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No, I started an account because I saw a link to the page on another web site. I do stand corrected on the '15 game being by less than 7. That is the one I was talking about and my point still is we deserved to win that game. It was not a fluke. And, I'll spell Bammer any way I choose. We had several level 1's that had been previously level 2's when given to other school. It was clearly an NCAA bias to punish us more than we should have been. Did we deserve some punishment? No doubt we did break some rules. But the punishments do not fit the rules we broke.
Dude?? Ha Ha, are you 15? If you HAVE read the allegations you will see there is only ONE for paying a player. That one is very shaky at best. He even said that the Cows paid him too but the NCAA didn't find that credible. So it WAS credible when he says Ole Miss paid him but NOT credible when he says the Cows paid him. ??
I don't see any way for Ole Miss to win this game. You are right that next year will be even tougher for us. However you are dead wrong about "paid" recruits. Have you even bothered to read the allegations? There is only ONE allegation that we paid a player and that player happens to play for the Cows of Starkganistan. Credible testimony?? No way. He told about 3 or 4 different versions of his recruitment so you have to wonder which one is true?
There is no doubt that that was a lucky play. However that is not the reason Ole Miss won that game. They played great D and CREATED many of the turnover Bamma had. It's not like Bamma was just dropping the ball all over the field for now reason. The final was a win by more than 7 so that play alone did not win the game.