20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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Frazier is very confident. He should be very confident. He is man-eater. He knows the media will want him to talk every day because of Missouri phenomenal history promoting his position. Odom has made it clear that he is not Kuligowski or Stekel. This means he won't send the student body at the quarterback on every down. Frazier and Harris knew they had to protect the 6/5 and 4/3 hole on most plays. Notice how patient Harris was with Odom and Cross. It worked. To the Media Frazier will seem like the latest and the greatest, but to Missouri's locker room Frazier will seem like the best team man yet.
If the bowl games of the past half decade prove anything, they prove the SEC has turned into a very good scoring league. So it's no wonder a Demontee Cross comes into the SEC and has a rude awakening. Losing Kentrell Brothers was also sure to cause a hang-over. Clearly 10 starters were relying on Brothers making the tackle before they could get there. Odom knows what to do. He knows what to do in 2-4 defensive plans. His toughness wins theme did not stick last year, I think he can make it stick this year. I know the defense showed up to the spring game with a better attitude and better talent. One sure example was how they quickly piled up a brick wall quickly at the known point of attack.
@Farner, I think you have this order close to right. I like Georgia, Ms State, and Arkansas up there with Missouri. I think if you asked Heupel and Lock they would say they can prove you right IF: Missouri's running game keep's it big expectation, or if Lock really has done his film and reading practice, or if one/two/three other receivers learn to get open consistently/run routes that get someone else open
The real question is "What historical top finishers in the East can challenge the real recent football machines Florida, Missouri and Georgia have used to win the East the past 5 years. Even if you are some kind of NCAA 6th year eligibility appeal winner, nobody on the rosters of the East programs has won an East Championship and probably every coach that ever won an East division is gone. You can talk all you want about the West but Missouri had the lead against Auburn 5 times AND the point ratio of victory was 3:2, a field goal to a safety. A lot of the teams in the East are going to be capable of beating every team in the West this year, possible exception of Alabama, who themselves lost to Clemson 2016, so our league needs to sharpen back up a little, and the East is recognized by almost everyone as making progress. Even Kentucky could make some highly ranked noise this year.
Here's an example that might actually help make your case. I think we will agree on this. If an athlete has a skill or talent producing income before he became an 'NCAA athlete', and the income appears to be unrelated to football or the institution and the athlete wants to continue to gather income at the same rate. An argument can be made that he / she should be allowed to continue to do so. Do you have any examples like this, or another idea you feel like should be allowed ??
Here's what I'm seriously saying, and it's only my opinion, the NCAA has the defined opinion that means something. My opinion, at the very least, if you can connect the income source to football or the institution, then it's the person is no longer an amateur. He is at the very least a very minor league pro of some kind. The dwarfing vast majority of Division 1, 2, and 3, NAIA, and NJCAA athletes have worked, are working, or will work to pay off their college expenses and all of them know how to insulate this work ethically toward amateurism.... except the ones that want to cheat. Yes, depending on the division, there are some specifically named and described exceptions. When in doubt, call the NCAA for example and get a ruling. The examples in this video are meant to claim the NCAA blocks legit income and expenses for athletes and everyone knows this isn't remotely true.
Having not heard anything negative about Suh for a while, this is great to hear, I hope.
Your simple idea is, "the institution running the camp can't staff it", with former patriots, or those still employed by LSU, or those recruiting at a lower competitive level, for example Div. 2, down to high school. It's just another strategy among hundreds that keep a program ahead of those that don't. Any program that makes exception to this will be getting something else important as a trade off. I just got an hour ago from a camp on a National Champion's campus. Not a single coach there was wearing a shirt or hat of the same division competitor, and although i didn't look at all their resumes, the clear look was avoiding any conflict or association with conflicted interest. If you want to agree with O's opponent here, just make your case. There a few exceptions that hold water.
ok, a good attitude can start with cleaning up a bad one. Time is short because Missouri has 13 defensive linemen on the roster and at the very least a half dozen of them already have their attitudes and performance curves in a long running upward directions. Not to mention the fact that college is expensive without a free ride.
The video shows a thug taking a cheap shot at someone who can't defend themselves. So is the writer saying this will make college coaches and football fans trust him to perform when a division, conference, NC are at stake ? No, he can't even be trusted to perform when he goes away to a no pressure football camp.
@mountain dog, Navydawg, just let the young men settle it, a sports information director has a very clear job description. It never includes predicting the future or telling a roster/coaching staff/ and fan base what's going to happen. As far as I'm concerned exactly, Georgia has a 1 in 14 chance of doing what they said. That's the same as no chance. It's not a slight to shoot down these tabloid stories, every fan should demand real sports information. There is a ton of real football reading we are not getting because they are all afraid of being a real journalist. For example, I want to know how Is. Mac. is doing?, I want to know where Georgia is the deepest this year, I want to know what the passing/running play ratio is likely to be for Georgia this year, I want to know how healthy Georgia is and how the injured players are healing up, I want to read Nick Chubb himself say how he feels compared to his freshman year, I want to hear Georgia fans talk about last year's SEC opponents and how they think the matchups will challenge the dawgs in 17, you know real football ideas, not crystal ball, houdini, stuff
The NFL is a higher level of skill and tactical execution. Fans can skip college football if they just want the best football entertainment. But they don't want perfect football, they want to see young men (and women) represent an institution. If you are starving do what every other college student has to do. Take a semester off and get a job. You are not a martyr, you are a spoiled brat. A certain football fan base just voted on this recently by not showing up to college football games, instead they went to see college wrestling (real tough guys) perform, where nobody on the team is trying to cheat on the concept of amateurism. In fact they are praying to stay amateur so they can walk off with an Olympic Medal. That's another non-financial prize. Get it?
And Missouri competes in the Mid-America Conference MAC in wrestling
If you don't go to Missouri wrestling matches and see the live fights, you are missing something rare, especially against Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State.
South Carolina and Kentucky will finish higher than 9th and 11th, so that doesn't leave the SIDs much to get right.
also Auburn and Georgia will not finish 3 and 4
I'll take as much of that Missouri action as these pencil heads want to put out.
Ok, this is the metro area where the news media wants Odom to sign every player that any recruiting services thinks has any level of talent, regardless of character or anything else. This is the reason Missouri only needs the best character, minimal SEC talent, but men who want to represent Missouri so bad that they will work hard and behave for 5 years if necessary
a plan where a college organizes camps in-state with teachers from other colleges besides their own is so moronic they need to be turned in for being stupid. It sounds like a bad plan was, better late than never, recognized. Having said that, It's a bad sign that so many complaints are piling up so soon. Don't forget that O replaced Miles in the middle of the season, public relations from that point forward should have been un-touchable. No coach wants this kind of appointment, this is the reason why. Everything he does will be questioned and everything the AD does will be questioned,.. and should be. Having said that the whole story of this camp now needs to be told and retold in the media so that the bad PR doesn't stick on the SEC ... if possible.
Let's talk money. The "Border" game at Arrowhead is a sell-out with big pay-outs for both programs. Neither the Big 12 nor the SEC would get a share of that money. 80,000 tickets at an average of 100 bucks a tickets equals 8million. Plus parking that each school can negotiate a share of, call it 9million after adding that. Concessions that each team can negotiate a share of, 10million. TV money 12million. Advertising on the Arrowhead property 14million, donations from alums that want their team to be #1 in KC, 15 million. I'm sure I'm missing a few significant line items. Sterk says he wants the cash... no surprise... Kansas will want it as soon as they have a chance to win the game. Basketball if different, Kansas needs to stay high in the March Madness seeds, more money is at stake in that. Missouri will certainly upset Kansas in basketball about every other year.
You make a good point. Don't paint a target on yourself with non-conference games. West Virginia was a good one, Indiana was a good one, Purdue will be a good one. Of course in years when you have a chance to win the conference you cannot risk a game with a non-conf. team keeping you out of the top 4 ranking.
Ranked what? If you mean top 10, sorry but a program can be pretty good and not get ranked in the top 10. If you mean top 20, same response, the top 3 finishers in every decent conference fill up more than the top 20. Lets face facts the newspaper boys don't really know where to rank anyone when they get past conference champions and the one-loss records. That's the difference between english majors and coaches. The general public is just a little more clue-less than the english majors so they buy that ranking garbage. Now if you said Kansas didn't win the Big 12 much you would be right, but Missouri's multiple conference championships are not recent either. THE REASON NOT TO PLAY KANSAS IS THAT : THEY WILL CHEAT, THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST THE RECRUITING WAR...DON'T LET THEM UP, AND THEIR FANS HAVE THE WORST MANNERS ANYWHERE. HAVING SAID THAT WE CAN AGREE ON THE TULANE V LSU EXAMPLE YOU GAVE.. IT CLOSE ENOUGH TO MAKE SOME KIND OF POINT
They don't call the 2011/12 basketball game between Missouri and Kansas the fainting goat game for nothing.
Kansas has only been bad at football for the past half decade. The reason not to play Kansas is that Missouri currently dominates both Kansas and Kansas State recruiting in the State of Kansas. Why should Missouri give them a chance to make any progress on that. Also Kansas has proven over and over that they will cheat any way possible to win both the football and basketball match ups. There is no reason to expose yourself to cheaters. Missouri was headed to the National Championship football game and Kansas recruited and suited up Texas aTm's star running back who was ineligible to suit up for the game. The NCAA ruled the game a forfeit in just a few days but in one day Missouri dropped below 1st or 2nd in the NC poll and the voters never re-covened.
Kansas beat Texas last year. And The Kansas vs. Missouri game recently was #2 in the nation against #4, Missouri's win propelled them into the #1 spot going into the final week of competition in the nation.
Dowdle and e v e r y o n e blocking for him won many hard fought 1v1 battles against Missouri last year. They deserve a lot of credit. The East was a lot better last year and will be better still this year. Many games will come down to who wants it the most. Somebody has to finish first in the east, and last
@Bunker Buster, Not recognizing the great wins of Ole Miss and/or Missouri just makes a person less of a football fan. You must be miserable for 99% of the NCAA season. Every once in a while I remember and even watch the great Missouri wins/games going back to my childhood in the 60's and film even earlier. There has never been a true national champion in NCAA football, always part popularity contest. As recently as last year, a true conference champion was robbed by the prettiest cheerleader committee. Try looking at real college football as a game of skill, power, luck, and politics. Just be thankful every time the refs get the outcome of a game right. Pass interference, invisible planes of scrimmage, legal holding and illegal holding, admissions offices, prosecuting attorneys, pushing off, intentional injury calls/no calls. There are plenty of false winners, but every fan can watch a game and know when two teams are performing at about the same level. Like Missouri v Georgia last year and Ole Miss's last win over Alabama. Don't let some guy on tv or the internet tell you what quality is, and don't pass false "shade" around like the flu.