Y tho

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We are locks so its georgia vs everybody else.
I bet you love trump just like bamatime the way you talkin.
LOL the life of being a UT fan.
stfu N join the Sun belt chump
lol kinda racist but imma let it slide since what smollet did was boofonery. Still, go watch my empire tho.
lol couldn't "butt kick" georgia state who went 2-10 now look at georgia state. Number 1 in the Sun belt as of today.
no it means no lies here
just know to never get on to wrong side of the B10 refs
LOL Ut paid a team 1 million dolars to lose in their stadium. You cant make this stuff up on 4 nem grave.
Not only does their team sucks ( and should be placed in the sun belt) but their band does too.
UT needs to join the Sun belt.
Im suprised Tua Turnthenballova wasn't in the tent for most of the game No cap.
We should be number 1 No cap...
LOL UT Sucks No cap. How you lose to Georgia State? Trash ahz organization.
Lol UT wont sniff another bowl game for another 10 years
I just call out racist N that would be you for example.
Nne off this matters because Tennessee sucks and lost to Georgia State.
All yall hatin' ahz n*ggas (clemsontime, ole reb, sds1967, fuzzyvol, ben7564, Co Jones.) when we win the natty and tyson campbell wins the Heisman yall go be lookin crazy on God and on 4 nem grave.
Kirby is da G.O.A.T no doubt about it.