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Florida bout to get molly whopped by miami.
Yea make them stay for when we come out and beat the goofy out of them in 2020.
Nah you had it ight the first time. A JV vs Varsity scrimmage.
We would beat the goofy outta Clemson on 4 nem grave.
*14 from Hurts himself without him game is not winnable with Tua still out there.
CO you just mad that yall not go be good this year. Its ok go cry by the swamp. I love me some gator tears. I like em extra salty.
Oh so you a Racist huh ok. I dont f with u bruh on 4 nem grave.
U a racist I dont f with racist u better ask folks on this site they know.
ur the troll here no one wants to go to Tennessee except for pigeon forge thats a good spot and fun. on 4 nem grave
fuzzyvol yr team is so ahz yall need to become some Independents or something yall arent good and is a free w for everybody
@bamatime your a troll maybe u should switch your Icon to Clemson? because ur a bandwagon and the worst poster on this site.
Kirby is the G.O.A.T as everyone knows already and yes to believe Kirby can get over the hump when we beat the goofy outta Ole Miss this year in the SECCG (Hint bama doesn't make it there not good) then will be playing in the Natty to win it all this year. And Fromm will stay another year IF somehow the Big 10 refs get to coach the National Championship again and we get blowed over by them again then he would stay. because his family has alot of money and Jake already lives in his own house. Jakes a college boi who likes fishing. I also predict Kenny Mcintosh to go for 190 in the NCG. But my Sleepers in the SEC is Kentucky and Ole Miss.
@Bamatime I wonder whos behind all this banning???????? Ur a bum bamatime u are a Bandwagon you liked clemson when they won the natty. Go back into ur barn with your sister p**sy boi!
He carries Espn On his shoulders with all his might. Thats why he wearing a cast.
My boi tyson gonna win the Heisman. Is Schwartz gonna win the Heisman?