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Everybody knows that Colorado is a train wreck and the head coach sits there won't be there too long he will get let go I don't think he's done a great job I think he's done a terrible job and he's not a great coach he will continue doing a terrible job to the point that Colorado can't take the embarrassments anymore and they'll let him go they're going to fire this head coach.
Let's clear the air here South Carolina performance this year is awful not average not great terrible you can only beat three teams in your conference that's pretty much like Vanderbilt performance standard. Carolina's not a lower tier they are a bottom level team along with Vanderbilt. So let's look at the winning of the three conference teams number one Mississippi state was without their head coach using an intern coach number two team Vanderbilt everybody beats Vanderbilt they're not that good number three Kentucky struggling had a lot of injuries. So the entire South Carolina performance is extremely mediocre piss poor. And next year they're not going to make a bowl game either but to fix Carolina's problem you going to need a new head coach and a new coaching staff Shane Bieber would have been fired from another University based on this type of years performance if you can't perform or can't coach a team you going to be out of a job. Everybody knows ShAne Beamer should have been fired
When will FL finally fire Sunbelt Billy and get a real head coach.
Putting the Clemson flag out in the middle of the field was to show SC season is over. That SC never belongs in the SEC conference and should be looking for a conference they are better fit for them. SEC conference is changing and expanding to grow into a 20 teams conference
It was a winnable game for SC which the team blew it. Now for SC HC is another=Will Muschamp. If SC continues the the course they are on they will not make the bowl game eligibility. They're definitely going to come up short. If they don't turn things around.
Gamecocks need to stop going for it on 4th and long. That strategy is not working vet well. Wasted opportunity for the opposite team to embarrass you
I believe it is time for Sunbelt Billy to go home for good.
Here you go FL Fans: The Southeastern Conference suspended three Florida players and one Tennessee player for the first half of their upcoming games for flagrant unsportsmanlike actions at the end of the Gators' 29-16 upset of the No. 11 Volunteers on Saturday night. PS: Go Job SUnbelt Billy
Here you go FL fans: The Southeastern Conference suspended three Florida players and one Tennessee player for the first half of their upcoming games for flagrant unsportsmanlike actions at the end of the Gators' 29-16 upset of the No. 11 Volunteers on Saturday night. PS : Go Job Sunbelt Billy
FL did win but now there is a investigation on the Florida players and TN after game scuffle where they are going to suspend players for their misconduct.
I don't know why ESPN is trying to get everybody to believe that the Gamecocks have an opportunity to be Georgia. I'm telling you that's not going to happen this coming Saturday. The Gamecocks don't have the talent nor do they have the level of competition up against Georgia. Georgia is well stacked on the offensive line and defensive and their special teams. It's not going to be pretty matter of fact the game will be one-sided and South Carolina won't be able to keep up. The fact is South Carolina is not that good this year and they're not ready to be playing against top-tier teams.
Sadly the Gators will not play well against TN. The Gators will make mistakes and flop towards the game and giving TN the go ahead win.
Gamecocks are not ready to play against GA. Everybody knows that it is a beat down that the bulldogs are bringing towards the chickens.
Oh come on SC. This Furman for crying out loud. Clemson can beat Furman when they are not trying to hard. SC should never struggled against them. But the real SEC team should up this up coming Saturday and the Gamecocks are going to be singing the blues day after.
Let us not forget the the playoffs are expanded as well. That means that a lot of teams will have opportunity to earn a spot to play for the N.C.
I am exciting to see the changes that are coming to the SEC in 2024. Which includes scheduling changes, no more divisions, and possibity of more teams joining the SEC later on. Expansion is going to be the new thing happening to many conferences along with the SEC.
Gamecocks just needs to realize that your football will never get past being a 6-6 or 8-4 team every year. Until your university replaces your HC and staff with a upgrade. Until then enjoy your time and your season every year.
Sunbelt Billy can't even bring a team together to play football on the the field.
It looks like Mack Brown team just schooled SC on how a real team plays football.
It is sad that FL fans know that Sunbelt Billy was never a good hire for the Gators. Writing is on the wall for the university to have him replaced and hiring a new HC for the football team.
Not going to happen. It is time for SC to accept the Sunbelt conference invitation
Clemson owns the matchup vs SC years to come. Clemson recruiting at another level than SC due to Clemson wants to win championships not a another bowl game. Unlike SC, they look forward to going a bowl game every year to end their season and that is all they want. SC will continue going nowhere for years to come until they leave the SEC and join another conference fits them perfectly.
Sunbelt Billy has turn the Gators into the new Vandy in the SEC. Great job, Billy. UF will be looking for new head coach soon
The head coach of SC will never get fired or even fired any of his staff due to his gets the team to a bowl game every year which all that matters to the University and your A.D.(Ray Tanner). Your HC will get a another raise and his staff for another mediocre performance again. Unless the fans start holding the University accountable for the choices and actions then changes are never going to happen. If changes are needed and they do need to change their mindset they already have. Then demand and I mean demand your AD to make the right call. But if not, then expect this HC and his staff to ignore the fans and continue doing whatever they want without ever getting fired,
SC needs to take Vandy with them as well and join the Sunbelt Conference.
I will Chip Kelly this year then Frank Beamer Jr anytime. Yep, we lost to FSU(ACC) by one point. But we are still in much better shape than the Gamecocks by far means. Oh , by the way how times has the Gamecocks beaten LSU. Let see oh that right none. Go luck.