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To bad we are talking about this year and not this decade. UK has been an inconsistent mess this year.
You just going to ignore those errors?
The MMR vaccine does not always work. I had the MMR and got the mumps (I'm from Fayetteville). NWA has a massive amount of illegal immigrants who dont vaccinate, the Jones center is a cesspool because of it.
As an OC.. He didnt have success anywhere but high school as a head guy. Dont defend his short comings. He was the worst coach in Arkansas history.
Why does everyone act like Arkansas is suddenly a place where its impossible to win? You guys do remember that we were an 11 win team two coaches ago right? This place does have the ability to recruit big. You just have to do it in Texas.
Southeastern... That plays in the Southland... Is now bowl eligible... The Southland that plays in the FCS...Please for the love of god tell me you know what the fcs is.. Also.. The sea wolves? are you even trying? Why would a team in Arkansas name themselves after anything that touches the sea?