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Yep, they took Evans and after getting a taste of that space cadet they paid him to leave.
And if LSU hadn’t shot themselves in the foot in the second half, the beatdown would have been even worse than it was.
Yep, you are a true UT fan. Stay classy
@Bananabread93 - I concur with your note about the LSU fan base.
I knew that’s what he meant when he said it. Heck, anyone who isn’t a message board vagina knows it ...
Social media has clearly revealed another level of ignorance from the general public that used to be dormant.
Piece of excrement even loaded up to cheap shot Tre. He should be suspended for at least one game like Mike Evans was for his dirty hit.
Thanks Captain Obvious. Bebe already addressed that issue long ago.
Your comment has everything to do with politics fool, but nice try.
Excellent. The children and players will never forget this experience.
With a name like Supreme Dump what do you expect? I'll take Muschamp as a DC ANYDAY. He has had success everywhere he's gone and mentored under Saban at LSU. I like a coach with a case of the red a$$ to get in these kids faces and fire them up.
Henry has done that to a lot of teams this year. Muschamp had Auburn in this game till late in it and they aren't even close talent wise.
What's hilarious is that a Bama fan filed this. These two blobs of commentators are so in the tank for Bama that it's unbearable to watch. Now, where do i sign
"...several years at the collegiate level..." Yep, for starters, you are a liberal.