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We have no problem with Oklahoma who has a great program. We're just not scared of them and welcome the challenge. Texas, on the other hand, always seems overrated. Not that we pay much attention, it's just the view from the outside. "Good" teams are plentiful in the SEC. No one's scared of Texas.
Control the prima donna? Spanking their ass every year will do it. We'll see.
Well, it's going to funny watching their reaction when no one listens to them. For the SEC, Texas is just a middle of the road program.
Correction: LSU would be just fine with this. They have had no problems with Texas or Oklahoma. Bring it.
He had to do something to get that guy to show his face again.
The real kicker to me about Miles is this: One of the main reasons he was selected as LSU's HC, after a national search, was because of his high character. How bad a miss was this? There was stuff coming out about Okie State not that long ago from his days coaching there. Wow.
No there's no asterisk. Except for the one in your head. Let's keep it there.
That's only natural. The other sports are already there; we're just late to the party.
Agreed. Saban was already a great coach before he went to Bama.
That was the only time LSU beat a #1 team. There's been a lot of close calls, but only won against Florida. I think Spurrier gives opposing teams a little extra motivation...
The math doesn't work, because every team wants at least 7 home games, and other Power 5 conference teams will only schedule home - and - away deals. They want those home games for the money. The lower schools don't mind playing on the road for the paycheck they get, which is much better for them and vital to their programs. It's about the money, and that will never change because it's a win-win for both schools.
I agree with pop. I don't think anyone realistically expects LSU to contend this year. If you hear otherwise it's just wishful thinking.
I think we're seeing something like what the 2019 O-line went through after a bad 2018 season. They're buckling down to improve and I think they will.
I'm not sure where you get your information from, or how much is just your opinion, so let's clear up a few things. LSU wasn't far from 3-7, but they also wasn't far from 7-3. There were 4 very close games, in which they went 2-2. So it averaged out. You think Stingley is overrated - okay. I realize he had a sophomore slump, but the year before he was widely considered the best CB in the country - bar none. This year, I expect we'll see which is the real Stingley. Lack of quality experience? They return almost all their starters this year. It was last year they had a lack of quality experience, losing 19 starters to the NFL. Between that, and the lack of much of a offseason due to COVID, it showed. I didn't realize "LSU is getting unnecessary hype" this year. I don't really expect them to contend for the CFP this year - I hadn't heard anyone predicting that. I don't expect them to be as bad as last year or as good as the year before; they will probably be somewhere in between. I'm just hoping for improvement, and I think we'll see it.
I don't know which team was better, and none of us ever will. I certainly thought Bama's team last year was one of the best I'd ever seen. However, if you are going to try and knock down the LSU team, you don't have much to stand on.
Oh, never mind. I see you're a bama fan.
That's an excellent point. Who broke their streak?
Yea I think before the end of the game a lot of walk-ons were playing. Maybe some water boys to...
Different year, different teams, no COVID. Thanks!
One lucky season? What are you, like 2 years old?