You Failed Trump On 1 6 2021

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You must be as intelligent as Mary Kay LeTourneau if you think constant JETLAG will have no affect on USC and UCLA!
You forget the GREED factor. Why have a 20-way split with MORE West Coast teams when you can have even MORE money with a 16-way split! You think Ohio State and Michigan want bleeping Oregon and Washington for LESS money, and MORE money spent traveling that far with jetlag in ALL sports!?!
Says the Georgia fan that said the same thing about the Big 12!
Because Spenser Davis is as big of a moron as Dennis Dodd!
Oregon, Washington, Berkeley and Stanford need to remember, that a (soon to be) 10-way money split would be a 20-way money split if they get accepted into the Big "can't count past" 10. It's up to George Kliavkoff to milk as much money out of a network as possible to make the 10-way split worth more than a 20-way split.
What makes you think Texas and Oklahoma would go to the Pac-12?
As for UCLA's situation, remember, there are OTHER WAYS to screw over UCLA if they actually go through with the move to the Big Ten such as cutting off their funding. Not to mention forcing board members and their president out, and replacing them with pro Pac-12 people. Remember, never, ever underestimate politicians!
If the Pac-12 can milk as much money from those morons at ABC/ESPN, then they'll expand. Otherwise, back to being the Pac-10.
Unless the Big Ten "merges" with the Pac-12, USC and UCLA are going to be in for a rude awakening with the constant jetlag in ALL sports! And of course, the more universities you have, the LESS money each school makes when SPLITTING THE REVENUE. I hope the greed factor prevents the Big Ten from going after anymore Pac-12's. PS - SEC definitely NOT expanding past 16. Texas-Austin will see to that.
The smoke must be nice if you actually think Oregon to the Big Ten is a lock!
"Never read anything on eliminating divisions. I thought they might add them. Of course I didn’t attend Vandy, just Auburn and Alabama two football schools." Only fools would believe they would keep divisions if you only play three opponents every year!
@mistervimes It must be nice living in a basement, failure!
@LSUSMC Like anybody expects to take a moron like you any better!
Seriously, Oklahoma vs. @Missouri, Texas, @Arkansas Texas vs. @Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas A&M Texas A&M vs. @Arkansas, LSU, @Texas Missouri vs. @Mississippi, Oklahoma, Mississippi State Arkansas vs. @Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma LSU vs. @Texas A&M, Alabama, Florida Mississippi vs. @Mississippi State, Missouri, Vanderbilt Mississippi State vs. @Auburn, Mississippi, @Missouri Alabama vs. @LSU, Tennessee, @Auburn Auburn vs. @Georgia, Mississippi State, Alabama Vanderbilt vs. @Tennessee, Kentucky, @Mississippi Tennessee vs. @Alabama, Vanderbilt, @Kentucky Kentucky vs. @Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Tennessee South Carolina vs. @Kentucky, Florida, @Georgia Georgia vs. @Florida, Auburn, South Carolina Florida vs. @South Carolina, Georgia, @LSU Odd number years of course.
Once again, Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M, Florida, Georgia Texas vs. LSU, Missouri, Alabama Texas A&M vs. Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee Missouri vs. Texas, Texas A&M, Mississippi Arkansas vs. Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn LSU vs. Auburn, Texas, Vanderbilt Mississippi vs. Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri Mississippi State vs. Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Florida Alabama vs. Arkansas, Georgia, Texas Auburn vs. Tennessee, LSU, Arkansas Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina, Mississippi State, LSU Tennessee vs. Mississippi, Auburn, Texas A&M Kentucky vs. Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina South Carolina vs. Florida, Vanderbilt, Kentucky Georgia vs. Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma Florida vs. Oklahoma, South Carolina, Mississippi State
They are obviously eliminating divisions! Obviously, you didn't attend Vanderbilt.
Only a Georgia fan would agree with the Missouri fans idiotic proposal!
Typical that a Missouri fan would think that South Carolina and Texas A&M should play a Mississippi team every year!
You probably said the same thing about the politicians not getting Virginia Tech into the ACC over Syracuse in 2004...oh, wait... Nice of you to admit to your embarrassing defeat on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader!
Scared to lose to Eastern Michigan in a 16-team scenario?
More than the number of wins your team provides, that's for sure!
At least Washington doesn't live in trailer homes!
Looks like somebody is clevering starting up rumors to f over the Big 10. Brilliant! But the false rumoring needs to continue. How about, "The Big 12 is looking into bringing back Nebraska, while also acquiring Wisconsin and Iowa into the mix too in addition to Minnesota."
Only idiots would think USC and especially UCLA will do alright WITHOUT a Big 10/Pac-12 merger! How's Nebraska football doing since leaving the Big 12? Miami Hurricanes football after leaving the Big East 1.0/AAC? Maryland basketball after leaving the ACC? That is the future of USC football and UCLA basketball. Can't wait till California politicians start f'ing over UCLA such as cutting off their funding!
Seriously, this message I found on another board is probably the best bet. SEC Designated Rivals (the odd numbered years): Alabama: @Auburn, Tennessee, @Mississippi State Auburn: @Georgia, Alabama, Florida Georgia: @Florida, Auburn, South Carolina Florida: @South Carolina, Georgia, @Auburn South Carolina: @Kentucky, Florida, @Georgia Kentucky: @Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee Missouri: @Oklahoma, Kentucky, @Arkansas Oklahoma: @Texas A&M, Missouri, Texas Texas A&M: @Texas, Oklahoma, @LSU Texas: @Arkansas, Texas A&M, @Oklahoma Arkansas: @LSU, Texas, Missouri LSU: @Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas A&M Mississippi: @Mississippi State, LSU, Vanderbilt Mississippi State: @Vanderbilt, Mississippi, Alabama Vanderbilt: @Tennessee, Mississippi State, @Mississippi Tennessee: @Alabama, Vanderbilt, @Kentucky
I hope Oklahoma and especially Texas are forced to play any combination of Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Florida every year!