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Reading this thread has made my day. Notice how TGH has not even tried to explain why Lincoln Riley is so desperately trying to avoid LSU and the SEC. Seems cowardly to me. Hoe embarrassing for USC and fans.
Many teams refuse to draft a TE in the first round on principle.
Sorry. "regency" is a typo. Meant to say "what have you done recently" or something like that.
Losses at the beginning of the season never count as much as losses at the end of the season. Not my argument, but Bama was clearly better at the end of the season than they were at the beginning. Maybe it's a regency bias? Or they want what they think are the 4 best teams at the time of the selection? Or maybe it is a conspiracy to get the most popular teams in...
Also, Georgia forfeits the right to use injuries as an excuse because they said Bama couldn't when their receivers were injured. Can't have it both ways, Georgia.
Georgia had a strange gameplan. Playing the way they normally do might have made for a better game.
I think that this year, more than 4 teams have a legitimate argument to be in the top 4. I honestly don't think any combination selected would have made everyone happy. Georgia and Ohio State certainly have very good arguments, and everyone is talking about FSU. It's a good thing next year will begin an expanded playoff format. It would have been pretty exciting to watch if it started this year instead, don't you think?
I think offenses have evolved to make it tougher on the defense, and harder to have a dominating defense. Elusive dual threat QBs; QBs are much better coached in high school than in the past; also helped by all the 7-7 tournaments...which leads to many more great receivers that get put into all these spread offenses. It's just harder now.
I wonder if Kirby overthought it with his gameplan.
Hard to argue. Certainly impressive.
Clearly he's doing something right. I guess some just don't want to admit it.
Agreed. It's an interesting situation, and Coach Prime has made it work. Good for him, and good for college football.
Agreed. I tuned in to watch some of the exciting football I realized I was missing. Happy for that family and their success, but really don't care about all the other off the field stuff. Bring on more great football!
"Everyone is giving them the keys" is news to me. Can you tell us who "Everyone" is, please. For credibilty, do not include writers for this site. Waiting...
You know everyone likes to think their team has a chance in the preseason. That said, so far only one writer actually believes this will happen, and I don't think he's an LSU fan. LSU will have to be undefeated after the Bama game to have any serious hope.
Kelly is ahead of Napier because LSU having a core of elite talent in Kelly's first year? LSU was down to 38 scholarship players for their bowl game, and a WR had to play QB. I have some trouble believing Napier walked into a worse situation.
In this specific incident, you are simply wrong, Pricker. You didn't know enough about the situation before you commented, showed that ignorance, then tried for a recovery that just doesn't cut it. Do better research next time. Because the fact is, you have no idea if Skenes can hit or not.
The LSU coach would not let him hit, and it had nothing to do with his talent as a hitter. All your other takes on this are garbage, so just let it go.
What do you mean, he couldn't crack his own college team's batting line-up? Please explain.
KJ certainly is a great QB, no doubt.
He only says Woodward hired Jimbo with that large contract at AtM. That's true, isn't it? Woodward moved to LSU afterwards.
yea, that kicker committed to LSU has an 81 rating, which really hurts their composite average.
Believe me, I'm expecting some payback. Saban always has it in for LSU without any extra motivation, and he'll have a bye week to prepare.
Not LSU, just a rogue booster. Also not a children's hospital. I'm beginning to understand all these comments questioning your...well, you know.
"LSU was average" is not a fact. It's subjective opinion. Comments like that are why you get slammed.
If average is what you call getting to the SEC Championship Game, okay. Not really helping your credibility there.
Let's be clear backwater. Georgia dominated the first half and had the game in hand, as you say. But they could not stop the LSU offense in the second half, no matter how you want to spin it.
To be fair, Hayes is the only guy that has LSU as the favorite. I would also like to point out here that the writers for this site like to write highly questionable opinionated stories to ignite controversy (and get the clicks) therefore should be taken with a grain of salt. Or maybe a lot of grains. I certainly don't think the LSU program is close to the Georgia or Bama level.