War Damn Eagle

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I don't think you understand how the SEC championship works lol...
Nobody in Auburn wants to go to the East? wtf you smoking. That would be boring as hell
once again, the Bama bandwagoner on Auburn pages lol he can't get enough!
All Auburn fans stand behind them, we just don't stand behind Gus or Lashlee
I can tell you right now we all want him gone. He's a dumbass. He blames nothing on himself ever. "It was because of the youth on the team!!!". My god he runs like 5 different plays. You can tell he tells players what to say at press conferences... If he doesn't have things he pitches a fit. He has no idea how to call plays or what personnel to put in at what times.
Last few years Auburn's prices were $140, this year it is $160 and we get in other sports for free. Where is this info coming from about $155?
I would really like to know how you can get to 6-8 lol..
You are an absolute moron if you think Auburn has one of the worst stadiums in the SEC. Have you ever been to an Auburn game in Auburn. We have one of the best game day experiences in College Football! Also boasting the biggest scoreboard in College Football as well.