20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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Not only did Alabama rack up a ton of points against South Carolina. North Carolina also beat them, then NC barely beat Miami and got beat by Wake Forest. With the exception of Alabama, those teams are not going to finish the year in the top 25. On the other hand Missouri got beat by a smart coach with smaller faster players than Missouri/South Carolina. They also lost a week of development by playing SEMO but at the same time got some players in the game that can change the outcome of the SC game by putting depth on the field. The game that the odds makers are forgetting about was the West Virginia game. West Virginia is not nearly as average as Missouri made them look. In my opinion it is the game that media and odds makers are grossly under-considering. The winner of this game has a huge head start in the East race. It's a must win for both teams and only one can win it. Don't bet on college football, it corrupts the outcomes, but the odds makers are going to lose a lot of people a lot of money this Saturday.
Even confused people deserve opinions. The SEC East is the defending head to head winner against the SEC West, facts elude your think-mouth connection. Missouri's season last year was better than the record most people call a "good season". The reason is what practically every media and non-media opinion says about the Kentucky ref job, the Georgia ref job, and even though South Carolina earned their come back win, it doesn't change the fact that a lot of teams worse than Missouri would have slammed the door on them. You seem to think that games won in league play somehow count for more wins than beating somebody outside of league play. Ok Einstein. I noticed you ran out of blabber-gas before you got to the part where Florida is ______ and _______ against Missouri in the last ________ seasons. Oh and lets see, I forget, how many times have Kentucky and South Carolina won the SEC East since Missouri won it in 2013 and 2014. Rest assured your promised outcomes are at the very best as sure as rolling dice. I like Muschamp and to a lesser extent Stoops, but if you reverse their experience with Odoms, it's not a bright prospect to think about them trying to have an edge on Missouri this year and less in the future. Your idea that 5 Star Lock and all his 1 star team mates are just skipping along behind powerhouses like Kentucky and South Carolina and Tennessee and of course Florida even more laughable. Thanks for the entertainment !
Against a bad team, if you can't put pressure on every player who can get the ball, they will score on you and make you look like the 11 stooges. Against a good team they will score on you and make you look like the 11 stooges with a hang over. I'm tired of the excuses, Ostarine is not the only way to beat Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, etc.. Ask a very average team Purdue how they did it. Ask all the teams in the Big 12 that have given Oklahoma a good game in the last couple years, and the Big 12 is not full of powerhouses. Just know your assignments and when in doubt commit earlier and mark tougher. Stop with the double team hog wash.
It's still the first month of classes and there have bee few tests and some goofy pop quizes.
If Bryant goes down the play book will be Lock-like. Powell will be fine in that play book. The freshman will keep his red-shirt. If they have to turn a receiver back into a quarterback, they can. Powell's hesitant look is not his fault. Dooley has him doing fluff stuff to protect the playbook against South Carolina this week. Watch his team mates after he comes out. They are telling him, good job, this is not your book.
It's South Carolina's close game with North Carolina against Missouri's big win over West Virginia. Does either game mean anything? Or is this game just a mystery outcome. Missouri has a chance to take a two game lead over the gamecocks and head to head to boot. Big opportunity for Mizzou, will they be prepared?
Perspective NC State was 9-4 in 2018 and 3rd in the Atlantic Div. (which included Clemson. Their 19' wins are against WCU and ECU by more than 4 tds
What Riley should have said "In the Big 12 we have a true conference champion from a complete round robin" (stop). What Saban should say back "Well your round robin is against teams who combine for about 30% of the coach's poll rankings they had when the Big 12 still had Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, and aTm, even the more fain system can't save the Big 12 from a yearly reminder of the dumpster fire Texas lit there.
Read between the lines here. He's writing that UT and their people just can't help but let their overly optimistic opinion of themselves slobber on everyone else.
Shocking that Tom Herman's wife would feel the need to mouth off about about something (anything). 'Hook em', dumbest phrase a Univ. ever adopted, aTm please change your 'gig em' so we don't have to think about the lowborns every time we hear it.
He might be trying to break a new long field goal record to be set this year. Missouri lined up briefly for a 55 yard attempt, last week.
Good music. With every good play and good game, Missouri has to be saying "this is our year and those who try to take it away from us will pay dearly in public opinion". But that's only part of fighting through adversity because nobody cancelled the regular season and every result is a statement. Even the comeback attempt that fell 6 points short said they won't quit even when the clock is running down. I hope the coaching staff steps up and has their game plans and contingencies ready every week
thankfully Ohio State is now more disgusting, so Indiana, get your better than they are shoes on and follow Purdue's 2018 example. There are so many good football teams out there in this modern era, carrying along an old ghost just stinks. At least the CFP committee has the sense to keep their uneducated opinions to themselves for a few weeks, though not long enough.
It's not my goal to make Powell seem better than he is, but he has never gotten any snaps and when he does the goal is to do something other than his strong points. If division one football had JV.... Powell should be in a spread the ball all over offense. Then we would see his accuracy improve or we would see he him get passed by roster members with different talents.
or go back to being a position coach
Some Missouri fans knew Bohl could come up with a long-shot strategy and coach it perfectly. Other fans were just in shock after the WYO game. This happens a lot when a inexperienced Odom meets an experienced coach early in the season. I keep saying this. Missouri fan satisfaction will follow Walter's defense this year. This is his year to show real potential of go back to being a position coach. BUT, Dooley must become a better OC this year. He has to limit Bryant's magician routine. He has to have great receivers and great O-line blocking on the rushing book. He can make it in 2019 but he is not there yet.
As good as Dooley did at Missouri, he had the weapons to do significantly better. He likes a big play book but he under-develops much of it, (common mistake among big play book coaches). Also a coach of this mind usually needs to be better at cutting loose things that don't work and being even more creative with the related parts of the play book that do work. Because opponents can prepare for a commonly used strategy, but when it gets tweaked, that prep. goes out the window more often than not. Play selection for Dooley needs to mature a lot. No way should he get shut down by a Kentucky. No way should he take so much time to counter Oklahoma State's or Wyoming's rough stuff tantrums. Before Dooley Missouri's receiver coaching was horrible, After Dooley Missouri receiver coaching still has a lot of room for improvement. Now having said that, I still believe Dooley can be a great co-ordinator and good head coach, but to me his pathway back to head coaching (which he says he's not interested in) is absolutely to become one of the best Offensive co-ordinators in the nation first and he's only knocking on the door right now. Keep in mind that Odom might not be good enough at letting his co-ordinators run their practice time.
No, sorry, Nebraska is not that high after losing to Colorado. Maybe Notre Dame and Ohio State are in the top 30, maybe not. Florida has no claim to a spot that high. Really everybody below #4 is just groundless. Maybe Maryland should be a lot higher.
yeah, I've been saying this for 8 months now, if Walter's Missouri defense plays like he is now an experienced co-ordinator, then Missouri will not finish worse than 2nd in the East and could win it. I'm not promoting AL to unbeatable this year yet. Same sentiment for Georgia, LSU, certainly not Florida.
East teams that could go 2-0 against the West this year: Georgia, Missouri, Florida, and Kentucky,......then Vanderbilt, and South Carolina could split. So if we are speculating that the West will change it's fortunes this year? There is no evidence for it. As for power ranking the whole conference, it mean's nothing. But if the media are going to do it, they should honor the record of one division against the other, which they don't because for them it more about popularity than real football team ability.
If you are not an amateur, you are a pro. It's that simple. If you are a pro you can't compete against college amateurs. It's that simple. If you live in New York and everybody has a full ride scholarship at your college, then New York can't have limited scholarships, therefore they cannot be NCAA members. It's that simple. Now enforce the principles of amateurism and limited scholarships or college football is over, gone, finished, history.
If you take Bryant's escape-ability away from Saturday's game, Missouri still wins big but West Virginia looks a little better. So what makes a good quarterback? : deception, Bryant not as good as Lock yet. Steady feet? if anything keeps Bryant out of the Pro league it is setting his feet right and on time. Accuracy?, Bryant has it. How about getting yards with feet, Lock was fast, but Bryant is more durable and fast. Vision ? Lock still has the edge on Bryant but Bryant could be closing the gap fast. Cool head?, they both have it in different situations. Kelly Bryant needed a quarterback coach in junior high. Lock needed a better one than he had. They may both polish up into NFL success.
Purdue can score points against a lot of teams, don't think Mason has slipped any. If ever a coach needed time, Morris is that coach at Arkansas. I'm not offering an opinion that he should or should not get it. But ask youself this, how many coaches lined up to get what Bret B. got on the field after the game. Look at the score Clemson v Alabama, then look at the score Clemson v aTm, now are they off of the PED's yet? I agree the best thing about the LSU v Texas match up 2019 was LSU's attack. The worst thing was that it couldn't be a run away shelling of the Lowborns. Holg.'s West Virginia did well in the Big 12, but was vastly under-appreciated by media and fans and I guess administrators. Bohl's Wyoming will not suffer the same fate, he is already considered to be a great fit there by most and this is the way a team responds. Now I'm not saying Wyoming will win the MW, just that Bohl has them headed in the right direction and a lot of people there feel good about it. To me this explains a lot about the scores against Missouri. But don't lose track of the fact that Missouri's offense lost the game in Laramie two different ways and 3 fumble/interception run backs take a lot of blame away from the defense, certainly not all of it.
This typical of the way they think. These are the folks who were rescued after sinking the Southwest Conference. In gratitude they sunk the Big 8 conference. Look at Tom Herman's attitude and behavior what kind of administrators think that is admirable? They think they are smarter, and that fate ordained them with some money to sneak up on the rest of college football. Hook em' ?, go fish by yourselves creepy boys.
Glad you added Bentley, prayers for all college football players, that they can play the game they love for a while longer and not be compromised in their athletic lives after football. Thanks to trainers and doctors and good coaches who reduce the risk as much as they can. Boo and get lost to any player that doesn't play the game with the Golden Rule ruling their every snap.
You're not associated with me. Thanks for serving our nation all the same. Two things however, every honest hard-working greed-less person serves their country and many of these jobs are not safe. You don't have to like Missouri or fans that take issue with your unearned critical comments, but don't be surprised when it comes back to you. I am interested in some of your ideas. That's more praise than you might think since I made my living in athletics for over 20 years. Keep writing on Missouri's page but bring info from better sources. Missourian's didn't just start playing football when Mizzou joined the SEC. Some of us were pioneers in the evolution of the game.
he's better than that but both he and Bryant are suffering from receivers that can't improvise and get open. I wonder how Robinson feels about the play calling for Powell?