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As a VFL who knows we beat the gators and had the same SEC east record as the gators, including beating them, I only look forward to watching Bama crush Florida. It's hard for me to cheer for bama, but I want Florida to experience what we deal with over their Cush little schedule every year.
Don't worry the entire Tennessee felt the exact same way about that crappy play call on the final 4 downs.
Mike Debord has destroyed our offense this year. As much as I hate it that Hurd is leaving, as a junior wanting to make the NFL he wants to play for an offense that plays to his strengths...I get it. And Debord has been playing to everyones weakness all season.
Lot of opportunities for sacks when your crap offense keeps the defense on the field almost the entire game.
I love the Gator trolls talking trash. Vols still whipped you guys this year. Just because you guys don't play Bama every year and aren't decimated by injuries, you think you're some king of the SEC east. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
And sadly if you look, dobbs had a wide open running lane for a first down, if not a touchdown on the last play. They need to let dobbs be dobbs and play his game.
You can blame Florida for declining a Sunday game and declining a neutral site game. Offering lsu nov 19 as the only date knowing they would likely decline due to its rediculous ramificiations for them is ludicrous. But πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
As a UT fan I have to give congrats to A&M, it was a hell of a game, we just made too many crucial mistakes. You can't expect to turn the ball over 7 times and win. Sadly, yards don't equal points. Here's hoping we both topple bama in the next two weeks. I'll be pulling for you guys two weeks from now.
I want to blame the refs so bad for the loss, because the aggies got calls all day long. But at the same time the Vols can't expect to win with that many turnovers, especially against a ranked team.
They knew this hurricane was happening over a week ago., yet Florida waits until Thursday to cancel. Foley knew damn well what he was doing.
To blame Florida is insensitive? Florida gains everything and loses nothing from cowering away from LSU. If Florida ends up taking the east on "win percentage" over Tennessee, there will be an uproar.
Shouldn't you be poisoning trees or something?
A&m struggled against SC today. Saturday in the SEC is never a gimme for any team.
This guy does not represent the rest of us Vols.
Really? So diving straight at someone's weakest part of their body with your shoulders from behind isn't a cheap shot? Stop being ridiculous and admit the guy made a dirty play.