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Reading these comments...wtf is Rocky Top coming after us with a Butch Jones reference?
What reminds you of Muschamp? Taking a dump?
No, this team will not pull the upset. But I blame Muschamp because why not.
Everybody calm down. Gamecocks aren't winning against Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, or A&M
Its not our business beyond us just being nosey.
Everything will be better after you beat the ever loving tar out of Cock Commander and Beamer's Balls.
Tell them if they want their classes canceled they should be basketball players at UNC.
Over 20 years ago I drank a beer and played pool with Coach Pough.
All the trolling is amazing. Why would a Georgia fan troll SC. No, SC can't and won't run the ball against anyone after Thursday night. This will be there third win out of 4. Cock Commander has cursed this team.
We will make a lot of guys look like Heisman Winners this year.
I have it on good authority that the play he called was "Cock Commander Right" but there was confusion because it had been erroneously named "The General" before going back to being called "Sir Big Spur." BTW...our O-Line is butt awful.
Can we go back a month when Cock Commander was still real.
This is the Curse of Cock Commander. Gamecocks should have stuck with Cock Commander instead of going with Sir Big Spur.
Stop picking in people that can't defend themselves
You may have the Gamecocks ranked too high.
The offensive line is so bad it would make any qb and oc loom bad. They are gawd awful.
Auburn is banned from critiquing anyone for at least one year.
What you mean is we need less diversity. We need an offensive line like Iowa or Wisconsin.
Sir Big Spur will always be the Cock Commander to me.