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I think because of that game, Nick Fitzgerald is my most hated QB on this list.
I look at it like a metaphor. SDS seems to like writing in metaphors and big headlines, which just seems cheesy.
He hated UT so much that he had to get all the way out of Texas
Alabama at Texas A&M, October 9th.
All he did was look at the stat sheet and saw that Leal only had 2.5 sacks, when in reality, he's one of our best players.
First you say, "The bad losses of the Kevin Sumlin era haven’t been a thing in Jimbo Fisher’s tenure." Then you go on to say, "It would be typical of them to make it this far only to get upset Saturday." I thought you said A&M doesn't do that anymore. Make up your mind. I'm so sick and tired of these articles coming out about Texas A&M being "lucky" or something to be in the conversation for the CFP. Luck has nothing to do with it. We have more veterans than anywhere else in the SEC, an elite defense, and we recruit with the best of them, so we're only going to get better.
Well they have lost to inferior teams in Iowa and Purdue for seemingly no reason in recent seasons.
Just the title of this article made it lose all credibility
I just don't see that happening, so I'm cheering for a good ole fashioned Clemson beatdown in the ACC Championship game just like every year. I believe if Clemson wins by over 20 then A&M has a pretty good shot at getting into the Playoff over Notre Dame.
I completely agree. I was gonna post this. Our defense coasted to an easy finish in the Arky game with no starters still in the game. And in the Miss State game, the only reason State crossed the 50 yard line was because they put in their backup quarterback who has proved to be half decent this year. And another point, how come going into this season, Georgia's defense was talked about as potentially having an all-time good defense, but now that we are in the season, we realize that A&M's defense is actually having the type of season we expected from Georgia. However A&M seems to be barely getting any publicity for it, and all anyone wants to talk about is how bad the offense is.
A little off topic, but is anyone else getting Planned Parenthood ads on SDS articles for no reason.
As someone who lives in Austin, I couldn't agree more. Matthew McConaughey is the exception not the rule.
I think if this game doesn't end up happening because of angry schools in the SEC, that would be incredibly petty. Right now I think the biggest obstacle is the Big 10 getting angry about Ohio State breaking their own ridiculous COVID restrictions.
Sounds like someone is still mad that they're ranked 6th still.
Agreed, this is all because of two positive tests, and contact tracing BS.
Anthony Hines officially declares for the draft. He will officially go undrafted because his backup is officially filling in and playing just as mediocre as him.
Kellen Mond was god-awful as a freshman, but I agree he hasn't gotten better since his sophomore year. Personally I would want him to move on so we can see how Haynes King, the 4-star dual threat will do in Jimbo's system.
He really was destined to be a bust, it's a shame
You do know that that was only a highlight reel right, and not an accurate representation of Kyle Trask as a passer? If PFF sees him as only the fifth best QB in the conference, then he is probably only the fifth best in the conference. Not some dark-horse Heisman candidate that all Florida fans think he is.
em6126 you should be more politically correct. His name is Sleepy Joe
I wonder why Texas A&M is getting all this hype right now when two months ago they were projected by most media outlets to finish fourth in the division behind Alabama, LSU, and Auburn. I get that LSU got killed by opt-outs but why is A&M ahead of Auburn now too? Not mad about it just confused.
Where is Jaylon Jones. He is a 5-star recruit and is expected to start this year at cornerback for Texas A&M. He was also just named to 247Sports's Preseason All-Freshman team.