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My understanding is the coronavirus played a huge part with Brooks wanting to be back home.
I remember a lot of people thought USC was the better team. TBH I didn't realize at the time how flawed the BCS formula was. In the end, though, only USC was claiming they were C0-National Champs. Everyone else said it was LSU. So the homers at USC claimed the moral victory, for which I can't blame them, I guess. I can't believe all the similarities between the teams this article discovered - it's beyond weird. Glad to see the scales tipped to LSU, though, if ever so slightly.
Connor O'Gara - Herschel Walker played for Georgia, not Auburn (Auburn had Bo Jackson). Surprised the Georgia fans let that slide.
Let's see what happens in the rematch. DeVonta Smith's best play against Stingley was when Tua was waiting until Stingley looked over to the sideline then snapped the ball, giving Smith the big jump. That really isn't a credit to Smith; it goes to Tua and/or the staff.
Can't really blame the QB and team leader for setting high goals. He realizes there's work to be put in to get there, and I don't think most outsiders really know how much work LSU put in to get there. It was really unprecedented, and Joe Burrow led the way. Hopefully LSU knows what to do now and will continue their success. Perhaps Mond should try to learn what LSU players did and try to copy? Couldn't hurt.
Funny. But if Marshall stays healthy, I think he has a chance.
18 comments to argue what's an opinion and/or mistake. Come on guys. Let's stick to football. This is a good forum, one of the few that has intelligent posting, we should keep it that way. Geaux Tigers!
It's a good point you make about the athletes asking for more. Most of them would not get paid much. How do you compensate them all? Do the superstars and the walk-ons get paid the same? If not, how do you decide who gets paid what? What happens to the student athlete who gets injured or is a bust - do they get "fired" and kicked out of the university? As someone said above, it's a slippery slope. Attempting to do this will just make it worse, IMO. There will be some still complaining no matter how you do it. Stupid suggestion without realistic solutions.
I like this suggestion. It's a relatively small percentage of student athletes that will be paid (these are the ones complaining). This suggestion solves those complaints. Good job Nobleman.
Agreed. It's a little absurd to sign the contract then start complaining about it.
I understand that compensation for student athletes is a complicated issue. But no one forces these kids to go to college. They accept the deal when they sign up. And they do get taken care of. There shouldn't be any whining about it.
A bad match-up for LSU was Auburn, who almost beat them.
I don't know what the "star" position is. Can you translate to standard football term please?
Yes, the people have noticed the talent jump in UK. It really sticks out when UK wins recruiting battles for elite talent. No one expects that.
But a lot of O-Line talent walked out the door. I have a hard time believing the O-Line will be as good this year.
Pickens is certainly the real deal. Very impressive.
Yea, I was surprised to learn that to. Someone has been digging DEEP!
Never underestimate Auburn. I certainly don't know how a Bama fan could.
Yes, just a space filler article. But that's all we have right now, and the comments are very entertaining, so keep it up.
Looking from the outside, I've always thought Grantham was a good DC. Didn't like it when my team had to play against him, as he always did well against them. As for Georgia, LSU just seemed to have their number the past few games. As someone else said, it's a game of match-ups. Some teams don't match up well against others.