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Clemson has no class at all. Between crotch grabbing and booing hall of fame coaches that title is the only thing they have going for them. I like that USC did this, really classy and IMO good job to the staff up there showing those boys how to handle balls in all of kind's of ways.
"This is just SC whining and playing the race card." This is real life, not Magic the Gathering. Playing the "race card" doesn't win you anything. In fact, in my opinion, I feel like when someone says "race card" it just downplays the real problem of racism in America today. You're helping to perpetuate racism when you use phrases like that.
lol k, South Carolina, losing!? Fat chance! All this hate on USC for no reason!! Oh, what's that? It's 2016... Not 2013? Oh... Well... Crap... How much longer until Game of Thrones?
I'm pretty sure you can have all the 5 stars in the world but if they're not getting coached right, what good are they?
We're so good we lose to The Citadel and still win! Even if it is the worst team in the SEC East! Go Cocks!
The next 2-3 years... it's going be rough... At least it's not 1998 and 1999 all over again...
Is this season STILL not over yet!? Jizz... 2 more weeks... Better enjoy this last win I guess...
3 more games left. Maybe, Elliott has some of that Old Ball Coach's magic laying around to win those 3 games?
What the hell are refs smoking before the games these days?
Well, I'm not hungry anymore. Thank's LSU fans. I need to lose some weight anyways xD
Hope our program doesn't go cheap. Steve Spurrier made us relevant again. Don't let his hard work go down the drain by being cheap Ray!
I just died a little inside... it hurts more than I thought it would! :(
We suck so bad we can't even get on the list of Sad Fans are Sad.
The Battle of the Columbias or The Battle of the Freshman QBs?
Oh yeah, well... uh... Have you ever won the ACC championship game!? No? Will the Gamecocks have! Ha! In your face! Nah-Nah boo-boo stick your face in doo-doo!
What is this, Dragon Ball Z? What was with that music!? Couldn't even make it past 30 seconds. Williams-Brice sure looks great, though. Beautiful stadium. Maybe this year they'll have a bigger budget for recruiting. Lawd knows we need its.
Georgia always has great hype videos. Got me pumped even! Can't wait for another Saturday down south! Go Cocks!
Couldn't score but 2 points in the 2nd half of the South Carolina game. And, that was giving to you in a nice fumble. You do know Florida is ranked 24th in total defense, right?