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I can answer this. LSU just lost it's best kicker in history, Cole Tracy; also it's best kickoff specialist in history - Avery Atkins. We really don't know what to expect from the kicking game. The return game has been almost all fair catches. This is a big factor people are overlooking.
Agreed. Please take political comments elsewhere.
Policy decisions that lead to the huge increase of the price of oil and energy was also a leading cause of price increases. In a petroleum economy, when the price of oil goes up, so does everything else. For those who have short memories, this started long before Putin's war. Combining this with the causes of inflation noted by other posters has led to a very bad situation for us.
In recent years, Kentucky football has been great. Don't let SEC fans from other teams desperate to find a good insult to throw at you influence your opinion of the rest of us.
Sampah has a medical problem with his spine, I hear, and can't get cleared to play. Webb has had injuries also slow him down but not sure about all the details. Bad luck for those guys. I hope things work out for them.
I feel bad for Tennessee, having such a great team this past year but not winning it all. This is a good example, bayou tiger, of a team good enough to win, but unexpected things do happen. I wasn't happy with the way LSU's season ended, but I am not going to spend a lot of time second guessing Jay Johnson. Let's see how next season goes, to see what adjustments he makes.
The above comment was in response to bayou tiger.
It takes more than talent to win the SEC these days. So what 3-4 teams, specifically, would you believe to be these favorites? I don't think it's that easy.
Agreed. Regardless of whatever anyone else says, Saban's results speak for themselves. And with those results, players will always want to play for him. Will Anderson is the rare player not on my team that I can't wait to watch play. Tide fans, enjoy him while he's there.
I don't know anything about any of this. However, no matter who is at fault, TV walked right into that ump. The ump did turn around at something TV said, but did not lean forward. If anything, he leaned back to avoid the contact. TV just kept walking forward until the contact stopped him. That's what I saw.
Tennessee is the cream of the crop. I expect nothing less than a national championship from a team that good. Go SEC!
I watched the Auburn/LSU series, and it was clear each game Auburn was the better team at that time. Certainly well coached and doing the little things well.
I will admit, watching that game felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Until the end.
I want Burks to the Saints and have for some time.
A GM cannot take big risks that high in the draft. A top ten draft bust is a career killer for a GM, and possibly the coach. They absolutely must get a hit with that pick.
Agreed. I would be very concerned Stingley has been MIA for two years. If it happened in college, it could happen in the pros. MIA in the NFL for two years would be catastrophic. It will take a thorough investigation just to start with.
I don't think getting benched for Caleb Williams should be held against Rattler. Pretty sure almost all the SEC QBs would - the only definite exception would be Young. Spencer has shown in the past he's a pretty good QB, regardless of circumstances. It will be interesting to see what South Carolina can do with a real QB...
Johnson didn't always play that badly. he developed bad habits playing behind a bad offensive line. I expect he will be back to his old self soon behind a better Oline.
Excellent point. Regardless of whatever you can say about Auburn, you must admit they get up for their rival. I have to respect that.
No coach fire from Auburn has ever had success afterwards? I don't keep track of this, but I thought Tuberville had a good track record elsewhere. Not that I ever liked the guy.
Harsin may have not had recruiting experience in the SEC footprint, but he hired assistants (who do most of the recruiting btw) who were.
Let's keep politics out of sports, please. The rest of us thank you in advance.
Kiffin is in a great situation - yes. Just had the best season...in program history - no. Ole Miss used to compete for NCs, although it's been awhile.
Dude you can't knock Kelly for any deficiencies in this year's recruiting class - he just got there and just finished hiring his staff a few weeks ago. It appears you aren't very...well nvm. Give Kelly until next year to judge how he can recruit.