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Thanks for coming here and educating all of us on this. You're welcome here any time. BTW, Freeman has already gone on the record to say he agreed to follow Kelly to LSU, until Notre Dame offered him the HC position. Also, I'm career military, so I can understand there can be some resistance to constantly moving unless you have to, especially if you have a family.
I have to disagree with your comment about the chatter. As for the rest, as you say, time will tell.
If nothing else, if Georgia plays Bama again, at least they'll have a lot better idea of what they're up against. But I'm not sure what, if anything, can be done against Young.
We know the media is about the clicks, and the outrageous negative takes gets them. Money is more important than truth, and that's what we're seeing.
I think Florida hiring Napier was a great move. Florida is not a bottom of the barrel program, but has dealt with some issues the past few years. But not as many as LSU.
You might be right. However, after what we've see Baylor do this year, I will not be on the side of people who say they can't win a game. Been surprised several times this year.
I won't discuss how many states were a part of Louisiana. I don't have the time...
I certainly hope motivation isn't a problem. You're in the playoffs, one game from the NC game. It's right there for you; go get it.
Good point. I wonder who it was against.
There is something to be said about having a mobile QB when facing an elite defense. Young had to run around quite a bit because of pressure, but he was able to do it and still make plays. It's an advantage over a statue in the pocket.
gwhite, if it's Tennessee's offense, then why isn't Tennessee winning like Bama? Somehow, I think it's something else...
I'm pretty sure I've seen other teams use that scheme before Tennessee. Therefore, it's not their offense. They stole it from someone else.
Dude, it's not like other teams haven't used the RPO before.
That's a really good point. A Georgia loss didn't hurt them, but for Bama it was a must win.
gwhite, I really don't understand why you're in this thread running your mouth.
Yes, this happened. However, what that defense did during the regular season was unprecedented, so most people were suitably impressed.
I definitely made sure not to miss this game. SEC fans have had Bama fatigue for awhile.
Was Bama challenged this season more than Georgia? The thought occurred to me that winning those close games, as well as having a loss, forced Bama to keep upping their game, and might have been an advantage going into this game. Then again, that's just one factor among hundreds or thousands, so what do I know?
Anyone who doesn't envy Bama's football program is probably lying. I have no problem admitting I do. You guys enjoy what you have while you can, because domination long term like this is very rare.
I think Georgia is an elite team, even after this game. I thought the difference was the QBs. A great QB can make a big difference. Young is very impressive.
Georgia! LSU fan here. I am very disappointed in your team! I thought that you would win this game! Darn it! Well, if you get a 2nd opportunity, we'll see what you're made of. I wish you good luck!
100 mil contracts seems to be the new standard for a top coach.