20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.
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Nation-wide recruiting footprint more important than star-ratings. This coaching staff will uphold the Missouri tradition of being great teachers. This class was looking good but now it is ready for the final boost from contending in College Football's soon to be top division,...again.
The Big 10 added Nebraska (also an AAU member) during the same time they were talking to Missouri ? Then the Big Ten added Maryland and Rutgers (NY) roughly 18 months later. (After Missouri joined the SEC) Until some other information is published, it's a fair assumption that the SEC offers it's members better financial terms, and we know for sure Missouri left the Big12 because of the un-equal revenue sharing. That's a pretty complete picture to me. "You are saying that the "culture" (of what? fans?, professors?, news media?, cities?,states?) has some sort of common thing for everyone in the SEC except Missouri. So you are saying the "culture" in Starkville is like the "culture" in Atlanta?, or the culture in College Station is like the culture in Columbia, SC, and the culture on the Vanderbilt campus is like the culture in Baton Rouge? or maybe you are saying the culture in Columbia, Missouri in one part of the Ozark Mountains is different than the culture in Fayetteville in another part of the Ozark Mountains? No, your culture word is just an empty ignorant word used by a few (kindly stated) ignorant people. Missouri has passionate football fans (watch the SEC championship clincher at end of the 2013 and 2014 season) regular season games. Very high priced passion.
John, What you are writing contains some truth. But the fact that you didn't call Dodds on his sensational disrespect speaks volumes. Warm Bodies", is so far removed from 5 division championships in ten years, Cottonbowl title against Arkansas and Oklahoma State, Citrus Bowl title agains the Big 10, near the top in first round NFL draft choices. Smith,Daniels,Gabbert (NFL) and Franklin (CFL) pro quarterbacks in a row. More SEC East championship success than all and tied with Florida. Now if you were not a Missouri fan and some other writers were equally over- praise-prolific you would have your point, but that's not the point to the level of silly-ness
I don't know if he belongs in the top 10 but did anybody else like that QB at Vandy ?? Jordan Rodgers ??
and this order is pure cheerleading.
I hope we had ten better quarterbacks than this. *mention goes to Chase Daniel who played at member Missouri and still commands a big salary in the NFL
How bad does your brain have to be damaged for your family to donate the organ to science ?, very badly ! Now if the Washington Post wants to really do a service to it's readers it will follow this up with CTE tests on people who run jack-hammers, drive heavy spring trucks, work in any job that requires a hard-hat, engage in any jumping and hard landing activity, get hit by waves in the surf, have prolonged exposure to vehicles that start and stop suddenly, jump down off platforms-even low platforms every day, play any sport on a hard surface like tennis and basketball,.... because you can be sure that all kinds of vibrations do damage of some kind to brains. We want to know how much by what activity and how fast does the damage happen. We don't need sensationalism in this, and the whole nature of stratifying a study like this is NOT scientific, nor do we learn much.
Missouri over Minnesota, Citrus Bowl, 2014, not a close game, maybe a re-watch of that game will help with the comparison.
Congratulations Boog. You are doing a great job. LSU can be proud that your thoughtful comments about the game come from one of their alums. At the same time I expect your ideas and knowledge to get a lot better yet. There are a lot of things you say about the history behind the models each of the SEC programs are trying to develop, and talking about those makes the game more understandable whether that team wins the division or not.
Welcome to the Zou LeDedric. You are going to enjoy college life in Columbia, Missouri, just a quick bike away from the Big Muddy, the Missouri River
After this coming year's success with the running game and Lock's improvement, going back to a known defensive coordinator, it's going to be hard to get an offer from Missouri. Yes Alabama is a good state to expand into, but the untold story is how many new recruiting territories Missouri is opening up. It reminds me of Divine being able to go just about anywhere and have coaches and recruits interested.
The difference between the current Clemson program and Florida Smut is not a small one. What TV football talkers should be saying is "Here is where the rest of the ACC will be losing their better recruits now." Not everyone can get recruited to the SEC and the current popular coaching staff in the ACC, Big10, Pac10-especially,not so much the Big12 anymore,are going to be the limited beneficiaries. Drug testing at Clemson and everywhere else is the idea Finebaum wants to blurt out...but of course that could also hurt Florida, and last year an Auburn Grad tested positive...so maybe the "on something" theme applies to a wider or narrower group than Finebaum thinks.
I imagine Miles still has a lot of loyalty in the region. And the new product at LSU is unknown. Miles needed a program with a reputation for throwing the ball and he showed signs of trying to build a legit passing attack his last two years at LSU.
I'm still laughing at that interview with Dennis Dodds, notice that CBS followed it up immediately with the dark-horse story? As the stomach turns.
This really is on Coach Hill. There is a method to teaching all these things and Hill was back in his natural coaching role last year. His position group was one of the biggest under-achievers. This is it, train some super-receivers or just stay on the road recruiting.
the speed playbook just keep rolling faster, Welcome to the very fast Zou.
Welcome to the Zou Chad Bailey your new Head Coach is a smart move by you.
The old idea of getting a big group of home-state boys and hoping they can fit the system is ancient history. Any Missouri-ten-ers undecided might soon find out scholarships at Mizzou in their positions are ancient history too.
The SEC offer was always better than the Big 10's. Several times in Missouri history, Faurot, Devine, Pinkel, Missouri has been ranked #1 or among the top teams in the nation, that's quite a bit better than winning 5 division titles this decade (which by itself is GREAT). Nobody in the SEC is disrespected by anybody that knows what a great football conference is. Missouri series record with LSU is even, Missouri with Alabama 2-3, with aTm 7-8 winning 7 of the last 9, Missouri 2-1. against Mississippi State, Missouri 6-1 agains Mississippi, Missouri 1-1 with Auburn, Missouri 5-3 against Arkansas. That's your group. When Auburn beat Missouri in the SEC Championship 2013 it decided who went to the National Championship, how's that for meaning something. Missouri's SEC East title in 2013 sent them to the Cottonbowl where they beat Oklahoma State the day after Alabama lost to Oklahoma and the day before Auburn lost to Florida State, how's that for meaning something. In 2014 the division title sent them to the Citrus Bowl where they beat Minnesota who was headed to the Big 10 title till they got upset by Wisconsin. How's that for meaning something. You don't even know what a hater you are. You disrespect the conference and almost everyone in it. You must have some redeeming qualities in the rest of your life but until you get a grip on how messed up your SEC attitude is, you can't possibly read sensibly on these blogs.
Welcome to the Zou, you are going to like it in Columbia, Missouri. I'm sure Missouri will offer you a chance to win numerous jobs, and your video is fun to watch.
I'm not counting on any single receiver being a lot better, just all of them being a little bit better. The speed advantage will be better utilized this year. The running game will be noticeably better and it was significant last year. Strong will either keep himself 100% or Downing will run away with his job. If you look at Heupel's history as an OC, he does have some work to do on balancing his scoring every game out. I think he has most if not all the tools he needs this year. So I think we find out if he is a good OC or a great OC.
Christ does a little better on this story, credit due. My comment: 4 recruiting classes of Missouri's 2015 great defense returned for the 2016 season. Readers should focus on the differences a) DeMontee Cross created and ran the defense and b) Kentrell Brothers graduated, c) Steckel was not there to teach turnover creation, and d) Defensive-end position was under-utilized, finally no coach was accountable for tackling technique. This year 3 recruiting classes return from the 2015 season, Cross barely has any assignment left, and no position starter last year had any help from Brothers, Tackling has been made a point of emphasis by Odom.... I still haven't heard turn-over margin addressed. The defense will be better, we just don't know how much, BUT we will find out early in the season (see the schedule). I don't see anything that can't be fixed by most college staffs. Most important question, How much better does the defense have to be because Heupel's offense will be significantly better.
McElwain has to be the favorite at Florida, that just fair. Everyone else is a dark horse. Georgia is over-rated again but they do have some talent and Smart can still prove himself to be a good head coach. How many East teams will Mason and Vandy upset? I think this is the best Kentucky year since Missouri joined the SEC, but they are not at their best in every position. South Carolina should be favored in some East games and will probably upset at least one non-favored. I like Butch Jones better than most people, TN is not as over-rated as usual, but they lost more to graduation than the media wants to discuss. The last think Missouri will be in the East this year is last-place.
Ok, there is some good speculation here based on real information from last year. I'm just not sure it's complete enough information. I don't know how a team can lose I.Mackenzie and get better on offense. The eye test says Auburn will not match their 2013 offense. This cannot be written enough, Missouri now has 4-5 backs that were better than Ish Witter going into the 2016 season, and Ish Witter will improve a little. Don't sleep on Kentucky or Florida.... just a few examples
Not only that but what team in the SEC is more likely to give their offense more chances.
Those facts came from some of the most read football stories available on the internet. Every Missouri fan know them well. Thanks for attaching your mc to ignorance of these.