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Stfu. There were plenty of 3 star kids that ended up being elite and NFL talent that Saban has given a second chance. Saban has always been about second chances. He literally has a dang rant about it. Agiye Hall was a pretty big time WR yet he couldn’t stay on path, gone, 5 star ATH/safety Eddie Williams gets in trouble (2011?) and never plays a down for Bama…gone. It’s about what you’re going to respond to messing up as opposed to just Messi up with Saban. Maybe you need to pay attention? I actually think you need to stf-u considering you’re either a drunk all the time or had some Gary Busey accident.
Haha my brother is gonna love this. It’s been a horrible show for over a decade but this is still pretty awesome
Dude is pathetic. Gotta be a catch22 with the Gator fanbase considering he helped bring home those titles but man is he a d-bagggggg
To’o To’o needs to get better not only in pass protection but quit completely missing the tackle 50% of the time. Boutte is def a 1st round WR. I dunno if Gibbs will be 1st round, if so it’ll be late or early 2nd. I thought Cook was the best RB available in this years draft and looking both Gibbs’/Cook’s #’s are basically identical from last year tho Gibb’s had about 200 more receiving yards. I don’t know much about the Kentucky QB but will look him up to get a better idea. I’m thinking Young and Stroud would be the first 2 taken. Hoping for my Falcons to stink hard enough to get Young. Baffles me how some mock’s have Stroud being the 1st QB taken. After watching alll those UGA defenders come off the boards so early and knowing they still have more that’ll be taken from that same team this upcoming draft… after what Bryce was able to accomplish both times against them is pretty remarkable.
That’s not true. Kirby is a good guy. Saban is all about second chances. He literally had a fantastic rant about it once.
Bama got stomped? 8 point lead with 1:08 on the clock is stomped?? I wonder what your definition of the SECCG was then.. 1-1
There was no “they” when it came to complaining about not starting. It was Hall. That’s one. If you’re gonna blab your mouth then know what you’re talking about. Your name is “Saban’sdaddy” tho after 1 win when Bama was completely depleted. How’d the SECCG game go when we were healthy? Over on the first drive of the 3rd quarter? Hmm that’s what I thought.
Saban blamed no one but himself for the NC loss. You’re a pretty big goofball. UGA fans still thinking we’re rivals. 7 outta 8 doesn’t sound like too good of a rivalry to me. ‍♂️ 1-1 in UGA’s best season ever.
Everyone seems to get it and I’m glad there’s no hard feelings. When I called my hardcore UGA fan uncle and asked him why he’d be transferring he just straight up told me Burton apparently knew Bryce and thought it would be an easier path to the league. He’s got a natty ring with UGA, what more could you ask for but to get help to improve your draft stock? I’m thinking he plays a Metchie type role like in the 2020 season. Most Bama fans are higher on Hall but I rlly like Brooks. Aaron Anderson just earned his 5th star on rivals. Maybe he puts up a fight for the job. Either way we need someone to return punts. Earle and Bolden were both extremely lackluster in that department.
Same, brethren. If not I think we’ll be in good hands with Simpson & Milroe.
“Our coach is an enemy of the state.” Once again showing just how un-American you truly are. Do us all a favor and get the heck outta our country. I’d suggest Russia since the like the silence the views/beliefs of others as well.
You’re embarrassing as all heck. Go kick rocks. You’re just mad that he’s more than likely a left leaning person and your type are so anti-American it’s unreal. People have to a choice to believe/support what they wants no matter how silly you think it is. There is no doubt in my mind your kind try to suppress opposite views of you’re own just like you accuse the other side of doing. Nick Saban has done more for people than you’ve ever done by miles. It’s more un-American to call someone un-American for their beliefs than it is to be whatever the heck you are. Oh, the irony.
All those loses in a row got some of you UGA fans acting like we’re rivals. Haha, nah…nah..
Hmm. I wonder if he can beat out Lawson. I thought by now Demouy Kennedy would be one of the best MLB’s in the country.
Was this the kid acting a fool in the 2017 Nc game against UGA?
Kirby isn’t leaving UGA. Maybe Dabo if he will think differently on the transfer portal. I’m not too worried and won’t be until Saban leaves. Kirby has done so much for Alabama that I wouldn’t be mad if he declined coaching for us.
There’s no way there’s any ungrateful UGA fans… There rlly is? That’s crazy considering without Bennet or Kirby UGA would still be without a NC within the last yada yada years.
Besides two INT’s and a fumble the kid played out of his mind against my Tide. He showed he can do a little more than game manage. Better than Greg McElroy and McElroy was drafted. At halftime I thought Stetson was too nervous and that might lose the game for UGA. Nope. Right after that fumble he answered. Good kid and good QB.
I played a bit and never heard of it. Apparently the woman above you knew what it meant. I wonder how much football she’s played. Hmmm
Ole Miss wins that game with Corral. What a shame. Is Ole Miss in trouble at QB for next season, though? I’d assume they would try and get someone from the portal
Cause one comment about trumpers? Wow, yall are right about the future of America when grown men cry when someone even says the littlest thing about yall’s gawd… I mean ex-president. S n o w f l a k e
So happy for Arkansas! Sam Pittman was awesome as well as yall’s team! Should Pittman of gotten COTY?
What he means is beat Baylor’s a**! Roll Tide and Hotty Toddy!