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wanna say rip X... and also how its our time to shine after we win the ship this year
lol i saw this last night... it was funny talking bout no i meant a baby... i lost my sh*tttt
from a half of football? whos the better quarterback long term? jake or tua?
how did we get in that position tho? the B10 refs thats all that matters
We on the rise............................... Simple.
im pretty sure ole miss hasn't felt depth in a while so you can't be talking.
@McKiki Even though yall are the weakest of the bunch and I don't know what a baby gator is called as that is what I would call your team right now I am just excited for Justin Fields and how he can show up at probably the end of the season in the CFP and SECCG and cause a lot of teams trouble while still having him for 4 more years after if he doesn't get the starting job at the beginning of the fall.
Bunker Buster auto correct wasn't working... I know how to spell.
LSUSMC im not a UT fan bruh your just as dumb as bamatime.
@bamatime just saying your going against a coach who knows how to get to the promise land and your in their way. (bama)
Yes haven't I made that obvious and whats the point can't tell an idiot who can't listen when I tell them that was bamas last NC for a while...
@Bamatime I know because they can beat yall and get yall out of the way... so the B10 refs wont be able to save yall next time buddy
Uh-Oh its the grammar police yall... Yall better watch out he go get you and tell your 5th grade teacher about your spelling...