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The sad part is that things like last season can't be made up for. It's just a wasted opportunity now. Maybe he will be struck by lightning in the off-season and miraculously have a complete understanding of all parts of football and in the process become humble. :)
I liked Croom. He just showed he doesn't understand all of the game of football as well as I had hoped.
Don't know about you but I learned a whole lot this season. I fear I learned a lot of Moorhead's limits.
Here's hoping the off-season enlightens Joe to more than the passing part of the game. That's, at best, only half of an offense. I fear, though, we need to prepare for Croom 2. Croom was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet.
What's that they say about doing the same thing over and expecting a different result?
First I thought you must be crazy, then I was certain. How much did they pay for this propaganda? Moorhead took maybe the best team in MSU history and won against the two worst teams in the SEC, three d2 programs, & the worst team in college football. With Auburn & Tam he let the team be what they are long enough for them to win. With the rest, he insisted they be something they are not and lost. Moorhead is an idiot. Moorhead wanted to be in the NFL but no one there would have him so he went to Munich, Germany and played on a team so bad they won't even publish the record now. He left that team and it started winning. These are facts. Working out? Are you related to Moorhead. I read where his players LOVE him, but kids always love their enablers. The penalties and fights alone prove bad or no coaching.
The second half of the Miss State game showed that the Alabama offense could be nullified with enough pressure.
If Keytaon Thompson is smart he will transfer. If Moorhead had any plans to play him, he would have played him some this year. Mayden will probably be backup to Shrader. I hope MSU goes to a bowl next year but judging by Moorhead this year, that's iffy.
Why so slow to judgment, Finebaum? You were fine with doing it on Myer about things, some of which later proved false. You ignored the basic American right of being innocent until proven guilty. An ex-wife making accusations, come on. And I don't even like OSU or Myer.
It will be close, judging by the way people are decommitting, whether Miss State makes a bowl. Moorhead may have 'his' QB but he has to have someone to throw to.
LOL. Wouldn't you like to be an Alabama player today going to a team meeting?
I saw something I thought I would never see. A Saban team roll over and give up. They looked flat before halftime but I expected them to come out in the second half and fight 'til the end. When things didn't go right after the half, they sleepwalked through it. Saban looked 100 years old sitting on the bench after the game. Could we be seeing the first crack in the foundation? Never thought I would see an AL team give up this way.
"bread"? No, I don't imagine Harvard is on the list, but more power to him for wanting to better himself and taking coaching lies with a grain of salt. Especially with the lack of coaching showing up at MSU just now. ALL the universities are going to look at him as a commodity so he needs to do as well as he can in the selection. Hope someone is helping him look out for his future.
One thing this and a lot of the other games prove is that people voting on which teams get to play for the natty is BS. Heck div 2 playoffs should have told anyone that.
And Moorhead didn't even notice when half his team is aiding a down player behind him!
The team was fine after Rankin and his friends stopped being a negative influence on the team. I'm tired of all you people talking as if it was 2-10 team Moorhead inherited. This guy couldn't coach high school teams. He inherited a team so talented it won a couple of games despite him. The rest of the wins were div 2 teams and the worst teams in football. LOL. I can imagine the ridicule and laughter next years as Moorhead continues his destruction of MSU football. He's either an idiot or a con-artist. So far he's made several million for screwing things up, the question is whether the administration is so stupid they will allow it to continue. And you wonder why people shake their heads & laugh at Miss?
Throw the player under the bus again, Moorhead. The penalties reek of poor coaching. I could write Moorhead's entire playbook on my hand! Once again running on 4th down from 5 yards deep into the backfield. Got to give those 8 linemen on the other side a good chance, eh, Moorhead. You make Croom look good, you took a fairly decent team and coached it into the ground. Your 8 wins? Three div two teams, the worst team in college football (Kansas), and the two worst teams in the SEC (OM & Ark). You had only two good wins I am firmly convinced someone else was calling the plays(Auburn & Ta&m). If Moorhead is at MSU next year the entire MSU administration should go!
LOL. “None are so blind as those who refuse to see.” I suppose the decision to hire Moorhead can be excused on the premise that they didn't look too closely before the hire, but the decision to keep him after seeing him in action......well that's a different thing. Offensive guru my ass: run up the middle, ask a run-oriented team to pass, run up the middle again, then punt. When that fails, you reverse the order.....instead of taking advantage of the gifts of your players, you sacrifice these gifts to your own ignorance and ego. When, in a few years when even the most recalcitrant are forced see Croom II for what it is, the whole administration should go, for their ignorance will be on display for everyone to see. Actually, I fear I do Croom a disservice. At least Croom wasn't overweight or ego-centric, he was just a nice guy who didn't have head-coaching skills. Perhaps the overweight has something to do with the number of penalties; you know, lack of discipline? Think about it; count the number of overweight coaches; should that not tell you something? LOL. Next year promises to be hilarious. Remember the term Croomed? At some point, we will get a term such as Moorheaded, although someone will have to come up with something with more euphony. And people in Mississippi wonder why people elsewhere laugh at them?
Want to understand how the system we have now doesn't reflect the true relative strengths of teams, look at the FCS, Div2 & and Div3 polls, then look at the results at the end of the season in their play-offs. A true playoff eliminates the bias of "voters" and pits teams as they are, strength-wise at the end of the season. None of that "strength of schedule" BS. A team that gets better as the season goes along shows it at the end of the season. The purpose of the whole thing is to determine which team is better at the end of the season. The results of the above-mentioned playoffs a lot of times don't look like the "poll". And a "poll" is really all the results of the playoff committee is. I can understand this though, if a person had a key to the bank vault they probably wouldn't want to start making copies and passing them around. As with a lot of other things in this country, the problem is money; or more to the point, who's getting it. It has nothing to do with fairness and isn't that what college sports are supposed to be all about?
If Jan 2nd is OK why not the Jan 3rd, 2014 Orange Bowl?
I wouldn't worry about it. No one's fallen out of a hotel window yet, have they?
Something people from the Deep South have to get used to. Like Notre Dame always being considered good. In '77 Ole Miss beat them in 7 overtimes. Ole Miss went 5-6, and ND won the Nat Championship. In the eyes of the rest of the country, Mississippi usually doesn't exist and the rest of the deep south barely exists.
Although the inadequacies I see in Moorhead are legion, I'll keep it simple. Moorhead is a con artist whose ego makes him believe he's special. The con artist part helps him convince others of his value. Something like a TV preacher. To keep it even simpler, Moorhead is an idiot. If he gets Heisman quality people, he might have an OK team......But so would Donald Duck. I never thought I would be grateful for the patsies built into our schedule.
Somehow it seems entirely apropos that Hugh Freeze, con artist/ religious hypocrite, should become head coach at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell, another person of similar religious character. I couldn't think of a better fit than this.