20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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ALL 14 University presidents voted unanimously for 8 league games. You can’t spin that into anything but “unlikely it ever changes, should ever changes, bad luck, every one thinking it can happen is just misunderstood and unlucky, yeah but there’s an unrecognized political support for 9 hidden somewhere. No D. A.s, It’s not going to happen because it lessens every SEC programs’ chance at: A winning season A bowl game A higher AP ranking A higher coaches poll ranking A National Championship (Georgia at Missouri) An interesting rivalry with a seldom scheduled neighbor ( KState) An interesting match up with a rival or rival league A in-road to recruiting new territory And many more reasons After 8 league games we’re going to know well how everybody compares.
Thanks for the additional information but it doesn’t change the fact that SEC members are geographically close to lots of non members who could draw crowds… and sell advertising. It’s just impossible to justify increasing the risk of not going bowling because the conference ordained that half it’s members would have losing records and every league game is a significant step in that direction.
A few math NCAA challenged SEC fans can’t get past lipping off about the next team ahead or behind them in the season long run. The reputation of the league depends on how the whole league finishes and that means NOT doing the heavy lifting for other conferences who can’t do it themselves. If you look up dumb in dictionary there’s a picture of an SEC schedule with 9 per season regular conference games on it. This is literally what every other league prays we will do. 6 or less SEC games per season is a nightmare for the rest of the NCAA. This is possible with 3 divisions of round robin SEC play. Once the late season rankings get established then the best SEC record can go to the SEC Championship Game while the other two have a play in game. While the math looks unbalanced, the rankings potential is the best possible arrangement. The second place SEC program would have one more win than the league camp some years and would get potentially two teams OR MORE in the top 2 to 6 bowl games every year…. Division Champ and division runner up!
The correct place to be on this argument is supporting amateur college football because NIL is about as sustainable as snowballs in hell. When this washes out, less money will be handed out to fewer players. Fewer fans will want to watch college football, and the NFL will steal about 75% of former college football interested fans. Lol, yeah teams that only win 7 or 5 or 3 games are going to keep getting NIL donors? No. Not going to happen.
What is important to the league? answer: media attention and money, in that order. Your ideas about playing 9 conference games and who plays who by division or cross-over are also in left field. 9 conference games times 16 members means means a lot more losses for the conference and less bowl qualifiers. It doesn’t hurt the top teams more than it hurts the bottom, it hurts them all. This is a no brainer for coaching staffs who want to live in the same state more than 2 years at a time.
This is simple math. How many SEC programs do you want to have bowl bids $ for the SEC and $ for each University. If the whole schedule was intra-conference half our programs could be bowl ineligible. Highly unlikely that they could all go .500, but almost impossible. Same question for high profile inter-conference challenges which also bring in TV revenue but come with a guaranteed loss to one conferences’ bowl line up. Compare that to the opposite strategy where every SEC program gets 4 wins against high interest but beatable inter-conference opponents and potentially every SEC program could be bowl eligible. Fewer coaches get fired which mean fewer Universities have to eat expensive contract defaults. 8 conference games have more potential for $$$$$$$$$$$$ $, 13 games of conference and university income. These are not income figures you can just toss up in the wind. And if college ball stays NIL professional (I hope it doesn’t) the money that goes back to University is going to have a giant target painted on it by our socialist lawmakers. Which means keeping your State’s best talent at home depends on playing close but beatable non-conference challenges.
The Lowborn Network was one of rhe worst thing that ever happened to the Big 12. Texas U. was equally bad.
Being “on a par” is one of the insurmountable problems The cost of paying amateur college students to do professional work is another insurmountable problem. Money passing from non-employer to employees is the dumbest idea ever conceived. Making students employees of the professors teaching them is even dumber. Trying to solve a problem by giving up on solving it going to work in what Universe? Yes, new college divisions are coming and you might be surprised at which divisions you are going to like watching better. Coaches like Saban and Drinkwitz are trying to politely tell congress they are bad at math. ( look at our national debt, yup these are the guys that just redesigned college football )
What he wanted to say, in my humble opinion is “NIL is the death of 130 program Division I NCAA football”. Think about that in some detail ! Personally I think amateur football by college students is better than the NFL and better than NIL. College football is far from perfect but it’s better than pro football, well, it won’t be anymore. I know a lot of you won’t be convinced of that right away but the flaws in it will be noticeably worse and they will keep getting worse till congress intervenes and gives the game back to college presidents, ADs, coaches, who can all hasten it’s return by making programs play in the division they belong in and disqualifying those that can’t be honest!
Wow, he’s fast. Doesn’t Missouri have a QB who can throw the ball a mile long and high? Remember Terry McMillan to Mel Gray?
Ask yourself this question, if NIL stands up in court, what happens to the NCAA Div. II and III, NAIA Div. I and II. Individuals do not have the right to stop colleges from forming associations of like philosophies. They can collect as much money as they want but they have to play ball in a league where that money is a shared permissible.
The competition at QB this year will be eye catching
If Missouri turns out to be half as deep at receiver as they are at quarterback, they are going to move the ball a lot and they should be able to hit at least a field goal on just about every possession. I wonder if Drink will get Schrader some run blocking, he can fit through the eye of a needle but he needs one more good block. I wonder if it’s possible for their defense to be even better?
Yes, and we have college divisions already, long established. Is the media vulnerable for not offering fair air to more amateur college programs, don’t try to say their product isn’t good, it’s just as fun to watch as the Big, PAC, and SEC.
Chemistry students shouldn’t get paid for the professional work they will do in the future. Law enforcement students shouldn’t get paid for the professional standards they are learning in college. Writers shouldn’t get paid for attending writing classes until they become credentialed and we know they won’t write things that are not right. AND FOOTBALL PLAYERS IN COLLEGE SHOULD BECOME INELIGIBLE THE SECOND THEY ACCEPT MONEY FOR PLAYING FOOTBALL.
Either you have a league or you have a few rivalries hidden inside weeks of games you don’t have enough zeal to be a fan of! Which is it? Fan for the season or attention span deficit league fan wannabe? Dump the permanent rivalry. Two divisions and two round robin Champs. Rotate the cross divisions equally so we get to see them all play equally… but don’t count the results as division deciders.
My personal motivation for watching college football instead of professional football is that the players are amateurs playing for the love of the game, their teammates, and to make a statement about the quality their institution of higher learning is dedicated to. I have zero motivation to watch minor league pro football players pretend to be college students. This was true before NIL and it’s 100 times more true after NIL NCAA Division II and III, NAIA has a quality sports entertainment nature. I urge everyone who used to like the attitude of college athletes to search for new stars in non NIL space. Say no to NFL jr. and double jr., it just means less…. It just means a whole lot less.
College athletes are only the show because they represent Institutions of higher learning. We already had professional team and individual sports. Drinkwitz has a great point. College is where you go to learn to qualify for good paying and professionally satisfying jobs……. Not where you go to get paid during the time you are learning your profession. All college students are capable of doing some kind of professional work while they go to college, but since there is a tier of professionals above them, the ones who want money in college should just play pro football while taking classes on the side. Don’t you love how socialists can’t say no to any financial handouts to anyone, for any reason? How about we say no to having one more professional league and we say no to the death of amateur college football. NIL money is not going to grow on a tree, those who pay it will have their hands in your pockets to pay for it pronto.
Why ask an irrelevant question? Every one in the Division plays every other else, one time per season. The two division winners play for the SEC Championship. Each year 3 programs rotate to the opposite division. That’s it. Simple
I would ask, “is he recruiting the best Missouri talent”
Why not set a standard and stick to it. All male and female coaches get fired if their place finishes in the SEC add up to more than x after 5 years
There is no one Missouri State. But we’ll be happy if we can see NEMO State Truman, U of Central Missouri State, Northwest Missouri State. All former National football Champions.
I wish Sankey was right but the opposite might become the standard. Maybe we should think about what we know won’t work and plan backwards. What will work is selling TV ads coast to coast. What won’t work are empty stadiums.
3 months till we finally get to see Missouri with a proven DC and a n OC of some standing as well. Now if Drinkwitz can design practice time efficiently this could be the breakout this staff is capable of !!!
Mr. McElroy, if you are reading your Comments?, take a look at Brady Cook, Missouri, early in 2022 then watch his film late in 2022, to me this is a textbook on getting #2 quarterbacks on the field as much as possible, he’s turning into a solid chief. And none too soon since that position group has gotten a lot deeper since the 2022 season ended
We know that Kelly exceeded some expectations at LSU and we know that he disappointed some fans and higher ups at Notre Dame. It’s too early to know how he will do in the SEC West
Coaching is defined in the profession In 4 dimensions. Physical training, Psychological implementation, Tactical knowledge, and Technical Skills. Not all coaches are good or even competent in all four. Coaches don’t judge each other by how many NIL tricks get handed out. And they don’t judge each other by illegal strength building chemistry, only sports writers and some fans are fooled by those. You can say being a head coach is the trick that counts, or having a stable of specialists is the way, But every staff is different, and turnover happens sometimes, promotion happens sometimes. Something for sure, sportswriters way over simplify success as a Head Coach in the SEC and most everywhere else. There are a lot of great coaches out there going unnoticed and a lot of staff floating on things that don’t even get make a mention when you’re earning a degree or a certificate, etc. And sports professional associations are vastly different in their mission emphasis to improve their membership. American Football being way down the list of top associations. Talk talk talk, do some homework and find out what coaching staffs truly are professionals and which ones are totally dependent on something other than being the best coaches. But it will require top homework in American Football, where a lot of the training is the most inefficient in athletics
Brady Cook has seen steady improvement. And has a lot of talent plus more top end. Don’t confuse teamwork being short of championship with Cooks top end, and Missouri has some quality depth QBs this year also.
“All on Missouri”, true, that’s why 60,000 of us Missourians had such a good time hosting the Georgia Bulldogs last year, for example. We have a super stadium, and great tailgating and a tremendous home schedule every year. Make sure you get here for a game, you’ll have a great time too.