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If it can really be called a rivalry, I guess UT has to win at least once every 12 years.
The SEC Commisioner isn't to blame either. You can't control or precisely predict Mother Nature.
Worked with South Carolina only because LSU is not their permanent SEC West opponent. Going to LSU would mean UF would play 3 straight years at LSU. Please know that if UF finishes 6-1 in the SEC and UT 7-1, the Gators will be happy knowing you will be rooting for them in the SECCG.
So instead UF should have to play 3 consecutive SEC road games and 3 straight seasons of away games @ LSU. Generous? Hardly.
Misleading headline...that was not a head butt. Jameis pushed Willis' face mask first, which caused him to very stupidly retaliate with a big shove. It wasn't the only stupid personal foul the Gators incurred tonight.
I totally agree with you Ping. I watched it over and over and did not see him swinging at or connecting with anyone. It was more him like twisting/flinging side-to-side to try to break #77's hold of/laying on him. I agree a no call would have been appropriate, but the initial appearance without benefit of replay was okay. Andre Ware surely didn't review a replay before over calling that incident.