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Honestly the low of the season for me was only beating Kentucky by 3. Embarrassing
Honestly the low of the season for me was only beating Kentucky by 3. Embarrassing
Voters are smart enough to know Vols beat themselves rather than Kentucky beating the Vols.
Only 38 points on lowly Mizzou Bama. Uhoh you're slipping lol
Thank goodness we have Mizzou to clean some things up next week lol
Hard to say about Gray when he only gets a measly 10 touches. Play calling was bad lol
SDS time to fire racist scum. No room for it in 2020.
The UCF hate needs to stop. They have no legit shot because of a broken system, reality is all they do is win win and win.
There is improvement, but it was never going to be drastic. If Pruitt somehow finishes 6-6, thats way more impressive than Kirby dropping the ball with a super talented team and going 7-5 his first year. Perspective.
Very true. Both sides played a little "rugged" lets just say. Good luck the rest of the short season thats left.
Congrats on the huge win, you guys were flat out a better team, but come on now. Missouri had multiple dirty hits, But its football. They happen, I don't think either side was trying hurt anyone. Take the win, enjoy it. Tennessee sucks, but they'll always be able to claim things an forever irrelevant school like Missouri will never be able to...Championships. I'm not even saying UT will get back to winning any anytime soon, but at least they have been there, Missouri will never ever be. Just facts. Good luck vs the Hawgs and your bowl game.
JG is a human turnover machine? Uh he has 2 turnovers all year long with a horrible oline. Thats honestly incredible.
You got to look at it like this, everyone is slowly getting better and they pretty much return the entire defense. Pruitt is pulling together a nice class. This year is a struggle, next year will be better. Years beyond that have potential to be good years for UT. No they shouldn't of lost t o SC by any means, but lets be real. SC isn't an "improving program" They're stuck in mediocrity where they belong. Hopefully UT continues to slowly improve until they're back where they belong.
Congrats to SC, we couldn't stop your run game at all. But that was a horrendous missed turnover. Its sad the officials can't do their job in the best conference in college football.
So a crappy decision was made so people are supposed to just "Take it and deal with it." Jeez.
And let the Bama bias continue? Dude it needs to stop. They're already the best team by a wide margin,they don't need the refs lol
Dude plays for Bama. Literally all I need to know. Taking the easy way out. Another spoke in the wheel. No one will remember who this guy is in a couple years. lol
Not hating the guy for putting his family first but his job is to win games. He may be in the wrong line of work