20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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Does anybody in the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, or ACC trust California or any of their trained monkey football associates in Washington, Oregon, or Arizona to muster a televised college football bowl season event when they can't even figure out how to keep their athletes safe enough to let them play non-conference games? Excuse me, but last I heard, a bowl game is a non-conference game..... and we know for sure the Corona Virus will still be around in bowl season. Heck the decade old Swine Flu Corona Virus is still around (killed about 200,000 this year) and the Rose Bowl people sure never had any problems with their parties up to now. You see in California it's not about reality. It hasn't been ever since Walt Disney left Marceline, Missouri and set up a cartoon show in California with his brother and uncle. It is now about the show and it's influence popular whims. Grow a backbone, operate with science, teach people how to deal with reality, like our nation always has. Play football as safely as possible like we always have.
Your accidentally right. This year, we have a virus about twice as dangerous as what we usually have going around. This virus can be managed. But it's going to be way more expensive and lead to way more misery and death than if the public acts in ways we are being advised to act. Bad government preparation. Mixed public performance on prevention. Mistake to shelter everyone at home. Mistakes not to protect those with vulnerable health conditions. Terrible irresponsible over-hype by the media. Dumb leadership on testing by nose/throat swabs, even Dumber leadership by not discovering the facts about blood testing early on. Really dumb fear mongering by the left. Just as bad ignoring responsible behavior by the right. Now here is what happened during these many "look over here' moments: bad inflation, terrible lack of quality journalism, (except by Vox, wow they have been super), world over-population statistics showed they will get way worse even with a substantially virulent killer virus at it peak. The Chinese demonstrated that lies and totalitarianism can work better than a free political system where even bigger lies are exchanged between two sides, final and indisputable proof that political parties cannot be trusted to look out for a nation's best interests, and may i wrap this up by pointing the finger to all the american's who so willingly believed the lies fed to them by "their" trusted snake oil salesmen, the democrats AND the republicans. Parties that used to work at a minimum of functionality, but now have sunk to the level of yelling fire in crowded theaters. Fire them all and elect someone new every year, till they get the idea that there is no safe place for them get their guaranteed pay-days for bad work. Forget the party name, make them all one-term village idiots till they figure out their party puppet strings are what we are not putting up with anymore.
Kuligowski made a name for himself at the expense of Dave Steckel who had to figure out how to compensate for giving up the 3,4,5, and 6 hole on the line of scrimmage, left and right, every freakin play. Missouri scored 42 points against Auburn, way more than enough to win. But Steckel and Kuligowski gave Tre Mason 304 yards of rushing because the only people home were two inside D-linemen. TERRIBLE coaching. Instead of finishing 5th in the nation in 2013, Missouri should have beaten Florida State in the champion's bowl game. Missouri had all the players but not a smart defense. Sure they were good at the pass rush but the Head Coach has to say "men we are in the big game, we have to stop the run first, before we show off our world class pass rush. Now lets go out and call a smart game, so I don't have to take over your job in the middle of the game.
College men will be more safe going to practice and games than they will be not going to practice and games. Take that to the bank. The cost of TV ads during televised SEC games (all of them) is going to go way up. # of Merchants who want these adds will go way up. Pay-out to colleges/conferences per game will go way up. The only loser in this season will be people who want to see live games, not all the tickets will be available but for those who can pay seats will be there and the profit from these per seats will go way up. Athletes never had more of an incentive to play because all the fame and fortune will be split by fewer programs and conferences who play the most and highest profile games. One big block, tackle, breakaway, one-handed catch, sack or stuff might send a player to the NFL because so many other programs might be taking the day off. College men will get in line fast to transfer from the sinking ships of the programs that crawled in holes and waited.
Thanks for expanding the discussion on public health, but you are still not telling the whole truth, and you can't do it in this medium. AIDS hasn't gone away. H1N1 killed 200,000 people world wide this year and this is at least it's 11th year. And every year in the USA 60,000 people die and more have their quality of life permanently changed by the different bacteria and viruses that attack our lungs. Even worse, as a society we spend WAY to much on health care and that could easily change with easy and simple improvements in all our behaviors. Examples: smoking, alcohol, drugs, sleep, water consumption, sugar intake, fiber intake. Corona Virus is not the center of the health universe, it's just the favorite subject of the health media today.
That's an interesting horror movie you're living in ! The rest of us are living in the real world where the SEC East, as a division, caught up with the SEC West, as a division. Oh yeah, and both those divisions are easily the best in the NCAA. Check my sources on this: NFL, Bowl-game results, non-Conference games, choice highly rated recruits are making, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN. Every University athletic income bank account. Make no over-reaction mistake here however. Great football is also being played in the big ten, the acc, the big 12 minus 4, plus 2, and even some in the pac. And i personally take in some great NCAA division 2 contests every year, REALLY enjoy them, you should too. now you can go back to your negative-nancy-extremefantasy-land.
Football is not going to change the public health situation in any significant way. We've always had viruses going around the world and thru our nation. The fact that we can name them, see them in better electron microscopes, classify them more accurately doesn't change much. Bad health habits open the doors to many problems and improving health habits will slam the door shut on even more. For athletes, health, trainers, team doctors, have always had an important protocol that kept them safer among many negative public health concerns. Close association with team members and opponents has always presented challenges. What the writers here glaringly leave out are the fact that these athletes were not getting all the guidance they needed when they were back home. In undisciplined environments they were more exposed. Regardless of where we are the most controlled, we're going to get exposed to all the common viruses and like it or not this is a common virus along with some of the other Corona class.
I had about the same reaction. Lower the "fluff" and bring the real "stuff". No hype or gripe to him. A team needs leaders in every class and leaders need two strong feet on solid ground, not heads in movie-magic-land.
It's scary how the left wants to control people and how much they like the control the virus gives them..... and it's scary how the right wants to ignore the common sense standards all illnesses call us to heed.
Sorry it's not beating the odds, it's just a virus that spread like all viruses that don't have vaccines. Delaying fall sports will not stop the spread of this virus. It might actually speed it up due to lack of monitoring . Who is going to monitor the health of college football players if they don't come to practice every day? Nobody. Who is going to make up the lost opportunities of the class of 2021 when important classes don't get held to complete their degree requirements? Nobody. Stop the brainwashing, do all the things we know will help us stay healthy AND live your life as close to normally as you can.
Say Dennis Dodd, from Overland Park, Kansas writes or says """""""""". Then it will makes sense.
Missouri will be above average on offense because Drink needs some practice time. Missouri will be above average on defense because their co-ordinator still has some things to learn about getting a good defense recruited, trained, and ready every Sat..
@Tigurr and LH61, you are both right, sorta right anyway. YES it is true that everyone is catching it and the symptoms are not totally predictable. The truth is: none of the six Corona Viruses have a vaccine or known technique to 100% protect an individual up to a town, or nation. So we can make our society non-functional where people die and suffer from not getting basic food or medical attention because they are too afraid of Corona, or we can take more reasonable precautions and "sorta" live a life we recognize as functional. How does football fit into that ? Young men who like team sports can take the risk if they want to. Those who don't can take inexpensive classes online or elsewhere and still pursue a better socio-economic future. People who want to attend football games can go look at the seating, restrooms, and concession areas, and decide for themselves if they want to take that risk. What should government do? ans. Hammer the public with known facts about what we know is safe and what we know is not safe so that more people can go out and expect everyone else to behave MORE safely. Like our dumb-a political parties, what we have now is two extremes, a) those that are afraid to go out of their houses and b) those that can't imagine what 6' looks like and who absolutely have to breathe on and touch each other and common objects like 3-year olds. I saw a Nebraska fan in a restaurant with his two children yesterday in Sedalia, MO.. He was defending his kids right to get too close to other people by saying everyone else in the restaurant could wear masks if they were afraid of his children. I'm not kidding. Dumb-ness has no limits either but it can also be treated.
The playbook has to fit the O-line first, speed, quickness, versatility, techniques. So far the best play-book that line attempted was the Rountree/Badie running game. Let's go with that idea first. Robinson is a more versatile and sturdy running quarterback than Bryant. This is why Drinks said wildcat, not because he can't get the training reps in to do something else. I seriously doubt he meant an exact copy of somebody else's wildcat anyway. So we are going to see an offense where triple option is probable, not just possible. The modern triple option worked pretty good for Auburn in 2013. Is that the end of the discussion?, no, because Drink has two kinds of running quarterbacks one with speed and one with versatility. Next Drink just told you he thinks he can train his throwing quarterbacks to execute in the SEC. I just have to guess here that he will use the throwing quarterback that fits the opponents weakest spots, so when will we see Powell for example, ans. when the Tiger can get one v one deep. Well when will we see Bazelak?, ans. when quick hitting speed of recognition is the key to success, Bazelak has the eyes, brain, recognition, and decision making skills. I don't think we see the St. Louis youth this year. He has tremendous talent but he was a bit of a late Bloomer. We see him in 2021 as a contender, and that offense might also be complex .
College football fans are so easy to fool. Are 16 year old boys are physically mature, full-grown, etc.? Ans. go to the CDC chart for weight and height. You will note that both height and weight are still increasing for nearly all individuals. Well maybe these 16 year olds have already had their best coaching and already have their best technique, tactical knowledge, local muscular, and endurance by muscular and cardio-vascular? Oh sure, that's why high school kids can skip college and go straight to their professional careers as well, ?right?. Drinkwitz is signing kids the same way Pinkel did, he is going after kids he knows he can train to finish in the top few teams in US College Football, like Missouri 2013. In case you are missing the complete point. Drink is getting his roster laid out early so his staff has time to get hired and trained to fit the classes he has coming in. These recruits will know what the program is and essentially have 7 years to perfect the game Drink wants to play. Compare that to some coaching staffs we've been seeing in the SEC that have about 6 months to get a team on the field.
Good one Booch, you nailed this. College students have been getting hurt and even dying of accidents and illnesses they shouldn't have for decades. Why does this happen? ans. because nothing can be perfectly safe. Automobiles kill 40,000 every year, but nobody would think of telling college football players the can't drive automobiles while playing NCAA football The statistics on C-19 are clear. If student athletes behave as they should, no healthy athlete should die from it. This is a challenge for college training and medical staffs but not as challenging as keeping dangerous college driving, alcohol, drugs, and many other risks we all take from time to time (are there any smokers reading this?)
your not paying attention, the SEC East is slightly deeper and stronger the past 3 years, than the West.
Rogers committed in April, Coley committed in June. Two quarterbacks in the same class. Pittman sent a clear message to Rogers "you may be from Arkansas but we don't think you are good enough". Watch some video of Rogers, hmmm. What did Pittman coach at Georgia? Coley had better high school receivers, and he may be quicker, but his receivers often had to wait on him or almost back up to get the ball. So Pittman might also be saying we want our quarterback to carry the ball a lot. That's risky at the college level. Didn't i see Rogers also carry the ball some in high school? So I think this comes down to will Coley's quickness pay more than Roger's talents, and if so can he stay healthy?
All these Elite 11s have their work cut-out to beat the upper-classmen ahead of them. I really like Tyler Macon 2021 (headed to Missouri), but he has to beat another young talented player ALSO from the St. Louis area, Brady Cook. I count his decision as better informed than most, because he should be familiar with Cook. And Cook himself is in the best position he can be in because none of the four upper-classmen are "entrenched". Oklahoma in a bowl game would be fun quarter back dual, and in the most recent quarter duals between Missouri and Oklahoma, the Tigers have had some good results.
A lot of young men, QBs, can run a balanced playbook with a functional OL, deceptive receivers with good hands and timing, and running backs who can make 4 yards happen even if only 3 are created by the rest of the team. The first question is do you think Nix is one of those. The next question is coaching because their are legit doubts now and I'm not talking about Malzahn. To put the question in perspective, if I ask the myself the same question about Missouri's quarterback contest, I get a lot of different answers: for throwing, quickness of execution, and decisions it's Bazelak. For quarterback rushing yards, Robinson. For speed Wilson. Range, Powell. Development, Cook. My point is a program is going to get what it wants out of matching up against an opponent with a playbook that attacks their weakest points of defense, and using the best quarterback for that snap. And there are only so many hours of prep available once the weekly games start. (dang that attending classes, doing homework, sleeping, and eating thing) Is Nix a do it all himself starter every week?
Because it might shine a spotlight on someone they're not promoting. Clearly it's an interesting event, even if one questions the ability of "Elite Eleven" to gather the best eleven and display them. (if that's even possible).
Good job Gov-ner. Now, as illustrated by my first sentence, speak/write to the public respectfully, even if not every citizen has earned it yet.
Our Missouri high school programs need better trained coaches. What Drink needs to do is to hold more and better coaching clinics or help improve a coaches association. There is absolutely nothing better about St. Louis or even Kansas City athletes. It's all about what high school players know about playing football and how far along is their development. I like to think of this as culturing the football mind, then detailing the curriculum for the cardiovascular, the techniques, and the strength-endurance. This should be the basis for handing out star-ratings. Out-state programs need to travel a little farther to test each other but when more coaches are better teachers, more talent will start showing up in less than than the large and private schools
Thanks for confirming what I just pointed out
When the administrators won't put up with losing without firing football staffs, the student athletes know they are next to lose their big man on campus credentials. Take that to the bank.
College football can be played with zero fans in the stands because TV money will make up far more than live attendance earns. Student athletes are safer being monitored by doctors than going to parties every night and sitting in crowded classes, or going to bars, restaurants, or even going to a lot of jobs.
It's a Kiffin-ism, Charolotte beat Kiffin's Owls in 2018. Do I need to write any more?
These colleges all have systems. The systems were developed with spring football workouts in the design. All 130 of these D1 programs are still trying to find a way to maintain their yearly system because if they don't they lose to all the teams that find a way. So the NCAA wisely lets the process return a little closer to the 2019 season system. The most important result of this is less injury and less severe injury. When individuals in a contact sport don't know where to go and what to do on any given snap or simulated snap contact happens that neither offense nor defense expects. An athlete can protect himself from injury better when he knows when and how contact is likely to happen with opponents, fellow defenders/offense, and even just the turf. Another protection that is unseen is the fact that these college age men are under the supervision of professional men/coaches instead of being off campus somewhere. The coaching staff is preaching responsible and mature behavior to them everyday (hopefully). And that professional training is immediately and for a lifetime a benefit to these college age men. I would argue that it far out-weighs the risk of being around a team member with C-19, especially because on the team everyone gets tested and off campus away from the team, few people get tested.
The potential for a transfer to hold a team back is greater than to ignite a fire. Franks has some supporters who think he is a catalyst. He doesn't strike me that way. I have no argument with his strength or technique. I question his ability to execute and his timing, and speed of thought. Good luck to the Razorbacks regardless. It's a year of shaking up the SEC West maybe.
I don't want a man telling me about the USA women's soccer team and i don't want to hear a woman telling me about men's college football. And I don't want to see them on television interviewing college men's coaches. This is not sexist, it's just not believable. It's hard enough to listen to some inexperienced men talk about college football when you know they didn't participate in the sport at any level.