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What's wrong Nick? You need a sec to think this over? This is ridiculous, Auburn rarely snaps the ball inside of 10 seconds anyway. For Saban to hide behind "player safety" only shows that he can't beat the HUNH offense. That the rule would not be enforced in the last 2 minutes of each half just shows the it is hypocritical. What is so different about the last 2 minutes? Is player safety not at jeopardy in those 2 minutes? If we are going to push player safety, then let's do away with rushing the QB's blindside! After all, he is extremely vulnerable from behind!! Nick, you sound like a little brat throwing a tantrum, shut up and learn how to beat the HUNH!
First off, good luck Mizzou. Bammer fan calling Auburn a bunch of cheaters is rich. This coming from a school that claims to have 15 National Titles. Go back and look bammer, claiming ties and out right losses of said titles (one from the farmers almanac) doesn't count. Bammers are just mad 'cause Saint Nick got high SCHOOLED! I'll cheer for a Tiger, be it LSU, Missouri or Auburn over a pachyderm any day. What a bunch of cry babies!
Every team in the country has some of THOSE fans. In the early '90s, a Crimson Tide fan in Montgomery, shot and killed a Tigers fan because Bama lost the Iron bowl. Updyke poisons the oaks at Toomer's corner because, he claims, an Auburn fan hung a Cam Newton jersey of Bear's statue. Auburn fans rocked the bus carrying the Bama players to Jordan-Hare stadium. I personally feel that Auburn should rank lower than 8th, but I do agree with LSU at #1.
If you are tired of seeing the SEC win, then beat us.........