20 years of coaching including D1. Now own a small business. Volunteer scientist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Paxutent Center, USGeological survey. I'm working on summiting a large sample of the Western Hemisphere's highest peaks. In the 48 states I've now been on top of 23 of Colorado and Utah's highest. Have also summited several peaks in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and had a very comfortable night on the flank of an active volcano. Life is good. Never stop being an athlete/scholar. Always appreciate the endeavors of others to make the earth better appreciated and understood. I believe God Blesses us daily with uncountable miracles. I believe in prayer and gratitude. I think it is a great challenge of humanity to understand human suffering as well as our miraculous Blessings. Being human therefore is like being on one great team and having to train/work every day to perform our role.

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Success against 140 ncaa D1 FBS in 2021 = a recruiting class four years ago predicting the strength of you non-conference opponents 2-3 years in advance Hiring and keeping coaches everyone else Will pay more for 4 years in advance Controlling University decisions about infectious disease outbreaks Not having internal staff conflicts Controlling the development of 100 young men who you cannot watch more than a few hours a day Preventing the breech of ncaa rules by all kinds of people who come in contact with all the above 24/7/365 Managing journalists and non-journalists who can write anything they want negative or positive to sell stories. Controlling the influence of girlfriends, parents, and professors on your rosters Managing legal and illegal substances your staff and roster could use…… If every coaching staff does these perfectly, somebody is still going to lose every game and sometimes bad luck will decide this what could go wrong? ever?
Drinkwitz will be playing with 3 of his classes and 1 of Odom’s come Sept. 2022. He will also have had time to improve his coaching staff having brought relatively no one from Ap State. Most importantly Drinkwitz should be starting to organize some efficient practices by then now that he has seen several of his Missouri assistants, for example blow half a season and only make about 10% of the running game defense or maybe 20% of the passing game defense improvements. Very slow improvements with the receivers, And Oline, You don’t hear about this much but coordinating practices so that everybody gets the help and reps rhey need is the Art of football coaching.
Yeah I saw it, I recognize it instantly because I coached in the D1 and D2 for half my career. There’s an international joke about it I’ll spare everyone here.
You make a good point. At the same time it’s a proven fact that alcohol is a multiplier in unsafe behavior. So I guess we could congratulate drunken fans in the past who beat the odds …..or we could ask people who drink to stay in the parking lot and watch the game on TV. I’m voting for keeping alcohol out of college stadiums. College is a place for leadership, achievement, and the best human endeavors. College football is better than some other football embodiments because of that. Thank you College men for bringing us your version of football, it’s a great game. I promise as fan fo support quality for young men who study hard and give up a lot of college life for football.
It was way more than a couple hundred. More like a couple thousand. Watch all the internet footage of it. No comment on the entire game of officiating, but on that play the video from the end zone behind the ball carrier shows his knee down and the ball short of the line. I do think some SEC refs whistle with their hearts and not their unbiased eyes.
aTm uses the free time out cheat also, in my opinion. No game is perfect but any coach who endangers players by using fake injuries should not be be coaching any sport anywhere, because at some point it causes officials to flag real injury time needed.
Because one contest Mullen never loses is that unique attitude contest. It is what it is and I leave to you to think it’s good for football or not.
I don’t have to be insincere here at all. Vanderbilt’s running and passing games have an even chance against Missouri and I don’t mean that as a slam to Missouri or Vanderbilt. If coaching staffs can use Saturday’s off smartly then yeah “thanks for the week off”
The replay showed the knee down with the ball short of the line to gain, but even if the refs blew that very tough live call and the video turned out to be in conclusive ….. Just ask the question “Are there stadiums where fans are going thru the normal rise and fall of their program’s winning record where results don’t cause whatever that was?” Embarrassing for Tennessee yes and that’s bad. But it’s about 600 times worse since that’s how many college programs there are. And Heaven forbid we don’t get high school game imitations. Football can’t be any better than it’s fans, coaches, players, administrators. It’s truly is HOW we pursue winning and not if we win.
God speed all athletes recovery and continuing health in all aspects of life and those they interact with.
Thank you. Barry Odom was and is a moron who only knows how to do one thing and that is kiss up to his bad recruits and his badder recruits. And Missouri is starting Barry Odom’s worst recruits right now
Drinks Oline can’t block consistently or convincingly either so don’t get too focused on one squad. I mean have you not noticed that Drink hasn’t been able to do Anything between the hash marks since he got here??
What did all you ignorant fans think Drinkwitz was going to do with Barry Odom’s juniors and seniors. Drinkwitz recruits are only freshmen and sophomores. Maybe we have the only line in the SEC not taking PEDs because both lines are struggling to stay in the line of scrimmage game These defensive backs can leave more receivers wide open in one game than the rest of the league put together, that’s either recruiting dumb kids or hiring dumb coaches. I don’t care where Wilks has been, his staff has been bad at almost every part of football defense most every game and on way too high a percent of snaps. But he is having to win match ups with smaller, slower, weaker players.
He’s throwing some bad balls but he got intercepted too much last year as well. The combo of the receiver coaching and the talent is not adequate yet Don’t put the quarterback in the position where he has to take a sack or throw the ball away and this **** won’t happen Bazelak is injured, are you guys blind?
Pittman is doing a good job at Ark. Drink is doing a good job at Missouri. Neither one has hit their stride yet. Drink is relying on Odom’s jrs and srs
Sports writers aren’t very smart. If the SEC has the best football programs in the NCAA and the best football programs in the NCAA have the best offenses then somebody’s SEC Defense is not going to look very good statistically compared to the other 130 FPS programs
Note carefully the language…. “No longer viewed as elite”, Why didn’t he say Alabama is just like every other power 5 football team with 1 loss going into week 7, because that is a fact.
Joe and what doesn’t know!!!!!!! Missouri lost to Kentucky by one score where the officials gave Kentucky a bogus touchdown on a false pass interference call. 1 score. Kentucky could win out. Missouri lost to Boston 4-1 where the 1 loss is 6 points to Clemson. The only wide margin Missouri has is the Tennessee game where admittedly Wilks and the Dline coach were trying anything and everything to save his job. But don’t take my word for it, just go put your life savings on that 8.5 Vegas margin being offered you. I’m taking Missouri right here and the last time I was at aTm being hosted by Missouri, Manziel went home a loser, Josey was Badie, and the aTm fans I sat with were graciously convinced Missouri belonged in the SEC Championship Game and the Cottonbowl. where they beat Oklahoma State while Alabama and Auburn lost..
Did somebody say “don’t mention the most obvious stuff?” Steve Wilks and the former D-line coach, yes but Can someone explain to me how defensive backs have a chance to stop a pass from being completed when they are nowhere close to a wide open receiver… because this is equally the reason for Missouri’s record this year. But every non-functioning thing has a step by step way to be fixed and a big step was taken with the change in leadership at D-line coach. Explain how a 4 man defensive line gets better when you make it a 3 man defensive line. Don’t you have to make it a 5 man line at least intermittently. Drinkwitz coaching is a year old and he has shown he can’t yet grab his defense away from his DC and design a fix when he absolutely has to. Not good for Drink or Wilks. BUT there are 6 opportunities and I mean very big important and convincing opportunities left in the 2021 season. Will Drink and Wilks do a 180 degree turn here because as. Coaches THEY HAVE TO. Even if the personnel can’t respond 100%., but they might!!!!
This news story is make believe. Voting does not determine where ants build there next hill either. The Big 12 has trumped Texas and Oklahoma AND they own them for the next 4 years as well. Who turns on their television sets. That’s who owns college football. Not fictional Power 5 or make believe group of five. Corporations want to sell on the wings of the most popular TV event they can access….. COLLEGE FOOTBALL Don’t be shocked if the fictional college football playoff winds up in court right away. Lot’s of programs want that money. As soon as they start leaving deserving programs out of the play-off lawyers will line up to line the pockets of their law firms. What a joke. 4 colleges will clearly be accepted as the real deserving moneybag grabbers. Sorry, I don’t think so. If you thought UCF was the last rebel undefeated CHAMPION, You aint seen nothin yet. Nope keep your eye on the TV ratings of new leagues memberships. Both conferences and conference members are unlikely to lay down and let fake champions wear the Burger King crown. The trend in large leagues and large divisions won’t last either. Protecting the win-win record will become almost as important as selling advertising (same in many cases).
Prayer for so many people fighting the good fight for their health. Let’s all work on our own health habits so we can drive down the costs of health care for those who can’t avoid it.
Barry Odom was over his head and this is proof, Essentially he couldn’t recruit linemen for his last two classes. And the few linemen he did recruit either never grew up or ran away and hid. It’s possible that everybody else in the NCAA has a chemical head start but whatever it is Missouri is not doing it in the class of 21 and 22. And what we might be seeing is.long neglected job description because there is a reason why only fhe linebackers are getting tackles now for a decade and that reason is not shedding blocks ever. This could be coaching technique just as likely as recruiting. Finally, if a team is struggling on the d or o line then they should have to have tactics on their side. That can’t happen unless the line stunts right or left… Or they shif to a 3,4,5,or 6 man front to confuse blockers. Drinkwitz has a lot to learn about personal psychology as well. Regardless of how your transfer line backer is performing poking fun of his hair-du is the opposite attitude to have unless your really good T pumping all your boys up in some other way. Clearly this defensive unit has never had coaching leadership anywhere on the Mizzou staff. They are like orphans. But now I’m going to say there is coaching in the right direction going on at Dline
It took a free touchdown from the officials for Kentucky to beat Barry Odom’s juniors and seniors. Boston College continues to show you why they are highly regarded in the East. I don’t know why Missouri gave up against Tennessee but I think it was a divided sentiment about coaching staff decisions. North Texas’s good game against Missouri does not bother me. Missouri only has to score one more touchdown than aTm this weekend, really maybe less than that. I’m betting on Missouri this Sat.. this is the game Missouri breaks out with a complete attack and this is the game Missouri’s defense makes it’s biggest improvement of the 2021 season. Alabama and aTm are both over rated this year. Badie is not over-rated, Downing is not over-rated, Mévis is not over- rated, our receiver Corp is steadily improving, Bazelak is still coming on strong, At times our Oline is the best in the league.
1. It’s ok if we don’t have a real National College Football championship and we will never have it because football is a true man’s game. 2. It’s a good thing that media can’t control the outcomes with their super-favoritism. 3. And it’s a good thing if the SEC is a real league with a real chance that every program might have that good year this year that puts them on top of the game for a year, 4. It’s a bad thing to have another two programs joining the league who think that the end justifies the means.
Leach is hoot. What he is really saying but can only say in the locker room because it requires a fine tuned and personally hungry attitude / tone of voice Is this: “Gentlemen, Alabama’s loss last week keeps the door open for anybody with 1 loss ( or zero losses) to win the division, league, and THE big bowl we have our goals set for. Make sure you keep your goals in focus because everyone can win again this week and everyone can lose again this week! So remember that the door is not closed and can be opened wider
Who put together these weak juniors and seniors on the Missouri line and linebacker Corp!!! Barry Odom’s juniors and seniors. So you are looking at the future of Arkansas while Drinkwitzs boys will be Fres. Soph. Juniors in fall of 2022
Texas is same level football team as TCU. More telling is that they allow 35 points to Texas Tech. And they allowed Arkansas to score 40, while scoring only 21. So what’s that make a Texas outcome against Georgia or aTm look like. They are not on the way to the stars on the wings of Rice or the Ragin Cajuns.
No my comment is specifically about the difference between sports leagues that bring the viewers balanced competition and ones that do the opposite. Any fan that enjoys unbalanced competition has a complex of some kind. Are you saying Missouri’s 2021 games against Kentucky and Boston College were boring???? Because that would be an questionable takeaway?