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Quincy Wilson: “I mean we’re definitely humbled." McElwain: "In life, there are a lot of good things in being humble. As I said, back it up. They didn't back it up, did they?"
Scoring 38 unanswered points on that vaunted "#1 D in country" isn't known as a smoking? It sure humbled those loud mouths. I bet you are glad you escaped Vandy, but the boys from Baton Rouge are going to run all over you.
Backing up his talk? Hahaha. No. He guaranteed a win versus Tennessee and what happened? They got smoked. Even Swamp Donkey said after the game, "if they are gonna talk they better back it up and they didn't."
Agree. He's making millions down there. Why would he say anything to throw barbs at his current place of employment?
Swamp Donkey - I thought you said deep down we never lose to Tennessee?