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In what way is he not? He's bigger, faster, he's an elite route runner as is Jeudy, his contested catch percentage is off the charts at over 90%(was Jeudy's even worth mentioning?). Oh and considering the LSU offense was still running out of the I-formation and primarily a run first offense his first 2 years, of course his numbers were anemic compared to this last season. So stats over the course of the past 3 seasons don't really tell the whole story now do they? And with the season he just had, if Chase wasn't playing at the level he was playing at, do you honestly believe Jefferson wouldn't have a Biletnikoff award as well? Look, Jeudy was very good this year. Jefferson was better. And only time will tell who's better suited for the next level. Jefferson is the better looking prospect overall right now.
Let’s see. After sitting and waiting for his chance, he broke his thumb on his throwing hand when it looked like he was going to get the nod. When he comes back, as a graduate with 2 years of eligibility he’s informed that Haskins will get the job not because he played better but that the coach thought for their offensive scheme, Haskins was the better athlete. So he transfers, wins the job, plays two full seasons, and don’t kid yourself, he excelled both seasons. Coaching staffs back the wrong guys all the time. And there’s not a doubt, in my mind anyway, that had OSU, picked Burrow to start in his junior year, with the talent they had, and his chemistry with the players, and their system, they would have won a NC, not only that season, but his senior year as well. He is that good. And he, unlike Tua and a lot of other QB’s in this draft, simply doesn’t get shook. I’ve seen him get blind sided, throw interceptions, and get targeted. Hell in the Bama game he got sacked five times. And all he does is just come back the next play and burns you. He’s cerebral, and cool. And he’s got size and and pocket presence. And his accuracy is uncanny. So if ever a crazy trade was to take place, he’s the guy you do it for!
I recognize him. He’s one of the Saban worshippers who used to troll the NOLA LSU forum to build up his self esteem. Seems no matter where he trolls, he sees that Gump moniker as something to be proud of rather than something to be laughed at.
This is starting to get annoying. Without Brady, and with an offensive line by committee that had Burrow running for his life and averaging 3-4 passes thrown away every game, with the same receivers that played so well this last season dropping an average of 3-4 passes every single game the season before, they still managed to win 10 games when they were only supposed to win 7 at best by these same experts. It was Joe Burrow who was responsible for that record. He was outstanding considering the circumstances. Set aside the fact that he came in late and had not developed any real chemistry with the players until the season got under way. And then you hear these same “experts make really stupid statements like he couldn’t even win the job at Ohio St. I wonder if it ever occurred to those geniuses that they got it wrong at OSU. It could be that with Burrow as their starter his junior and senior seasons they win 2 titles. Coaches do back the wrong guy sometimes. Let’s not forget, had Charley Mac not been so stubborn about using a 2 QB system, A guy named Bert Jones May have been LSU’s second Heisman winner. He was that good and Joe Burrow is that good too.
I think the two situations are exactly the opposite. And I think you’ll probably be seeing more Bama players drafted higher that LSU this year. The Bama situation is almost a plug in and play at QB. Don’t get me wrong, Tua is probably the best natural passer coming out of college in years. At LSU however, the reverse was true. Joe Burrow elevated that team beyond their talent. Yes. The receivers were great, but it was the same group as the year before. Burrow made them work the entire off season. The o-line still allowed tons of pressure and a lot of sacks. Joe threw the same passes to the same receivers as the previous year. But this year they caught them. Tua had the better cast. Joe made his better.
Most of you that say Burrow had one good year, apparently weren’t paying attention. Remember, his first season at LSU was one of a late arrival, an offensive line by committee, 3-4 dropped passes every single game, 3-4passes thrown away every single game while running for his life, and they still managed to win 10 games with with what everyone new was a somewhat antiquated offensive scheme. And that was because of Burrow and only because of Burrow. His football IQ and toughness showed even when the O-Line was awful. Because of the lack of support that he had that season, I would say he was just as good as he was his last year, if not better in some respects. And that’s a major reason he’s being seen as the best prospect in the draft. His leadership in the off season turned everything around along with the scheme changes of course.
Every coach that ever won a championship had help. Joe Brady brought a playbook, he didn’t invent the rpo/spread offense. And Steve Ensminger did the play calling. Dave Aranda produced some top notch defenses over the years, but so has Bo Pelini. Joe Burreaux was as special as special gets, but Brennan who was not ready when Joe came to town had 2 years ago, has spent a lot of time learning from Joe, and is ready now. Combine that with top 5 recruiting classes, and I think we’ll be just fine.
I think Joe Burrow was the best thing that could happen to Myles Brennan. Between being able to watch and learn from from the best QB in college football for 2 seasons, I think Steve Ensminger and Joe Brady ( if he stays), will work magic with this kid too. Better arm than a Joe and actually just as athletic. Decent pocket presence, and hopefully he talked to Joe a lot about what he sees on the field
Just because you're obviously steeped in the Gump culture, doesn't mean you have to adhere to the "Stupid is as stupid does" life philosophy. It would be better for you to go by the old saying of" better to not say anything and let people think you might be dimwitted, than to speak and prove it to them."
LSU’s offense scored 8 TD’s in less than 20 minutes of possession time. The defense was on the field for just over 40 minutes and faced 3 different QB’s, with the 3rd one (a one time starter so not an inexperienced QB), being somewhat effective. That was primarily against subs and some very tired starters. If you go back thru the Tigers season you’ll noticed that most of the opponents scoring came later in the games with the defense having spent a lot more time on the field than the offense. The defense does have exposed weaknesses but more times than not those weaknesses show up when not being on the sidelines for very long.
Based on what Paul? You said the truth as you see it. Is that through crimson colored glasses? Because from what I can see, Alabama has played one team in the top 20 and lost. LSU apparently had absolutely no trouble scoring on a defense that is no where near as good as in years past. Their offense is no where near as prolific without Tua, and based on what I've seen I'm not sure they could hang with Baylor or Oklahoma. I don't believe Mac Jones would be able to handle Georgia's defense so then it comes down to if you think Bama's defense could stop Georgia from scoring. Not if they're forced to play the whole game which is what they'd be doing, because of a whole lot of 3 and outs from Bama's Tua'less offense.So quite frankly Paul, "Eye Test" wise, not only do they not deserve 4th, they probably don't deserve 5th.
This comes from someone who puts 17 in his handle as though the entire rest of the college football world doesn't know that the university of Alabama gave themselves several more championships than they actually won, (some of which they should really be embarrassed from), and then has the audacity to call other fans less than intelligent! Good try Gomer, but as they say in your neck of the woods, that dog don't hunt!
Georgia will be looking for revenge for last year in BR. LSU will have to play it’s best to beat the Dawgs in Atlanta. I do believe the Tigers will be laser focused and will win the SEC, but I do look for it to be more along the lines of the knock down drag out of the Auburn win than the high flying win in Tuscaloosa.
No offense, but you do know that the Tiger defense was on the field for over 40 minutes in this game right? In route to scoring 8 TD’s, the offense held the ball for 19 minutes and change. I don’t care how well you defense is playing, that’s too much time on the field. Something was bound to give.
Sloppy in the second half? Absolutely. But here’s the thing I’m seeing from this group that we haven’t seen in years past. When there’s a breakdown defensively like there was tonight, they don’t get shook. Just like last week, the offense seems to score any time they want to. Even when Plumly was torching the defense, I sat here on my couch for the first time that I can remember, knowing the offense would go right down the field and score. I was that relaxed last week too.
I'm pretty sure LSThat'sWho, won't be nervous until sometime after Joe Burreaux graduates! There wasn't a soul on that field, including the Bama coaching staff that thought for a second that LSU couldn't score at will in the 4th quarter.
He was wrong about Joe Burrow last year and he was definitely wrong about Coach Orgeron when LSU hired him. Joe Burrow for anyone really paying attention was very good last year. He played behind a makeshift O-Line, had receivers average dropping 2-3 passes every game, threw away 3-4 more passes while running for his life but is the reason they won 10 games. He was with the team less than 6 months and yet not a single player doubted his ability and leadership. Oh and he was sacked more times in one season than Tua was in his whole career and he bounced up every single time. So PF doesn’t know squat.
You’re assuming Alabama even gets in. Don’t. It’s likely that Georgia will beat Auburn. And If that happens, Alabama would have to absolutely destroy Auburn to even get a look at that point. And that’s not likely either.
Actually I see him more as a Joe Montana type QB. Primarily for his absolute calmness. He doesn’t get shook. I noticed it last year. Everyone seems surprised at his play this year. I’m not. It was evident last season. People forget, he ran for his life a lot last year and threw the ball away at least 3-4 times a game. Then you could count on 2-3 drops by his receivers every game. New to the team and new to an offensive scheme that didn’t reflect his skill set. And he still led them to 10 wins. I’d take him over Tua any time.
I agree. Besides, I’d rather not seem them with that #1 target on their backs. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing them at 3 or 4 with a huge chip on their shoulders.
I think LSU will be sitting out starters by the end of the third quarter. Not because Auburn defense isn’t good, but because their offense isn’t.
He also said Ed Ogeron was a terrible hire, just last year.
The more this season moves along, the less I worry about the defense. It’s the modern era of college football. Spread offenses and rpo’s are gonna score if they have the dudes. The best you can do is play hard, limit your mistakes, and capitalize when the offense makes mistakes. A great example, besides LSU, is Alabama. They are giving up points.Texas A&M scored 28 on them, S Carolina scored 23, Ole Miss, 31, etc. The one thing I’ve seen with LSU is the seem to make the adjustments at half time the works.
Actually, Joe was a really good QB last year. There are times when the numbers don’t tell the whole story. In reality, with a makeshift O-Line, he functioned better than most would have, including everyone’s darling, Tua. The receivers were good for no less than 2-3 drops every game. While running for his life he smartly threw 3-4 passes away every game rather than try to force throws that weren’t there. He consistently made the right audible calls, and is the single biggest reason for a 10 win season. All while being thrown into an offense and teammates he didn’t know. He never panicked and never doubted his ability to lead and win.