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Glad to see 2 teams from the south match up again. All other potential matchups were boring and disinteresting.
Aggie fans are quietly pleased, as playing the game would have resulted in loss #5 on the season, which would require another contract extension for Jimbo Fisher.
I've often wondered, even when Jimbo Fisher was at Florida State, why quarterbacks want to play for him when he yells and screams at them after every offensive series.
6. George Pickens HAS to be a deep threat for the Georgia offense.
I remember watching Max's dad throw the football all over the field at Florida State years ago. Now I feel old.
CBS is reporting Alabama receiver John Metchie is out for the year. That should concern Alabama fans.
The Big Ten conference should re-align so that Ohio State can play Michigan every year for the Big Ten title. All other potential matchups are boring and disinteresting. And the game should be played outdoors, of course.
The athletic director is retiring. What does that have to do with Mike Norvell?
Agreed. The 2001 Hurricanes were the best college football team I've ever seen. 38 players drafted, 17 in the first round. Having said that, I doubt we will ever see another Miami team similar to that one or some of the others that everyone remembers. But Manny Diaz is good enough, and probably as good as it's going to get for Miami.
Sorry, but I would place Auburn - Alabama ahead of Ohio State - Michigan. Perhaps Ohio State - Michigan will become a rivalry again sometime in the distant future if Michigan can figure out a way to win at least once every 10-15 years.
I also wanted to watch Ohio State - Michigan. Now I have to watch both at the same time.
Disappointed that ESPN scheduled this game for high noon. I love watching FSU - Florida at night under the lights.
I like this Mike Norvell fella. He's a hard worker, he is totally committed to Florida State, and he's an aggressive recruiter. Win or lose in the Swamp, I think most Florida State fans are pleased with the coaching staff and the direction of the program. I think Bobby Bowden would be pleased.
Yes, I have heard essentially the same story, although I heard Spurrier told him his resume was posted inside the stadium. Have to side with the head ball coach on that one...
Love what Kirby Smart is doing in Athens. He's intense, he's full of energy, and he loves the University of Georgia. His teams play with the same intensity and passion. He might be there for 25 years.
Because Gator fans think Gainesville, FL is the holy land of college football. All the best 5 star recruits want to go there. All the best coaches are praying for a job offer. Nick Saban was a fool for taking the Alabama job instead of waiting for the Florida job. And therefore, the Gators should never lose to one of those Big 12 teams who really don't belong in the SEC. They had Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerfell, Tim Tebow, and Urban Meyer, and Missouri has had no one to speak of. So therefore, Missouri doesn't deserve to beat the Gators. Hope that helps clear things up.
He picked up a check for $12 million on his way out of Gainesville this afternoon. Why on earth would he be job hunting?
Yes, it's the Bull Gators who pony up millions of dollars in donations to the football program. They expect nothing less than SEC and national championships as a return on their investment. They ran Steve Spurrier out of town. They ran Urban Meyer out of town. They'd probably run Nick Saban and Bill Belichick out of town. It's the "Gator Standard".
Urban faked medical issues in order to leave Gainesville. Why would he go back?
Agree. Should have kept everyone and then fired everyone, if that's what they wanted to do.
So... What's the over/under on how many games the next guy coaches before the Bull Gators run him out of town, too? It's not a matter of "if", it's simply a matter of "when".
We might win or we might lose next week, but I think most FSU fans are pleased with the job that Mike Norvell is doing in Tallahassee. He's a hard worker, a dedicated coach, and an aggressive recruiter. Not sure Florida fans feel the same about Dan Mullen right now.
The Alabama - Georgia game will be epic. They should quit calling it the SEC championship game and start calling it the national championship game.
I have a lot of respect for Steve Spurrier, even as a rival fan. He lit up the entire SEC with his fun & gun offense. He always had funny quotes to add fuel to the fire and his offenses were rarely boring and unimaginative. So why did he leave and why didn't he come back after the NFL? I think the pressure to win in Gainesville was too high, and it probably still is. See also Urban Meyer. Do Gator fans have unrealistic expectations?
"Hey, let's go to a Miami game this weekend...", said no one ever.
Of course, because Cam Newton was such a class act...