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and Everyone ran all over TN also 5.6 yards per. as mentioned, 364 days a year I root for TN- however on this 365th day it's all Mountaineers- Pruitt will get TN back- just not this year- WVU has the best team they have had in years-
Ask Clemson and GA about the last times they played WV....... UT top 15 talent- are you living back in 1989? TN hasn't has Top 15 talent in 15 years- look at All Americans- WV has 3, TN zero
volzdeep22- edge on talent? are you crazy- WV has better QB, Better Receivers, Better OF line. I now live in TN and have followed the Vols- 364 days out of the year I pull for them- however on this 365th day- the Mountaineers will slap 45 on the vols.
Clearly punched the football- grew up as WV fan now live in TN, I root for TN as long as they are not playing WV- look out next year, Greirs SR year. TN needs a change, NOt Petreno- he's a train wreck waiting to happen again, please stop saying Gruiden- he's never coming. your best shot is Kelly. Or hey Rich Rod may need a new job soon.