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Still remember the game when UGA tried to take a bite out of the Auburn WR after running out of bounds near UGAs doghouse.
“Coach Prime is the Best recruiter in the nation currently” His 2024 class is currently ranked #75 by the 247 composite rankings. Not exactly tearing it up.
I just read an article stating that since 2020, Pittman’s 1st season, Arkansas leads the nation in losses by 3 points or less with 9. The closest SEC team in that same time period has 4 such losses. The Hogs just keep finding ways to lose games that are there for the taking. Namely against A&M, LSU and Mizzou. They’ve got to figure out how to start winning close games.
Correct. The other INT was because Broden ran the wrong route.
What if the senile, drooling fool is the current President?
While it was a loss, and there were too many penalties yet again, this game does give me some optimism for the season. LSU is the best team Arkansas will play this year, it was on the road, and they were right there at the end. I think this team will keep getting better. They need to get Sategna more involved on offense. Keep feeding Armstrong and Hasz. Dubinion is getting better. The defensive performance was disappointing. Very little pass rush, even on blitzes. Singletary was beaten 2-3 times on deep throws. Wouldn’t mind seeing Braxton take some of his snaps.
“You better get me right now.” Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. It’s just always gotta be about him.
Much better performance by Arkansas than the previous week vs BYU. Still too many penalties, one of which cost the Hogs a TD. The offense looked better. The defense fell apart just before halftime. Very little pass rush, Singletary was burned 2-3 times. But this figures to be our toughest game of the year. If Arkansas can keep improving and match the effort from this game, this season may turn out OK.
“ the Gamecocks pulled off the 37-30 victory over the Mississippi Bulldogs in their first home game of the year.” Wasn’t the game vs Furman at home?
The defense gave up 38 points to a team that doesn’t have SEC-level speed or talent. The d-line did a nice job against the run other than that 1 long TD run, I’ll agree with you there. But the pass rush wasn’t consistently there against an inferior opponent. If you remember the sack by Landon was more of a coverage sack.
Tucker claims it was consensual. She claims harassment because no intimate relationship ever existed. I would think phone records will prove who is lying and who isn’t.
Geez, I hope our AD doesn’t get that desperate and has more self respect than to hire that 8-toed clown. I’d rather the program shut itself down than embarrass itself with Coach Look-at-me.
Saban went 12-2 and won the SEC West in year 2. Won his 1st natty at AL in year 3. Without the transfer portal. Good coaches don’t need 4-5 years.
No I wasn’t. I live 900 miles away. Not sure what that has to do with anything.
This is year 4 for Sam. That’s a fair shake.
The secondary couldn’t cover the TE at all. He was open all night. The d-line got only 2 sacks. You know nothing.
If the players aren’t good enough, isn’t it Pittman’s job to get better ones? This is year 4 for him, not year 1. He’s getting paid $6 million a year. What happened last night was wholly unacceptable, and the buck stops with Sam.
The inability to put opponents away while having 14+ point leads is a problem going back to Bert. It seemed to start with blowing a 24-7 halftime lead against Mizzou in 2016, blowing a 24-0 lead against Virginia Tech a month later in the Belk Bowl, blowing a 21 point lead in the 3rd quarter against Kansas last year to last night versus BYU.
Over 74k paid their hard-earned money to watch that sh1t-show. The place was packed. The fans showed up, the team didn’t.
I’d go after Mike Elko asap. He’s 12-4 at Duke. Duke! He has SEC experience from his time as TX A&M DC. But many teams will come after him this offseason.
Do you think better fans will improve the o-line? Come on. Demand more from these overpaid coaches.
Sam should’ve offered up a lengthy apology. It’s one thing to lose a close, hard-fought game to a superior team like UGA or LSU. It’s another to lose a game to an inferior opponent while playing like total a s s . Get it fixed Sam or get gone. Time to make some tough decisions, like admitting you messed up in hiring Cody Kennedy, then fixing it by firing him.
LSU should move homecoming to next week. Guaranteed win for your Tigers. Probably a blowout.
Utterly disgraceful performance. The OLine is complete cr@p. The Dline has been a massive disappointment. Cody Kennedy, the OLine coach, should be fired immediately. The rest of this staff should be read the riot act. The honeymoon is over for Pittman. Looks like a 4-8 or 5-7 season. That doesn’t come close to cutting it.