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Just sitting here watching Ole Miss commit suicide. Kiffen looks like he might walk out to his car and leave at any moment. This is hard for me to watch, I can't imagine what Kiffen feels like.
You might be surprised. Samford is a ritzy little school of rich kids. Some of their past coaches are, Jimbo Fisher, Pat Sulivan, & Bobby Bowden among others. They have TONS of money so don't get your hopes too high.
As much as I like Leach, this is about the peak with him. If it weren't for Zack this team would be 4-8.
Leach looks unhappy &, I imagine, frustrated with this team. Nothing hhe does at this point would surprise me. Since he got there his teams have looked like world beaters one day & a clown show the next. That has to take a lot out òf you.:)
People sound like Freeze had done something exceptionally positive to make up for the world class hypocrisy?
MSU receivers can't seem to catch the ball well but why do d2 schools not seem to have a problem? I'm watching Toledo on TV and they don’t mind many catchable balls. It also might be a good place to look for our next coach. Leach can't last much longer unless he recruits a bigger line and integrates a more complex running game. I like Leach as a person but somethings gotta change.
Ì can't help but wonder how good that team was with Mullen, not Moorehead.
Yes, but like everything else today, what happen will depend on who gets paid what. The money will win regardless of all else.
8-4. Not bad, but anyone who watched this season knows it could have been a little better & the victory margins could've been more without the sporadic bouts with ineptitude. So OK, disregarding the bowl game, what do we do to improve for next season? For one, Roger's needs to spend the off-season in the weight room to strengthen himself in order to run more successfully if the opertunity is there. He goes down too easily. Watching Fitzgerald on film couldn't hurt. While we're talking about film, Leach might spend some of the off-season watching film of the old Mullen running offense and incorporate some of it into his offense when he's not out trying to recruit a bigger line. Just about everyone needs to spend more time in the weight room. The potential is there if all the team will put forth the effort.
A lot of you seem happy with 8-4. Three of those we victories were over ETSU, Bowling Green, & Memphis. I know, "but we had to play LSU, Alabama, & Georgia". So what? Remember, we're paying a coach north of $6 million a year to make the team play the way they have? 3 of those wins were against teams the caliber of MS College. They were paid to lose so we really went 5-4. The teams was sporadic at best. How would you feel if someone working for you sleept half the time he was at work? That's basically what this team has done. NIL? In what world do you pay someone who doesn't show up for work half the time and the guy who accepts this level of sub-mediocrity? I cut both teams s o me slack, it was raining, but either they aren't being coached or they're un coach able. Plus you don't win many games by throwing 75 3-yard passes. At least Leach is running some now. I'm happy we won but is it my imagination or do teams seem to be playing worse since NIL?
Leach seems as frustrated as anyone, but the team plays like they're not real interested.
That's what people are saying: we can improve. A lot because we get glimpses of it. But we don't.
I can remember when we expected to beat OM. Kiffin looks like he wants to go but doesn't want to get involved with Auburn's boosters. Only reason I can figure they hired Cohn is for him to shut up while the boosters run the athletic program. Must be a tough decision for Kiffin. My guess is he will go. Seems like his team does too.
All this talk about Sanders is not realistic. Do any of you realize just how bad the SWAC is? Back in their peak days, the SWAC were D2 and never won a playoff game. They lost so many playoff game by so much the NCAA withdrew their automatic bid. You don't have to be great to look great there.
The last week both Kiffin & Leach looked as if they wished could take their buyouts & go home.
I look at hoe dejected & mad Leach looks after his team lays an egg & I start to feel sorry for him; then I remember he recruited & coached them. Sigh.
Contact Matt Whyat @RadioWyatt or call his ESPN radio program and ask him where most live. He's seen the paperwork.
I'm not sure what to say. At times the players don't even seem interested.lately they look like a Croom or Moorehead team. I like Leach & even feel a little sorry for him, but the teams are embarrassing to watch. At least there is some solice in Cohen being gone. Watching him and Auburn should be interesting.
This State team couldn't even beat Kentucky. Vanderbilt beat Kentucky. This is a very bad team. Leach 3-stars.
The problem is that these calls(and non-calls) always go in favor of certain programs. It has gotten blatant and very obvious. I have stopped watching pro ball because of it. Replay doesn't seem to change anything unless it's in favor of certain people. If this isn't corrected it will destroy the college game. Greed will destroy anything if allowed to. College football now revolves around greed. It's the reason we don't have a fair playoff system. All othere classes of college ball have fair playoffs. The only reason not to is greed.
I wonder if all this is an unintended consequence of NIL?
Jimbo ĺoses this one and he might be "disappeared".
The ultimate question for a&m is "how much longer do you want to be the SEC Whipping boy". Especially with Texas about to join.
Tam should fire Fisher and use him not ven remotely fulfilling his part of his contract. Tam is a state school and another Texas school refused to pay Leach all his contract saying that a state institution couldn't be sued without thr states permission. Give him a generous severance package ($20M?) and let him go to court. Leach STILL hasn't gotten his money. With inflation what it is,in 5+ years you would be paying him with cheaper money. If there was any Justice Jimbo would have to pay them.