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This is far from over. He'll be making a trip to Fayetteville and we'll see if he signs with aTm in February. :)
It's KNILE DAVIS, you dimwitted fools! I would say Kenneth Dixon is Arkansas' biggest miss.
All of you Ole Miss fans are morons. Can you not read? SDS said "Ole Miss COULD lose an all-star lineup". The key word there is COULD. What's the definition of COULD? Here's what Merriam-Webster says: past of CAN —used in auxiliary function in the past , in the past conditional , and as an alternative to can suggesting less force or certainty or as a polite form in the present So please, Ole Miss fans, quit being ignorant morons.
As a hog fan, it was hard last Saturday. While I love my hogs, Dak Prescott is the ONLY player on any other team that I would love to see be successful. He presents himself in a professional matter and gives children a great role model. I hate that Arkansas lost Saturday but if it had to be to someone, I'm glad it was Dak.
Yes and that makes me puke. Now that Arkansas has an offense, we have to do something on defense because he exploited our biggest weakness from the whole year which has been mid field passes. Smh
No, it just means the public isn't confident in Auburn winning by 34 points or whatever the spread is. Take Idaho and the points.
They're doing things a bit different this year with color commentators. They may not be at the actual games to do the color commentating. They may be in the studio with the live game.
Ravian Pierce will not be signing with Mississippi State. He was originally committed to Arkansas but does not have the test scores to qualify. His school announced earlier on Tuesday that he would not be signing his LOI until after he takes the ACT again on February 8, this upcoming Saturday. Look for a year in JUCO then back to BCS.