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I think Arkansas goes 2-8. They will be MUCH tougher this year. As for the game against GA, I think its a game at halftime, GA by 10 or so. But GA pulls away in 2nd half with their superior talent. 38-20 Dawgs.
Must be contract time for Herbie. Show your wokeness and get an extension. Or else.
It took Morris 2 fall and spring camps to install 30% of his offense at Arkansas. I wonder how that's working at Auburn.
DMac is an all-time great. What a backfield with Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis.
It is telling how little black lives seem to matter to the hypocrites from BLM, CNN, BSNBC etc when its not the 1% of the time that a cop is responsible for a black death.
If the PAC-12 has any self-respect or balls, they should, in no uncertain terms, tell these entitled babies to pound sand. Enough is enough. It will never end with these products of American liberalism. They will take and take until there is nothing left to take.
YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! These next few years under Muss are gonna be fun.
Last year means nothing. Both teams are totally different with new Head Coaches, new QB's and new systems. Use your brain.
WOW! You have a Masters degree! From where, Haiti? I never said coaching didn't matter. Not once. If your reading comprehension was above 10th grade level you would have gotten that. Now go ahead and play in the sand with the other 6 year olds. You want to be snide and condescending, I'll return the favor.
Kid looks good in that Razorback uni. And is Georgetown really on his list, or did the writer mean GA Tech?
"Football is simply about being in the right place at the right time and doing your job." LOL! If that were the case, I would have played 12 years in the NFL. In regards to your snide post to me, I fully understand what development is and it's importance. You are dead wrong regarding the accuracy of recruiting sites. 75-80% of the elite teams in the country have top 10 recruiting classes year after year (Ohio St, Bama, LSU, GA, FL, Oklahoma, etc.) You think that's a coincidence? Competing in the SEC is not like the Disney movies you glean your knowledge from. The top teams are on top because they have better players, period. Now run along now squirt, Mommas got supper ready.
My sincerest apologies to MountainHawg for having an opinion, then posting it on a site where people post opinions. I also apologize for having an opinion different from yours, or worse yet, how dare I question a coach with zero head coaching experience in a conference that chews up coaches with far more experience. Now that the sarcasm is out of my system, the reason I state that some kids are not SEC level is due to who has offered them. That is the best judge of a kids potential, IMO. I trust the opinion of 30-40 coaches over the opinion of 1. Its like getting a 2nd opinion of a doctors diagnosis. So yes, I trust the opinions of 30-40 coaches over Pittmans. That's just common sense. Finally, while recruiting services haven't been able to watch these kids recently, neither have the coaches. They are both watching the same film from the kids junior season. Wise up.
To be honest, I've been quite disappointed with the new staff on the recruiting trail so far. 15 commits but only 1 4-star player. AJ Green is the only big-time get so far. Where are the 4 and 5-star O-lineman? There are over a dozen O-lineman from Texas, Tennessee and Missouri that were not even offered that are high 3-stars recruits or better. Then they put out large numbers of offers to kids from the west, midwest or east coast that either aren't SEC-level or have almost no chance of ending up at Arkansas. I like Pittman and badly want him to win, but the recruiting has got to improve for that to happen.
Good potential pickup. We need a slot WR for 2021. OU is loaded with WR's like this and he likely just got crunched in the numbers game in Norman.
Gotta hit him to break him. This kid is FAST. Remember Trindon Holiday from LSU a few years back? Was 5-5 and about 160 lbs. Scared the cr@p out of opposing coaches.
UCLA will really need this money to fire, and buy out, Chip Kelly.
What's anti-american is the constant political extortion from the left. Bow to my feelings, or else.
Hopefully Gundy holds his ground and doesn't give in to this entitled snowflake. Tell that baby to pack his bags and get to steppin back to Canada if t-shirts are too much for his poor feelings. Enough is enough.
While what you say is probably true based on geography and history, Arkansas would be stupid joining a league that eventually will be sucked dry and killed by Texas. Additionally, Maryland belongs in the ACC, not the Big 10. Rutgers belongs in the AAC. West Virginia belongs in the AAC. Missouri should be in the Big 12.
Not at all surprising. Hogs were at 14 scholarships players for 13 spots. Mixed emotions about Reggie leaving. While he does have talent and potential, he just hasn't show it consistently. He'll look great one game, then no-show for 4 or 5 games. Not sure he even really wants to play. He often looks disinterested and not engaged mentally. Best of luck to him.
Wolfman, everything you wrote is either wrong, irrelevant or stupid. This conversation is clearly over your head.
But Arkansas isn't walking away from the entire bill. The buyout was about $12 million, Bert is suing for the $7 million dollars remaining, so he's already been paid $5 million. Arkansas didn't just stiff him. I think this case will get settled somewhere in the middle.
Awesome. Huge pickup for the Hogs. 10.4 100 meter speed. Beat OU and OSU for a Tulsa kid. He was supposed to commit on 6/14 but I guess he couldn't wait to be a Hog.
What a stupid argument from Berts lawyers. Bert and Butch had different job titles and thus, different salaries. Janitors aren't paid what managers are paid. Interns aren't paid what on-field coaches are paid. It's comparing apples to oranges. Case dismissed Bert.
Wrong. If Bert was paid market value by NE (Approximately $500,000 a year, not $50,000) he would've gotten his buyout money from Arkansas. But he obviously was butthurt over getting canned and tried to stick it to Arkansas. F*** him. Bert violated the terms of the buyout, not Arkansas.
Tennessee could have an incredible O-line with some of the guys Butch recruited, but couldn't coach up, plus the guys Pruitt has brought in. Tennessee can match GA, Bama and LSU in terms of 4 and 5 star recruits on the O-line.
I know it's easy to kick dirt on Arkansas football right now, but what does your comment have to do with the discussion?
Michigan is the northern version of Texas. Arrogant, overrated and with a huge sense of entitlement.