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He is you judgemental .... read the reply to JTF. I would have thought this was obvious, but some people don't bother thinking before writing.
They're reporting numbers, which is all they need to locate hotspots. Medical information about individuals is protected by the Privacy Act. By claiming "most" had caught, he skirted the law by making it probable most players had it. Can't do that. That's why Woodward said what he did. It was the right thing to do.
True. They're latching on to the COVID storyline, which makes me suspect something negative is coming. Don't do it, Ed!
Well, let's see where to begin dealing with these delusions. First, Orgeron was only a head coach once - at Ole Miss a long time ago, and he did a terrible job. He clearly wasn't ready. Years later he was interim head coach at USC and went 6-2, the best record ever for an interim head coach, tied with Dabo at Clemson. (No failure there). Becomes Head Coach at LSU and wins National Championship in 3 years (How long did you say Kirby been head coach at Georgia?), all the while Georgia was recruiting better classes and playing in a weaker East division, getting stomped badly by LSU twice. (No failure by Orgeron there). Clearly Orgeron is doing better than Smart. Smart as the DB coach at LSU under Nick Saban at LSU for one year. By the way, who coaches defense on Nick Saban teams? Saban, whose specialty is defensive backs. Nick Saban does not take advice from assistants; he tells them and they listen. So let's not kid anyone about who taught who. On that note, Saban did not win a NC until coaching at LSU. neither did Les Miles or Orgeron. It's looking like LSU has more to do with it than anything. In light of all this, it's pretty obvious why the spotlight is on Orgeron and LSU, and not Georgia. Of course, it could be Kirby is like you , and can't figure it out. Or much else, either.
I enjoy watching him to. I've also watching Tua - how is he doing in Miami?
He played well enough to give his very bad team a chance to win against a playoff team, but his teammates choked on the final 2 plays. That's why everyone in football thinks he played well.
So-so completion rate at 64%? Matt Ryan didn't get above that until his fourth year..
Matt Ryan didn't play well as a rookie. He's also a notorious choker, while Burrow is the complete opposite.
Auburn plays LSU well every game. TAMU usually stumbles badly. Just can't get concerned about them.
Bama will be very motivated against LSU after losing to them last year. I think we'll see Bama at their best, trying to run up the score. Can't see us winning that one this year.
Missouri plays 5 ranked teams - Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Georgia. Do you think they can beat the Vols? The other 4 don't look good for you. Then 5 more SEC games. Assuming Missouri loses to the ranked teams, and can't sweep the other 5, that's a 4 win season at best. What say you?
I think Bama has far more talent than anyone else. All those consecutive #1 recruiting classes has that team loaded. That makes them the most able to weather losses this year, especially with the COVID nightmare to deal with.
I hope not, but Ole Miss has upset LSU far more than anyone else, with less talent.
Maybe Bama doesn't consider LSU a rival. However, it's telling they get a bye week every year before LSU. I'm sure that's no accident.
Can't really blame anyone for wanting to get out of Minnesota this year.
I disagree with the Waddle comparison. Chase is a great receiver, but he's different from Waddle.
It's a difficult situation to stay on top of. I honestly don't know how they can put a stop to it.
I tend to agree; none of us know the true story. There may have been several reasons why the kid transferred. Perhaps at first he didn't want to slander the program so didn't mention the culture? That's just an example - we just don't know.
It's like the Roger Goodell policy in the NFL: "Because I said so." That's why there's no transparency.
Let's not get personal, please. I've long considered LSU and Auburn to be on a par with each other. There's always going to be a season or two differently, but they always play each other well.
Just someone not satisfied leaking info. It happens.