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Unless there are some major changes to the p layoffs beyond 12 teams, only one SEC team is going to make it to the playoffs, Alabama, Georgis, Texas, OK, Florida LSU are sort of playing Russian roulette. Or is this the first step toward making the rest of the power-5 teams irrelevant? This seems like a bad move spawned by greed. Will some people not be happy unless the entire USA is destroyed by greed? How will this tie in with NIL legalizing the buying of players?
I don't like an all-black look like Penn State but we need something to differentiate us more from Al, Ark, Tam, etc. We look too much like them and several other teams.
Is this a sign that Leach will pull a stunt as Moorehead did by sidelining a good QB to play his new transfer? It would seem to be a better move to save this scholarship for a bigger, stronger, faster lineman or defensive back. Could it be that Leach has gotten good with 3-star players because he couldn't recruit any better? I guess next year will tell.
I wish him luck, he seems to be good people. Another casualty of Moorehead and the ensuing rush toward a total passing game. A bias toward a good passing game I can understand but this abandonment of any running is frustrating & foolish.
This was the first time Leach showed an inkling for a complete offense. Maybe there's hope for him after all. Now if he just tries to run a more balanced offense, his pet passing game will prosper more. If he had done this earlier we would have a couple more wins. :)
This season once again proves that the only fair way to have a playoff is a large number of teams in a playoff. 16 or more. All the playoff is, in its present form, is a mechanism to ensure that certain schools maintain their hold on the big bucks generated by a playoff. A large team playoff would generate more money, probably even more for the elites, but they want it all; like all the elites in our country. They want it ALL even if that means an overall loss for the rest of the country. The playoff needs an overhaul just like the country's economic system does to let everyone have a fair chance.
Mullen suffered through some player rebellions by racist blacks at MSU but made it through all of it. I figured he would do better at Florida than he has. Some of his MSU teams were as good or better than his Florida teams so far. Especially defensively.
Tile will tell but I'm willing to bet you won't have to wait long. Are some of us forgetting this is Auburn, one of the most busted by the NCCA for violations in the country. Someone mentioned Gene Chisnik, are you forgetting the reason he was hired? If you have it was the QB who took them to the title. They got away with it because the payment was to his father not him. The NCCA has since shanged their rules. Auburn has nothing against cheating, just getting caught. In any case this should be interesting.
Cohen had to forced to fire moorehead. He managed to hire him again. This time we should eliminate Cohen. He doesn't have a buy-out and is the cause of State's recent problems by his hiring.
For real? I was there for a while in the 70s, Go down to Town Lake and watch the UT girls paddle around topless. It was fantastic, but I guess it's that way everywhere now. It was close to Nirvana, but now every place is sad. Too much greed undermining the U.S. economy, too many wars, etc. Sad. Are there tent cities along the Colorado now.
I notice in your follow-up comments you didn't answer his question about what was wrong with his analysis? I've long ago come to the conclusion a lot of the people on this site don't have a clue about football. If I remember right you were one of the defenders of Moorehead. "architecture vs engineering?" An architect is an engineer, just with a style flair. Most architects majored in math. Good coaches do what their players do best with a tilt toward what the other team allows. I'll quote Saban when Tua got hurt, "we'll go home and figure out what our remaining players do best and go from there." He didn't mention a thing about doing what his system demanded, regardless of his players. I used to think more highly of Leach. Who keeps hiring these idiots? Cohen. MSU won't be any good until MSU hires an AD who understands football. So far it's been like the secretarial pool voted who to hire. Now you can criticize me for recognizing the deficiencies of Moorhead and Leach, but that doesn't change the facts and I will be validated in time. In the meantime, tell the man what was wrong with his statement.
"Talented coach"? Exactly how poorly does someone have to do before you will call it what it is? And don't come back at me with 'Howland coached at UCLA', he go FIRED at UCLA because he couldn't win with 5-star players. At MSU recruited well only to lose them to transfers as they realized it was all BS. Much Like what is happening now with Leach in Football. At the core of all this is an administration, most especially AD, which is inept as to sports and too inept to hire people who aren't. Howland's hire is on a par with OM hiring Houston Nutt after Arkansas fired him for losing too much. It's astounding how the people are so inept at recognizing incompetence. SDS heads can't be much better judging, by the way, they can't keep this spell-check program running correctly. MSU will probably fire the DC who is the most competent person on the staff.
"confirmation bias". I love euphemisms. They're so quaint. What he means is the bias toward the elite programs in college football wherein the name carries as much weight toward status as the actual performance. This, of course, is based on where the money flows and college football's determination to preserve that flow at all costs by feeding the fans BS. Otherwise, there would already be an 8-16 team playoff, but like evrything else in this country, money trumps doing something for the betterment of the whole entity. But just as a deadly pandemic isn't enough to bring us national healthcare because that would cut the income of the wealthy, A rational playoff system won't come to college football anytime soon. At least in football, people don't have to die to enrich the wealthy.
Are we losing sight of the fact that we LOST? And had 22 yards running. It looked more like Leach got beaten by someone else using the air raid better. Good coaches adapt their offense to use what that team does best until they get the players to run another offense. Hey maybe Leach can't coach 4-star players and now that he has run off all of them State will be better. Riiiiiight. State had a better game than usual and Georgia wasn't expecting it. Ole Miss will win in a walk and State fans will continue to make excuses for Leach just as they did for Moorehead, and continue losing. No bowl in the nerar future. Cooz, you were right about Bill Clark. The Coastal Carolina coach is ripe for someone. I thought Leach was smarter than this, I guess I didn't look deeply enough
I'll try to be positive and say that maybe things will get better.
This is getting bad. This will be the first year in, how many, 10 years without a bowl game. MSU is not a place where the team hasn't been to a bowl game this century. Maybe he can raid Milsaps for some players.....if he can find someone he can get along with. Boy, I miss Mullen. Or at least someone who is willling to make use of the talents of the players he has until he gets what he wants. Maybe the players have more sense than some of the fans. Cohen is looking really, really, bad on his hiring. I'm beginning to suspect Cohen doesn't have a clue about any sport except baseball, judging by hie hires.
The world's most unqualified AD would undoubtedly hire Mike Leach.
How about MSU's history? THAT shows a new MSU coach's team being this bad is only followed by more ineptitude.
If I had the choice of keeping Leach or giving up football, I'd give up Football. Leach's ego is even bigger than Moorehead's ego. Unfortunately for Leach, he doesn't have the good player's to squander as Moorehead did. The D played well enough but the offense is a joke. Who hired these clowns?
MSU 204 yards offense, Vandy over 400 yards offense. MSU shouldn't have won. Lucky. Ugly & inept.
I've been saying this since the season started but some fans keep saying what hey did about JoMo......"just wait 'til he gets his own recruits", which tells us more about what they know about FB than the FB program.
And Chris, it's won, not one.
A good coach adapts his offense to work with what the players he has do best and starts recruiting the players he likes. A great coach does this well enough to win consistently. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that there aren't many even adequate coaches, much less great ones. The fact that coaches who seem unable to even meet the qualifications of a good coach screams that there aren't many even minimally qualified athletic directors in college football. Hiring is the one thing about the job which your average housewife might have trouble with. Considering that there is usually no 'buyout' in an AD's contract, it's even more shocking that so many of them manage to keep their jobs no matter how ineptly they perform. I think the answer to why MSU is so consistently bad lies in this somewhere. Wonder what it could be?
And until MSU fans stop saying, "give him time", and DEMAND better, that's what will continue. Maybe Leach needs a few more 2 & 3 star players. He's run off all his better ones. I didn't expect a world-beater the first year but his insistence on doing what ISN'T working over and over and showing nothing new is going to get much the same results time after time. What's that definition of insanity? A good bet this week-end would be to give the 30 points and take Ala. I keep thinking an AD really has only one job, most of it could be done by a grad student, and that's hiring coaches. So far Cohen has overseen the hiring of 2 FB coaches who have been terminally hard-headed and continue to try to drive square pegs into round holes. So far Leach has only lost embarrassingly and run off all his best players. This isn't an atmosphere conducive to good recruiting. Ask Ben Howland, who lost to Liberty to end last season.