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Offense is Lane's specialty, so I'm not surprised he's building the offense first. Offense will get the fans in seats. Then he can improve the defense. Just my guess.
You say he's a troll (true), but then lump the rest of us in with him? That's not consistent. He doesn't represent the rest of us as you already know, so please don't go there. Especially since as it's already been mentioned, you bama boys comment on our stories more than all the other teams combined. And you talked about living in someone's head rent free...
He's earned the boos. He's made plenty of bad decisions.
It's a new world, where the few negatives get sensationalized and anything positive swept under the rug.
Vanderbilt never prospers. What's your point again?
Recruiting violations don't harm human rights and aren't political...
Gig'em - I don't pay attention to skin color either, which is what I think non-racists automatic response is. I believe that should be the goal. I don't understand highlighting a minority race for emphasis to prove you're not racist...defeats the purpose if you ask me.
Yes, I read the entire piece, more than once. There was not many incidents under Orgeron as HC and those were sent up the chain per LSU policy, which is where it went off the rails.
I think I remember a scandal at Ok St when Les was there where a certain group of girls were entertaining football recruits rather thoroughly...
How is that possible when this report came from an independent firm?
It was glaringly obvious Kavanaugh was framed. Political BS.
This investigation was done by an independent law firm that does these things for other schools, and has no ties to LSU. I find it hard to believe they are going to try and spin it in favor of LSU. They're neutral.
There's no need to get personal. Mistakes happen.
It's pretty clear that, while there were issues with Miles, that the Title IX process was a mess that needs to be fixed. Miles is not at fault for the Title IX stuff and LSU is taking steps to correct that. No excuse for what happened, though. It should have been done right in the first place. No, LSU administration has to take more blame than anyone else. A pleasant surprise is nothing against Orgeron.
LSU already self-imposed sanctions, banned from bowls this past year and losing 4 scholarships for 2 years that I remember. Waiting to see if there will be more.
Nice try, but it's clear you don't know much about these subjects. Find an LSU fan to explain to you what really happened.
Thank you very much for that. I think the interception Tua threw right before halftime really put Bama too far behind, but they tried to come back in the second half.
Looking back, it's funny how we used to make fun of the Big12.
If I put my Homer hat on, I'm looking forward to seeing what Boutte looks like next year also. It occurs to me that suddenly, the SEC is putting out lots of great WRs.
They both look great to me, and I think trying to pick one over the other is pretty tough. I'll take either, thank you very much. I liked the highlights!
Wasn't Tom Brady like the 4th string QB at Michigan?
Plus Kirby is from Louisiana, which always helps.
Yes, but Georgia is close, and has a lot more numbers. They also get plenty of OL talent, which Louisiana doesn't, unfortunately. Hbobo is on track - the top 3 are CA, TX, and FL, simply because of the numbers. GA, LA, and Ohio State are the next 3, in no particular order. There's no question this helps those programs, IMHO.
Dude, this type of comment is entirely unnecessary, and reflects poorly on yourself.