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Really nice video. No narcissistic, fake bs set to some garbage rap track. Just a guy proclaiming his love for his school and telling you his story. Even though Fulky suits up for a competitor to my Hogs, I can't help but have huge respect for this dude. The TN equipment people will have to tear the jersey off his back after his last game as a Vol. This is why I will always love college sports more than the pros. Glad he will be able to finish out his TN career on his terms.
I guess Pinson decided he needed a new car, and Dirtbag Willie hooked him up.
At least the LSU baseball coach won't get his feelings hurt there like he did at Tennessee.
Adam, upon inspection of the numbers posted, it should be noted that Muss' salary was basically equal to both Oats' (before his new deal) and Bagman Will Wades'. But I will admit that I was surprised at how overpaid coaches like Cuonzo Martin, Mike White and Tom Crean are. Muss is going to get a raise and extension in the $3.5 million per year range ( maybe more if Arizona makes a run at him). Arkansas will take care of him. They have the money.
S. Carolina needs a new AD. While I respect Martin as a no-nonsense coach who doesn't lie to kids or kiss their butts to get them to Columbia, his body of work at SC doesn't justify an extension at all.
Hardly a surprise but I was hoping for 1 more year with Moody. While he wasn't quite on the same level as Cunningham or Suggs as freshman, Moses had a great season and was instrumental in the team's success. Best of luck to him. Additionally, this opens another spot for Muss to work his portal magic.
The fact that this occurred in left wing California should surprise no one. He was probably also offered clean needles so he could shoot up at the 50 yard line.
Adam, you state Musselman ranks 13th in salary in the SEC. Since there is no way that is true, what is your source for that? I'm dying to know.
At 6-7 and 210+ pounds, he will be a stretch 4 man in small lineups and a 3 in big lineups. Great addition.
Was this a form of punishment by Lane? Seems pretty harsh to me.
Wade and Miller should both get lifetime show-cause bans by the NCAA. If the NCAA wants to clean up the sport, they must start taking out the trash.
Muss has ties out west. He went to college at San Diego. Coached at Nevada. Was an assistant at Arizona State for 2 years. He recruits out west heavily. I don't think he would take the Arizona job right now due to potential NCAA sanctions coming, but stranger things have happened.
Not surprised but was hoping Ethan would stay. I was hoping Vanover or Iyiola would transfer instead. I liked Ethans hustle and effort. I hope he transfers to UALR and kicks butt in the Sun Belt.
Finally after 4 seasons this cheater gets fired. The article doesn't say if he was fired for cause. He had 1 year left on his contract. Millers record listed on this article is incorrect. Lastly, I wonder if Musselman will emerge as a candidate for this job.
The CrimiNoles strike again. Another fine upstanding citizen from Jimbo Fisher's thug FSU program.
Nice pickup by Alabama. I think the SEC will be much tougher next season. Bama and Ark will both be very good again. KY will be much better. Tennessee and Auburn will be teams to watch, especially if they can add 1 or 2 pieces from the portal. Not sure yet about Florida and Missouri as they have a lot of portal defections to fill. I can see the SEC getting 8 bids into the NCAA tournament next year.
Hopefully this job will keep Cromartie too busy to have any more illegitimate kids. This bum can't even remember the names of all his offspring. Nice job by Jimbo surrounding his players with such a positive role model.
Color me shocked that a former or current NBA player would be in the company of strippers. (Sarcasm) I just assumed they didn't have the time for such debauchery with them being faithful churchgoers and all. (More sarcasm)
Orlovsky does the same thing regarding Matt Stafford. They are former teammates and golfing buddies and Orlovsky absolutely defends Stafford from any and all criticism.
Willful ignorance seems to be the norm at LSU. Your comment only furthers that. Do some reading.
Amen. LSU is notorious around the SEC for having the most boorish, uncouth fans in the country. There are numerous accounts of opposing fans being cursed at, spat on and assaulted in Baton Rouge.
This is KU just giving the NCAA the middle finger salute. What a joke.
I always thought something stunk around his program after the academic scandal at UNC. Now I know why.
So none of the Mizzou players listen to rap? What do they listen to, Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Welk?
Sorry to see Desi leave but I understand him wanting more pt than he will probably get. We will probably have 1 or 2 more defections, we are overloaded at the 5 spot.
I wonder if the departing players are taking a pay cut by going pro.
Looked like a flop by the ref. Did the other refs call another charge?