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If what you say is true, then the guy from USA Today must have come from CNN or BSNBC. While Arkansas was turned down by a few coaches, they were nowhere near desperate enough or dumb enough to waste 5 seconds by talking to Doo-rag Deion.
Sanders was not remotely involved in Arkansas' coaching search. I am as involved at crafting US foreign policy towards Kazakhstan as Sanders was at the Arkansas job opening. Another journalistic turd laid by SDS.
Kid sounds like an entitled baby who was nowhere near as good as he thought and didn't want to work for his minutes. Cal is probably helping him pack his bags.
I love it when know-nothings like you use arrogance to cover for their lack of knowledge.
Not impressive HS stats, but the kid is fast. Ran a 10.57 100 meters as a junior. State champion sprinter.
Franks is, by far, the best option at this point with King and Newman heading elsewhere. Franks showed huge improvement in 2018 and 2019 (b4 he got hurt). He is experienced and talented. He is inconsistent, though. I hope he stops with the Manziel/Mayfield type antics and shows more maturity as well. But notice all the Florida fans speak very well of him. That says something.
Arkansas isn't getting this kid. He's just using 1 of his 5 alloted official visits to go on a free trip, eat tons of free food, and visit a coach he respects. That's all. He'll be in Athens in the fall.
Lord knows we need an experienced, talented QB as KJ Jefferson is probably not ready, but Franks' immature antics during some FL games I've watched give me pause with him. I hope he's grown up some if Arkansas gets him.
So your head coach being caught on an FBI wiretap talking about paying a player isn't an embarrassment to LSU but is to me? Please explain.
The talent disparity you mention isn't as great as the 4-20 record the last 2 seasons suggest. While Arkansas doesn't have the talent top to bottom of the big boys in our league, Arkansas does have players that could play just about anywhere. The lack of coaching we had the last 2 years made things look far worse. Where Arkansas lacks talent is at QB, OL and LB. We now have competent coordinators to highlight what we do have and mask what we don't have. You are absolutely correct though about wide splits exposing your QB.
What exactly is gimmicky about his offense? He is one of the most in-demand OC's in the college game. You're talking out of the wrong hole.
Maybe OBJ was just imitating Will Wade on a recruiting trip. Wade is a far bigger embarrassment to LSU than Odell.
Remember Ben Hicks put up big stats against the same conference (Tulsa, Tulane, etc.). The defense stinks in the AAC.
You forgot to mention the sky-high taxes and cost of living, crime, traffic, rude residents and crappy weather. NJ is a toilet.
Texas cheats?! What?!!! Texas has long claimed that they don't cheat because they don't need to. Just ask them. That, and their $hit don't stink either.
While King is talented and would almost certainly start in 2020, he runs the ball too much for a QB. I think he's only about 5-11 and maybe 190-200 lbs. Not sure he'd last a full season running the ball 15-20 times a game against SEC defenses. We have Rakeem Boyd to run the ball. We need a QB to get the ball to Burks, Knox and Woods.
He wore a Bieber t-shirt under his jersey. Almost as bad as throwing 5 ints against San Jose St.
Tenn. always has talent. Maybe not what GA and FL have, but not far off. Butch Jones stacked top 10 recruiting classes one after another, but he couldn't develop players and the culture was toxic. Talent obviously is paramount to winning in the SEC, but so is competent coaching. TN made a lot of progress this season. It will be interesting to see if it continues or if they hit a ceiling.
I was hoping to get Frank Wilson as RB coach as he is a well-known ace recruiter with LA and TX ties. But Smith sounds like a good hire with many GA connections. Now they need to close strong on the crootin' trail.
Hilarious and ironic that the Bucktards are crying about the officials. They won a National Title over Miami on a bogus pass interference call. They were included in the first playoff when TCU deserved the spot more, but OSU got the nod due to OSU bringing more tv viewers. OSU constantly cries that the SEC cheats, yet they have been busted numerous times in football (tattoo-gate) and in hoops. They are a win-at-any-cost dirty as hell program. Their fans are some of the dumbest, most paranoid, least classy and uncouth I have ever encountered (I sat amongst them when Arkansas played them in the Sugar Bowl and they chanted "F*** Mark May" after May called them out for playing 5 players who received extra benefits). They are total trash.
The report of the external investigation stated that numerous assistant coaches knew about, joked about, and helped cover up the assaults. Kendall was an assistant at the time, and as Art Briles son, probably knew more than any other assistant. That's not much of an assumption. Baylor to this day is fighting all attempts in getting the facts out to cover their rear-ends in the numerous civil lawsuits they now face. That is a fact.
No offense meant towards Francis, but he isn't an SEC caliber recruit. Just lazy recruiting by John Chavis.