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gwhite713, your vawls aren't beating bama nor Georgia and neither game will be close. You barely beat a poor Pitt team with a hobbled back-up QB in OT. It's amusing watching you voltards get all excited like "this is your year." You boyz aren't even close. Bet you are tired of looking at our taillights however. Better get some welding googles cause they're going to be bright for a long time. Enjoy the Outback Bowl.
Gotta love how the sports media have hyped this game so much. All we've heard all week is "Tennessee is the best offense Georgia has seen all season." The only a half-truth because we know that "Tennessee is the best offense of any 4 loss team Georgia has seen this year." Josh "CHUMLEE" Heupel is a fuggin joke. Not worried. Whipped his butt back in 2017 when he was OC at Mizzou.......and with a lesser defense. "Tennessee will soon be the best 5 loss team in CFB." LOL
It's amazing to me that anyone finds a 4 loss team interesting enough to write about..............
No pressure on Georgia at all. Folks have been saying all nine games are going to be their "trap game" and Kirby does is stomp on their heads. utjr best prepare to be embarrassed on Saturday. With no rb threat to run the ball, Hooker is going to get all of the UGA defense' attention. That boi may very well leave the field on a stretcher. Dawgs........... BIG
Your OL has given up a SEC leading 26 sacks and you have no running game. UGA has the best defense in CFB. Lube up you motherless Effs.
LAMO at utjr fans thinking they have a chance. Kirby is about to push your sh_t in. Enjoy it buttchggers.
After Kirby prostitutes out your team this Saturday, the Birmingham Bowl might be within your reach.....you do know albarn isn't very good don;t you?