Hotty Toddy

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Ray Lewis also murdered a dude. I guess that totally makes him a leader.
Ole rudder must still be mad about losing to "Ole Piss" in November. Great choke by a&m. I was there. Loved it.
I always go back to it could be worse. Like being a state fan. So regardless my life is good. Hotty Toddy.
At least he didn't beat up a defenseless woman.
Every school cheats. If you do not believe that you are a JA. Ole Miss just got caught. Oklahoma State cheats, UTK cheats, even Vandy cheats and Alabama cheats!!! You're an absolute moron to believe otherwise!
I live in Nashville and have never been to flying saucer. Pretty bad list.
He must have a 5 star heart and be a champion of life!!!!! Yay for UTK!
Woowee, the Mississippi riverboat gambler gives us his 2 cents.
Then he could play for a fat Cajun who can't be understood when he talks.
Hey RRIFFE, this won't be any worse than what happened to Miami.
John that's what I am saying about Stringfellow from OM and I got crucified on here. Stay another year and get a degree. Now you're just a former college football player with no degree. What a waste.
Out of all the writers on here I think J. Crist's are the best written and ones I actually read through out. Keep it up. As an OM fan I liked Kelly but think if you are given a second chance like he had he should've kept his nose outta trouble but I do thank him for beating the bamtards. 6th round pick.