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They had the same team physician group for years. Switched, and now are having bad surgeries.
Call me a Homer I guess.. Muss always has his team's dropping weird games early. Like that Texas exhibition game. He is trying different line ups. Different sets. Seeing what works and what doesn't. Last year we didn't have that veteran guy either. Don't call Notae that. He was a ball hog and a shot hoister. This team will play in the national championship.
My problem with this is that the hogs just switched team physician groups. From Northwest Health to UAMS. Three surgical repairs that they have done have failed within 1 year of repair. Catalons labrum in his shoulder, DJs non contact ACL, and now Renfros non contact ACL. Absolutely should NOT be happening. ACL re injury rate within 2 years is only 2.5%... we now have two of those within a year. The university made a money move (contract with UAMS pays higher), and the student athletes appear to be suffering for it. Hopefully someone else realizes the alarming trend.
This is the third re injury to a surgical repair this year. Those outside of Fayetteville won't know this, but the hogs just switched from Northwest Health to UAMS. The same group of Doctors did Catalons labrum (anchors didn't hold), Dominique Johnson (ACL graft failed, in a non contact play), and now Renfro (ACL graft failed, in a non contact play). Someone has got to take a step back and notice this glaring issue. Hopefully something is done about this. ACL re injury rate is 2.5% within two years. Labrum re injury happens at a higher rate (51%), but usually happens after several years and most re injury occurs in throwing athletes. This is an alarming re injury rate since a switch in team physicians...
Am I the only one that can't get over the horrid camera quality this game? It looks like it's 2004 on TV.
It drives me NUTS! Every freakin article man. And the bad part is.. we play there every year, and have for a decade. Side note.. I bet you feel the same as me on this. I hope we go to the traditional home and home when the contract ends. I'd love to see Kyle field sold out only to have DWR Sold out in return the next year. I don't know anyone that likes the game in Dallas.
It wasn't anyone's fault but the marketing director and the refs for letting them back to the LOS before clearing the field. PC717 does have a very valid point though. I used to work as an Athletic Trainer at a D1 FCS school. I worked football and women's tennis. Our football team was pretty bad while I was there, but we always played our guaranteed games and made lots of money. aTm paid us like 400k my first year, and LSU paid us like half a million in 2019. I remember our track team used to get so mad when the football team would spend money to upgrade facilities. The score board got updated one year, then the weight room. I remember ripping into a track coach for throwing a fit in front of some FB players because all they do is lose and spend money. While track keeps winning (they were actually pretty good.. Had one girl no joke win indoor NCAA D1 long jump) and isn't given enough money. I proceeded to remind him that without that losing football team getting stomped by LSU and aTm... his track team would be running in Walmart flip flops. Football and men's BB were the only teams that made money at my school. Everyone else just spent it. And men's BB didn't have to share because their margins were so small. So.. sorry to ramble.. but football makes the money those other sports are paid with.
You described Arkansas perfectly ;) Idk if we pull it off... But if there ever was a year to do it..
This article is so poorly written, and by someone who knows nothing about Arkansas Football. It reads like a sophomore year essay. A... We had more than 300 yards. Idk where you got your stats from, 2 Jalen Catalon is not a freshman LB. He is an all conference caliber safety. Please have people who know at least the minimum about a team write about them.
Thats crazy!! I had no idea that Sprinkle signed with Dallas when he was 7 years old. I knew the cowboys were down.. but dang! That's a little young to be an NFL player. Do you guys even read your stories before posting them?
They will work their way in. And then right back out after Arkansas gives them that fat P E E N
What a random thing to get so angry about. Are you redirecting some work anger here my friend?
A hotty toddy is simply a bourbon and coke. Everyone should want one.
Good for the East! Now back to watching the West play while the east goes on vacation.
Especially after the win you feel like he would have made a difference. Honestly hate it for him. UNC was classy. It was a really good game and series. Hope Horvath doesn't beat himself up.
Hey wait.. can I get a woo pig too?? Let's make this thing an SEC West party!
Clearly have us in check with the Bill Clinton move. But I immediately move out of check, and you into check mate with "Florida. Home of Florida Man."
Hot take here.. Arkansas didn't play bad at all. Kentucky played bad, and lost to a not so good team that wanted it more. Arkansas played better than average and beat a really good Vermont team. Mid major or not, that team was solid. I mean this literally, Vermont would have beat all of the other SEC teams outside of the top 4. If that team plays a full SEC schedule, they finish 5th. We will be fine.
The only thing around here I see flopping is mizzwho players flailing around and blindly throwing the little orange thing at the hoop. Jwill could draw no charges, JD could foul out in the first 2 minutes, and my grandmother could take over the one spot and we would still beat Mizzpoo by 37.
Idk what about this comment was so funny.. your name maybe? But seriously this comment section is going to hurt Glenn's feelings. Hope there is a way to turn off notifications on his end.
Eh. It makes sense. Arky and AM are playing off campus at a neutral site. I think it needs to be a true home game for it to be worth it. Plus, we had it 2 weeks ago.
If Michigan State jumps from unranked past Ole miss and Arkansas to 15 after beating a really really bad Miami team..... I just don't see that at all. I see them getting into the rankings, but top 15??
Robert Morris is far worse than McNeese. McNeese is a perennial top 10 FCS team. Robert Morris is the worst team in a pretty bad conference. I worked at a school that played them in the spring. They only brought a 16 foot truck half full of stuff. Then proceeded to get waxed by the 0-2 team I worked for. That being said... Big O better be careful indeed. I doubt LSU faithful would stand a loss or even a close game.
This is a pretty big issue at most SWAC schools. They only want to pay for one or two full time ATs then they get a few GA athletic trainers. Grambling does it as well. They only have one Athletic Trainer for the entire football team.. At a D1 school.. I used to work at the school Alcorn just beat as an AT and when we played a SWAC school we would usually have to tend to their players because they didn't have the staff to do so. Also.. Please call us Athletic Trainers:) we are not "Trainers". It doesn't take much effort to put the rest of our title:)
Thats crazy that Hayden Henry made so many tackles against a team he didn't play. Special player indeed.
No doubt the biggest P5 conference. But go look up the pioneer football league. It's all of the FCS schools that have non scholarship football teams. They play in other leagues in all their sports but football. You have teams in Florida, New York, Iowa, California etc. They spend massive amounts of money on travel.
Now hold on...He is the best returning WR in the SEC.. How is he not going to be an All American if he stays healthy? That's not Homer talk..