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This will NOT be a bonanza for Arkansas. It will further undercut Arkansas' ability to recruit TX and OK by providing 2 more outlets for players from those states to play in the SEC. It will have the same effect on TAMU and Mizzou.
Since LSU is the undisputed drinking king of the SEC, who might be runner up? Tennessee (Moonshine country)? Kentucky (Home to numerous distilleries)? Ole Miss (The Grove)?
The Rose Bowl will make an insane amount of money just off alcohol sales to LSU fans. Go Tighas.
It’s an odd dynamic with TX and OU. OU is the Robin and TX is the evil Batman. TX and A&M had the same relationship in the old SWC. Whatever TX wanted, A&M just relented. I never understood why the Aggies never took a stand against TX.
Very few objected to Mizzou or TX A&M joining the league. A few thought Mizzou was not a fit culturally or geographically but that was nothing compared to the hatred and mistrust of Texas. I would guess 90-95% of the posters on here the last week are against Texas joining the league due to their history of being horrible conference partners, along with their insufferable arrogance and sense of entitlement.
Can’t wait for those legendary Tulane-Kansas matchups. Lol.
Ohio St players must get an NIL deal with a tattoo parlor somehow. It just feels right.
So as it stands now, each SEC school only makes $7 million more each year than each Big 12 school ($44 million vs $37 million)? That’s much closer than I would have guessed given the dysfunction of the Big 12.
I just became a fan. I hope he has a great season and makes a ton in the NFL.
I would assume A&M, Arkansas and Mizzou would all vote no. If so that means all 11 other schools would have to vote yes for this to happen. Would LSU vote yes? They recruit Texas heavily, and bringing in TX and OU would negatively impact their recruiting there, just like it will Arkansas, MO and the Aggies. Hopefully these 4 schools will stick together and vote no and tell Texas to eff off.
I hope you’re right. Otherwise, Leach needs to back off the lacquer thinner.
Frasier, if Arkansas were to make the horrible decision to leave the SEC, where would they go? The Big 12 is on life support. The AAC? Come on man.
If this happens, and I hope it doesn’t, here is what the divisions would look like: West TX TX A&M Okla. Missouri Arkansas LSU Ole Miss MSU East Alabama Auburn Florida GA SC Tenn. Vandy KY
So you would move Auburn to the East? I doubt Auburn or Bama would go for that.
When you hire an egotistical, narcissistic clown, this is what you get. This wasn’t a publicity stunt.
(Burp). Yep. I’m the only one on this site that makes political comments. Just me.
So they still enforce some laws in Seattle? I thought that was deemed racist by the ruling libs and their Antifa cohorts.
Love it. Keep the Arkansas kids at home. The high school hoops talent in Arkansas is awesome for a state of just 2.9 million residents. If Muss can just keep the in-state talent at home and then supplement them with his transfers, that would be all he needs to build a yearly top 10 team.
I kinda hate that the secret is out about Fayetteville. I don’t want Fayetteville to get too big and lose its small town charm. Plus the cost for housing has really gone up recently, like many other cities.
LH61, I hope Obanor follows your line of logic. With his NBA background and his proven track record of improving incoming senior transfers like Justin Smith and Jalen Tate, this should be an easy choice for Obanor. The new coach at TX Tech has nowhere near the pedigree that Muss has.
T. Pryor concerned about the legacy of Jim Tressel. A coach who, when asked about the scandal, lied to his superiors at OSU and to the NCAA about his knowledge of the blatant rules violations. Tressel deleted e-mails detailing his knowledge of the violations off his school-issued computer, which were later recovered. Tressel was a liar and a cheater. That is his legacy.
Obanor is the final piece to the puzzle at Arkansas. A 46% 3-pt. shooter-yes please.