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In bowl season when the SEC has come storming out of the gates 0-5, an unlikely winner emerged....the South Carolina Gamecocks! A double digit underdog against North Carolina, who was a preseason Top 10, South Carolina took the lead early and never looked back, winning 38-21. A great crowd at the Dukes Mayo Bowl and a great job by the South Carolina Gamecocks!
The winner gets a one year rental of "South of the Border"...with free mayo for every visitor! Quick, get the 400 billboards up and updated!
No...not Meyer. Hire Spurrier, so he can leave halfway thru the season and put your program back 6 or 7 years....yeah.
Let that sink in for a minute....the South Carolina Gamecocks are going bowling! Most would have thought the only way the Gamecocks were going bowling this year involved strikes and spares!
For anyone who doubts Shane Beamer, you should go back and look at the post game comments after the Missouri loss, as the young man was really hurting. This is a green new Head Coach who is getting his on the job training in the toughest and greatest football conference in the country. For Gamecock loyalists who have observed and followed along the path of Beamer's journey since arriving in Columbia, it is easy to see the vast differences from game 1 to game 11. There is much more improvement needed, but come on guys, Coach Beamer has a winning record in late November after using three quarterbacks and a team which many players had been cherry-picked away during the coaching transition. Now that is the real definition of coaching. The last Saturday night in November.....Williams Brice will be packed to the rafters and the crowd is gonna be about as fired up as humanly possible. Clemson is the better team. However, if South Carolina scores first, if Clemson slips and lets the Gamecocks put points on the board first, it could become one of the most memorable nights in the Williams Brice history. Go Gamecocks! And if you lose Saturday night, congratulations for a season where there were no expectations, as this team is going bowling, and who cares if it is the Aqua Net Hair Spray Banana Split Upper 10 Bowl......it's still a bowl!
Well, one thing to remember is to fire Mullen now, the powers to be that brought him would have to admit they made a mistake in hiring him. I'm of the belief that if he wins out and if the team gets lucky in a bowl assignment, and then win it, his job would be safe. By firing the assistants the powers to be are showing accountability and a pathway for Mullen. He should know with clarity if he loses again this season he is gone. If Mullen wants to remain a Gator, he's gonna have to grind the season out.
Living on the Georgia-South Carolina border, and being a South Carolina supporter, I have enjoyed giving my Georgia friends hell when Georgia slips up, but I truly believe this year the only slip we may see from the Dawgs is them winning a game by 28 points instead of 34. Some slip, huh! I think this may be the best and complete Georgia team I have ever seen, and I am ready to watch these guys carry the rock into the history books.
Living on the Georgia-South Carolina state line, when I moved here 25 years ago I had to pick a team to follow, and because I was on the South Carolina side, I picked the Gamecocks, and for the most part, it has been a pretty good experience. However, living on the border of two states, and following the Gamecocks, I found I had more Georgia friends than South Carolina friends. So it is during the SC-Ga week I have gotten used to all the ridicule from my Georgia friends, and for the most part, it has been understandable, with past records and accomplishments of the two teams, but mostly of just the Bulldogs, as it is this time of year everyone is told that "this Georgia team is the one" and I have to admit, Georgia seems to be loaded with talent year after year, and this year is no exception. It looks like the opening line has Georgia favored by 32 points, and looking back the past 20 seasons, Georgia has been the favorite in every annual matchup with South Carolina except for one game in that period of time, and it could lead one to ask, why play this game if one team has been the favorite year after year? Well, it is because we still have to play the game to get a result. Like the last time these two teams meet in Athens, 2019, Georgia was a 25pt favorite, was #3 in the nation, and had a home field advantage that included 92,746 screaming Bulldog fans. South Carolina won that game 20-17. In 2011, in Athens, SC won 45-42. In 2007, in Athens, Georgia was the #11 in the country, and an unranked SC team won 16-12. In 2001, just 3 days before the events of Sept 11, in Athens, SC beat the #25 Georgia 14-9. South Carolina has won 4 out of the last 10 games played in Athens, and in all of those 4 wins, South Carolina was a significant underdog. In that same 20 years of looking back, SC also won 4 times at home against Georgia, so with the 4 wins in Athens, South Carolina has beaten Georgia 8 times in the last 20 matchups, and in all 8 of those wins, South Carolina was the underdog. Will Georgia beat South Carolina this coming Saturday night? Probably, but based on the previous 20 years, there is a reason the game has to be played, in spite of the home team is favored by almost five touchdowns. Go Gamecocks!
AP has Kentucky 39th.....just reading from the poll.
"well lookie there....they are in our division!"
You have to be in the poll first...
well, more than a few decades....maybe double that!
Something that hasn't been mentioned, or I didn't see it, but back a few decades ago, the Texas-Arkansas game was always one of the season's best matchups, and with Texas now coming to the SEC, it will rekindle that old rivalry, and everyone wins as a result. Something for everyone to look forward to watching.
Yeah, easy and simple. All they have to do is beat Alabama and then get plenty of respect. Nothing to it!
I was on that call with them this morning. And true, it was all about Gator hatred. It is now confirmed!
I agree completely with that. If the Razorbacks continue to win, they will continue to climb. But one thing about teams that have been absent from the polls for a significant time, one uh-oh and "poof" they vanish from the polls.
Unfortunately polls are not immune to being influenced by things other than playing results. Look no further than Notre Dame as an example. They had to score 18 points in the 4th quarter to escape with a 3 point win against national firepower Toledo. The top 12th team in the country? I think not. And remember, upcoming scheduled national games have quite an influence on rankings, as the higher the ranking, the more popular the matchup becomes, and more money is made. And round and round we go.....
Shane Beamer is in a good position with having more than 1 capable QB, not to mention a stacked backfield. Its time to get Doty and Harris some snaps against ECU, whether it is in the 1st quarter or the 3rd quarter, how much will be dictated by the flow of the game itself. Noland ran the offense quite well in week 1. No matter what level the opposition was, you still had to succeed in all the fundamentals of the game, and Noland did that as if he had been the starting QB for months and months, instead of days! In any event, its now time to get the primaries on the field to get play time together, so there can be progression made as a team, as the season unfolds. So far, Shane Beamer is saying and doing the right stuff. Hey, I kind of like that so maybe that will become a go-to slogan...."the right stuff". Go Gamecocks!
Lets see here...You say Memphis will beat MSU (funny, back in the day Memphis was also MSU as in Memphis State University), and then MSU will beat both Auburn and LSU. So if your predictions are correct, Memphis will beat MSU outright and then they will beat Auburn and LSU by proxy. Don't laugh...Memphis has a pretty good record against the SEC in the past decade, and most SEC programs steer away from teams like Memphis because they can't have teams like that beat them. Right Ole Miss?
You already have 4 offers for that property!
For anyone to predict South Carolina and first year coach Shane Beamer to win over any SEC team, that person must also play the lottery on a regular basis! Beamer took over a team that had found many new ways to lose games over several disappointing seasons that seemed to get worse when the pandemic hit. Beamer has yet to coach his first game at South Carolina, and don't forget the coaching exodus that occurred among his staff shortly after his arrival. I am a long time diehard fan of the Gamecock program. Having a packed Williams Brice stadium has always been worth about 4 points for the home team, and this season we may be able to bump that to 5 or 6 points, but that still may not be enough to get to a .500 program this year. I would love to see us do just that, but I am a realist first, and my hope this first year is to limit the embarrassments right out of the gate and get this coach some good quality games, and the loyal fans too! So, my prediction for the 2021 South Carolina Football Season is the Gamecocks will show up for the games, limit the mistakes, and the new head coach will build a good program that just may become a great program at some point in the future. How far into the future is an unknown at this point. Go Gamecocks! A sold out Williams Brice will always be trouble for opposing coaches, and that will not change.
Before everyone begins to imagine the big G dominance over the Gamecocks, a quick look at the record shows that in the past 10 games which is the past 10 years, Georgia's record against the Gamecocks is 6 wins and 4 losses, including a Bulldog loss in Athens on October 12, 2019, 20-17, when Georgia was #3 in the country, and South Carolina was barely a .500 team. The Georgia Bulldogs obviously have a premium program, one of the top programs in the country, which makes it even sweeter when South Carolina rises to the occasion and takes a bite out of Georgia's immediate future, with the Gamecocks always being the underdog. This year Georgia will probably be at least a 4 touchdown favorite and they may even double that in the actual game....but the 2019 game, the Bulldogs were a 24 point favorite. Just saying...
Oh, all of these wonderful comments about the Auburn head coach search missteps by the powers to be at Auburn. Takes me back to the year Spurrier walked away mid-season at South Carolina, and there South Carolina was in a great position to be the first major program with a coaching vacancy, and then Gamecock loyalists sat and watched vacancy after vacancy open and then get filled, and there South Carolina sat, literally, sat while other programs got on with the business of college football. Then, after all the top candidates had been taken, not only having been taken, but so much time had expired all of the new selections were already in place in their new jobs, and then, finally, the powers to be at South Carolina woke up one morning after the college football season had concluded, and they discovered they had a head coaching vacancy, and when they started looking around for a head coach, they found the pickings were really slim, I mean really slim. They couldn't find one candidate for an interview, while another one couldn't be interviewed because the prison wouldn't allow interviews. The third candidate, while telling the powers he was very interested, was actually going somewhere else, and just didn't have the heart to tell em. And then there was Muschamp, the 7th or 8th pick, who would go on to compile a wonderful record of 28-30 (6 of those wins were against Vanderbilt) and there were more than a couple of real unforgiving beatdowns (losses) during that period of time, not to mention an average of just a bit over 3 conference wins a year during that tenure (well, 2 when you take off Vandy). I will give South Carolina credit for learning from their previous mistakes. While they were a bit slow in terminating Muschamp this year, they were very prompt in their search and selection of a new head coach (which as this post was being written Auburn has filled their coaching vacancy as well). Good luck to all the new head coaches. It is now a 7 day work week, 18 to 20 hours a day. The paydays are really good, especially if you work in one of those unbelievable buyout clauses. Just ask the previous Auburn and South Carolina head coaches. They aren't available right now, because they are still counting their buyout money....
The playoff committee is just an extension of the network broadcasts of the weekly football games and the bowl games. If Jimbo really wants to show the committee, he should show up to his bowl game, and after all the talking heads have told us what to expect in the game, and the game gets close to the opening kickoff, just after the coin flip, instead of putting his players on the field, Jimbo should thank the committee for depriving his team an opportunity to compete in the playoff, and walk his team off the field and to the vehicles, and go home. Now that would be a statement! Maybe they could play a rerun of the selection show in the empty spot...or maybe a 1998 frisbee championship or something. Five stars will line up at the door in College Station wanting to play for that coach!
A 24 point beatdown 12 hours before the selection show airs should not be a factor, no, not at all. But, a bad loss for A&M 2 months ago, well now, yes sir daddy, we can use that one. A 24 point beatdown, and to be truthful, it was really a 31 point beatdown. Wasn't the committee relieved to see that garbage score at the end of the game, because a 24 point loss looks so much better than a 31 point loss. Why yes, that sure looks like a top 4 team to us all by getting thrashed, taken to the woodshed....but, but, they are one of top 4 teams in the country. Wait, how much did they lose by? Really?
Jimbo didn't read the instructions before screaming. The fine print clearly shows that if your name is Notre Dame, something like a 24 point total beatdown the night before the selection show will not keep you out of being one of the top 4 teams in the country. Let me say that again...a 24 point beatdown, a thrashing, a homicide, a complete and total whip their assing took place. It was bad, real bad. And the playoff committee chairman had the nerve to use a Texas A&M loss earlier in the year to say that kept Texas A&M out of the playoffs, and in the very next sentence said to disregard the Notre Dame 24 point beatdown we all witnessed Saturday night, stating they looked at the total body of work. So, they did that with ND but obviously not A&M. Notre Dame proved to us all Saturday night they are not one of the top 4 teams in the country. After the selection show on Sunday, there were only two teams jumping up and down with joy, and they were Notre Dame and Alabama. Notre Dame is jumping up and down, well, not really jumping up and down, because Clemson took them to the woodshed so bad, so much so that over half the team had to be helped to the plane, so there was not any literal jumping up and down, they were simulating the actual jumping up and down. They are good at pretending anyway, you know, like pretending to be one of the top 4 teams in the country....sure thing. And Alabama was jumping up and down knowing they drew a first round bye! They will be taking the Catholics to the woodshed once again, and the playoff committee will be nowhere to be found for a comment at the conclusion of the beatdown to come, and rest assured, there is a beatdown coming. Three games will have my interest this year....Alabama destroying Notre Dame, Cincy demanding some respect, and Jimbo, you should hit them where it hurts. You should take your team to your bowl game, and with your team on the sideline, at the coin flip, tell the committee where they can stick it, and walk your team out to the vehicles, and go home. I guess they could then play a rerun of the selection show instead of a football game. Now that would make an impact. Shame on the committee! Shame! Shame!
Well, if Mullen falls flat on his face early next season, he can get some pointers from Spurrier on how to walk away mid-season. Hell, maybe he could travel back to Starkville and have a stadium named after him....or something.