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Looking back, it's funny how we used to make fun of the Big12.
If I put my Homer hat on, I'm looking forward to seeing what Boutte looks like next year also. It occurs to me that suddenly, the SEC is putting out lots of great WRs.
They both look great to me, and I think trying to pick one over the other is pretty tough. I'll take either, thank you very much. I liked the highlights!
Wasn't Tom Brady like the 4th string QB at Michigan?
Plus Kirby is from Louisiana, which always helps.
Yes, but Georgia is close, and has a lot more numbers. They also get plenty of OL talent, which Louisiana doesn't, unfortunately. Hbobo is on track - the top 3 are CA, TX, and FL, simply because of the numbers. GA, LA, and Ohio State are the next 3, in no particular order. There's no question this helps those programs, IMHO.
Dude, this type of comment is entirely unnecessary, and reflects poorly on yourself.
I hope you're referring to more than the score. Because the game wasn't that close. Bama never had the ball with a chance to take the lead. Garbage time TDs made the game look closer than it was. there was no reason for LSU to play hard down the stretch, because they had an unsurmountable lead.
And once again, you show no proof. Is that all you can say?
Wait, what? Bama 2019 had 3 great WRs and Waddle. Their WR corps was great. I know the 2 that were drafted haven't done anything in the NFL, but they were pretty good in college.
The point was 2019 Bama wasn't close to 2019 LSU. I don't see your argument that 2020 bama was better than 2019 Bama.
Waddle is a great talent, super explosive, but I don't think he's better than Smith. This invalidates your point. Also, having 3 Heisman candidate finalists isn't the advantage you indicate. While all 3 are great players, two of them literally share the same stats, while another partially shares some stats. Giving multiple players credit for the same stats seems like cheating. So I won't.
It was pretty clear Bama had planned that play to snap the ball when the defense looked to the sidelines, because Tua stood up as if to look to the side himself, then when LSU did, he immediately took the snap. Trick play that worked. Would never work again, though.
It's certainly an interesting discussion point. Too bad there's no right answer.
PFF already compared the 2 QBs, and although they had similar stats, Burrow played much better. Jones was always throwing to wide open receivers, and Burrow was historically good throwing in tight windows, for example.
Yes, Stingley was burned by Smith in 2019. So what? Bama still lost and the game was never in doubt, so Smith was irrelevant.
Negative, Mr. Fantasy. have not heard mad max from anyone but some wishful fans with short memories. Brennan remained the starter according to O. With new coaches, now there will be a competition for the job, but Brennan is the favorite.
Again, the 2019 game was never in doubt - don't let the final score fool you. Bama never had the ball with a chance to take the lead. Last minute TD made the score look close, but the game was never in doubt. LSU controlled the entire game.
2019 game was not close until the final minute. LSU controlled that entire game. Last minute TD made the score look closer than it was. Bama never had the ball with a chance to take the lead.
Bama played against a lot of depleted teams this year. That probably skewed the ratings somewhat.
2019 LSU team had more than Chase at WR. They had 3 great WRs.
Bama played against COVID and opt - out depleted teams. LSU played against complete teams, and more of them.
Yea, I agree these two teams were surprisingly similar. Both great teams.