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The sad part is that all the touches that Hurd has had this season has looked half speed. The power, the grit, that drive to not be denied yardage that I've seen the past 2 years hasn't been there. He's not ran the ball like he was trying to impress scouts, but more like just to get through the game because he had something better to do.
I'm a UT fan and completely agree with the assessment. I've told friends that it looked like Debord tried to attack Bama's strengths. No team does that. Bama was begging for Dobbs to throw it down field. They gave no respect to a deep ball. Almost every play, Bama D had 9-10 players within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage. Everybody kept saying that UA hasn't faced a team like UT; it's true the other way, too. UT has been able to stick to the game plan all game throughout the season, but Bama is ranked #1, and should have been respected as much with the game plan preparation. I can accept a loss, but this bad, and I look at coaching (namely Off. Cord.).
Hate to see him go, but this is what will separate this program from so many others that let rules take a backseat sure to one's on field abilities. Glad to see him man up and accept responsibility.
In this day and age of bitter rivals, it's nice to see civil comments from both sides. I just hope it stays that way throughout the week. In terms of the game, all I can hope for is a hard fought game so that neither side can go back and point fingers to certain events as the blame for a loss.
I think the rule about roughing the past if hit below the knees needs a bit of tweaking. If a defensive player is blocked into the QB, how can he control it?
I had told my family during the first drive, (the one that ended with a field goal) that they need to learn to go for the jugular. They played it conservatively and went for 3. Fine. But why in the name of the football gods did they take Hurd out once they were inside the 5? They took their power back out and put in the speedster. And then 4th and inches? Hurd could have pounded that in there. A touchdown there would have been the difference in the game. The third quarter was extremely lack luster because it looked like they tried to abandon the run and go all pass. Let the big uglies up front keep pushing the defense around and let your back run.