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Coming from a Bama fan, I hope LSU skull drags Clemson. ROLL TIDE LSU 41 CLEMSON 24
Kirby will be the first former assistant to beat Saban I think. I hope it doesn't happen but its almost inevitable at some point. I think Georgia will have a good shot at the East with Florida being the biggest challenge. LSU is always our hardest game but looks like A&M is coming up now with Jimbo
Glad to see Georgia and Kirby doing so good. Respect the hell out of Kirby for what he did at Bama and now at Georgia. See y'all in Atlanta next year. ROLL TIDE
Bama fan here. With this game Georgia deserves to jump Notre Dame. What a great showing by both teams. OU with that joke of a defense is not a top 4 team. It probably won't happen this way, but here's hoping that committee has some common sense. ROLL TIDE