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Another priority would be continuing to get bigger and stronger on the O-line. Still not quite there yet.
Man I was looking forward to playing a decent team on the road for the first time this season. Now its nothing but cupcakes till the conference slate starts.
Before anyone says Akial Byers, his offer was pulled by Arkansas because they didn't think he'd make it academically. The other kids from Arkansas on the current MO roster are walk-ons.
" Missouri has had a lot of success recruiting Arkansas in recent seasons." WTF is the author of that sentence talking about? Missouri has gotten not 1 player from Arkansas in the last 5 years that the Hogs wanted. Not one. Do your homework Bratton. I'm embarrassed for you.
Because instead of playing lollipops like Illinois and Purdue, Bert had Alabama, LSU and Auburn. He went from the kiddie pool to the shark tank.
I'm still mad over that hose job we got 10 years ago at Florida thanks to Marc Curles.
1 reason to NOT be thankful: SEC officiating. Hogs should be 5-3, not 3-5.
I would really love a Hog win in the Swamp as its the only venue in the SEC where Arkansas has yet to win, but I just don't feel it. The spread is 17.5 for FL but Arky covers. FL 34 Ark. 24.
Not interested in another bowl game with K State. While it would be a win, Hogs have beaten KSU decisively in the Cotton and Liberty Bowls in the last 10 years.
If TX A&M wins out, Jimbo might get the nod as Coach of the Year, but Sam definitely will get a few votes. Mullen deserves some consideration as well if Florida wins the east.
I don't remember the exact figure, but Bert was paid FAR below the going rate for a DL coach in the NFL. Arkansas will owe Bert some money, but not the $7 million he claims.
He will go to the NFL. Probably a 4th or 5th round pick.
Matt Jones did fumble late in the 4th quarter near the Texas 20 yard line down 22-20. All we needed was a FG. Maybe even a more painful loss than the 1998 Stoerner fumble against Tenn. Arkansas despises TX far more than TN.
Jeopardizing a free college education so they can be thugs. Pure genius.
I remember that play you speak of. Travis Henry just killed us. So glad when he left for the NFL.
Hogs were scheduled to play Louisville in a Las Vegas tourney and Oklahoma in Tulsa. Both got nixed.
Odom will probably command $2 million plus per year to keep him. That's the going rate for elite DCs. I don't think he'll get another HC job in a power 5 conference, but if a school like Tulsa or Memphis had an opening for a HC would he take it?
I expect another close game but I'm thinking 30-27 Aggies. I hope I'm wrong as I'm tired of losing close games to them.
Hopefully after Saban is done coaching Bama will hire another Mike Dubose or Mike Shula.
Very proud of this squad. Guys like Grant Morgan, Hay. Henry, Clark and S. Blair. All former or current walk-ons who have stepped up. Not 4-5 star guys, but tough, smart guys who would run thru a brick wall to be a Hog.
All we heard all off-season was that nobody wanted the Arkansas job and you couldn't win there. And that Pittman had zero HC experience. Well if not for getting boned at Auburn, the Hogs would be 3-1.
Incredible effort by Morgan and the defense without Pool, Brown and Gerald. Odom should be the frontrunner for the Broyles Award as the top assistant in the country.
Why does the best conference in CFB have the worst officials? Seriously an 11 year old would be an upgrade. The league office doesn't even have the decency to acknowledge the mistake and make a formal apology. I think that would be enough for most Hog fans.
Thank you. At least some Auburn fans saw it for what it was- Arkansas getting hosed by SEC officials. The SEC needs to suspend that crew for 1-2 weeks. The SEC suspended Marc Curles and his crew for hosing Arkansas the last time we played at Gainesville. There must be accountability.
Why not? Being 2-1 beating #13 and #16 on the road in back to back weeks. Only loss was to #4 GA.
Lane made a big mistake not keeping MacIntire as DC. The defense improved drastically in its one season under Mac last year. Durkin is a dud.