIELD FARMS IN THE USA
Nobody should write a story that discourages people from taking care of their essential business. College football players need to both study and do the physical work to stay ready for a demanding activity. Otherwise they are NOT SAFE. This is not a question of who will win, or who will win by the biggest margin. IT IS A QUESTION OF INURY RATES AND SAFETY. Shut the unethical mouth Herb. This is a commonly known unprofessionalism related to the concept of not yelling fire in a crowded theatre.
If anybody ever needed to get clean and sober, he did. Amazing talent, from a system that sacrificed a lot to promote talent from this scheme-position. Disrespectful to his team-mates who did their part to help him get a lot of fanfare, only to watch him blow it selfishly later on. Selfishness is the common trait of all drunks and dopes. Don't be one.
I hope the NCAA is still allowing coaching staffs to use the telephone and prospective student athletes to use the telephone. In this world of higher education on-line, students shouldn't have to wait on the NC(narrow minded)AA to approve their college education plans. The primary job of a coaching staff should be to help the student decide if they can play football AND make expedient progress toward graduation. I have to throw in, if I were a student athlete, I would want some kind of letter of guarantee from the NCAA that if I participated in their governed contests that I wouldn't get punished for something students that had already been thrown out of school did. If I didn't get that assurance I'd be playing in the NAIA, or engaging in a sport that honest people administrate.
Concerning Missouri, you don't know what you're talking about. Pinkel recruited well enough to win the Big 12 North 3 times and the SEC East twice.... in spite of being way too slow to fire bad coaching staff. CLEARLY the problem at Missouri was hiring an inexperienced staff. Odom was a long way from being able to handle his Head Coaching bid. A lot of Division 1 coaches would like to have a state with 6 million residents and no other power five team to recruit against. Texas and Missouri have such a good recruiting relationship that the flag of Texas has been known to be carried out onto the field before a Missouri game. Mizzou literally owns Kansas City, Missouri now that both Kansas and K-State are no longer contenders in the old Big 8. Among the few players that Nebraska has been able to sign in Missouri, are some who literally made public statements that if Missouri would take them back they would transfer from husker-land. Some of the best talent in Arkansas wants to play at Missouri. The best high school football program in Illinois is a bullet train to Missouri. Missouri has hired some questionable coaches in the past few decades, not even Pinkel was ready to go when he got here, but Missouri has had some good coaches in the past and the program should be a top candidate for a sharp young coach to achieve results in. I'm not saying Drink has no learning curve. But i do think he is way ahead of a lot of young coaches and a fast learner, and in a very short time everyone will think he's been a head coach for decades.
Drink was right. He didn't over-react or short-change Herb. What he did say, "If Herb mis-interpreted what I said, then i apologize for not being more clear". It's ok if he combines a clarification with an apology, but nobody reading here seems to have figured that out. Drink's point needs to go a little further. He needs to share the important injury statistics for college football. Roughly stated, about half of all football players will have an injury that ends one of their four years of eligibility. That statistic is going to skyrocket if journalists start telling them not to stay in shape because they are not going to play anyway. Herb is being totally irresponsible to use wild speculation like this in a potentially harmful way. Drink and the K-State coach are ahead of the curve to stop that doom and gloom story selling technique. Don't yell fire in a crowed theatre either.
We need some numbers on death-rate on ventilators vs. not on ventilators. Also missing is why younger healthier people sometimes die vs. sometimes don't even know they have it? Is this normal for a broad array of virus agent illness? Will this world-wide reaction have a copy-cat legacy or will health care go off in a new direction when the results are studied? It can't be all-good for health... to isolate everyone? Lot's of people need looking in on and conversation included? I suppose every illness is unique but few of them are completely unique.
Nobody is going to want to practice with or play against a campus still having new positive tests so there is a chance a University could have to forfeit all or part of their season schedule. This is not our first Corona outbreak so somebody needs to start publishing the data on probable months it can last now that we have entire North America lit up. China is still reporting new cases 4 months after their first case. Will every player be required to pass a COVID 19 test every week before they play in a game? Maybe
It will be interesting to see: 1. If studies will show the lien mass/mass ratio of college football players goes down or way down. 2. If PED use goes up or way up 3. If the % of players who miss a practice due to injury goes up or way up 4. If the % of players who miss a game goes up or way up 5. If the percent of players who have season ending injuries goes up or way up 6. if the number of surgeries/ number of participants goes up or way up Some of these have been consistently studied, so it will also be interesting to see if this generation of graduate students are asleep at the wheel ? But speaking to the story and writer. Sorry, nobody should speculate about the upcoming football season in such a way that it encourages athletes to be unprepared for practices to restart, it's probably more dangerous to 18-23 year old young men than the virus itself. So totally agree with the K-State AD and totally think K.H. is a jerk for selling a sports new story like this, the worst kind of journalism.
A conference is a stability tool. It allows programs to spend more money and have a better chance of keeping the investment in black ink. But it's not essential. I personally think it's nuts to fly or bus non-income producing sport's teams all over the nation to compete. The most compelling reason is that it has a serious effect on the quality of education these students get. Keep this in perspective, it's not more serious than keeping grad asst.s from teaching classes or having class sized smaller than 30-40, but all these things need to be improved to really get back to 'higher' education vs on-the-job-training. So back to my point....have the non-income producing sports compete in-state or locally, and keep more students in class. If no local programs can keep the contest competitive, then cut grants in aid, that's dumb for non-income-producing sports anyway. If the schedule still isn't competitive have more than one squad, giving more students a chance to play, and dilute the talent till it's a fair contest.
I wasn't old enough to go to the game. It was 1960, Missouri coached by Dan Divine, was undefeated and ranked #1 in the nation. KU payed half-back Bert Coan "benefits not permitted" to transfer from TCU to KU. Coan played against Colorado and Missouri. The Conference declared Missouri the winner but not in time for the final media poll to reflect Missouri as undefeated National Champion. (although I think one poll kept Missouri #1 anyway.) As for the 2013 game against Auburn. I'm still furious with Dave Steckel. Missouri's offense scored 49 points, more than enough to win the game, but Steckel refused to come out of that bend-but-break-anyway defense he we infamous for. I'll never understand why Pinkel kept him in that DC role for more than one game, yet Pinkel kept him for years.
Ignoring information doesn't make it go away, neither does 'considering' make come true. The following will just get you started on one class of virus. (History and Recent Advances in Corona Virus Discovery, P.I.D. Journal) (CDC's, Human Corona Virus Types, brief summary and relationships to animals, evolution from sources.) (J.S.Kahn and K.MacIntosh, History and recent advances in Corona Virus discovery, and 60 related sources). It's also helpful to have some practical experience handling, identifying, culturing samples. Laughing at b.t., here's a scientific compilation, USA Today, with fundamental disclaimer, "(based) on the tip of the iceberg". Wow, that's a confidence maker, isn't it. The fundamental nature of this is that agents are harmless until they change in that one critical way. All virus organisms, by their nature, mutate. Small samples of these mutations are the most likely to appear harmless, so why don't they stay harmless. It's math and the 'law of (extremely) large numbers'. We can't escape life with virus and bacteria assault, but just hoping they don't do any worse is what? Not everybody in AL or MS thinks they know something after reading the dumbed-down version, just the simple minded.
The "Flu" is combination term of everyone who get Type A, type B, type C, and type D. Type A alone has 197 sub-types. The Corona Virus is not one kind of virus. COVID 19 is the latest in this kind. You can be sure that if one flu virus individually began spreading and killing people like COVID 19 it would get exactly the same kind of reaction around the world. Approximately 40,000 people die in auto accidents every year in the USA. What do you think would happen if half of them starting dying in one make, model, and year of automobile ?????
The ratio that means the most at the end of the pandemic is number of deaths to number of recovered individuals. TODAY that number is 27,352 to 133,355. That's 2.7 in 13.3 (3 in 12 would be a 25% mortality rate). That number can't be argued with or changed. The 436,024 people that still have the virus might all recover or might all pass over (Heaven forbid). The exception is that another virus or mutation also takes hold during this pandemic. It's too early to know if football happens in 2020 or not. Social distancing and staying home slows the death rate but stretches the pandemic further into the future. I spoke to a friend from the England today who said one of there auto making factories is now making only respirators, and this is just one example.
I hope your information is better than mine, because there is supported data that says the opposite. One substantial change is the rate of severe, critical, and deadly effects in age group 50-60 and 40 to 50. There is also a report claiming people who had tested positive early in the pandemic have now tested positive again for a mutant Corona Virus. I'm waiting to see if this story get affirmed or not. The gravity of this, compared to the horrors of the mutations in previous out-breaks, underscores the importance of not allowing China to continue the "wet-market" breeding grounds" of these killers. Our species has stayed ahead of viruses for perhaps a million years. But when virus opportunities are promoted far beyond what nature would allow, there is a real possibility that a super-virus could mutate into a form that wipes out it's new species jumping host completely. Not to mention that our population density today is a new opportunity for a mutation to happen and recycle, happen and recycle, etc.
?who has done the most with the least talent, that's coaching programs have historical momentum, that's not coaching all programs that have the same above, have different recruiting skills, that's not coaching money, facilities, recruiting pool, .. not coaching A grades ? B grades, Saban, Mullen, Malzahn, Muschamp C grades, Leach, Ogeron, Muschamp, Stoops, Pruitt, Fisher, Mason D grades, maybe Kiffin, Unknown quantities, Drinkwitz, Pittman,