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K State cannot go to the Big 10. Big 10 only takes AAU Research schools. Only Kansas and Texas qualify in the Big 12. And the Pac 12 does not take religious schools, so Baylor & TCU are out of that equation.
That is why I take real medical advice from real doctors and anonymous posters on a message board.
Nobody scored in the third quarter. Three score lead wasn't until the fourth. Henry really didn't do squat in the third.
Weird because I distinctly remembering Clark stopping Henry on a 2 & 1 and getting the game endimg sack.
Good names you mentioned. Another one left off the list-Michael Egnew. An All American left off the list. But it was in the Big XII, so who cares?
I wouldn't put Lock #1 either. Washington above any of those WR. He didn't fumble in big games like Moore. And somehow Aldon Smith, a Top Ten draft choice, doesn't make the list? Guess those final years in the Big XII are irrelevant.
I would also put 2010 Moe Miracle on the list. And the 2011 NFL Draft, where we had two Top Ten draft choices.
True. I would put beating Texas in 2011 on the list instead of that with David Freese in attendance. Only thing that was bad was HJ's imjury.
Franklin started Georgia. The game you are thinking of was the following week against Florida, not Georgia. And Mizzou is 7-4 against A&M since being in the same conference. The event that makes that game special is HJ breaking away for the game sealing touchdown after the horrific injury.
Did they go to that high school?
His point, which you missed, is Bohl cam from a D1 FCS school. Wyoming is A D1 FBS school. D1 is not allowed to play D2.
Kind of like Heath Shuler in Tennessee. Nobody gets a parade for big stats. Montana and Brady were/are better NFL QBs Elway went to more Super Bowels with less. Manning had better talent with the Colts than the Pats and won one Super Bowl.
I saw Weezer there Tuesday night. Seriously, congratulations to Auburn and their fans. As a Mizzou alum in KC, nothing nicer than you beating Kansas and giving us an All SEC regional final in KCMO.
The combine record is held by Byron Jones, UConn, not Julio. Julio did 11' 3". Source: NFL website.
Normally the refs give them a polite warning before the snap. Or completely ludicrous Roughing the Passer in Chris Jones. On a side note, let us not forget the Rams are owned by a Mizzou grad, Kroenke.
Personally, I would prefer to see Drew get drafted by New Orleans. The organization is committed to winning and knows howto do it. Drew Brees only has few years left. New York is a mess and he could start sooner than ready. Seriously a KC kid drafted to play in Denver. What a nightmare. I wouldn't want to follow Brady in New England. Like being Steve Young in San Fran.
Mauk was the QB against Minnesota. Mahommes and Goff had losing records in college against Top 25. Both are in the Conference Championship this weekend. Aaron Murray was a great college QB at Georgia but was behind Tyler Bray on the KC depth chart. Gett over Tebow was not a good NFL QB.
Kellen doesn't actually own any Mizzou records. Three other tight ends have completely blown his away.
I could be wrong, but I think I remember Grinch is GP's nephew.
Yeah, because playing at Tech hurt Patrick Mahommes.
Disney had nothing to do with logo. Google Disney University of Missouri and the University Archives will tell history of the logos. Shulz yes. Disney no. Disney did do something for UMKC when it it was UKC.
Don't really care about rankings since they will not include the grad transfers.
And we have smallest assistants pool too out of those reporting in the SEC. I think the next closest coach id st $3 MM. We are bit behind on the pay scale.
Who is the fool? The fool or the one that argues with them.
I trust Gabe's reporting over three anonymous sources. Gabe has a nice write up on why we need to commit more resources to Coach Odom at Power Mizzou.