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There is no chance any serious penalties happen again. Might as well back the truck up
Are you implying that Tubbs has integrity? He has literally been sued for fraud and lost. He's scum.
Water isn't wet, it makes things wet. Kind of the opposite of your effect on women.
My guess is auburn. When we aren't good we are terrible.
Luckily kiffin kept going brain dead.
Well you were close on the Ole miss score.
OK tennessee fan, the spot didn't cost you the game. It cost you an attempt at winning. You can't assume that you score a touchdown. Were players flopping? Probably. But doesn't excuse your fanbase for taking the crown of poorest sports in the SEC. You leapfrogged UF and Uga like a gold medal high jumper.
So did you look or nah? Mason sure noticed
I'm no fan of urban but I think you have an unhealthy obsession
Johnson can't go to his right. Look at his splits.
I wonder what tidefan8x5 thinks. JK. F that Gump. Pretty sure 8x5 is his IQ.
If you need to know who are the most classless fanbases in the SEC are, just look here. UF and Uga fans are garbage.
Lsu has other issues than just a lack of a run game. Their qb is severely limited on his ability to throw to the right.
To be fair, that is actually a dumbfounded cobra.
Don't you ever get tired of trolling auburn articles? Get out of the trailer once and a while.
I could see UF playing AR the rest of the year and beating uga.
Nah, you uga and Gator fans are the lowest class fans I've ever seen. You rank with raider fan, eagle fan and dare I say buckeye fan.