Y tho

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samething happened with fields unfortunately:-\
just as much as you like d*ck in yo a*s...
yall are Gods what else is there to debate????
I would say its a "50-50" chance you would know anything about home-field advantage...
Yall betta stop playin wit minnesota. They would scrub drub clemson no cap.
We are locks so its georgia vs everybody else.
I bet you love trump just like bamatime the way you talkin.
LOL the life of being a UT fan.
stfu N join the Sun belt chump
lol kinda racist but imma let it slide since what smollet did was boofonery. Still, go watch my empire tho.
lol couldn't "butt kick" georgia state who went 2-10 now look at georgia state. Number 1 in the Sun belt as of today.
no it means no lies here