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Thanks Captain Obvious. Don’t know we would do without your intellect.
You don’t know what you’re talking about. Mond was Jimbo’s guy. The 2nd string qb was a true freshman. And Mond had a great year! 19 td’s to 4 int’s. And don’t worry, if Mond does leave, you’ll learn who Haynes King is real soon.
Dude, your thug ass team went 5-5. Wtf are you laughing about?
Notice you didn’t include your sorry school in there. Worry about your thug team bragging after that embarrassment of an ending game about how he kicked that Tulsa player in the head. And then sprinted away like a little punk.
So you’ve never heard Jimbo talk while he was at FSU? How old are you 6?
Please, Aggies would have beat Georgia by 2 td’s this season.
Definitely. These haters are bout to learn those names.
Well hello Haynes King!he can sling that rock deep! To youO’ Sarge.
Or when you play 3 teams that were ranked #1 at different times of said season.
Kinda like y’all acted when y’all barely beat the mighty Bearcats of the American Athletic Conference?
Oh look, OU just scored again on the Gators.
Good enough to beat y’all’s ass huh.
Well you certainly live up to your name BatteredSyndrome. I wouldn’t mind Mond coming back. It’s amazing how good a qb can play when he actually has a line that can block. Hopefully most decide to run it Back next season. As for Mond and the Senior Bowl, i think that it being the year of the covid, everyone can come back next season regardless.
Well it’s his decision. Not yours. All you haters need to look at what he’s done this season.
Jalen Wydermeyer is just as good if not better than Pitts.
Seriously, and he gets paid to come up with such “brilliance”. ??
Put a name by your work SDS. It’s funny, the only people who EVER bring up Jimbo’s salary is the media. Not a single Aggie brings it up. But the know it all experts in the media do daily.
Key word “had”. You Gators keep saying how good y’all are and how y’all are better than A&M, and you lost. Makes no sense.
Yep. Trying to get the A&M players against each other in the locker room. I hope Jimbo sues him for defamation.
Was he able to keep it together while saying this? Or did he start crying again?