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Particularly the part where he mentions Texas’ greed and arrogance as a driving factor in conference realignment, although it goes back further than the Longhorn network. One could say it started when Arkansas finally got fed up with Texas running the Southwest Conference and left for the SEC. If Texas was kept in check in the Big 12 and not allowed to do what they wanted, Neb., A&M, Colorado and Mizzou probably are all still there, the SEC would still be at 12 teams, and the Big 10 would not be poaching schools in an effort to keep pace with the SEC.
Nothing of what is going on right now in college sports is good for the long-term viability of college sports. I think most of us that prefer the college game to the pros hate seeing much of the traditions that make the college game more colorful being trampled in the race for more money. Another thing to discuss is all the unintended consequences of all this conference poaching. What about schools like Wash. St, Oregon St, Kansas St, Wake Forest? Making schools that are left without a chair when the music stops irrelevant doesn’t grow the game, it reduces it. What about non-revenue sports? Are more of them going to be cut in an effort to keep up financially?
Been to Oxford 6 times. It's fantastic. The Grove is awesome, the town is great with a ton of good places to eat and drink, and their fans have been great to me on numerous occasions. West Point is great too, for totally different reasons. The campus is beautiful with the Hudson River running right thru the campus. The historical aspect of it is cool. I took a guided tour of the campus and we were taken to the cemetery where many 4 and 5 star generals are laid to rest.
You're probably right ESAD. It's better for both parties. Roussaw will get more snaps elsewhere, and the Hogs will (hopefully) get a player more able to compete and contribute. I just don't get taking his commitment so early in the cycle. If it was a week b4 National Signing Day and Arkansas really needed some LB's in the class, then it would make sense, but that wasn't the case here.
I’ll never understand why guys like you get so pissy when someone expresses an opinion. That’s what these sites are for. If you get that upset about it, maybe these sites aren’t for you. As for me needing to “get educated”, apparently Pittman and staff had stopped communicating with the kid in hopes that Roussaw would take the hint and/or told the kid it’s best to look elsewhere. The coaches came to the realization that he wasn’t SEC material, which is exactly what I said. So, who is the ignorant one now? Too bad you’re not as smart as you think.
I noticed that also. I can't ever remember Arkansas and KY playing twice in the regular season.
Yes, I’m aware of Cedar Grove being a talent-rich HS in GA. Our RB coach, Jimmy Smith, is the former HC there. And Jadon Haselwood, our WR transfer from Oklahoma, is a Cedar Grove alum. But I just never understood why Pittman took Roussaw’s pledge so early. His offer list is just so-so. We can, and need, to do better than marginal SEC-level recruits. Nothing against the kid.
Does Kirby want him? According to 247 and Rivals he doesn’t have a GA offer.
Not a surprise. He just OV'd at another school last week. I'm actually glad he de-committed. He was one of our lowest rated commits. Should've never been offered.
He’ll be in the transfer portal again in the near future.
AR and Auburn both made it farther than your classless squad that couldn’t back up its bush league behavior. And do you really expect anyone to believe that every TN fan would root for the school whose faking of injuries prompted TN fans to tra$h their own field with golf balls and mustard bottles? No one is buying your bs. Again.
I think the Rebels get it done tomorrow. They just look like a team of destiny. Dominant win over OU.
They do have a natty in football. 1960 under Vaught. It would be their first national title in baseball.
The videos of Orgeron on South Beach should be coming very soon.
Agree. Texas’ problems are not due to lack of talent, but instead due to entitlement, lack of toughness and poor player development.
I love it when we get big-time players from any state, but when they are homegrown kids, it's even better. Arkansas is really producing a lot of very high-level high school hoops players right now, especially for a state of only 2.9 million people. Keep 'em home Muss.
Congrats to Ole Miss. Noland pitched very well for Arkansas, but DeLucia was money today. Plus Ole Miss got a couple clutch hits that Arkansas didn’t. I’ll certainly pull for MS against Oklahoma. Bring another trophy back to the SEC Rebs.
Call Z. Morris the fireman. He sure put out the flames.
We just got spanked. Cap tip to Ole Miss. The Rebs are really rolling. 7-0 now in the NCAA tournament.
Well done Aggies. Way to take out the tra$h. Whorns down, the burnt orange frown. Hopefully Auburn takes out the Stanford car fresheners next.
It’s great how Peyton and Eli crack on each other. Their “This is Sportscenter” commercial is still one of the best, way back when ESPN was still fun, cool and non-political.
As an LSU fan, which do you consider more impressive, the 17-2 win, or Arkansas fans dominating the Jell-O shot competition with over 1400 shots?
I thought of the same thing you did referencing the 21-2 win over NC St last year. Outstanding overall performance by the Hogs. Hopefully it continues.