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Assuming that your QB can actually complete passes this year which in the previous two years he hasn't. So what changes this year? Losses to Bama, Ole Miss, and Arkansas just like last
Just assuming that they beat A&M, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt is a big assumption and It took that big of an assumption just for the writer to get them to 6-6
Who's he gonna beat this year? No QB, NO RB, Ricardo Louis is gone. Who can score?
Getting uglier by the minute. Malzahn will be looking elsewhere for employment soon.
Ole Miss lost its top two receivers, Arkansas returns five that caught for 300 and 3+TDS and you put ole miss ahead of Arkansas. Ridiculous
Arkansas returns 5 receivers that caught for over 300 yds and 3 TDs. LSU doesn't and therefore should be ranked ahead of Arkansas'.
Hard to believe something like that. Though I doubt saban was involved
How many years of passing game futility is it going to take for people to admit that LSU wont win anything until they can throw the ball. You certainly cant put them in the top five offenses when they only have half of one.
Wow! MSU fans have forgotten that before the last four years Arkansas had won 12/13 against the bullies. We are now not even a threat.
I agree with your UH opinion, but Auburn is named after the city that it's in. But that should be the only school named after a city and there should be ABSOLUTELY no directional schools