Been a diehard UGA fan since 1990, through the thick and thin. Win, lose, or draw I'm UGA all the way.

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Guys (UGA and Bama fans), UGA lost the National Championship game because Nick out coached Kirby, the referees missed and made some atrocious calls, UGA got ultra conservative on offense and Tua got bailed out on some really bad plays by stud teammates(the 4th down touchdown pass he threw up for grabs that Ridley was in the right spot for) and mental/communication error by 2 seniors in the UGA secondary(4th and effing 26!). I'm a diehard UGA fan, have been and always will be but I'm also a realist and I have a deep understanding about the college game. 2 things that have been argued about on this page need clarification, first Nick Saban and Crimson Tide football are the best in, not only the game today but ever!(I don't see how you can argue against that) Secondly, my dawgs lost the most important game in their history since I've been alive('84) due to a combination of all the reasons stated above. With all of this being said, there are a couple of things I would like to point out. UGA and Kirby Smart are on the rise, the program in Athens is ascending as fast or faster than any other program in this country, if you don't believe me and need some evidence of how much better Kirby is at roster management(learned this from Nick no doubt!) just compare our offensive line depth chart from 2015 to the depth chart today, its like night and day. The last thing I would like to say is more of an opinion and is no slight to Bama football, your program is the standard for which everyone is trying to meet but, I have noticed a change in the mentality of the fanbase. Instead of the quiet confidence or in some cases the drunkin' arrogance and constant bragging, alot of Tide fans are asking questions about the UGA program and making false statements(UGA graduated 31 seniors! They have to fall off right!?! No, only 15 of that 31 contributed) to ease your mind that the "roll damn dynasty" doesn't have a new and possibly lethal hurdle to clear every first Saturday in December. Kirby Smart and UGA is building a beast that you guys are noticing and becoming uneasy about, you know it, I know it, the world of college football knows it. SEC football is about to be a helluva lot more fun starting in 2018, I can't wait for the party to start in September, good luck to all parties involved but we're all waiting for that rematch in Atlanta! As always Go Dawgs!
No just simple analysis, Bama's O should be very good as well. Only thing I'm guilty of is penciling in UGA and Bama in the SEC Championship 9 months early for a rematch. If it happens this way, will be the most watched SEC game ever!
I agree completely! The biggest and most important component of our improved offense will be Fromm and his jump from freshman year to this season. Teams will not be able to load the box against our run game, they can ill afford to have Fromm "beat" them in the passing game. Opposing teams will have to literally pick their poison this season with how much better our passing game will be. 2018 will be an exciting year, I just hope we can avenge the title game loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship. We win there and we're back in the playoff with no Alabama lurking as the 4th seed.
Thank you for reading up on the UGA material, cant remember the last time I read anything Bama related, is this what Bama fans do when they're worried about some real competition coming from another division?
Voltrainconducter you are the worst type of college football fan, the typical bandwagon riding poser that makes us all as fans look bad! You make up that 5% that was a gaytor fan in the mid 2000's, a Bama fan afterwards and now that UGA is making the climb to the top ur jumping on board with us! But deep down inside ur hoping and praying that ur "push-pop" orange Vowls can become relevant again which hasn't been the case in the last 20 years.
They'll be fine until the day comes that Saban retires, then it'll be time to back the Brinks truck up to Dabo's house. In all seriousness it seems that Bama and Lord Saban have lost a little of the recruiting magic and this has a lot to do with Saban getting close to retiring and his coordinators leaving after every season. Honestly every Bama fan I've spoken to has been extremely defensive this offseason instead of their usual pompus arrogance almost like they know the greatest run in College Football is coming to an end, now they have to watch as Kirby creates a new dynasty!
The entire Gaytor football team got lit up! But according to some of their clueless fans they hired an "elite" coach from Miss St. and are "only a couple years away." These fans post on this site so get ready to hear it all offseason, also about how Kirby still has to prove he can win with his recruits which I dont think anyone really wants to see. Kirby's players are much more talented and are going to be coached up better than they were under Richt and staff.
What are u talking about!?! The size of the crowd or stadium doesnt affect the team's play on the field, if it did, UTk(Tennessee) would have not gone 0-8 in SEC play last year and would be better next year! We all know how they'll be next season with a rookie head coach and no QB's on the roster.
McEllwain really did, he's gonna be offensive coordinator for meatchicken!
Your running back coach just quit because of your new "savior"! 41-0 in Neyland, this year yall come to Athens!