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The CFP poll is certainly the only one that matters. But the discussion starts way sooner (we have articles about the coming season already). So the other polls will stay around, relevant or not.
Les Miles was determined to make Brandon Harris a starting QB that year. But the only thing Harris could do was run and throw the bomb, and throw the bomb. When those 50/50 balls went the other way, LSU failed spectacularly. This was the first sign, I think, of Miles' stubbornness sticking with losing strategies that eventually got him fired.
His intangibles are off the charts. That's why I believe he'll be great in the NFL.
Dude please check the insults at the door. Leave it on the other sites if you must. Thank you.
LSU insiders have been saying for over a year Robinson's contract would not be renewed. All parties knew this break was coming for a long time.
In that same segment Colin had to admit he's wrong all the time. He's not interested in being right.
Not a knock on Robinson, but Faulk can offer things Robinson can't: Faulk is a native Louisiana RB who played at LSU, went to the NFL, played for Belechik and with Tom Brady, went to 5 Super Bowls and won 3. Basically, he's just like the players he'll be recruiting and coaching, except he's succeeded at fulfilling all their dreams and can tell them how to do the same. That's pretty attractive to those kids. Like I said, not a knock on Robinson, but Faulk is a great fit for LSU.
This is been in the works for a long time. Faulk has been on the staff for a few years already, just not with an on-field coaching job. He's been in personnel development, and he's reportedly been phenomenal. The players have been raving about their relationships with him. LSU wanted him to be a coach but would not fire Robinson; they made Faulk wait until Robinson's 3-year contract expired. That being said, there's certainly nothing wrong with Robinson. I really wish he'd gone somewhere outside the SEC, because I think he'll be an asset to the Aggies. Overall, forget the spin. It's a win for all involved.
AggieRider makes the most important point in all this. What isn't pointed out in the article, when discussing the salary, is who is actually available to select as a coach. The overwhelming majority of good coaches are already in good situations and don't want to leave. It takes a contract like that to pry one away, plus a coach that's willing. A&M got it done - congrats to them.
I agree about the salary. It doesn't make a difference - it's the team's performance that's important.
Well, you have to consider not just the record, but the schedule. I can't believe how easy those first 10 games are - A&M will probably be favored in all but the Auburn game. By then, your team has had time to improve before taking on LSU and Bama. I think the expectations are an improvement in both the record and the eye test, to show the program is moving forward. That's reasonable. There's definitely been an influx of talent. What can Jimbo do with it?
There's been plenty of rumors about Kirby using negative recruiting tactics. Last year he was telling recruits Ed Orgeron was going to be fired so don't go to LSU. So he does think these things through.
Every team has some fans that criticize the coaching staff, that's just part of the job.
I would like to see it. Another notch for the SEC!
Sounds overly optimistic. Texas A&M, Kentucky, Missouri, and probably Ole Miss are 50/50 at best.
The Bengals haven't won a playoff game since 1990. That pretty much sums it up.
Auburn didn't lose much on D? Didn't they lose most of their D-line and DBs?
Well thanks for that. There's a win that caught me by surprise.
They certainly did. Really hard to find fault in any class over 300.
I agree with most of this, but I have to believe JLo and Shakira did what they wanted to do, with the NFL adding their stamp of approval. If it's degrading to women, remember that it was women who chose to do it.
Wow have to agree with you there. Hard to imagine.