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Rip XXX he was a good one and a G.O.A.T. Also can someone ask keke do she love me please for me? I'm to scared to ask... and one final thing... bamatime why do you have the brain capacity of a goldfish?
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This wall of text to only show georgias better than both of them
omg is bunker still a racist??? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball z Kai!
ik what he finna do... he finna just take a free trip knowing got d*mn well he not changing his mind
will they even get to the sec championship game?
how is saying sleeping on james cook an embarrassment??
lol yall stay sleep on my boy cook he go wake yall up before its too late..
and I have nothing against you at all bruh just cant stand trump
Well imagine if Obama would have said "grab her by the p*ssy"? and yet trump can get away with it but if obama said it republicans would have been saying "sex offender!" or "And this nigg*r running this white house... smh just because hes "Donald J. Trump ig he can say whatever he wants without backlash...
im just saying its bad he idnt even have a full season "stooopid"
Down here in georgia we get down and dirty thats why were the top states to have talent unlike cough alabama cough
Lol Reese Cup.... you were reliable... wheres georgia? but you somehow put a team called a badgers in the playoff.... "you can do better you dont deserve that you dont deserve that."
OMG why couldn't we just win the NC? Welp really dont want the dawgs to go see trump but Meet yall at the white house for our celebration
DO you get that feeling that you want to moss tf out of bamatime?? am I the only one?