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Winning the NC is what we hope to accomplish
yep we all know how the game would've ended. with a uga victory smoking our cigars.
definitely more because kirby is not richt. richt was an offensive coach while kirby is defensive everyone knows that.
theres no proof that im not a uga fan you sound dumb your not the rel uga fan here...
lol different staff though and isn't scared to get in their faces he was just to complacent but nice try though
yea did you also count the plays that could've changed the game for us?
Love the pick at the top of this article . its greatness.
yep the "insurance policy" and did you hear about the Georgia scorcher being named Alabama scorcher at six flag over Georgia?
that was mark richts era now its kirby's area and we have more talent on paper coming in than ever before.
voltrainconductor who are you and you haven't posted in 2 months until now?
UGA93 and im with bamatime wheres the proof? dumbnut.
Wow impressed at least yall have a NC ring but we go get one next year so ours are gonna be huge cant wait to see the design.
wait have you seen the recruits were bringing in? thats all the facts you need we have the Number 1 class in the nation and 3rd most all time bud
yea one was non deserving because yall shouldn't have even been in the CFP thank ohio state losing to iowa
Panic move to be exact but yall can have yall little ring probably doesn't even fit.
G-day is not next year were going to showcase some of our talent not all just wait till preseason workouts.
Yet you pathetic bama fans still dont know when greatness is on the rise shame.
bamatime you just mad because i'm stating facts and you can't deny
Yea right... at least we didn't have to pay any B10 refs.
and actually went to fsu spring game (dont ask why a uga fan as there) and saw him not dressed up for the spring game and didn't play guess still hurt from bama sacking him.
And what does this has to do with the SEC and how my dawgs will dominate the SEC?