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I hear you, but boy I would love to go undefeated in weekend series. I feel like the SEC tournament is where we are ok to drop a few and get ready for regionals. But maybe that's me.
I love that he tried to act like the Arlington opener was MSUs only non conference games. MSU is top 5 worth. UT is top 5 worthy. Past that it doesn't matter. As long as you get a top 8 seed and can host a super... who cares?
As an athletic trainer at a D1 school who has battled this all semester... That's not possible. The AT staff wouldn't risk their careers for a coaches wishes. Also, all the swabs are sent to a lab for a PCR test. The lab reports to the CDC and state health boards. There would be no way to falsify tests.
Thank you for pointing that out. If your offense scores too fast it can make a good defense looked gassed. That's why 2019 LSU had mediocre defense statistically. That defense was anything but mediocre. They just had the best offense ever scoring so fast they couldn't even get a drink.
Come on man.. We all know what you are hinting at. Your 98 Vols were gifted the spot in the championship by an unnecessary fumble. This LSU team would have run that poor UT team so dry they wouldn't have known what sport they were playing. And the 2001 Miami team had plenty of talent sure. But they wouldn't even know where to start with stopping that offense. I hate LSU. Alot... But that was the best college football team of all time.
Good thing our coaches are better at keeping him cool than your were;)
I really may sound like a homer here but here we go.... I wouldn't over look Arkansas next week. I dont think Pits will be back. Im an athletic trainer at an FCS school, and concussion protocol takes 6 days if the person is asymptomatic the next day. Also, Arkansas probably has the best pass defense you have seen so far. The run game is our weakness. I think if our O gets going we have a shot. Not a big one all be it..
A) Thats the downfall of an all SEC schedule. No weeks off. B) I think we all know Arkansas is 4-2 ;)
I do have to say though.. I don't think Mond is what will kill us today. I think Spiller and the ground game gets us.
Yeah I agree.. Just because the score wasn't crazy doesn't mean it was an ugly game. State was never in that game even only being down 2 scores.
Just a PSA to get people to go sign the petition to "force the Ncaa and SEC to correct the score of the Arkansas-Auburn game." That is all.
Honestly you can keep it. Have fun with Chud running your program straight to the trash.
Thats why the quotation marks. The SEC just wants the top to stay at the top. The less the bottom beats the top the better to them. Straight garbage.
We are 2-1. Im not even acknowledging anything else. SEC just trying to protect its "playoff contenders". People need to be fired over this.
Your argument is the refs were so wrong they couldn't fix how wrong they were. We are 2-1.
Hold the refs accountable. Im tired of being a beating stick and we finally look like we are out from under it. I guess the SEC wants us right where we have been. Trash.
Refs should be held accountable. They had forever to get that right and botched it. I don't complain about refs much.. But that directly changed the outcome. Absolutely deplorable.
Mizzou looks like poopie dookie and ole miss has no defense. If we stop their passing attack shouldn't take much for the O to take the game.
Do you mean when you got walked on by the team we just beat? Yeah it made me laugh as well.
With two games to go off of who has played better? Stop using past seasons as a measuring stick.
Lol. I stopped reading when I saw Arkansas lower than mizzou. Hilarious. One is 1-1 against top 20 teams. The other has spent two weeks as a beating stick. The last two seasons do NOT apply to this years power rankings. Arkansas may fall sure.. but as of now they should be much higher than mizzou.
Just so you can edit the simple mistake.. Saturdays game was played in Starkville.. not Oxford.
If they stay healthy Arkansas could win 5 or MAYBE (I said MAYBE) 6 games. Taking down ole miss and mizzou shouldn't be hard. We can stuff the run all day long so maybe we take down Tennessee when they come to the Hill. Pull off one or maybe two upsets against LSU, Auburn, or A&M... It sounds crazy but hey... Right now we look better than any other 1-1 team in the league.
Top 5 in the SEC that is. Not overall.
We will see how things unfold from here.. I do have to point out that as of now Arkansas has a better two weeks than almost any other 1-1 team. I know it was just the first win in forever, but just going off these two weeks that defense may push us towards top 5. Or maybe we flop. Should be interesting.
Via the like opponents scale Arkansas is second in the west. I know I'm way ahead of my self but hey... When in Rome.