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Want to understand how the system we have now doesn't reflect the true relative strengths of teams, look at the FCS, Div2 & and Div3 polls, then look at the results at the end of the season in their play-offs. A true playoff eliminates the bias of "voters" and pits teams as they are, strength-wise at the end of the season. None of that "strength of schedule" BS. A team that gets better as the season goes along shows it at the end of the season. The purpose of the whole thing is to determine which team is better at the end of the season. The results of the above-mentioned playoffs a lot of times don't look like the "poll". And a "poll" is really all the results of the playoff committee is. I can understand this though, if a person had a key to the bank vault they probably wouldn't want to start making copies and passing them around. As with a lot of other things in this country, the problem is money; or more to the point, who's getting it. It has nothing to do with fairness and isn't that what college sports are supposed to be all about?
If Jan 2nd is OK why not the Jan 3rd, 2014 Orange Bowl?
I wouldn't worry about it. No one's fallen out of a hotel window yet, have they?
Something people from the Deep South have to get used to. Like Notre Dame always being considered good. In '77 Ole Miss beat them in 7 overtimes. Ole Miss went 5-6, and ND won the Nat Championship. In the eyes of the rest of the country, Mississippi usually doesn't exist and the rest of the deep south barely exists.
Although the inadequacies I see in Moorhead are legion, I'll keep it simple. Moorhead is a con artist whose ego makes him believe he's special. The con artist part helps him convince others of his value. Something like a TV preacher. To keep it even simpler, Moorhead is an idiot. If he gets Heisman quality people, he might have an OK team......But so would Donald Duck. I never thought I would be grateful for the patsies built into our schedule.
Somehow it seems entirely apropos that Hugh Freeze, con artist/ religious hypocrite, should become head coach at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell, another person of similar religious character. I couldn't think of a better fit than this.
Yeah, God forbid the elite universities should lose any control over their cash-cow.
They probably don't support him, they just can't think of anything better,
Reading things like this makes Moorhead blowing it offensively hurt even worse.
I can't see Thompson as the MSU starter next year unless Moorhead spends the off-season learning how to use a running game. Who knows, maybe his ego will take a rest and he will watch old tapes of the Mullen offense all off-season. Naa, probably start the freshman and let Thompson transfer.
I'll take the points and Florida. I remember the last time Mullen played Michigan.
With UCF's 1st string QB injured, Florida should win easily.
*not be part. This thing seriously needs an edit function.
$$$$$$$$$$$ Or I should say the control of it. If you had a key to the bank vault, would you give everyone else a copy? Same as what's wrong with the country in general; GREED. The only way it will ever change (barring a major change in societal character & values) is for all FBS schools not part of the elite 5-8 to withdraw from the NCAA and form their own organization. The 5-8 would join them in a season or two. Sorry, I got pedantic and I promised I wouldn't do that.
Number 1 is propaganda, there are a lot of Bulldog fans who see Moorhead's glaring deficiencies made obvious during this season. If I think about it too long I start to get mad about what could have been and Moorhead was too p[oor a coach to take advantage of it. He squandered a good season by doing on the field what should have been done off-season. I'm not good at lying to myself: he's not a very good coach overall, and 2.6 mil is too much to be paying a 'trainee'. Disappointed is too weak a word for how I feel.
Of course, I have this thing about being used........maybe nobody else does.
Just an aside; we're waiting for the committee to decide who goes where And at this time it becomes even more obvious that the committee's real job is to rationalize how to get the lite schools into the playoffs even if it means using different standards for different teams. Like on-field results being a deciding factor. When Pen State beat Ohio State on the field and won the Big10, OSU still went to the playoff and PSU didn't, while when Georgia in the Champ game Alabama was still included. All it's about is the money and everything else is meaningless and just used to manipulate the gaming of the 'system'. Not that the system was intended to do anything else. The other 98% of the schools need to form their own organization and leave the NCAA, leaving the elite to play each other. A 5 game season for the elite schools should bring changes about quickly.
So how DID the AD not get fired? I keep thinking he might know where some skeletons are.
That part about a Mississippi team having a disadvantage just because of the word Mississippi is certainly true.
1 Play offense. 2 Play defense. 3 Have better facilities. 4 Pay their coaches more. 5 Win national championships?
How is amending his contract beneficial to Malzahn? Please explain that to me. It's the only thing keeping him there. Is he so delusional that he thinks Alabama is going to be worse next year?
RIGHT! If OSU would like to play a middle-of-the-pack SEC team as proof it is so good........say MSU?? Bring Mullen back for just one game.
Consider what time of year it is and how few real stories are out there. Unless some ex-wife accuses her ex-husband of something with no proof.
Long Beach Mike: So you would be OK with your kids getting punished for something you do?
First let me say that I don't like OSU or Urban Myer all that much, but not because of the girl's accusations. “What former assistant coach Zach Smith is accused of doing is despicable.” Well, yes, it would be, but the key word in this is 'accused', and that is all it was. Heck, even the accusing woman's mother came out and tried to expose it as that, but media had a story (regardless of the facts) and ignored her since what she said didn't fit in with what they wanted to say. Benjamin Franklin said, "it is better 100 guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer". Blackstone reiterated this sentiment. Somewhere in our recent history, this has become the reverse. I believe it shows the lack of character and vindictiveness of present-day Americans, As much as I don't like Myer, he got railroaded by the press, led by Paul Finebaum. I no longer listen to his program.
For some reason I think I should be relieved the season is finally over, But I'm not. Maybe that's because I know Moorhead is still here.