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"If you feel sorry for yourself, all you do is waste time. We just need to get better.” Very true, but you're not going to be able to solve a problem unless you admit what the problem is. The problem is that the team can do better, but isn't. Now THAT's consistent.
It strikes me as strange to brag about signing 3-star players. perhaps this attitude is part of the problem with MSU?
I agree. I like Leach, but I would argue his teams HAVE been consistent in one way in that they are inconsistent on a regular basis. Simply put, the players beyond Rodger aren't doing their jobs. Besides getting smarter players, I don't know how you fix that.
Not that I'm complaining, but if he learned to run a bootleg as well as Archie Manning did he would be perfect.
How many games did Mullen lose because of poor kicking? '
All of that might be moot on Jan 6 when State will be required to fire him if he doesn't get the jab. I don't see how such a requirement can be Constitutional so I can see Leach getting fired, then suing MSU and the Feds for offering it since he has had the virus and has immunity but they STILL say everyone has to get the jab regardless of immunity. Jan will be interesting. I'm rooting for Mike on this.
I got to quit trusting this spell checker.
Right. You're looking at it as if it were a fair system. The bluebloods will be picked in the top 4 again. To be fair, we need at least a 16 team playoff but that won't happen. NOTHIN, and I mean NOTHING in this country happens unless the right people make money. It's the mafia legitimized. Same system, same results. Bought a LOTTO ticket this week?
Coach Orgeron is good people. I feel bad he wasn't more successful.
You would think that if people decided to communicate by writing, they would learn to spell.
I wonder if FB has its own unique virus? You could be describing Leach. and MSU fans who confuse a brief flirtation with mediocrity with "progress". They're a joke and embarrassment. Players seem dumber; fans about the same, excusing ineptness with "wait until he gets 'his' people". Maybe Mullen has caught whatever it is that seems to make most coaches now refuse to run the ball regardless of obvious advantages. Like the other team can't stop the run. Sigh, how do coaches keep their jobs? College sports is full of schools hiring coaches who have just been fired because they couldn't field a good team. MSU is full of those and other schools are just as bad. One would think anything would be better than a coach who has PROVEN himself inept?
After watching all the "really dumb" penalties, this is basically a description of the offense.
Since the Jackson newspaper died and basically relocated to Memphis stories have been scarce on Miss football. In 2014 when Ole Miss and MSU were 1 & 3 nationally the clarion ledger still had few stories on them. One would think they would realize it was good business to expand coverage during FB season. Mississippi has about died since Jackson was taken over by black gangs and drove whites out. No national business will locate there now due to crime. I was raised there and it's scary now. Of course it's not PC to admit black crime exists.
And Cohen puts the President of MSU in a bad light since he is responsible for hiring Cohen. I'm sure Cohen is a nice guy, he just doesn't know what he is doing.
I wish her well and hope she recovers. What you say is true and it's true for all this AD's coaching hires. It will be interesting to see who Cohen hires to replace her. I have no doubt he will say that everybody told him they are a good coach. An AD is SUPPOSED to know something about what he is overseeing and Cohen is a baseball coach and all he had to know was change pitchers when they gave up too many runs.
Will Rogers is an accurate QB, a mediocre runner, and throws into coverage when he has open men to throw to. How much of this is Leach I don't know.
"rams his scheme down their throat" seems to happen a lot considering how much these people get paid. I remember when Tua got injured Nick Saban said "we'll go home and see what the people we have left do best and go from there. This is what a good coach would say. Be glad you're not MSU and have an administration who aparently have no idea of any sport and
I still don't like Leach's offense, It gives away half the offense before it starts. This win is due to the defense, Leach's offense tried to give away the game but the defense saved it. Bottom line is that Leach is just like Moorehead and too hard-headed to do what is necessary to have a balanced offense. Maybe Mullen will leave Florida and come back. There's about as much chance of that as there is of Leach winning much. I doubt we will win 6 this year. Cohen is an idiot.
Well, we have uncoachable players or poor coaching, plus people doing the hiring of those people who don't have a clue what they are doing so it couldn't get much worse. We're just getting used to mediocrity. What kind of AD explains his hires by saying how everybody TOLD him they were great football minds. That's what my aunt Maude would say if she were AD. And what kind of a person hire someone like such an AD?
Not another win on the schedule. One, maybe, if we are lucky.
If both sick and sad. I've started laughing at state at times.
Every year for some reason the media anoint TAM as "good" and they nosedive.
I keep coming back to the line on the game LSU by 2.5. Leach managed the game as if he had money on LSU.
Man. it's hard to know where to start analyzing this. For one, judging from Leach's demeanor, play calling,& clock management, he doesn't seem to care one way or the other and when players don't think the coach cares, they won 't care. Anytime a QB has 3 consecutive completions and still has 4th & 2. something's wrong. But just firing Leach won't change anything since Cohen will just hire another Moorehead/Leach clone. In today's game after the 1st half I started laughing at some State plays. The clown show was too much to bear otherwise. Leach acts as if he's just waiting to get a buy-out where he can go down to the Keys and retire in the sun. I like Leach, he is fun to listen to but as a coach he sucks. The players appear uncoached or uncoachable. That's how it looks. State could/should have won this game.
I've had it. I'm just not watching anymore. I don't care what they do, with Leach they will leave points unscored that should have been simply because he won't run the ball. We need a coach who doesn't make them pass every play. It's almost like he's trying to get fired. If they do fire him I hope they have the sense to send the man who hired both Moorehead and Leach packing also.