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Typical Gump writer. Now I know where their fans get it. In his self-perpetuated ignorance, he doesn't realize LSU wanted to play Bama, and their pushing to play them down the road motivated all this reshuffling of the schedule by the SEC. But he won't say it, doesn't even want to know it, because it doesn't fit his narrative. In case you don't know what that is, it's to suck up yo Bama. Maybe he wants a job there at the ole alma mater.
You guys, Georgia and Florida fans, really need to get a room. You are going way too far with this stuff. Just from an outsiders view. No offense. We have to trust Georgia's coaching staff with the decision - they are at practice every day, and know things the public doesn't. Let's move on.
Maybe he could play scout team with a no-contact jersey, but wasn't ready for real game action and contact.
Well, Kirby did make a mistake with Fields, and everyone knows it.
I agree. The media has no credibility. There are ongoing investigations that will reveal the whole story. Then we can roast all the guilty parties. Making predictions or then treating them as facts are the fault of the media and liberal politicians. Lets not give them any encouragement.
The optics on the LSU are admittedly bad. Like the rest of you, LSU fans want to know the details about what happened. None of the suggested incidents are excusable. LSU knows this is important, and they have hired an out of state legal team with experience in these matters to investigate. The firm has no ties with LSU. The entire truth will be revealed.
Bama doesn't get a pass when they're missing players because they already have more talent then everyone else. Reference all the #1 recruiting classes the last 10 years. Missing players just brings Bama back down to the talent level of the other elite programs.
Ultimately it didn't matter as LSU fumbled the ball over to Arkansas a few plays later.
Fumble was recovered by Emery not Arkansas. Go back and watch it again.
I just watched the replays of this several times, and the reason it was not recovered by Arkansas is obvious. The ball was fumbled, but Emery pulled it back in while lying on the ground. Then Arkansas pulled the ball out and came out of the pile with it. The announcers clearly blew this observation, but the officials saw it on the replay. I know this is not what Arkansas wants to hear, but go watch the replays yourself and you can see it.
Most of the players out were for contact tracing. Please learn subject matter before publicly exposing your ignorance.
Should student athletes be disciplined after every accusation, as O'Gara claims, or wait until there's an investigation? Davis was suspended once he was arrested. The article doesn't specify what happened with the other accusations. However, it could be true all these incidents were handled correctly. Nothing in this article provides the details of how these incidents were concluded, except with Davis, who was suspended. Let's get the rest of the story so we can have all the information and make an informed opinion, O'Gary. You started down this path, now finish it.
Actually, after the story above said the incidents were never reported, the article later referred to one of incidents and said it actually WAS reported to Title IX. So I would like more details. It seems there way too much smoke for there not to be fire. But if an incident is reported and investigated, then what happens? Did that incident show the accused was innocent or guilty? Article doesn't say. But if the accused was found innocent, and allowed to play, that situation would be interesting to watch unfold. I would like more details.
Well Cody, there's a lot of people who make the same claims against the liberals that you make against Republicans. This is coming from the educated, well off Americans watching the poor and ignorant believing anything and everything the Democrats tell them, even though any self fact-checking at all would show them they're lying. I did it myself, and discovered who was lying and who was not. I also live in a place where I did not have to worry about being assaulted or having my home burned for no reason, or being shot and killed for wearing a red hat. These are your people.
Defense won plenty of championships after Spurrier stepped down in Florida.
Yes he hoods a grudge forever, and will rub it in every single opportunity he gets.
Newsflash to you: Spurrier ran his mouth about our programs for years, so we can say whatever we want about him and he has no defense. Also, none of us, except you I guess, gives a crap what he says. I'm surprised he actually cares about anyone's opinion, even in Gainesville.
Spurrier never had any class. He got away with it at the schools he worked for because he could win.
Be careful what you say. Some Bama fans will not admit LSU is a rival - you will piss them off.
The SEC postpones the LSU/Bama game. I guess Bama is still afraid of LSU. The funny thing is the bama fans don't realize it. The SEC office, located in Alabama and composed primarily of bama alums, who have obviously manipulated everything possible in bama's favor forever - don't believe me; ask any non-bama fan, strikes again. It could be they're afraid of anyone bama getting COVID, though. They've already had one big scare with Saban; they don't want another.
I didn't see what happened, so I've been looking at some of the clips. I'm not partial to either team, and here are things that stood out to me: 1. The hit at the #18 put on Trask was way out of line, well after the throw and the player showed no intention of slowing down or avoiding it after the ball was gone long before he got there. Indeed, it looked very close to targeting to me. It was definitely a dirty play and should be addressed. 2. Mullen was addressing one of the referees when the fight broke out ahead of him. He didn't notice at first but when he did look ahead and saw it, he started that way. It was at this time the staffer in yellow, who had removed his facemask and inserted himself into the conversation, said something to Mullen that grabbed his absolute attention. Someone pulled this staffer away, and another staffer grabbed Mullen to prevent him from following. I would really love to know what the staffer said to Mullen. He clearly tried to instigate more trouble. 3. After this, Mullen pushed into the middle and broke up the fight. No one else was having any success with this. He directed his players to the locker room, and they listened to him. I also noted that throughout the confrontation, the Florida players were pressing forward into the Missouri players aggressively throughout. Mullen ended all that. 4. Mullen waving the crowd up near the locker room entrance wasn't a big deal to me. It was separate from the fight and intended to fire up the fans, which is part of college football and not necessarily anything to do with the incident on the field. 5. I want to say that I don't know what else happened that influenced events that happened. These are only my observations. However, I do believe Florida coaches and players had some justification to be upset. This does not mean I condone what happened.
I think a lot of people are looking way too deep at this. It was a tragedy regardless. Let's move on.
If that were true they would not have changed the kickoff rules - no running starts.
I wondered the same thing. Bama can afford it though with a great receiver corps with depth. Many coaches would not risk him.