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Remember, Crist is an opinion writer, which is not a profession, vs a journalist, where facts are supposed to matter. Crist always writes like the sophomoric fan that he is. Discounting Tennessee's rising in-state talent would be the most recent example of disregarding facts or just plain lack of research. Tennessee will always recruit nationally, but the in state talent is ever increasing.
Yes, it's as bad as T Boone at Okl State. Hopefully Haslem has been cast out. It will come out in the days and weeks ahead who else needs to go. The good thing is, whether you can stomach Fulmer or not, he is an Orange-bleeding Tennessee man who has suffered along with the rest of us, not only for the FB program, but for the other sports teams that have tanked over the last 12 years. He will try his best to bring things forward.
Dabo's record really took off when he got Venables (2012) and Morris (2011)on staff. Then things really took off.
Don't know about the booster situation at your school, but Tennessee's problems can be traced to disastrous hires in AD's and coaches over the last 12 years - driven by the most powerful booster(s). Tennessee's track, baseball, swimming programs went to hell too. I understand big donors having influence, but it got out of hand. Especially when you consider the wisdom of choices for the Cleveland Browns by that same booster. Fulmer may have righted the ship after his last 2 very down years, but who knows? We all know what happened afterwards. Good luck to all you SEC bowl-bound schools.
Be thankful, Legend, that your team is where it is now, but why get haughty? Putting yourself on a pedestal is not a smart thing to do. Gravity can happen.
I see that posts disappear when Crist can't effectively counter the argument/information in a post. As long as posts aren't vulgar, all should see the light of day. Another post deep sixed.
Where's my post, John? Too much information countering your self-righteous views? Too much truth confronting your narrative?