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He couldnt wrap up because Fournette initiated the blow first. The defender anticipated that Fournette woudnt drop his shoulder. LSU vs Bama will be a good game.
I dont know why he's leaving as a #3 on the depth chart. Dural will be leaving after this season.
The whole state of Tenn is not a so-called "HOT BED " for talent. Your best talent comes from a small area in SW corner of the state (Memphis metro area).
Ole Miss? Like he said they had 2 really good seasons and some of their fans act as if they have been a perennial powrrhouse for decades. When was the last time Ole Miss won the SEC West or even the SEC?
U had the momentum last season after beating Bama but the following week the Gators beat the brakes off ole miss.
And in 4 years Ole Piss hasnt won the west much less the SEC. Its not in their DNA to be a National Champion.
Please!!!! Ole Piss has had 3 good seasons under freeze and havent won the west much less even sniffed the SEC championship game.
As long as ALA, Auburn, and LSU are playing at a high level, Ole Piss wont we in the west much less the SEC.
LSU has 9 on offense and 9 on defense coming back. Maybe thats why they are ranked so high.
Auburn, ALA and GA. They played in an SEC championship and or NC.
I see at least 4 losses next season for Mizzou. TN,GA,FL and LSU.
Lol at Ole Miss! What....u guys have been relevant in the west for 3 seasons maybe 4. Cant win the west as long as there is LSU, Bama and sometimes Auburn there lurking. Its not in ur DNA to win the SEC. Leave that to the big boys.
If Franks recommit he could be sitting Harris and the Purdue transfer.
U are right. If Duke did what they should have done throughout the game, it wouldnt have come down to a single play. The canes had 23 penalties and Duke didnt capitalize on most of them.
Totally in agreement with u. LSU committed some penalties that prolonged Syracuse drive. The Tigers made the Orangemen look as if they actually were a viable opponent. Should have beat them by 21+.
Im glad u cleared that for him. I guess he was dividing the yards by the number games played. Smh
LSU tailgating party has been tops for years, Oregon...WTH!!!
Yep all he has to do is be a good game manager like the Tide's former QBs.
Who cares about Mizzu getting the media hype u think they deserve. Damn!!! Just keep winning and it will eventually come. U sound as if u are whinning.
Please... thank ur lucky stars, u joined the SEC east while the Gators and Vols have been down , otherwise Mizzu wouldnt be contending for the east title at all. I wont even mention if u were in the SEC west.
I would like to have a qb like Russell Wilson. A passing qb that can run. When u have a pocket passer u will always need a good line to block for him.
Yep all he has to do is be a good game manager like the Tide's former QBs.
Im really tired of these Missouri fans acting as if their team is the best thing since sliced bread. Bottom line is Mizzu joined the SEC east at the right time. Florida and Tenn are down right now. U only have to contend with Ga. If UF and Tenn were normal powerhouses, Mizzu would be at the bottom with Vanderbilt and UK. Thank ur lucky stars u arent in the West.
Wha da? LA has MUCH more to offer someone than knoxville.
I have respect for missouri, but in my opinion they entered the SEC east at the right time...when The Gators and Vols are down. U really only have to contend with Georgia. Thank ur lucky stars u arent in the West. Traditional top teams in east: Alabama, LSU, Auburn. Tamu will join the hunt if they ever get a defense. Ole Miss only recently became formidable. Miss st have always been average, once Dak Prescott leaves, they will return to their normal selves.
Miss St.finally have somthing to brag about. Please dont get the big head over 1 very successful season. I doubt seriously if they can repeat it this season.
First of all Missouri is lucky they arent in the west. If Fla and Tenn had their normal powerhouse teams' u guys wouldnt be relevant in the east. Maybe a 4th place finish at best. The last 2 yrs u only had to contend with Georgia ans SC.