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My point exactly. He can start three years at least if he redshirts. Quarterbacks are also often overrated and underrated. The odds are that he will not be the next coming of Peyton Manning with wheels. An extra year of eligibility gives him more time to ensure that he becomes the quarterback you think he will be
Want a cookie? You also have one of the better returning quarterbacks in the country as well. Patterson should redshirt and of he doesn't Freeze is an even bigger idiot than most Ole Miss fans.
They are number 1 in four of the five media outlets...
Calvin Ridley had two touchdown catches...Google is your friend, especially if you don't know what you are talking about
If you put Seth Russell on here you need to put Trevone Boykin.
Too many guys to list. Even so, I would put HaHa or Barron in over Roman Harper
Okay, I was wrong. Not committed but heavily favored to sign with Auburn due to his family ties to the school
Flipped on signing day. The Barn was so sure that they had him they put him on the roster
Technically, Adam Griffith is from Poland
Michigan uses tight ends more than half of the Big Ten. Jake Butt was up for the Mackey award.
Blake Barnett is going to surprise some people at Alabama next year. We also have Alec Morris and David Cornwell on the roster, both with skill sets similar to McElroy/McCarron. Jalen Hurts will be a true freshman as well.
We also will have Desherrius Flowers. He was the four star who was academically ineligible, just like Bo Scarborough
Just because Russell Hansbrough isn't in the top 25 doesn't mean he is underrated, just saying.