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"Why should I go to the games when nobody will know I'm there?" EVERY Hollywood 'celebrity'
Hold your heads high Bayou Bengals.....the Tide knew they were in a fight in Death Valley. A couple of bounces could have changed this outcome.
Ask Michigan players and coaches about Appalachian State...multi-time FCS championship holders btw. I don't know too many FBS teams that wouldn't struggle against them
Alabama/PSU would be a good choice....as for Auburn, I'd love to see them renew the rivalry against Georgia Tech. Those were some of the best games I remember seeing when I was growing up.
Expected better from the Bama/LSU crowd..
Nothing dirty about that tackle...other than the way his foot landed. The defender had him by the waist.
Don't forget Egg Bowl and/or Iron Bowl
One of the proposed uniform options for AU was a blue helmet with the navy/orange AU logo on the side...pics of it looked good.
Troll or not, threats like these have to be taken seriously thanks to that idiot Updyke.