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Maybe Shane Beamer should call it day and take the Oklahoma HC job save himself the future down fall.
SC is going to have make serious changes if Shame Beamer AKA Frank Beamer Jr wants to continue coaching in SC. If does not fix what already broken in Cola then he will be given the pink slip.
Roman Harper needs to take back on what he said about SC winning
This game over after the half. SC fans should calling for Tanner to step down for this beat down this team just received from Clemson.
Please, LSU all the way. Oh , that right LSU has something that SC does not have.
Clemson will beat SC this coming weekend. As bad Clemson offense is struggling right now they will beat SC.
Maybe Shane Beamer needs to go ahead and take that job be like his daddy coach Virginia tech. He'll fit in just fine.
I think it's time for Frank Martin to start looking to go somewhere else I think he lost is mojo is coaching at South Carolina it's pretty obvious after he had that final four run and came up short he's never been able to duplicate that again I think he's lost his mojo at the University.
Look you can thank your athletic director at the University of South Carolina for being 0-2 on the coach hiring. He sold you guys a bill of goods and you guys eat it all up. This head coach you have better start making some changes proving things or in his third season y'all be wanting his pink slip and it to him
You got sold a bill of goods from your AKA Frank Beamer jr. Beamer ball he's got a lot of work ahead of them starting next year
The problem with the gamecocks is that they think beating Florida was their turning point. But I knew that was a fluke knowing that Florida is having some issues on team with the head coach. Gamecocks just took advantage of it that's all luck of the draw. Don't worry gamecocks ain't going to hold out when they play Auburn and Clemson it's likely not going to be pretty.
Are you going to be 0 -3 t against the tigers. You're no chance going to beat Auburn you can flush that down the drain and Clemson has more talent on their offense than you don't realize even though their quarterback offense is in a toilet situation they're going to beat you with everything else just like Mizzou just did today. So your head coach has a lot of work cut out for him a lot of work and I guess I will start after the season's over consider this season a wash you're not going to a bowl game. How in the world are you going to believe what you are up athletic director says from Colombia. If you think y'all have a chance to go go home games no just like last year you guys didn't have a chance either. Like you guys are not going to have a chance to ever see the SEC conference championship again. You should think Spurrier for getting you guys there and giving you the best 11 and 2 seasons do you guys ever had in history along with quarterback and a defense and an offensive line and wide receivers that you guys don't have anymore. It is sad that Spurrier did quit on Carolina because he hated to lose but he was losing and he fell on his sword to protect his staff so his staff wouldn't have to be fired so they can find another coaching job elsewhere he did it to protect his staff if you really look into why he quit on South Carolina. It's a sad situation but Spurrier biggest problem and biggest mistake was you let his coordinators and his staff do the recruiting and that's where he brought the ball. He knew Lorenzo Ward and his rest of his staff were not that great he did not want to fire them.
Don't worry about those gamecock fans they are delusional. They can't not see there own nose. That their team it's not that good and Florida has more talent then the gamecocks will ever have.
Just because South Carolina beat Florida which Florida has more talent than South Carolina that does on the team and and a Florida team that quit on the game and on the coaches. Now all of a sudden you guys think you're good seriously I ain't going to take away the win from South Carolina but South Carolina is just not that good. And if any fan doesn't admit that then hey more power to you guys.
The gamecock fans think they can beat Missouri not going to happen they don't even stand a chance against Florida when Dan Mullen and the Gators come in town and when they play against Auburn then they're going to lose that and in such an embarrassing fashion after the bye week and then as Clemson still has more talent than South Carolina does you're not going to beat Clemson this year as bad as their quarterback situation at Clemson has Clemson has one of the better running backs and so could come up with better offensive plays and their defense is going to shut South Carolina down and South Carolina will not win this one. Where Carolina barely beat Vanderbilt out of all teams barely beat Vanderbilt almost lost Vanderbilt which Vanderbilt is the worst team in the SEC conference. Are you still think you're going to beat Missouri and Clemson please don't be that stupid don't don't give you such a high expectation and it's not going to happen just a minute that your coaching staff and your head coach is out of their league and over their heads. If you think because he is a native from South Carolina he's going to do incredible work. Then you're in for a big surprise a let-down surprise.
SC will lose to Dan Mullen and his Gators in embarrassing fashion. This AKA: Frank Beamer Jr-(FSU Taggart) head coach is a joke. Enjoy your rest of your season losing and next year.
Sadly AKA: Frank Beamer Jr-(FSU Taggart) head coach will be fired after his fourth year at coaching. Everybody said that your previous head coach would be there for years but that did not happen. I do not care what city he is from SC if can not coach at all. Right now he showing all SC fans that he doesn't got what it takes to coach and the fans got sold a bill of goods. Enjoy your 4-8 season and next year 5-7 season.
This team almost to a terrible SEC East team last week. Now they are trying to pretend it was nothing. Are you serious? What kind of goods they are selling to their fans in South Carolina? But everyone can see that this team does not have what it takes to be even talented to go toe to toe with any SEC team right now. I guess going 4-8 this season is okay with their fans. Good luck with your AKA: Frank Beamer Jr-(FSU Taggart) head coach.