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Oh, all of these wonderful comments about the Auburn head coach search missteps by the powers to be at Auburn. Takes me back to the year Spurrier walked away mid-season at South Carolina, and there South Carolina was in a great position to be the first major program with a coaching vacancy, and then Gamecock loyalists sat and watched vacancy after vacancy open and then get filled, and there South Carolina sat, literally, sat while other programs got on with the business of college football. Then, after all the top candidates had been taken, not only having been taken, but so much time had expired all of the new selections were already in place in their new jobs, and then, finally, the powers to be at South Carolina woke up one morning after the college football season had concluded, and they discovered they had a head coaching vacancy, and when they started looking around for a head coach, they found the pickings were really slim, I mean really slim. They couldn't find one candidate for an interview, while another one couldn't be interviewed because the prison wouldn't allow interviews. The third candidate, while telling the powers he was very interested, was actually going somewhere else, and just didn't have the heart to tell em. And then there was Muschamp, the 7th or 8th pick, who would go on to compile a wonderful record of 28-30 (6 of those wins were against Vanderbilt) and there were more than a couple of real unforgiving beatdowns (losses) during that period of time, not to mention an average of just a bit over 3 conference wins a year during that tenure (well, 2 when you take off Vandy). I will give South Carolina credit for learning from their previous mistakes. While they were a bit slow in terminating Muschamp this year, they were very prompt in their search and selection of a new head coach (which as this post was being written Auburn has filled their coaching vacancy as well). Good luck to all the new head coaches. It is now a 7 day work week, 18 to 20 hours a day. The paydays are really good, especially if you work in one of those unbelievable buyout clauses. Just ask the previous Auburn and South Carolina head coaches. They aren't available right now, because they are still counting their buyout money....
The playoff committee is just an extension of the network broadcasts of the weekly football games and the bowl games. If Jimbo really wants to show the committee, he should show up to his bowl game, and after all the talking heads have told us what to expect in the game, and the game gets close to the opening kickoff, just after the coin flip, instead of putting his players on the field, Jimbo should thank the committee for depriving his team an opportunity to compete in the playoff, and walk his team off the field and to the vehicles, and go home. Now that would be a statement! Maybe they could play a rerun of the selection show in the empty spot...or maybe a 1998 frisbee championship or something. Five stars will line up at the door in College Station wanting to play for that coach!
A 24 point beatdown 12 hours before the selection show airs should not be a factor, no, not at all. But, a bad loss for A&M 2 months ago, well now, yes sir daddy, we can use that one. A 24 point beatdown, and to be truthful, it was really a 31 point beatdown. Wasn't the committee relieved to see that garbage score at the end of the game, because a 24 point loss looks so much better than a 31 point loss. Why yes, that sure looks like a top 4 team to us all by getting thrashed, taken to the woodshed....but, but, they are one of top 4 teams in the country. Wait, how much did they lose by? Really?
Jimbo didn't read the instructions before screaming. The fine print clearly shows that if your name is Notre Dame, something like a 24 point total beatdown the night before the selection show will not keep you out of being one of the top 4 teams in the country. Let me say that again...a 24 point beatdown, a thrashing, a homicide, a complete and total whip their assing took place. It was bad, real bad. And the playoff committee chairman had the nerve to use a Texas A&M loss earlier in the year to say that kept Texas A&M out of the playoffs, and in the very next sentence said to disregard the Notre Dame 24 point beatdown we all witnessed Saturday night, stating they looked at the total body of work. So, they did that with ND but obviously not A&M. Notre Dame proved to us all Saturday night they are not one of the top 4 teams in the country. After the selection show on Sunday, there were only two teams jumping up and down with joy, and they were Notre Dame and Alabama. Notre Dame is jumping up and down, well, not really jumping up and down, because Clemson took them to the woodshed so bad, so much so that over half the team had to be helped to the plane, so there was not any literal jumping up and down, they were simulating the actual jumping up and down. They are good at pretending anyway, you know, like pretending to be one of the top 4 teams in the country....sure thing. And Alabama was jumping up and down knowing they drew a first round bye! They will be taking the Catholics to the woodshed once again, and the playoff committee will be nowhere to be found for a comment at the conclusion of the beatdown to come, and rest assured, there is a beatdown coming. Three games will have my interest this year....Alabama destroying Notre Dame, Cincy demanding some respect, and Jimbo, you should hit them where it hurts. You should take your team to your bowl game, and with your team on the sideline, at the coin flip, tell the committee where they can stick it, and walk your team out to the vehicles, and go home. I guess they could then play a rerun of the selection show instead of a football game. Now that would make an impact. Shame on the committee! Shame! Shame!
Well, if Mullen falls flat on his face early next season, he can get some pointers from Spurrier on how to walk away mid-season. Hell, maybe he could travel back to Starkville and have a stadium named after him....or something.
I have little respect for players walking away when a coach gets canned. First and foremost, it is the player underperforming in the first place that puts the coach's job in jeopardy, so players easing out the back door during transition shouldn't have been there in the first place. Blaming their bad performance on the "coach that was fired", and worse yet leaving a depleted team behind to finish out a schedule is so representative of "Me! Me! Me!" Obviously those players were never taught the definition of "team". There seems to be help on the way with the new head coach. The last time South Carolina had to do this was after Steve Spurrier left in mid-season (talk about Me! Me!) and South Carolina sat there with the first coaching vacancy of the year, and they sat there, and sat there, and sat there, and after ALL of the other vacancies around the country were filled, South Carolina surfaced with Muschamp, who obviously was not their first choice, and the sports media went crazy as well about the selection, due to his recent termination from Florida. I personally liked Muschamp, but there had been so much said about his over the top sideline antics and screaming and yelling at officials, that he went to great lengths trying to show critics he wasn't like that anymore, and in my personal opinion, he went way overboard with that. There has been so many times during his 6 year tenure where he should have went crazy on the sidelines, and there he stood quietly on the sideline. Whos to say what might have happened had he gotten a bit crazy, and how that just may have fired up his players where they actually played better. But, he didn't and the players didn't play better, and here we are. I wish coach Beemer the best. He's having to start with the cupboards empty so that is going to be a tremendous challenge. Get you a new coaching staff, after keeping a few of the shining stars. And to the players who have remained and stuck it out, you are the definition of "team". Stand tall and feel proud, and thank you for hanging in there and representing the University of South Carolina during trying times.
Prayers to both families and friends with this terrible loss. A very sad example of just how fragile life is. Condolences...
Just what South Carolina needs is advice from an opponent..sure thing!
Just what South Carolina needs is advice from an opponent...haha!
"Spurrier was a great coach". Are you kidding me? The man walked out on his football team and coaching staff in the middle of a football season! One of the many reasons Muschamp was never successful was the shambles of a program that Spurrier left in his wake! Don't care how many national championships the man has...he singlehandedly destroyed the football program by walking away in midseason. And the small, and I mean small group of signed recruits walked away as well. Whoever came in after that abortion was going to fail, and Muschamp, who was South Carolina's 4th pick for the head coaching vacancy, did just that.
"given Will Muschamp’s dwindling job security". Well, in the year Muschamp was hired, South Carolina had the earliest college coaching vacancy (when Spurrier walked away mid-season) but they were the last to fill their vacancy with Muschamp. Needless to say they move a tad bit slow at South Carolina. They call slow determined. Everyone else in the world calls it slow.
What is up with South Carolina? Put the real threat of termination and the Gamecocks beat Auburn. How does that work? Wonder what a real termination will bring? And while we are talking about terminations, the South Carolina baseball program was so dominant (back to back national championships) until they promoted the baseball coach to Athletic Director. The baseball team went to the toilet where it has continued to reside, and ever since "that guy" walked out on the football program in the middle of the season and with nothing in the pipeline, the football team has been in the porcelain right beside the baseball program. So the question is where would the football team be with two terminations? Sure can't go down, well, I guess it could with a Vandy loss.... And to think this post grew from the comment "something doesn't quite add up here"...that Thomas made in the South Carolina section. I'll agree Thomas, something really doesn't add up here. That's for sure.
Muschamp has been laughing for some time now. Let's face it, he was never the #1 pick, as Tanner even lost that battle. The gamecock football program is a mess....a hot mess. They probably think a Vandy win will make all this go away. No it will not.
I'm sure it was Spurrier who said he would be giving Mullen a case of $500.00 a bottle wine, and on his way to buy the wine he decided he didn't want to play anymore, so he looked in his glove compartment and found what was left over from the 4 pack he consumed for breakfast, that of course someone else had purchased, and stumbled into the locker room and "presented" it to Mullen. Good luck coach and beware, Spurrier will end up screwing you too, and there will be nothing you can do about it! (Muschamp is not the best coach in the land, but South Carolina continues in it's attempt to recover from what damage Spurrier did to the South Carolina program by walking away mid-season causing the limited recruits who were in the pipeline to go elsewhere. Naming buildings for Spurrier? Should be limited to toilet stalls as that would be most appropriate...maybe urinals, which would be even better.)
There should be hope that UGA doesn't get beat again by a sub 500 South Carolina team, like they did in 2019.
97.4% of all covid deaths have been from people 55 years of age and older, with an underlying health issue. That is a stat you will never hear on all the national liberal news networks. Its gonna be a miracle how the day after the election it will be ok for everyone to go out again. And hopefully that is when we can finish the SEC season like we should have started it, with our communities open.
Poor South Carolina is still trying to name buildings after Spurrier. I would be in favor of naming the 4th stall in every men's room at Williams Brice Stadium after him, as it would be most appropriate after what he did to the football program and each and every football fan of South Carolina. There used to be a YouTube video floating around showing Spurrier giving those famous halftime speeches about never quitting, how important it was to never quit, and then he walked out in the middle of the season. What a major hypocrite he is and how he buried the program so deep it is just now seeing daylight. Czar? Maybe one is needed but not Spurrier, not the quitter!
Steve Spurrier would be a great pick, as long as you don't mind him quitting halfway thru the season without any warning! Steve Spurrier....uh....NO!
Everyone is falling prey to the intent of this article to get everyone engaging again, which looks like it is working. One small tidbit about the Kentucky basketball coach (native Memphian here...we aren't allowed to speak THAT name in this household)...oh yeah, about THAT coach. Every place he has been, as he left the NCAA came swooping in and put the program on probation. It happened at UMass....it happened at Memphis, and it will happen at Kentucky when someone lures THAT coach away, and someone always does...the only question is when. Of course you don't believe me..of course. I still have the video from THAT coach when he was telling the Memphis public how he was never going to take any other basketball position after Memphis....uh huh... Oh, nothing personal to the Kentucky football faithful, but I have to ask you Connor O'Gara, what were you looking at when compiling this so-called list? It sure couldn't have been the 3-5 record for Kentucky in the conference last year, with their 3 wins coming against powerhouses Arkansas, Missouri, and Vanderbilt. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying these things to promote my own team, because we sucked in 2019, BUT in football we beat Kentucky and in basketball we beat Kentucky. You get 1 star for your list....you know, everyone gets 1 star for participating.
Wow, how many years has it been since you have watched Muschamp on the sidelines...8, 9 years? Actually one of the things Gamecock fans have complained about with Muschamp has been his overly quiet demeanor on the sidelines. Let's face it, there has been a number of times when a good blowup on the sidelines would have been most appropriate, but it has never been seen during his HC tenure.
Muschamp is one of the nicest coaches to ever coach at South Carolina, but we all know how nice finishes. It is time for him to go. Hopefully it won't take as long to fire him as it did to hire him. If they are looking at the HC, they should also be looking at the AD, who is Muschamp's strongest supporter. With the university's track record, if they fire the coach right now, this week, they would probably hire the new coach by next August or September...what a mess.
It is sad to see such blatantly wrong calls and nothing done or in place to rectify it. It is time....come on SEC, get with the times. The technology exists to quickly keep the game going and done without error. Quit fighting it....it is going to come.
Some things never change. Notre Dame was idle so they moved up one spot to 7th.....
We are all used to seeing LSU sporting very good or great defenses year after year. But with LSU showing an awesome high scoring offense just very well may ruin some plans of some other SEC teams who have thought they were going to run the table this season. LSU has their chests pumped out for good reason!
No, I disagree...the implosion started when Steve Spurrier walked away mid-season and buried the program for at least a decade. When Muschamp arrived, most everyone gave him a pass for a couple of seasons for the damage Spurrier had done to the program. Last game of last season for the Gamecocks was a humiliating loss to Virginia in one of the nothing obscure bowls.....but Gamecock loyalists had a short memory on that screwup as well. So, the big talk this season was that Muschamp has his first team together, the team that was completely recruited by the Muschamp coaching staff, which makes this loss (where SC was a double digit favorite) so much more resounding. I have been a Gamecock follower for 22 years. I have a mancave that was dedicated to Gamecock football, baseball, and basketball, and it was highlighted on the South Carolina website some years back (with photo). The North Carolina game was a humiliating event for Gamecock fans. I always get a chuckle when someone would criticize you for saying anything bad about the program because if you do, you must not be a "loyal fan" or a "real fan" of the program. That is pure BS. I am only going to stay a fan of a program if it shows progress, which we are not seeing here. I think Jake Bentley is a nice young man, but in his entire stay at South Carolina, he has never beaten a ranked team, and the best he looked was in his freshman year, and here we are four years later....wow! Losing a top recruit, that is real bad. Losing a long-term supporter of the program should be even worse, but it sure hasn't been treated that way at South Carolina. "Oh, he wasn't a real supporter if he's giving up on us." If South Carolina actually thinks that I am the only one giving up on the program, they have really miscalculated. After listening to the Sunday morning recap show, I made my mind up. I am now in the process of dismantling my mancave. Everything "South Carolina" is coming down and out the front door. I am not a fair-haired supporter, its not like I am putting all my stuff in the closet and I'll put it back up when they finally (if ever) turn the program around....no, all this stuff will be sold to the highest bidder, to those Gamecock fans with much shorter memories than mine. I think Ray Tanner was one of the most talented baseball coaches in the country, evidenced by winning back to back national championships at South Carolina. However, he ranks much lower as an Athletic Director. I think he has been an AD that lets his coaches run their own programs with little interference. That's ok if your programs are excelling. But when they begin to flounder, it is hard for an AD to step in when there has been no stepping history. So, this disgruntled fan is writing his last comments concerning the Gamecocks. Oh, is this program in such a mess. And to think the pundits have been talking all pre-season how difficult the South Carolina schedule was going to be this season and how one of the solid wins was against North Carolina. Wow, what a mess.
Franks goes and talks trash to the fans when the game was very much still in doubt. Cameras picked up Mullen discussing that with Franks, and what did Franks do? He went back and talked more trash to the fans and the cameras, after he turned the ball over. Good luck with that this season Dan Mullen
South Carolina may have a few tricks up their sleeves this year as Muschamp has indicated this is the best South Carolina team he has coached. Don't know what that equates to when you have one of the toughest schedules in the country this year, but improvement will be a welcome sight for Gamecock fans everywhere. After Jake Bentley had an underwhelming season last year, here's to hoping he has saved the best for his senior year. Go Gamecocks! While the SEC and Clemson will be trotting out some superstar level QBs this year, one or two could fall off the very high pedestal the media and fans (and stats) have put them on. Oh yes, talking season is coming to an end and the football season is just around the corner (last Saturday was just messy and we all now know Florida is not a top ten team). Dan Mullen will have his hands full trying to control the mouth of his QB, as all his negatives were highlighted to a national viewing audience Saturday night. Franks is an accident waiting to happen.....and it will.....the only question is when. Now, will Jake Bentley stand and play like we know you can. Hello 2019 season! Let's go!!