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Some things never change. Notre Dame was idle so they moved up one spot to 7th.....
We are all used to seeing LSU sporting very good or great defenses year after year. But with LSU showing an awesome high scoring offense just very well may ruin some plans of some other SEC teams who have thought they were going to run the table this season. LSU has their chests pumped out for good reason!
No, I disagree...the implosion started when Steve Spurrier walked away mid-season and buried the program for at least a decade. When Muschamp arrived, most everyone gave him a pass for a couple of seasons for the damage Spurrier had done to the program. Last game of last season for the Gamecocks was a humiliating loss to Virginia in one of the nothing obscure bowls.....but Gamecock loyalists had a short memory on that screwup as well. So, the big talk this season was that Muschamp has his first team together, the team that was completely recruited by the Muschamp coaching staff, which makes this loss (where SC was a double digit favorite) so much more resounding. I have been a Gamecock follower for 22 years. I have a mancave that was dedicated to Gamecock football, baseball, and basketball, and it was highlighted on the South Carolina website some years back (with photo). The North Carolina game was a humiliating event for Gamecock fans. I always get a chuckle when someone would criticize you for saying anything bad about the program because if you do, you must not be a "loyal fan" or a "real fan" of the program. That is pure BS. I am only going to stay a fan of a program if it shows progress, which we are not seeing here. I think Jake Bentley is a nice young man, but in his entire stay at South Carolina, he has never beaten a ranked team, and the best he looked was in his freshman year, and here we are four years later....wow! Losing a top recruit, that is real bad. Losing a long-term supporter of the program should be even worse, but it sure hasn't been treated that way at South Carolina. "Oh, he wasn't a real supporter if he's giving up on us." If South Carolina actually thinks that I am the only one giving up on the program, they have really miscalculated. After listening to the Sunday morning recap show, I made my mind up. I am now in the process of dismantling my mancave. Everything "South Carolina" is coming down and out the front door. I am not a fair-haired supporter, its not like I am putting all my stuff in the closet and I'll put it back up when they finally (if ever) turn the program around....no, all this stuff will be sold to the highest bidder, to those Gamecock fans with much shorter memories than mine. I think Ray Tanner was one of the most talented baseball coaches in the country, evidenced by winning back to back national championships at South Carolina. However, he ranks much lower as an Athletic Director. I think he has been an AD that lets his coaches run their own programs with little interference. That's ok if your programs are excelling. But when they begin to flounder, it is hard for an AD to step in when there has been no stepping history. So, this disgruntled fan is writing his last comments concerning the Gamecocks. Oh, is this program in such a mess. And to think the pundits have been talking all pre-season how difficult the South Carolina schedule was going to be this season and how one of the solid wins was against North Carolina. Wow, what a mess.
Franks goes and talks trash to the fans when the game was very much still in doubt. Cameras picked up Mullen discussing that with Franks, and what did Franks do? He went back and talked more trash to the fans and the cameras, after he turned the ball over. Good luck with that this season Dan Mullen
South Carolina may have a few tricks up their sleeves this year as Muschamp has indicated this is the best South Carolina team he has coached. Don't know what that equates to when you have one of the toughest schedules in the country this year, but improvement will be a welcome sight for Gamecock fans everywhere. After Jake Bentley had an underwhelming season last year, here's to hoping he has saved the best for his senior year. Go Gamecocks! While the SEC and Clemson will be trotting out some superstar level QBs this year, one or two could fall off the very high pedestal the media and fans (and stats) have put them on. Oh yes, talking season is coming to an end and the football season is just around the corner (last Saturday was just messy and we all now know Florida is not a top ten team). Dan Mullen will have his hands full trying to control the mouth of his QB, as all his negatives were highlighted to a national viewing audience Saturday night. Franks is an accident waiting to happen.....and it will.....the only question is when. Now, will Jake Bentley stand and play like we know you can. Hello 2019 season! Let's go!!
I can't see how any Gamecock fan, with the record Jake Bentley has against ranked opponents, and with the schedule SC has this coming season, could possibly think South Carolina should be ranked. I'll agree about a ranking for SC if they can actually win against a ranked team, but only after they show they can, and I am a Gamecock fan. Bentley can really help his NFL worth by having a great year. He is the SEC's only senior non-transfer starting QB this season, has a chance to break several school records this year if he remains the starter. I hope he has one, because if he does, SC may surprise a few schools this season.
Her job was to present the facts to the deciders, which she did. She erred when she spoke at the podium yesterday, as one can imagine she was asked by the deciders to speak about the case because of the obvious uproar it was going to cause. About Paul Finebaum, I actually like him, most in the SEC do. But because Paul, like so many of his counterparts, had came out so strongly against Meyer since the day the news broke, and long before the facts were in, he had no choice but to find fault in something yesterday, and I thought it was a bit much to talk about Meyer's tone of voice yesterday....really? And bias? We all are to an extent, by nature. As a former investigator, it was an endless job of addressing one side always being disappointed in the outcome, and this case was no different. In this particular case, everyone lost.
All good points. I'm just glad I wasn't the investigator taxed with that case. I think the real truth was in the marathon meeting that was scheduled for one hour and went close to 10, where we can all assume the only debate was not whether he knew or not, but instead what they were going to do with him. IMO this season will be a test; if things die down then life is good and things go on as normal. If they don't, we are probably seeing the last year with Urban Meyer. I'll conclude with this....the biggest truth that came out which most already felt, was that Meyer's judgement was tarnished due to Smith's Grandfather.
In the public arena, Urban Meyer was tried, prosecuted, and the mob was ready to run the spit through him, light the fire and cook and eat him while tailgating at..... anywhere but Columbus. What we are reading now from every national sportswriter that stated Meyer must go, is a bit of sour grapes. I am not a Ohio State fan, but instead a retired Federal Special Agent, and everyone should be thankful that Mary Jo White did not bow to the pressure from the "mob mentality", and instead conducted a by the book investigation. White is a former US Attorney from New York with a reputation of getting to the facts and being beyond reproach. When Paul Finebaum, who was on record that Meyer must go, provided a statement over the telephone tonight and said he didn't like the way Meyer presented himself at the podium today.....really Paul? Goodness gracious, we have lost forever the art of reporting the facts without including bias. I guess writing just the facts is so boring right now, and the catchphrase seems to be "the fix was in" or "it was a joke" if the investigation didn't conclude like the reader wanted.
Connor was so involved in the three consecutive 11-2 seasons at South Carolina. He never really got a chance to play in Cleveland due to all the negative noise caused by the signing of Johnny Manzell by the Browns after they signed Shaw. I guess you have to believe in fate. If not for a mistake by a New Orleans staffer of a public email indicating interest the Saints had in Shaw (instead of the intended private email to the Browns), Shaw would have probably been in New Orleans instead of Chicago and this ugly nasty injury wouldn't have happened. Karma can be so insulting. Connor Shaw, if you happen to read any of these posts, keep the faith, get well, and go after it again in the near future. We are pulling for you.
A new QB at Georgia matches well with a first time head coach. At least with a new coach, no one has their hooks in him forcing him to play this one or that one. I think at Georgia this season, we may see the very best QB playing, which will be refreshing.
As this list indicates, the SEC may very well be in some type of rebuilding mode.
I love it how so many talk about Spurrier being retired. Retired? He quit in the middle of the football season leaving the program holding their Gamecocks. He quit...in the middle of the season. There is nothing pretty or admirable about that.
If Spurrier became the College Football Commissioner, I guess they would have to keep his replacement on standby just in case Spurrier quit in mid-season. Boom!
My concern with the Muschamp hire is no matter how much the South Carolina brass wants to say Muschamp was their man, most in the country feel that is just not a true statement. The fact is the South Carolina vacancy was one of the earliest to open last season, it certainly appears they put all their eggs in one basket, and when the Houston coach backed away, the Gamecock's backup to that plan imploded when Georgia fired their coach. All of a sudden, South Carolina looked kind of like the 2015 football team, and all of the top coaching prospects were signed by other schools. When Muschamp was hired, most in the college football reporting world screamed "foul" (College Football ESPN Gameday crew) stating Muschamp had not yet earned another shot as an SEC head coach. I guess we will all find out whether South Carolina laid an egg, or if the egg is golden. These days there seems to be a grade placed on everything, and the powers to be at South Carolina don't get a passing grade on how they handled their coaching vacancy. At this point the only person getting a worse grade is Spurrier, for the mess he left South Carolina and their loyal fans. Muschamp's grade? Rest assured it will come quickly into the 2016 football season.
Come on guys....I have been to games in eight different SEC locations and in each and every one of those areas you can always find an idiot being an idiot. That is not representative of the overall crowd in Columbia, and anyone who thinks it is qualifies for the idiot tag as well.
Same thing I was thinking Phoenix....
they are forgetting who else is in the east!
bryanchip, the sec east cellar is well occupied right now with USC and Vandy and even Missouri....
I hate to see this for two reasons....the first and foremost, Mark Richt is a good guy, and he has long been a good role model for the countless number of young men who passed through the University of Georgia. Richt has always conducted himself in a professional manner as a representative of UGA. The second reason? I am a South Carolina fan and the Gamecocks are still looking for a football coach, and if they don't have their pick locked up behind the scenes, chances are real good the Georgia vacancy could change who remains available for the South Carolina program. I will say, however, after cheering against Georgia one week a year for the last several years, I have to wish Mark Richt well in wherever he lands.
I don't know how many watched the North Carolina/South Carolina game last Thursday, but there was a distinct difference in how the Gamecock offense looked and performed when Connor Mitch was taken out and replaced by Perry Orth. There is hope the South Carolina coaching staff picked up on that in the film room. After a season in which a Gamecock defense was so bad the Defensive Coordinator should no longer be on the payroll, but of course he is, and in my opinion some of that horrible defense remains as a result. And please, but after the Gamecock running backs had knocked off consecutive great plays, whose bonehead call was it that decided to pull them and put David Williams back in, who had done nothing the entire game, and quickly stopped that drive, and almost cost South Carolina the game? Bonehead decision....South Carolina offense was actually starting to roll until then.... And Coach Spurrier, we all know you want to redshirt Nunez, but you must know and feel the necessity that you need to win right now if you expect the Gamecocks to be able to compete in the next recruiting cycle, which means you must win now. I say the HBC does feel it and I say the Gamecocks win by 14 to go 2-0 and 1-0 in the SEC.
I usually don't agree with my Georgia friends, but even though it's real early in the season, Nick Chubb got his 100 yard game in about 3 quarters....Georgia dropped a spot? Shows how stupid the polls are this early.....
Clemson doesn't have a blog? You are on the wrong page and you speak very well, in spite of your team losing 5 out of the last 6 years to the Gamecocks.
I just scrolled down and read every comment concerning Ole Miss and not one comment was made concerning the at Memphis game on October 17th. Yes, Memphis. Memphis, who went 10-3 last season and one of those losses was at #6 UCLA, which took a last gasp last 30 second 4th quarter td to win against the Memphis Tigers. Speaking of close wins, Ole Miss and Memphis were tied last year going into the 4th quarter before Ole Miss moved ahead and won the game handily. However, Bo Wallace is gone but Memphis' Paxton Lynch is still there alive and well with the Tigers looking to better that 10-3 record from last year. Yeah, yeah, Ole Miss is in the mighty SEC and the lowly Memphis Tigers are in the ???, but it at least should get a mention. And it is going to be at the Tiger's house, and it will be a sellout....and it could easily be an upset! I am actually picking the Tigers to win not only by the line but straight up as well!
And one thing I left out. I think Tennessee has improved tenfold since the arrival of Butch Jones. I grew up on the other end of Tennessee, so I was used to getting thumped by the Vols in football and then getting even in basketball. It wasn't until I moved away from Tennessee that I was able to look at the Vols with a clear head. After some disappointing years, it looks like Tennessee just may have found the head coach they were looking for. I imagine it will be hard for any opponent to play at Tennessee this year, and we can all assume "Rocky Top" will be played many many times as well. With all that being said, though, based on how South Carolina does in Charlotte against North Carolina and then against Georgia in Athens, if they have a good showing in those two places, I still think the Gamecocks will win at Tennessee.
After back to back 11 win seasons with great showings on New Years Day bowl games, everyone, and I mean everyone, picked South Carolina with so very high lofty goals last season. Most have quickly forgotten that the Gamecocks were solid favorites in the Texas A&M game last year, touting the longest home winning streak in college football. Most said that streak was going to continue throughout the entire 2014 season. Well, it didn't take but around 7 minutes of the opening quarter to realize South Carolina was in real trouble, and in front of a national audience, the Gamecocks were thumped. What followed was a very disappointing season. In retrospect, the South Carolina coaching staff, specifically the defensive coaching staff, did not do their jobs. After the 2014 season was finally put to rest, South Carolina went out and got some defensive coaching help, and got some defensive help from some junior college transfers, along with some good defensive recruits. After watching just a week of Fall practice, most think the defensive horror story from 2014 will not be repeated. On the offensive side, the obvious question mark is at the quarterback position. Here is where the Gamecocks are going to have to wish for a little bit of luck while the QBs get some valuable play time. But.....don't sleep on the Gamecocks, because these young men have something to prove now that everyone has jumped off the bandwagon. I think the old men, especially the one wearing the white visor, just might have something to prove as well. Now, the Gamecocks have been a tough opponent for Georgia the past 6 years or so, especially three years ago when Georgia got thumped by the Gamecocks with South Carolina winning by 4 touchdowns (Georgia was #4 at the time). No one really knows what to expect from the Gamecocks, but if Georgia sits around and lets SC stay in the game, the Gamecocks could steal one in Athens. I think South Carolina will beat Tennessee....finally! I also think SC will beat Missouri as well. And while A&M is the team that pushed the Gamecocks down the black hole last season, the A&M QB didn't even last the season there, so its not like the Aggies have an overly dominating team as well......so, we'll see. As bad as South Carolina was last year on defense (they were #2 on offense), and the fact they have an untested unknown QB (yet to be named), if they dominate against North Carolina in the opener in Charlotte, then that will immediately make the Georgia game more interesting, and the A&M game very interesting. The ball bounces just the right way and the 2014 season will be quickly forgotten. I certainly hope so, because as Gamecock fans, 2014 was a tough tough year.
I sure hate saying this, but I think we may see the revival of Tennessee football this season. After watching some really bad coaching decisions last season at South Carolina, I haven't seen anything earth shattering relating to change, which means the chances are good the Gamecocks may stink up the place almost as bad as they did last year. It's really a shame the HBC will probably ride off into the sunset with sub-par performances his last couple of years after doing such a remarkable job at South Carolina. I hope I am wrong but most indicators sure point to a stinker year. Georgia is picked to win the East....wow, this is a new concept, huh. How many times in the last 10 years were they not picked to win? Once? Twice? Then how many times did they win? There are a number of teams in the SEC that have QB questions, and those will not be answered until the third or fourth week of the season, and no matter what happens, it is awesome being a fan in the SEC, even if my Gamecocks are getting hammered. And a word of caution.....if ole Rocky Top gets wound up they could do some serious damage on some opponents this year....more than many think! Come on September!