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Not motivated for a playoff game? Come on. If that were true, then you would need a new coach. I expect an angry GA team beating MI 24-10.
Yes. Has ditched 2 programs, Rice and Pitt, after 1 season. Not highly thought of as a person.
He looked pretty good to me against Alabama.
“Morris” has the same effect on many Razorback fans.
Strong statement!? Where? Typical SDS clickbait cr@p.
Won’t be unemployed long. He can be a position coach in the NFL or an OC in college.
Michigan is taylor-made for GA. They are a run-heavy team without the QB and WRs that Alabama has. GA 24-10.
I hope Burks doesn’t opt out.
I thought Arkansas might end up in the Gator since A&M was there so recently. Should be an easy win for the Aggies.
Good destination for LSU. Lots of Tigah fans in H-town.
Diaz has got to be pissed. Total bush league by Miami.
You’re probably right, that’s just how I would seed them. I think the committee will put MI at #2 and GA at 3. I think an angry GA team will beat MI by 17 pts.
Nonsense? It’s been established for years that Kelly is difficult to work for. That didn’t just come up after he left for LSU. So far, no one from ND has chosen to follow him to LSU. It’s also been established how little patience LSU fans have considering how fast you all turned on Orgeron. That’s not nonsense, it’s an uncomfortable truth for the LSU cult.
Why would Lane want to follow a legend? Lane is a good coach, but he could never fill Sabans’ shoes or fulfill the expectations at Alabama.
Complete bs. The vast majority of my posts towards Mizzou are in response to the numerous snide comments from MO posters.
You stated Arkansas was dreaming about beating anyone for 6 years, not specifically Mizzou. That’s why I thought you were talking about Arkansas being bad against everyone for 6 years, which isn’t true. Yes, Mizzou has had Arkansas’ number. I’ve never said otherwise. Most of my posts about Mizzou have been about the lack of class of numerous Mizzou posters on this site. That’s why so many other posters from numerous SEC fanbases dislike MO.
6 years? Try 3 years. Bert’s last year and Morris’s 2 years. But I’m used to Mizzou fans lying and exaggerating to demean Arkansas.
She wouldn’t give her number to broke college kids. They can’t afford her “services”.
100% correct. Kelly has been an extremely abrasive guy and is not well liked. He’d better win quickly or LSU will turn on him in a nanosecond.
Ewers looks right out of 1985. Or the offspring of Joe Dirt.
The Oregon players think Cristobal is out the door and just didn’t bother to show up. Period.
Booger’s explanation is just as bad as Kelly’s fake accent.
So Miami is pulling an Auburn. Trying to hire a coach already employed elsewhere while employing another.
I disagree. I've cracked on Deion as much as anyone, but props to him for warning his players about gold-digging skanks like Renner. If you don't know the story, Renner, then 29 years old, stalked former UK player PJ Washington, then 18 years old, via DMs. She told him she was into him, he fell for it, he hit it, and she intentionally got pregnant. Then, 2 weeks after she gave birth to their child, she dumped him, and took him to court for child support, getting $200k a month. Yes $200,000 per MONTH. She literally has written a book on how to seduce and fleece young, dumb and full of c_m athletes and rappers. Again, props to Deion.
"Only certain users slide into her DMs" Yeah, I'll bet they do. That's quite the euphemism. Wink, wink.
No one, not even poor little Arkie, dreams of beating Mizzou. Well, maybe Kansas does.