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I want to see Coach O on the Bachelor. Just imagine him having a heart to heart with a woman, then she says "What?" because she can't understand him. Ratings bonanza.
Hopefully this meathead will take advantage of his 12th chance and not continue to waste all his God-given ability.
I don't understand why Herbie is getting so much flak just for expressing an opinion. That's all it was, yet people act like he insulted Mother Teresa.
I'm not saying Mussleman cheats. Not sure where you get that from. In fact, based on the fact that he lost out on a few kids that many insiders know were on the take, I would bet you that he is NOT dirty. Mike Anderson ran a squeaky clean program at Arkansas. Regarding Wade, LSU could fire him today with cause and not owe him a penny. Wade wouldn't dare go to court over an unlawful termination, because he would be forced to lie under oath, exposing himself to perjury charges. Your last 2 sentences are probably accurate. LSU saw what happened to Missouri when you cooperate with the NCAA. Maybe it's best for every school to lie, dodge and deceive the NCAA.
While what you say is true, Pearl is another shady operator. No one should feel sorry for him. There are reports of his sleaziness going back to WI-Milwakee.
Call me crazy, but to me, violations committed by direct employees of schools like coaches should be dealt with much more severely than those of tutors or boosters. But I guess that's too much common sense for the NCAA.
It really is amazing, isn't it? Wade was caught completely red-handed, yet the NCAA, SEC nor LSU will do anything about it. Juxtapose this with what happened at Mizzou. Basically the guy who mops the floor at Mizzou Arena farted in an elevator, admitted it and fully cooperated, then Mizzou still got hammered by the NCAA. It's a sad joke. Mizzou fans should be livid over this. I would hope they bombard the SEC office with phone calls and emails over this.
Interesting that Robertson is from Lubbock. Since TX Tech already has a QB in the 2021 class, I'm not sure if he still had the option to go there. Nice pickup by Leach.
I cannot believe LSU still employs that turd. I don't think even KY would keep Calipari if he were so obviously guilty. I'm no LSU fan, but if I were I'd be embarrassed that Will Wade still represented LSU. A real bad look for LSU, and another black eye for the SEC. Maybe the SEC office needs to get involved since LSU won't do whats right. I was thrilled when Arkansas joined the SEC, but I'm fed up with competing against dirty programs. Just last year, we fired our basketball coach because he didn't win enough games. A big reason he didn't win more games is because he didn't cheat and he had to compete against multiple dirty programs in the SEC.
According to a famous quote from Jerry Tarkanian, "9 out of 10 programs are cheating. The 1 in 10 are in last place."
Yet another money grab by the greedy owners. Just what the game needs, more 9-7 or 8-8 teams making the playoffs. Cha-Ching!
Does ESPN think only former qb's can do that job? I know they got hammered by hiring Jason Whitten, but I think an articulate former O-Lineman would be great at explaining blocking schemes and details like blitzes and stunts. Especially a Center, who has to make many line calls and adjustments on the fly.
My Hogs have been bad for 3 years. The Lions have been bad for 60 years.
Yes, but is he any good? Bowden is gone, and Gatewood must sit a year ( I think).
Not sure about KY being ranked with their QB situation.
Cherish that SB ring Reggie. You aren't gonna come close to another with the lousy Lions.
While UGA is a well-known and iconic mascot, there are many bulldogs. Miss St has Bully. Butler has one too. There's only 1 Razorbacks. Only 1 Gators. Only 1 Buffaloes.
He is NOT a projected 1st round pick according to most NBA people in the know. Not sure where SDS got their info. He is projected to go late 2nd round or undrafted. Jones isn't an elite athlete and only shot 35% from 3 pt. range. While I think he should return based on his projected draft prospects, I think he will remain in the draft. Best of luck to him.
You are correct. If McFadden played at USC, Notre Dame or Texas he would have won the Heisman. The bias the glamour schools have in their favor is obvious. Eddie George was another guy who didn't deserve the Heisman, but Ohio St's status in college football won over.
Surprising considering he figured to take over as the starting Point Guard next year from Whitt. Unless he thought KK Robinson was going to beat him out. While he certainly wasn't Lee Mayberry or Corey Beck, he wasn't as bad as some Hog fans claim.
Making bad decisions is possibly the worst trait to have in a QB. Like a RB who fumbles too much or a WR who drops too many balls. Not sure why anyone would have any interest in Crablegs Winston.
Dakich is one of the few decent personalities left on ESPN. I enjoy his blunt, humorous commentary. I'm sure some of the things he says are deemed "insensitive" by the PC snowflakes at ESPN/Disney, which will probably lead to his dismissal. I hope I'm wrong.
Ah yes, ignorance is bliss. Both of Calipari's former schools were put on probation right after he left, but sure, he had nothing to do with it. Wink, wink.