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Columbus House in Fayetteville has a great oatmeal stout.
If coming to Fayetteville, skip Ozark, it is overrated and on tap everywhere. Check out Columbus House or Fossil Cove. Both are far superior and way more fun.
Before Frank retired he set student ticket prices at Arkansas at $1 per ticket for 10 years. I was pretty sure that was renewed. The $84 is the all sports package, which has to be purchased to get football.
Although, yes there can be a "co-champ" It isn't the same as going to Atlanta. I remember in 98 when my Hogs were "co-champs" of the west with Miss State. HDN running around showing off his West ring, what a chucklehead. I'm in the camp of if you want to say you won your division, you go to Atlanta.