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Nah, bama wasn't middle of the pack this year. It may be been a little bit of a down year for them because of all the injuries, but they were in the conversation to the end. It's hard to not take a step back when your QB goes down - you don't have another Tua on the bench. But they certainly passed the eyeball test.
Rolltide. This article was written specifically for people like you. I guess you don't believe it. No surprise I guess, coming from a bama fan. When Orgeron was hired, I think about 50% of the LSU fanbase (and everyone else) hated it. They've finally seen the light and can't argue it any longer. But there are still some fans of other programs who haven't followed the story as closely who don't believe in Orgeron, especially Bama fans. TBH it sounds like losing to LSU this year hurt bama fans's feelings, because immediately after they started claiming LSU was a one year team - sound familiar? Go back and read the article again, because clearly he sees what happening without a fan bias.
I don't think anyone disagrees; in fact I said something similar a few days ago.
I don't see anyone saying that. The general expectation is LSU will take a step back, inevitable with all their losses this year. But now they know how to get there, so they'll be working that path. That offense is here to stay - but we don't know how it will look without Burrow or Brady.
LSU got their QB commits early, before anyone knew how good the offense is. The good QBs tend to commit early, which is why we needed Joe Burrow to begin with. Now next year, we'll see with the QBs.
Well, I went to a bookstore with my LSU shirt on (I live in Phoenix) and a Ohio State fan wanted to talk football. He was an older gentleman, and said in 70 years he'd never seen a better QB. I complemented Ohio State, who I think has an excellent program, but he blew it off, saying it wouldn't have mattered, LSU would have beaten them or anyone else. Classy guy. Interestingly, he knows the Kinchen family.
Pretty good, considering who they played.
You make a lot of good points, except LSU has played some of your teams pretty close before this year. It's hard to forget some of those tough losses. But w/e. Bama should be the clear favorite this year.
I'm pretty sure Bama fans would like to forget the Mike Shula years. But I agree on one thing - there's no such thing as a fluke NC. Unless you count Bobby Bowden's team getting the lifetime achievement award that time...
Thanks for the classy comment. It's hard to have sensible discussions on most other forums without some hatefest starting up. I will say that there are some Bama fans that have made sure LSU felt the misery of losing to them these last 8 years, and well, I won't go into any details. But there's a reason LSU fans feel the way they do about bama besides the losing. To be fair, there are some Auburn fans also...
You know, I didn't know much about Dabo until recently, but now I completely understand.
Agreed. Get that political crap out of here. I come here to get away from it. Thank you.
Auburn loses their whole DL I think? Bo Nix must get more consistent for them to contend, IMHO.
The NC is the ultimate goal these players work so hard to get to, for years. Let them celebrate getting it. They earned it.
In the playoffs the playoff/bowl authorities decided who got sideline passes. They are currently reviewing their policies after the OBJ incident.
The Head Coach is, among other things, a leader. There are many types of leadership, and no one necessarily better than the others. Orgeron discovered micromanagement is not his strength, and has adjusted, and found success. So give credit where it is due.
Agreed. Those who get above that level are legends, thus the rarefied air.
Well, we'll see. There's no doubt Burrow cannot be replaced, so the QB play will not be at his level. In addition to losing Aranda and Brady, only 7 starters return on offense/defense - 15 leaving. There'a talent remaining of course, but losing that much talent will have an impact and, losing that much experience will probably hurt more. So yes, LSU will almost have to take a step back. After that is the question. Coach O has always had his critics, but give him credit for knowing what the team needs to get there. I trust him to make the right moves to get back. This program had a great year, but is not at the level of consistent success Bama and Clemson are yet. But the potential is there. It will be interesting to watch.
I know there's a lot that can be said about who's the GOAT, but that's for others to debate. I don't care. I got what I wanted!
As an LSU fan, I can confirm it was a dream season. Without a doubt.